Player with Maxed-out Talent chapter 68

# Talented Max-Level Player Chapter 68

Recalling memories of Typhoon Kwak Tae-Woon, certain details became clear.

“The only official magic-user player who beat the Sword Master Shin Yeon-Seo in a one-on-one…”

As his epithet suggests, Kwak Tae-Woon was a magician who wielded the power of ‘wind’.

“And the Talent Board isn’t even fully open yet…”

In the initial phase, magic-users often lag behind combat class players. Magicians are particularly weak in the early stages, making their path notoriously difficult. However, once they reach a certain level of mastery, their potential to inflict massive destruction and causalities is second to none.

“Seeing how it’s just the beginning, Kim Tae-Cheon won’t stand a chance against him.”

Ten years ago, it was known that Kim Tae-Cheon deliberately picked a fight with Kwak Tae-Woon. Although he never explicitly stated his reasons, people had their theories.

“It’s highly likely related to the Valor Imp’s quest.”

Kim Tae-Cheon’s contract guardian is none other than the ‘Valiant Lion King’. Given its nature, it probably often issued quests to Kim Tae-Cheon that involved demonstrating bravery, and he dutifully completed them, fitting his disposition well.

“As planned. I need to make Kwak Tae-Woon my ally.”

Only then can I safely get through today and achieve what I desire. At that moment, my eyes met with Kim Tae-Cheon.

[Your Sensory Eye perceives a faint hostile intention.]

I smirked. Faint hostility, huh? Not yet at the level of murderous intent; more like simple ‘hostility’.

“So, I’ve caught your attention on your radar?”

What Kim Tae-Cheon wants now is a position in which he can demonstrate his prowess—the position of a predator. For that, the opponent must not be overwhelmingly weak nor too strong.

“He probably thinks I’m the easiest target in our party.”

Well, that’s good for me.

“Looks like Shin Yeon-Seo has been underestimated for the moment.”

Shin Yeon-Seo appears too fragile at first glance.

“And there’s no point in even talking about Seon-Hwa.”

In reality, gender and age are not significant issues in this world of play if your Talent Board is fully open and you’re in your early twenties at least. However, from Kim Tae-Cheon’s perspective, it might seem different. That leaves Ma Sang-Hyeon, Gang Sang-Goo, and me.

“Out of the three, I seem to be the easiest target.”

The Sensory Eye confirms that much. While he hasn’t directly provoked me yet, if Kwak Tae-Woon wasn’t here, or if some other catalyst had been present, he surely would have.


Summary: The self-proclaimed predator finds its prey


The self-proclaimed predator had found its perfect prey in Kwak Tae-Woon.

* * *

Senia found the current situation hard to believe as she reported it. She remembered what Kim Hyuk-Jin had said yesterday.

[If someone wants to draw attention, the easiest way is to pick a fight. It’s straightforward, easy to approach, and a theme the guardians enjoy.]

Senia had agreed with him. Players like that always existed.

[If someone picks a fight, their target will be neither too strong nor too weak.]

Senia was now witnessing that very scenario. The player Kim Tae-Cheon had deliberately provoked the player Kwak Tae-Woon.

“Hey. When you hit someone, you should apologize, right?”

He said as he provoked.

[But if Gang Sang-Goo sees this situation, he won’t be able to hold back. He has his sense of justice and a quick temper.]

Senia continued to report as Kwak Tae-Woon glared at Kim Tae-Cheon and then turned away. Kim Tae-Cheon shouted angrily.

“Hey. You punk, aren’t you going to stop right there?”

[Then, eventually, Gang Sang-Goo and that person will collide.]

[The setup of the situation is quite detailed. While I am not sure about the likelihood that Player Kim Hyuk-Jin’s explanation will come to pass as he dedicated time to it…]

As if on cue, Gang Sang-Goo intervened.

“Hey! What are you doing hurting a kid?”

[That’s quite a good situation, isn’t it? Something even the guardians would find entertaining.]

[You’re really letting your imagination run wild, aren’t you?]

She hardly believed Kim Hyuk-Jin yesterday, even though he was a prophetic dream awakener. She had thought that such details couldn’t possibly be foreseen. And yet, today, it was all unfolding just as he had said.

[If we get to that point, the picture is almost complete.]

Kim Tae-Cheon stirred up trouble with Kwak Tae-Woon, and Gang Sang-Goo couldn’t tolerate it and got involved.

[Then the next step is for that jerk’s BJ to insert himself. The player has set the stage, so the middle managers need to expand it, don’t they?]


[If I were a middle manager, I would inevitably open a PVP zone.]

Of course, that’s what happened.

[A PVP zone has been declared.]

And then something that looked like a human with a rhinoceros’s head appeared. Senia’s wings fluttered nervously. She was reporting the situation, but she couldn’t take her eyes off Kim Hyuk-Jin.

But what happened next was even more dramatic.

* * *

Kim Hyuk-Jin knew that Persi would declare the PVP zone. In this zone, dying doesn’t lead to actual death thanks to the concept of ‘resurrection’.

[A PVP zone has been declared.]

[The current field applies pain.]

[PVP requests and acceptances will establish a PVP.]

‘This is a field where pain exists.’

You don’t die, but you still feel the pain here.

“Why are you messing with the player I’m broadcasting, huh?”

Persi doesn’t have much respect for humans; they are merely a source of revenue for her.

“A piece of trash like you needs a good beating first.”

In the current situation, Gang Sang-Goo is no match for Persi. She’ll probably beat him half to death, providing a strong stimulus, and Kim Tae-Cheon will have his chance to showcase his bravery to the frightened players.

“Now then.’’

Kim Hyuk-Jin glanced behind. It’s your turn now, Senia.

“Middle manager Persi. It seems you’re trying to use forceful powers on the player. Am I correct?”

“And who the hell are you?”

Persi spat on the ground – a greenish phlegm.


Steam rose from the ground, causing murmurs among the gathered players.

“What’s going on here?”

“Shh. Be quiet. If we catch the middle manager’s eye, we could die, you know.”

“Shush. Let’s just watch from a distance.”

Senia remained undaunted. Her presence was unyielding.

“I am aware that middle managers typically don’t interfere much with each other’s business according to an unspoken rule.”

“Why are you sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong! Move it. I have my content to take care of.”

“However, this matter relates to the absolute laws of the system. Why do you attempt to use forceful powers on a player without a valid reason?”

Kim Hyuk-Jin couldn’t help but smile. Senia. It seems she’s been dwelling on her inability to speak up in front of Neptune before. She has learned quite a lot and grown significantly. For a BJ who is virtually a novice, she has leveled up quite well.

“What do I care?”

“It is your business. Gang Sang-Goo is one of the players I’m focusing on.”


Who knew when Senia began focusing on Gang Sang-Goo, but either way, Persi wouldn’t have much to say. Well done, Senia.

‘Keep it up.’

It is Senia’s role to block middle manager interventions. The PVP zone is set, and Persi can’t take the main stage, meaning she can’t use underhanded tactics. Senia’s role is to prevent lowlifes like Persi from misbehaving.

The guardians would surely be watching this affair closely.

‘The Valiant Lion King must be observing the current situation as well.’

So, the picture is complete. The Valiant Lion King likes to see a player’s ‘valor.’ Thanks to Senia stepping in, Persi can’t create an intense situation. In this scenario, the Valiant Lion King knows me well.

‘Then that Valor Imp will unquestionably issue a quest to Kim Tae-Cheon. Have him fight me. The PVP zone has been declared. This is a great opportunity.’

[The Sensory Eye senses strong ‘competitive spirit’.]

Right now, the ‘Valiant Lion King’ is considering supporting the weaker Kim Tae-Cheon against me, stirring up a fight.

Senia’s wings fluttered ceaselessly. To such an extent that if someone claimed Kim Hyuk-Jin had scripted it, it would be believable. His accuracy in predicting was unnervingly precise.

[Then Kim Tae-Cheon will be desperate to challenge me to PVP.]

The initiation of provocation started with Kwak Tae-Woon, followed by Gang Sang-Goo. But now, with so many eyes watching, rashly picking a fight with me wouldn’t be easy.

[Then Persi will eventually have to insist on fighting you. She needs to challenge me.]

Senia hadn’t focused much on Kim Hyuk-Jin’s words until yesterday. Despite being a prophetic dream awakener, she had thought it was impossible to see such details. And yet here it was, unfolding just as he said.

“So that guy Gang Sang-Goo is your exclusive contract player?”

“That’s not the case.”

“Then who’s your exclusive contract player?”

Senia’s gaze turned to Kim Hyuk-Jin. Though she didn’t directly point him out, it was a sufficient answer.

[After that, he’ll challenge me to PVP.]

Kim Tae-Cheon grinned, rubbing his tattooed arm. It was his habit before preparing for a battle, to rub his tattooed arm.

Meanwhile, Persi said to Senia.

“Fine. Since you’re citing the laws in your argument, I can’t help but. As the exclusive contract middle manager for this jerk, I’ll issue a PVP challenge to your exclusive contract player.”

Senia maintained a brief silence.

[How about it? Did my assumption hold up?]

She recalled Kim Hyuk-Jin smirking like that yesterday. It sent chills down her spine.

“Why? Scared? Worried you’ll end up embarrassed in front of all the guardians? Eh?”

Persi giggled mockingly. Senia remained unfazed by the laughter.

‘From the beginning… to the end.’

Yes, from the beginning to the end, the situation was either predicted or rather designed. That’s what Senia felt. Now she was slightly scared.

‘Everything is unfolding according to Kim Hyuk-Jin’s predictions.’

How could this be? It felt as if everyone was a mere puppet in Kim Hyuk-Jin’s hands.

‘All this from just the assumption that there is a crazy player and a crazy middle manager… He read the situation this far.’

Kim Hyuk-Jin was still weak, but his insight was unparalleled. He was always known for his talent, but today confirmed without a doubt that he was a genius.

‘In all the universe. Throughout all history, there hasn’t been a player with such talent.’

Kim Hyuk-Jin was beyond a genius, a genius among geniuses, transcending the realm of what one might call a prodigy. Senia had to recognize this.

Did Persi and Kim Tae-Cheon have any idea that their actions were entirely within the design and scenario of Kim Hyuk-Jin?

– If such a situation arises… then you should do this.

Senia decided to act according to Kim Hyuk-Jin’s words.

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