Player with Maxed-out Talent chapter 79

Sennia felt that she was not particularly talented when it came to ‘oratory’. She was not confident in conveying her thoughts through speech, and thus, when commentating on plays, she often chose her words carefully rather than speaking at length. Among the guardians and middle managers, she had earned the informal title of ‘The Silent Middle Manager’.

She was well aware that the nickname wasn’t entirely complimentary. In more straightforward terms, one might call her a BJ who couldn’t talk much. However, Sennia knew this about herself and had adopted a strategy of conserving words, especially since she had high-quality content (Kim Hyukjin) to rely on.

But this time, she couldn’t keep silent. She heard Kim Hyukjin say,

“I told you, I’m the one who sets the stage.”

He was a much weaker player than herself. Yet even this player was moving forward in the game this way.

‘Kim Hyukjin, you’re right.’

She realized something from Kim Hyukjin’s actions, his confidence, and his words — what she needed to do and how to do it.

So Sennia spoke up,

“The clear conditions have been met. However, I believe many guardians may not find this manner of clearing particularly satisfying. This is why the shepherd of Las Vegas is considering whether to recognize it as a legitimate clear.”

Sennia was surprised at herself for speaking such a long sentence while broadcasting. It felt oddly natural, as if she had a knack for it that she hadn’t realized before.

“…Therefore, if there is anyone who can issue a new quest without violating the rules, your participation would be greatly appreciated.”

The quest was already cleared. To demand it be cleared again would undoubtedly cause backlash. And for that, compensation was needed.

After some time, a notification sounded for Kim Hyukjin and his party members.

[The ‘Valiant Lion King’ and the ‘Whispering Devil’ make an offer to the players.]

[Hunt all orc-type monsters.]

Sennia’s wings fluttered. She felt as if she had uncovered something monumental today.


This was it. This was how she could earn coins. This must be the so-called “sponsorship drive”.

[The ‘Valiant Lion King’ and the ‘Whispering Devil’ have each sponsored 50,000 coins.]

The sponsorship was not for the player. It was for her, the middle manager, to issue a new quest. It was a form of compensation for the middle manager, Sennia. Kim Hyukjin would say these donors were “whales” who had provided a sponsorship of 50,000 coins each, totaling 100,000 coins.

‘With this…!’

She could take care of her younger siblings, who only had her to look up to since their parents had passed away. She could dress them in good clothes and feed them well.

‘So this was it.’

She shivered with realization, feeling as though she had received a significant lesson from Kim Hyukjin.

“Thank you for your sponsorship. The expedition to conquer the tomb of the fallen warrior by player Kim Hyukjin will commence shortly.”

Her gaze shifted to Kim Hyukjin. Soon, the pause ability would be lifted. The orcs were about to reveal themselves.

‘The balance seems slightly off.’

She gave something to Kwak Taeun, and it was clear there had been some change in him after receiving it. However, that alone seemed insufficient for the difficulty of the challenge. Not three or four, but six orcs had spawned.

‘Orc archers and orcs, along with the orc great warriors. This won’t be easy.’

Yet Kim Hyukjin appeared confident. Caught up in conversations with the guardians, she hadn’t been able to convey his discussions with the players in detail. In fact, she had deliberately not broadcast that part, as a kind of production technique.

‘Kim Hyukjin must have suggested some method.’

It wouldn’t be called risky otherwise. There was definitely danger involved. Yet Kim Hyukjin had pushed on, which meant he had a plan. The players must have shared it amongst themselves.

‘The method… I have not shared it with the guardians.’

Now, even Sennia was curious as to how Kim Hyukjin would hunt the horde of orcs.

‘What will you do?’

* * *

Marsanghyun understood exactly what he needed to do.

“Understood, brother. I’ll move according to your instructions!”

Marsanghyun and Gangsanggu lightly bumped fists.

“Ouch! You muscle freak, why is your fist so hard?”

“Haha. It’s just you being soft, you weakling.”

“Hah. Be careful, man. Watch your back, and watch for arson. Honestly, if I wasn’t Hyukjin’s brother, I wouldn’t even play with you.”

Despite the banter, the two often met up for coffee and had participated in numerous raids together. They regrouped after a brief moment of easing the tension. Shinyeonseo stepped next to Gangsanggu.

“Why do you weaklings keep bickering?”

Shinyeonseo, Gangsanggu, and Marsanghyun made up one team.

Then Kim Seonhwa stood in front of Kwak Taeun, as if to protect him.

“You’re with me, right, brother?”

“Yes. Let’s do well.”

“You’re the key to this battle.”

Kim Seonhwa smiled and positioned herself in front of Kwak Taeun.

“I’ll protect you, so make sure you complete the assignment my brother has given you!”

The nuance was quite different between ‘my brother’ referring to Kim Hyukjin and ‘brother’ referring to Kwak Taeun. Her attitude was also very different.

“Yes, yes.”

And so, Kim Seonhwa and Kwak Taeun were on the same team. Kim Hyukjin smiled slyly.

‘You’ve all taken good positions.’

The time was not long. Sennia knowingly did not broadcast this side. The other BJs didn’t have a contract with Kim Hyukjin.

‘They probably heard a crackling noise.’

It was likely something of that sort.

‘Sennia, I’ll raise your worth.’

A notification came in.

[‘The Anonymous Observer’ continues their observation.]

This confirmed it. The Anonymous Observer didn’t encourage me to take the forefront, but they also didn’t dislike my leading from the front. They maintained a ‘neutral’ or ‘observer’ stance, just as their name suggested. They were indeed observing, commanding respect with their significant influence. They didn’t seem to push for forced involvement as a guardian.

Suddenly, I realized something more.

‘At first, I was given the class of a bystander.’

An observer felt somehow more active than a bystander.

‘If a second class advancement through an upgrade is possible from here.’

If it continued in the same vein, it was likely that a class would emerge that would participate more actively than an observer.

‘A class more active than an observer…’

I had a rough idea. A class that gathers information through observation and exploits that knowledge to extract maximum benefit. Perhaps a class similar to a ‘monarch’.

‘But nothing is certain yet.’

For now, I decided to focus on the current battle. The orc great warrior’s intense aura was palpable.

‘It’s okay.’

But it was fine. I had already faced them once. The fear of ‘the unknown,’ which arises when facing something one has never encountered before, was long gone.

The monsters fully revealed themselves.

[The great orc warrior begins to roar.]


[The morale of the orcs increases.]

[The orcs begin to grow more ferocious.]

The orcs spotted Kim Hyukjin. A [!!!] sign appeared above their heads.

“The rabble’s adversary is this way!”

Marsanghyun roared as he slammed the ground. The power he exuded was like that of a massive bull. Shinyeonseo swiftly passed by him.

[Aerial Skill: ‘Celestial Demon Step’ activated.]

It was to cause disruption among the orcs, to interrupt their formation and movement. Then Gangsanggu trusted the two to initiate his magical incantation.

[Speller Kartina Neu-Armi]

A unique spell chant incomprehensible to others flowed from Gangsanggu’s mouth. There were six ordinary orcs. Shinyeonseo was causing their ranks and movements to falter, while Marsanghyun was pulling their aggro. But capturing the attention of all the frenzied orcs was impossible.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyukjin moved toward the orcs, not too fast or too slow, using a particular skill.

[Special Skill: Overbearing Presence (霸氣) activated.]


[Overbearing Presence]

The ‘Overbearing Presence’ carries the aura of an emperor and is a higher-level capability of ‘dominance’. It naturally evokes a sense of fear and awe in those lower in level than the caster.


Kim Hyukjin’s level was 30, and the orcs were around level 27.

[Special Skill: Overbearing Presence (霸氣) activated.]

[Special Skill: Overbearing Presence (霸氣) activated.]

Marsanghyun and Shinyeonseo simultaneously used ‘Overbearing Presence’. They had acquired this ability with Kim Hyukjin, and their combined auras suppressed the orcs.

A slight smile appeared on Shinyeonseo’s lips.

The orcs’ movements were clearly sluggish. Their response time had slowed significantly. It seemed like an ability capable of overwhelming several entities of a lower level.

‘With this… I should be able to hunt to some degree.’

It wasn’t the Shinyeonseo of the past. The same went for Marsanghyun and Gangsanggu. Even when they had lower levels, they had been capable of hunting orcs. Let alone now, they were at least five levels higher than the orcs. If there are six orcs, they are three on this side.

Marsanghyun ‘heh!’ shouted as he thrust forward a fist.


He struck right at the solar plexus of one of the orcs.

‘Brother’s words ring true.’

The orc archers couldn’t focus on them. The two archers’ aggro was perfectly captured by Seonhwa.


Two arrows were fired in quick succession.

One arrow aimed for Seonhwa’s forehead, the other for her heart. Seonhwa looked directly at the arrows and spoke.


Simultaneously, she used a skill.

[Skill: Platinum Shield activated.]

And Kwak Taeun, who was standing by, redoubled with his magic.

[Wendies Napera]

Suddenly, the wind started to blow. Kim Hyukjin had taught this before. He said to recall the wind that blew at ‘Windy Hill’. To visualize it in one’s own way.

[Visualize it in your own way to create it. The power doesn’t need to be strong, just slightly alter the trajectory of the arrows, so Seonhwa can dodge a direct hit.]

When initially explained, it was dubious, but trying it firsthand was quite enlightening. ‘The Manual of the Wind God’s Agility’ was visualized.

‘I can do it…!’

It became clear.

‘It’s as Hyukjin said.’

Kim Hyukjin’s picture was accurate. A small indicator appeared.


Compared to the wind that blew on ‘Windy Hill,’ the breeze that stirred now was embarrassingly insignificant.

‘Just enough wind to alter the trajectory.’

A slight breeze is enough. It wasn’t about covering a wide field—just the path of the arrow. Affect only that much. I concentrated. The body that had accepted ‘The Manual of the Wind God’s Agility’ was now exquisitely sensitive to the wind.


With that sound, Seonhwa smiled brightly.

“The impact was minimal. Brother, I think you’ve done a good job.”

She deflected both arrows with ease. Kwak Taeun felt an indescribable thrill at that moment – not the flutter he felt for Seonhwa but an exhilaration from within himself.

‘What is this feeling?’

It was like stepping into a new realm.

‘My heart is racing.’

Hyukjin’s words were heeded, and actions followed. Seonhwa and he, as well as the other players, each did their parts from their respective positions. What was once a vague notion had become a solidified reality.

‘Is this the real power of a leader?’

I could sense a thrill. A competent leader allowed each party member to perform their roles to more than 120 percent of their capabilities. It seemed quite certain. The ability and class of Kim Hyukjin were clear.

‘Monarch class.’

A class of monarch, no less talented and with exceptional sense.


Will everything that Kim Hyukjin said come to fruition? Will it flow as smoothly as it has been up to now? The orc great warrior is nearly impossible to hunt with conventional methods, according to Kim Hyukjin. But we have come this far. It’s only reasonable to trust and continue.

‘I have my role to play.’

The shepherd of Las Vegas, the Whispering Devil, and even the Valiant Lion King had joined forces to bet on this quest, which was about to truly commence, set in motion by Kim Hyukjin himself.

Kim Hyukjin started moving.

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