Player with Maxed-out Talent chapter 73

# Player with Maxed-Out Talent, Chapter 73

[The pillars in the ruined temple were the key to the clear.]

Pillars that could be destroyed. With each destruction, they would slightly alter the field—a special kind of pillar. But their effect was not limited to just calling forth the wind or spawning monsters.

‘The clear point item that should randomly be inside a pillar is… in Darongee’s inventory?’

I had no idea why it was there. Darongee alternated showing [!!!] and [♪♪♪] symbols above her head as she glanced at me.


Darongee snorted, as if to exclaim, ‘Come on, Master, make me an offer I can’t refuse!’

“I’ll add ten minutes of belly-tickling to the fruit bundle.”

Darongee wavered for a moment.


The offer of a belly rub. It was something Darongee enjoyed. Hmm. Is that not enough? I, who had even impressed the merchant of Venice, put forward a better negotiation offer.

“I’ll also pat your head.”


Darongee continued to snort. As if she might agree, yet might not.

“15 minutes.”

Finally, Darongee opened up to me. It seemed that she had accepted my trading conditions.

[Darongee has accepted the trade.]

[Inventory access granted.]

I opened Darongee’s inventory. Inside were two items.


[Boots of the Wind 1/2]

Boots blessed with the favor of the wind. They greatly increase affinity towards wind attributes and create a synergistic effect when using wind-based movement techniques or steps. However, the full function of the Boots of the Wind can only be exerted when worn as a complete pair.

Attribute: Wind (風)

Grade: Rare

Level Restriction: 25

Wearing Restriction: Wind-related classes


The other item was also labeled ‘Boots of the Wind 1/2’; thus, Darongee had acquired a complete pair from somewhere.

‘Where did she get these?’

As if reading my thoughts, Darongee opened her mouth wide—though small—and proudly displayed her front teeth.

‘Did she use those teeth to scratch them off somewhere?’

Darongee opened up. She thumped her chest with her fluffy fists.


Odd star symbols appeared, as if to roughly express just how great she was. The more I saw, the more entertaining she became.

‘It’s different from before.’

The spot I was standing in. The history of that place continued to change. The players in the past had not been able to show a united front. The reason was simple. These items were split into half, in the form of 1/2 each.

‘Each player got one half of this item.’

One was owned by Kwak Tae-woon. The other was known to be in someone else’s possession. As mentioned in the description, the item only exerted its power when owned as a whole pair.

‘It took quite some trouble for Kwak Tae-woon to finally get both items.’

A ‘Rare’ grade item indeed. Even if I were there in the past, I doubt I would have handed over the items to Kwak Tae-woon.

Kwak Tae-woon had said this:

– In the meantime, many other players have died. Things might have been different if we had a great leader back then… but it was too early in the days.

Was I then to be a great leader?

‘I’m not sure about that.’

But at least I knew what I needed to do now. Depending on what I do, the field’s survivors and rewards will be determined.

[‘The Nameless Observer’ continues to watch.]

[‘The Lady of the Scales’ is curious about your actions.]

[‘The Venice Merchant’ is interested in the exchange details.]

[‘The Whispering Demon’ longs for more thrilling scenes.]

As always, the guardians were observing us. They seemed curious about what I would do next.


In the current situation where the wind was blowing fiercely, I lay flat on the ground.

“Senia. You haven’t forgotten the bet we made, right?”

“…That is correct.”

Senia’s lips moved. Even though I couldn’t hear anything, it seemed likely she was transmitting the information to the guardians. Information such as making a bet with me, my win in that bet, and as a result, she would allow me to access a ‘middle-class’ item shop…

“Open it now.”

“I will open the item shop for you. However, this is limited to a single use.”

“I know.”

What Senia was really saying was, ‘Do you want to use it in a place as unstable as this?’ It would be better to examine the item shop in a safe and peaceful location. That would definitely be the better option. But this was not an ordinary situation.

[‘Middle-class’ item shop now open.]

[The proper access path is not detected.]

[All item prices in the ‘middle-class’ item shop will be increased tenfold.]

I felt as though I’d been smacked in the head with a sense of shock.

‘Ten times?’

I had thought there would be some penalty for skipping from beginner to middle-class rather than just tutorial to beginner. I had expected some backlash.

‘Ten times, though?’

This was extortion.


But I had no choice at the moment. This had to be viewed as an investment for the future.

‘Enhancement category.’


[Item Shop – Middle-Class – Enhancement]

1. Low-grade Enhancement Stone 2,000 COIN → 20,000 COIN

2. Mid-grade Enhancement Stone 3,000 COIN → 30,000 COIN

3. Affinity Powder 1,000 COIN → 10,000 COIN


I was momentarily lost for words.

‘Low-grade Enhancement Stone for 20,000 each. Affinity Powder for 10,000 each.’

I would need two enhancement stones and one powder of affinity to strengthen the ‘Boots of the Wind’ that I had easily acquired thanks to Darongee.

‘50,000 coins…?’

I hesitated for a moment. The amount of coins I currently had was 47,000.

‘If it weren’t for that pickpocket prodigy… I wouldn’t have even been able to attempt this approach.’

I had to acknowledge this part was my mistake. Apparently, the system was not as easily exploited as I had thought. This time, it was mere coincidence and luck. It was what was commonly known as fate.

‘There is no guarantee such fortunes will continue.’

In that case, I must consider and plan for the worst-case scenarios as well. I learned one more thing.

‘But first off, I’m short 3,000 coins.’

How could I get 3,000 coins right now? One way would be to call the kids and take coins from them, but that doesn’t look easy either. They too are committed to their roles in this field.

Smashing pillars, hunting ghosts, and preparing for the possibility of a Black Lace encounter while working towards the clear. There isn’t much leeway for the kids either.

‘I need at least 50,000 coins.’

It was then that my senses caught something.

* * *

Pickpocket prodigy. Gu Seong-min was furious at the realization that his COINS were all gone. He had come to understand that there was a thief with abilities superior to his own.

‘I can’t go back like this!’

It was intolerable. It was alright for him to steal, but the idea of someone stealing from him was unforgivable.

‘Who the hell is it?’

He couldn’t know, but it didn’t matter. He had to recoup his losses here. So, he went up to the 12th floor. There would be many players there. He was determined to swipe all the coins, even if it meant taking a risk.

But then, he finds himself entering a sudden ‘Windy Hill’ gate.

‘Actually, this is even better!’

In this confusion, while pretending to knock down pillars, it was the perfect chance to steal coins.

[Coins acquired.]

[+1600 COIN]

Dammit. Just 1,600 coins. And that’s from players considered quite something. Why do they have so few coins?

[Coins acquired.]

[+900 COIN]

At least he was sweeping coins together. The players here were preoccupied with conquering this place. He energetically continued to steal COINS.

[Remaining coins: 19,200 COIN]

He lay flat on the ground. As long as he did what Ma Sang-hyun ordered, it seemed he wouldn’t die for a while. Some fast-moving players were engaged with monstrous ghosts, and he was just there to pretend to smash pillars and pull out coins. It felt simple enough.

With what was left of his conscience, he once thought:

‘What if they can’t buy potions because of me?’

In raids or clears, potions are essential. It’s no exaggeration to say they are a second life.

‘Dammit. Who cares? That’s not my problem.’

Right now, it was his bloodlike precious money that mattered more. Whether those other guys live or die, frankly, it wasn’t his concern. It’s all about personal luck.

[Coins acquired.]

[+4300 COIN]

So now, he should have 23,500 COIN in total. He checked his remaining coins, feeling satisfied.

[Remaining coins: 0 COIN]

Gu Seong-min was flabbergasted. Unconsciously, he shouted out loud.

“Goddamn it. What’s going on here!”

It was supposed to be 23,500. Why! How could it be zero? He looked around furiously.

[Using unique ability, ‘Pocket Detection.’]

Surely someone among them stole his money. He was set on revenge. But no matter how much he searched, none of them had a significant amount of coins. It was a ghostly situation.

What Gu Seong-min didn’t see was that elsewhere, another story was unfolding.

* * *


I checked Darongee’s status. A description like this appeared.

[This is a grace gift given to the owner.]

[Darongee is intoxicated with his own greatness and is in a very good mood.]

A gift from Darongee, who is in a good mood.

[You have acquired 23,500 COIN.]

[Remaining coins: 71,500 COIN]

I was a bit stunned myself. I hadn’t done much, and now I had 71,500 coins. The system imposed a massive penalty on the middle-class shop that was half-illegally (?) opened, but yet again, I managed to overcome it, and it was the genius squirrel that made it happen.

[Purchased a low-grade enhancement stone.]

[-20,000 COIN]

[Purchased a low-grade enhancement stone.]

[-20,000 COIN]

[Purchased affinity powder.]

[-10,000 COIN]

My heart was sore and my stomach ached, but now it was an investment. The contemplation was not long-winded. I had to act straight away.

“Senia. I’ll start enhancing the item now.”

Enhancements, too, were among the contents the guardians favored. There must be guardians who go wild with joy at such things.

[‘The Barrier of Blue Light’ sets a temporary ‘Safe Zone’ for you.]

I had received a notification once before. The Barrier of Blue Light had taken notice of me. After that, there were no notifications, so I had forgotten.

‘The Barrier of Blue Light… is still watching Senia’s channel.’

It was fortunate, if anything. Now, I could proceed with the enhancement with peace of mind.

[Enhancing the Boots of the Wind.]

[Two enhancement stones and a pouch of affinity powder are required for enhancement.]

[The player’s talent and capacity will determine the success probability.]

As with all play, enhancements are an area that heavily relies on talent. While other classes can achieve above average with effort alone, enhancements are a different story. They depend purely on luck, talent, and money.

[A +1 enhancement success probability is calculated.]

The next notification followed.


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