Player with Maxed-out Talent chapter 76

# Maxed-Out Talent Player Chapter 76

The ‘Offering Box’ touched the ground.

[The sacred relic ‘Offering Box’ begins to exert its influence.]

[The sacred relic ‘Offering Box’ calms the wind on ‘Hill of the Whistling Wind’.]

[The sacred relic ‘Offering Box’ heals all the wounded.]

[The sacred relic ‘Offering Box’ annihilates all monsters.]

Thanks to the effects of the Offering Box, we no longer needed to worry about anything else. The wind subsided, and the monsters vanished. All wounds were healed. Naturally, the unconscious Kim Tae-chun rose to his feet as well.

“…Damn it. I got careless.”

He grumbled, but didn’t confront Ma Sang-hyun directly. He sensed the mood had changed and seemed to be observing the situation.

‘Now, let’s proceed to the next step.’

To clear this place, we must ‘satisfy’ the Offering Box. The box could be clicked on by anyone, and anyone could check the information on it.


[Altar of Wind’s Offering Box]

A small box prepared for offerings. Those who visit the Altar of Wind must express their sincerity by placing offerings in this box. When filled, the Altar of Wind’s blessings will descend upon them.


And everyone who clicked on it received the same quest.

[A quest ‘Fill with 100,000 Coins!’ has been assigned.]

[Quest Reward: Clearing ‘Hill of the Whistling Wind’.]

So, the quest required that someone, anyone, fill the ‘Offering Box’ that Kwak Tae-woon brought with ‘100,000 coins’. Then, this gate would be cleared.

Who contributed how much was not disclosed. Kwak Tae-woon had said in the past:

-We began to put in coins on a first-come, first-served basis. It was left to each person’s conscience who and how much they would contribute. There was no time to verify. I think it was the most reasonable method.

However, Kwak Tae-woon had reportedly invested all his 15,000 coins at that time.

‘That’s why Kwak Tae-woon was eventually chosen by the box.’

Putting in 15,000 coins had earned him the choice of the box. Meaning, all other players had put in less than 15,000 coins.

‘Many probably pretended to put coins in without actually doing it.’

The naïve Kwak Tae-woon of the past would have invested all his wealth. He thought this was the right thing to do as a human, to survive.

‘If it’s the same as before… I just need to invest over 15,000 coins.’

Then I should be able to receive the box’s choice. Now, the de facto leader here, Ma Sang-hyun, made a suggestion.

“Why don’t we take volunteers and start with whoever wishes to put in a bit first?”

Everyone hesitated, which was understandable. Even if I didn’t, someone would fill the coins, and the place would be cleared. Naturally, everyone pretended to put coins into the box. There was no way to verify through sense enhancement or the Observer’s Eye.

‘I don’t know how much they’re putting in.’

It was my turn.

‘I will…’

I checked the remaining coins. After purchasing Power Stones and Affinity Dust, I had 21,500 coins left, but that changed when Darong earned more in the meantime.

[Remaining Coins: 31,500]

Theft-prodigy Guseong-min had struck again. The progress was excellent.

[Please set the amount of coin to offer in the ‘Offering Box’.]

[Coins: _______]

Considering Kwak Tae-woon’s choice was due to 15,000 coins.

[Coins: 30,000]

[Do you wish to offer 30,000 coins?]

The confirmation prompt returned, and I invested all 30,000 coins. Coins weren’t the main concern right now. I decided to proceed a bit more safely. I might now be the person who offered the most coins here.

Some expressed their dismay.

“Huh? My coins?”

“My, my coins are gone!”

But they could not say anything further. In the current mood, claiming ‘The coins are gone!’ would be akin to saying ‘I don’t have any coins to give’. It felt awkward to insist further, so they just pretended to contribute.

Kwak Tae-woon also put coins into the box, and soon after, a notification rang out.

[The Offering Box is now full.]

[The blessings of the Altar of Wind descend upon the player who has arrived here.]

The box filled up more quickly than expected. I gave 30,000 coins. Kwak Tae-woon probably 15,000, and gathering the remaining 55,000 coins happened faster than anticipated.

[Once the ‘Hill of the Whistling Wind’ Emergency Gate’s reward is determined, all players will be automatically ejected from the gate.]

Players rejoiced. Ghosts appeared, fierce winds blew, and people died. Around 15 people have died here.

‘The damage is much less.’

If it was the same as the past, at least 150 people would have died. But the harm had been reduced to almost 1/10th. What other outcomes this result might lead to, we would have to see.

A yellow [!] appeared above the Offering Box. It seemed visible only to me. When I clicked it with my eyes, a message box opened.

[The Offering Box has chosen you.]

[The reward of the Offering Box is granted to you.]

The box awarded only one person – the one who offered the most coins.

[The Offering Box reads your ‘needs’.]

This was the reward I had been aiming for.

[The Offering Box is determining what is most needed for you.]

The system calculates what ‘I need’, judging a suitable reward for me.

[The Offering Box responds to your ‘needs’.]

[The Offering Box gifts you the special ability ‘Cognitive Dissonance’.]

Special ability. Cognitive Dissonance.

‘I’ve never heard of this special ability before.’

There are countless unique abilities and special abilities in the world. Some may possess it, but either way, I was hearing about this for the first time. I immediately checked it.


[Cognitive Dissonance]

A special ability granted by the Altar of Wind’s Offering Box in response to the player’s needs. Cognitive dissonance is ‘the psychological discomfort that arises from inconsistencies between beliefs and reality’. This ability forcibly creates a ‘dissonance’ between what is seen and perceived, greatly aiding in hiding a player’s abilities, achievements, or even crimes. The ‘dissonance’ power depends on the player’s talent, and its effectiveness and utility are determined by the player’s unique talent.

* Activation Time: 30 minutes

* Cooldown: 12 hours

* Usage Restrictions:

1) The assistance and will of a guardian named [Barrier] [Illusion] [Fantasy] [Defense] [Fortress] [Acid] [Seal] [Eye] [Phantasm].

2) A body that has awakened unique abilities related to the senses.


It was able to forcefully induce a distortion between what is seen and what is understood.

‘And that ability and application are influenced by my talent.’

To what extent, I wasn’t sure. I hadn’t used it yet. However, this special ability came with usage restrictions.

‘This is dealt with.’

Hadn’t I just received a notification?

[‘Blessing of Blue Light’ wishes to assist you.]

[‘Blessing of Blue Light’ strongly asserts its intention to support you.]

A guardian named [Seal] strongly expressed its desire to help me. As long as the ‘Guardian of Blue Light’ does not withdraw its support, I can continue using this power.

And another condition has also been satisfied.


2) A body that has awakened unique abilities related to the senses.


All the required conditions for the received reward were met. Players received a somewhat absurd notification.

[The reward has been determined.]

Murmurs began to spread.

“Who got the reward?”

“Nothing dropped, though?”

“Doesn’t anyone get a reward?”

I maintained silence. There was no need to step forward here. But then an unexpected notification followed.

[The number of remaining ‘pillars’ is being determined.]

[Special additional rewards are being assessed.]


‘Do the rewards increase with the number of pillars left intact?’

In the past, all pillars were destroyed. But this time, only 12 were broken. Six pillars remained.

“Hey, look over there!”

One of the pillars was enveloped in blue light, turned to powder, and disappeared. The blue powder fluttered in the air then dispersed like fireflies.

‘The direction is…’

I could sense it.

‘They’re coming to me.’

It was blatantly obvious that I was receiving the rewards. I couldn’t refuse it. Not knowing its full effects, I decided to use it right then.

[Activate the special ability, ‘Cognitive Dissonance’.]

[‘Cognitive Dissonance’ is a talent-based power.]

[Distorts the capacity for perceiving reality.]

I realized it naturally, like how a child breathes without learning how to.

[The utility/scope/capacity of ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ is being determined in real time.]

My mind computed. It just happened that way. I visualized the situation, creating my future based on my knowledge, just like I did right then.

‘To distort the perception so that it seems I’m not receiving the reward…’

I intended to do it in a way that players wouldn’t focus on me. Like passing a tree on the street without counting how many there are, without even remembering. Huh? How many were there? No, wait. Was there even a tree? That kind of feeling. I created that image in my head.

‘This is… cognitive dissonance.’

It felt like the situation was imprinted in the way I desired. I managed to temporarily use the ability to lead the distortion effect.

[The 30-minute effective time of ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ is applied.]

It was fascinating.

‘They’re ignoring me.’

They were looking at me, but seemingly couldn’t comprehend with their minds. Eventually, the blue powder poured over my head.

[‘The Blessing of the Wind Altar’ descends upon you.]

It was mentioned in the Offering Box’s description.


Blessings from the Altar of Wind will descend.


In the past, because all 18 pillars had been destroyed, the blessings weren’t received. But this time was different.

[You have acquired 5,000 coins.]

Another pillar turned to dust, covering me.

[You have acquired 5,000 coins.]

I received 5,000 coins from each of the 5 pillars. This was winner-takes-all. Other players received no rewards. Already, I acquired 25,000 coins.

‘The last one.’

If I’m given another 5,000 from there, that’s 30,000 coins. I would break even. The 6th pillar disappeared. Blue glow turned into dust over me.

[You have acquired 5,000 coins.]

I earned 30,000 coins just here. But it wasn’t over yet.

[‘The Blessing of the Wind Altar’ descends upon you.]

[Six blessings are recognized.]

[Hidden Piece: ‘Six Blessings’ has been fulfilled.]

Six blessings. Leaving at least 6 pillars seems to complete this hidden piece.

‘This existed…’

It proved true what Kwak Tae-woon speculated in the past – that it would have been perfect if only about 12 pillars had been destroyed. Anyway, the more rewards, the better.

[30 minutes of ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ is left.]

[Wind Attribute Affinity rises significantly.]

And with that, an item was bestowed.


Is this what’s given here?


Book of the Wind God’s Body (風神之體의 서)


An item (magic book) that hadn’t been found more than 10 times in a decade. Similar to the ‘Book of the Fire God’s Body (火神之體의 서)’ that Gang Sang-gu held.

‘There were probably only about 5 of the wind series.’

And yet it appeared.

‘Since the Book of the Fire God’s Body has already appeared… There’s no rule saying the Book of the Wind God’s Body can’t.’

This item significantly amplifies the capabilities and talent of the ‘wind attribute class’, turning ordinary into skilled, and the skilled into geniuses. It’s a special artifact that enhances exceptional talent.

‘Like Kwak Tae-woon… For someone already specialized in wind abilities.’

The effect would be immeasurable. Beyond genius. However, just then, I noticed something. There was something pierce through Kwak Tae-woon’s back.

“You. What’s that?”

I realized what ‘that’ was.

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