Player with Maxed-out Talent chapter 74

# Player with Maxed-Out Talent, Episode 74

[The Enhancement Success Rate for +1 is being calculated.]

While slight differences occur according to a player’s talent, the success rate for a first-level enhancement (+1) usually sits around 90 percent. That number nearly reaches a perfect 100 percent when a ‘Property Affinity Powder’ is mixed in.

It’s only in the case of terribly bad luck or a talent that is virtually zero that one would fail with an exceedingly horrendous probability.

[+1 Enhancement Success Rate: 120%]

In that moment, I couldn’t believe my ears.

“120 percent?” I muttered in disbelief.

It was supposed to be out of 100. What was this about 120 percent?

Then I remembered…

In the past, a master of enhancement known as ‘Lucas’ from Germany had said that enhancement was not just a fight of numbers between 1 and 100. He described it as a much more profound and magnificent world.

‘Could this be what he was talking about?’

120 percent. What could this possibly mean?

[Due to the Property Affinity Powder, an additional +10% success rate is calculated.]

[+1 Enhancement Success Rate: 130%]

[The current field’s property displays a high affinity with the property of the item being enhanced.]

[Due to Field Affinity, an additional +10% success rate is calculated.]

[+1 Enhancement Success Rate: 140%]

Whether it’s 100 or 130 or 140, isn’t it all the same? That’s what I thought, but it didn’t seem so. If it was the same, there would be no need to specify 140. There must be something different here.

‘What am I missing?’

The notifications continued.

[Enhancing ‘Wind Shoes’.]


[You have succeeded in the enhancement!]

[The ‘Wind Shoes’ have been enhanced to ‘Wind Shoes +1’.]

In an instant, I realized it.

‘Is this… a blue-grade enhancement?’

I felt as though I’d been hit in the head.

‘Ah, so this is it!’

In the past, those referred to as ‘masters’ were known to enhance in a special way. They had networks and connections all over the world and were said to share know-how amongst themselves.

They possessed special abilities to create outstanding items, and they were enhancement artisans who could practically rake in the world’s money.

‘The item name color is… blue.’

As the item was enhanced, the name color of the item changed from white to blue.

‘Blue above purple, purple above brown, and above brown there is…’

The enhancement grade known as ‘Black’, which was said to be scarcely found around the world.

‘I’m certain a very special method is required for that.’

Yet, I hadn’t made any significant investments. Sure, I had to buy the enhancement stones at an inflated price due to penalties, but setting that aside, I hadn’t used any special enhancement techniques like those masters did. I didn’t have a special enhancement skill.

‘But I managed to achieve blue grade?’

What does this mean?

‘I didn’t do anything special.’

Could it be that I have an extraordinary talent for enhancement? Without any skills or unique abilities, I managed to get an enhancement of blue grade. Depending on the item, but a blue grade at +1 often equates to the level of a +2 enhancement.

‘Let’s think about it later.’

Right now, the priority is to clear this place and get out.


[Wind Shoes + 1]

Shoes endowed with the blessing of the wind. Significantly increases affinity with the wind attribute and produces a synergistic effect when using wind-based movement skills or steps. However, full functionality is realized only when both shoes are worn.

Attribute: Wind (風)

Agility: +2

Grade: Rare

Level Requirement: 25

Special Skill: ‘Faux Leap’ usable

Wearing Restriction: Wind class users


With the enhancement to +1, a boost in agility and a special skill option appeared. The wind affinity must have increased as well.


[Faux Leap]

A leap is to run over a set distance to increase one’s jumping power. The special skill ‘Faux Leap’ contained in ‘Wind Shoes’ supports the user to exert maximum jumping power without running the distance. It has excellent synergy with the ‘Step-Patter’ movement.


‘I understand now.’

To jump high or far, a run-up is essential. Jumping from a run-up is naturally going to carry you further than jumping from a standstill.

This ‘Faux Leap’ must be a special skill that minimizes the need for a run-up, allowing for the full expression of one’s jumping potential without the need for a prelim, I mused.

‘Depending on how it’s used, its value is boundless.’

I couldn’t help but think it’s incredibly fortunate. Such luck. At that moment, I sensed a ghost targeting Gwak Tae-Woon, already having fired a black orb.

‘Gwak Tae-Woon won’t be able to dodge.’

There was nobody to block it for him. My sixth sense told me I was the only one who could move right now.

‘Can Gwak Tae-Woon survive if he’s hit?’

I wasn’t sure. He might remain unscathed, or he might not. If he gets poisoned by the paralysis toxin, I could always force him down.

‘But still.’

I decided to make a more daring investment.

‘I’ll take the hit instead.’

The decision didn’t take long. As soon as I saw the black orb and the ghost attacked Gwak Tae-Woon, I moved.

‘Better to have insurance.’

I shouted loudly.

“Shin Yeon-Seo!”

I could feel Shin Yeon-Seo looking at me. That much was enough. As a sensibly skilled player, she would understand to rush over using Heavenly Demon Unrivaled Step.

I shoved Gwak Tae-Woon.

“Watch out!”

The black orbs fired by the ghost. Five of them buried into my body.


One hit my eye, another my forehead, and another buried into my solar plexus.

All in dangerous spots. No matter how weak the attack, a hit in such vital areas usually results in significant damage.

[The durability of Orc Warrior’s Iron Armor has slightly deteriorated.]

[The durability of Orc Warrior’s Leather Boots has slightly deteriorated.]

[The durability of Orc Warrior’s Leather Pants has slightly deteriorated.]

By the time Shin Yeon-Seo had rushed to my side, she asked, “Hyuk-jin, are you okay?”

“Yeah. Somehow.”

“Luckily, you’re not paralyzed?”

“Looks like it.”

I hadn’t realized it myself. I had trusted the Orc Warrior’s set. Even if I was exposed defenselessly against vulnerabilities, these three items should mitigate the damage considerably.

If it got dangerous, a ‘partial set effect’ would trigger.

‘But to think I’d not be poison-paralyzed at all.’

I was having a run of good luck today. Perhaps it was because my poison resistance was higher than I thought. Meanwhile, Kim Tae-Cheon had broken the tenth pillar.


The wind will blow again soon. I said, “Get down.”


Gwak Tae-Woon also laid prone. He crawled towards me.

“Thank you.”

Something, however, felt off. There seemed to be tears welling up in Gwak Tae-Woon’s eyes.


I surely recognized Gwak Tae-Woon’s gaze. It wasn’t just full of gratitude. The summary changed slightly.


Summary: The avatar of the young Hammurabi meeting an adult.


An adult should truly behave like one… that’s what Gwak Tae-Woon always said.

‘Right now… he seems really moved?’

* * *

Gwak Tae-Woon himself felt it. ‘I must not be hit by this.’ Although he knew, his body did not respond in time. The class he had wasn’t naturally suited for physical prowess.

‘It’s dangerous.’

He knew it was dangerous, but he couldn’t help it. A dreadful future seemed to unfold before him. Then that guy he had met earlier, who revealed his name as Kim Hyuk-Jin, helped him out. In his hurry to assist, he had taken the orbs in his vital areas.


Gwak Tae-Woon was moved in that moment. He didn’t expect anyone to throw themselves into harm’s way for him. And then, the following words were exchanged.

“It’s much safer for me to get hit than you.”

“A tank, were you?”

“No. Well, not really.”

It was all thanks to the items. He wanted to say this but then he let it go. Gwak Tae-Woon was deeply moved at the moment. Even though he’s not a tank, he had thrown himself into harm’s way.

‘That person risked their life too.’

It was a bit of a misconception, but nevertheless, Gwak Tae-Woon currently believed he owed his life to someone. He felt touched by meeting a true adult.

“I will repay this debt even after death.”

“There’s no need to die.”

Kim Hyuk-Jin merely smiled broadly.

“Do you see that? The central pillar.”

“Yes, we have to bring the sacrificial vessel from up there.”

Right, and every time a smaller pillar is destroyed, the central pillar lowers.

“But the difficulty increases proportionately.”

So, if possible, it’s best to clear it now.

“There’s a faint flow of wind between the central pillars. Helical. Pay attention.”

Gwak Tae-Woon narrowed his eyes, concentrating hard to feel the mana.

‘Is it really… there?’

He hadn’t noticed before, but now that he was aware, he could see it.

“Here, take this.”


He handed over an item—a ‘Rare’ grade one. Even more unbelievable was that it had an agility option and a unique skill attached to it—a rare item that was unheard of.

“You’re giving this to me?”

“No, I’m lending it to you.”

Gwak Tae-Woon was again deeply moved.

‘What does he trust in me…’

What made him trust him with such an item?

‘What do I even possess?’

He had done nothing for this person. Not only had Kim Hyuk-Jin saved his life but also lent him such an item.

“No need to be excessively moved. This place is about live or die. I’m just looking for a more efficient way to clear it.”

Nodding, Gwak Tae-Woon was convinced. Kim Hyuk-Jin, he affirmed, was a ‘real adult.’ The sensibilities of his late-teens surged.

“What should I do then?”

Acting more like an observer (?), Kim Hyuk-Jin relayed the information gained through observation to Gwak Tae-Woon, explaining in detail how he should proceed.

“Do you think you can do it?”

“I’ll try.”

“It could be dangerous.”

“I know.”

“Ride the flow well. The moment you step out of it, you’ll be swept away by strong winds.”

It would be dangerous. Definitely dangerous.

‘But you’ve done it before.’

He had cleared this place even with just regular ‘Wind Shoes.’ Though more than half of the players had died, he had nonetheless cleared it. He could do it again this time. Kim Hyuk-Jin gazed at the central pillar.

The wind attribute mana faintly encircling the central pillar like a spiral, barely visible even to the observer’s eye.

‘I will rise to the top using that flow.’

The flow would protect him from the strong winds blowing across the field. If he could master it, he could reach the top without being affected by other winds.

‘Gwak Tae-Woon can do it… It’s possible.’

Gwak Tae-Woon began to run. To Kim Hyuk-Jin, the boy was undeniably overflowing with talent.

‘Even the path is precise.’

He could read the flow accurately. As if stepping on invisible spirals in the air, it seemed like he was climbing up invisible stairs toward the central altar.

‘He’s doing well.’

Much better than expected. Perhaps thanks to the blue-grade ‘Wind Shoes’ enhanced to +1. Gwak Tae-Woon had indeed started climbing the central pillar.

‘Now then.’

Now it was time for me to do my duty. Because from now on, another scene would unfold. I approached Ma Sang-Hyeon, neither too quickly nor conspicuously.

“Ma Sang-Hyeon. Attack while listening. Don’t make it too obvious.”

Ma Sang-Hyeon, who was assaulting the tenth pillar, responded while swinging his fist.

“Yes, brother.”

“Do you see that Gwak Tae-Woon has started to climb the central pillar?”

Ma Sang-Hyeon took a quick glance and nodded, a little surprised but not showing much reaction.

“Things are about to change.”

It’s not a change in the system. Not a drop of a new quest or anything. It’s a prediction based on the current situation.

I gave one instruction.

“If someone causes a fuss, beat them down. Just short of killing them.”

“Just short of killing?”

“Yeah, don’t ask, don’t argue. Just do it.”

And just as expected, Kim Tae-Cheon erupted in anger.

“Hey, you son of a dog!” he roared.

His gaze was fixed on Gwak Tae-Woon, who was climbing the central pillar.

“What kind of idiotic thing are you doing all by yourself! Why are you moving on your own without orders, you piece of trash!!!”

As Kim Tae-Cheon was showing off his bravado, Ma Sang-Hyeon, following Kim Hyuk-Jin’s orders, made his move.

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