Player with Maxed-out Talent chapter 72

Translation of #재능만렙 플레이어 72화

Hyukjin Kim made the first move.

“He’s moving.”

Hyukjin’s gaze was directed towards Sanggu Kang, specifically where a black shimmer was visible on Sanggu’s right. Yeonseo Shin read Hyukjin’s movement.


The wind had died down, but it still felt precarious to move swiftly.

“If a sudden situation arises, stick with me.”

She recalled those words. Just moments ago, three players had met their deaths after being lifted into the air.

“If Hyukjin is moving like that…”

It definitely meant there was an important reason to do so.

“I need to move as well.”

She timed her move. Yeonseo moved alongside him.

[Lightfoot Skill. ‘Cheonmabibo (Heavenly Demon Flying Steps)’ activated.]

Powered by her lightfoot skill, she approached Hyukjin quickly, moving faster than Hyukjin, who was relying solely on physical prowess.

During the three months Hyukjin spent in the ‘Forest of the Unknown’, Yeonseo too had grown significantly. The longing to catch up with Hyukjin, no, the desire to become stronger than him had made her formidable.

Hyukjin pointed towards the source of the black miasma. Yeonseo understood his intention.


She moved rapidly, deploying her Cheonmabibo.

[Skill. ‘Ilgyeokpilsal (One Strike Kill)’ activated.]

Less than two seconds later, Hyukjin also thrust his sword towards the black mist.

[Special Skill. ‘Exquisite Strike’ used.]

A notification reached Yeonseo.

[You have hunted a Devil Race.]

[Experience points gained.]

[55 coins acquired.]

Typically, hunting monsters in the level 30 range could yield about 40 coins.

“55 coins?”

She hadn’t even seen the monster clearly and yet had obtained a whopping 55 coins, which was more than what she got from hunting an Orc Warrior.

“What did we just hunt?”

Yeonseo was certain. If she and Hyukjin had not acted together now, a terribly dangerous monster would have emerged.

Yeonseo spoke out.

“It seems we hit it at its weakest when it was just a wisp.”


“Our leader must have known that beforehand.”

Hyukjin nodded his head.

-Devil Race. At that time, we weren’t skilled enough to hunt it down. As you all know, the Devil Race is a monster that hides itself after slaughtering ten people.

The Devil Race, a ghostly entity reshaped into a solid ‘form’ like that of a huge seagull, as large as an eagle, donned in black.

-In order to hunt it, you must ambush it before it assumes its full form, as you might be aware.

Once the Devil Race reveals itself, it moves to kill ten people.

“It’s beyond our current abilities.”

Meaning, ten people would have to be sacrificed. It must be caught before it fully materializes.

“The experience points… they’ve decreased.”

She had attacked directly, relinquishing her role as an observer. But she thought it was a much better decision than letting someone die.

[The ‘Pearl of Cheonmasan (Heavenly Devil Mountain)’ admires your clean strike.]

[The ‘Lady of the Scales’ marvels at your judgment.]

[The ‘Whispering Demon’ expresses regret.]

[The ‘Nameless Observer’ continues to observe.]

Hyukjin directly hunted the ‘Devil Race.’ As a result, he didn’t gain any coins or experience points. The reward went solely to Yeonseo.

However, Hyukjin felt somewhat perplexed.

“How should I interpret this?”

A ‘direct hunt’ applies when one deals over 50% damage to the monster’s HP.

“Does that mean I did over 50%?”

Was it a lucky critical hit? Yeonseo clearly used ‘One Strike Kill.’ Despite that, did he inflict more damage? It was difficult for Hyukjin to comprehend. Was it not suggesting that, despite his lower level compared to the swordmaster’s, he had dealt greater damage?

In any case, the situation swiftly shifted.

“Because of what just happened… it seems they have somewhat come to their senses.”

Three had died. The players seemed a bit more aware now. Instead of focusing on this side, they concentrated on destroying the remaining pillars.

“That’s better.”

There were surely players interested in this situation, but for now, they focused on their tasks.

‘Current four parts.’

The players present are divided into four parts for the attack.

Players attacking pillars.

Players confronting wraiths.

Kim Hyukjin and Yeonseo Shin, who hunted the Devil Race.

Lastly, the non-combat play…

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