Player with Maxed-out Talent chapter 65

# Player with Maxed-Out Talent, Episode 65

“Is this… the Observer class?”

A completely unheard-of class. In the 10 years the game had been played, no one had ever had this class.

I activated the detailed description.


[Detailed Description]

1) Observers must maintain the ‘Observer’s Stance’ at all times. Observers should avoid overly active gameplay.

– 0% experience gained from personal hunting

– 0% coin acquisition rate from personal hunting

– 0% item drop rate when applying the Final Shot

2) Observers can designate their own area of observation.

– Job skill. ‘Observer’s Domain’ is usable. (+Detailed Description)

– Current proficiency: 1

3) Observers can observe the world with special eyes.

– Job skill. ‘Observer’s Eyes’ is usable. (+Detailed Description)

– Current proficiency: 1


“An Observer, huh.”

Having to maintain an observer’s stance seems to suggest to just observe. More inspection is necessary here.

“Personal hunting….”

The concept was directly injected into my mind. ‘Personal hunting’ meant reducing a monster’s H/P by more than 50 percent.

“If I land the fatal blow, item drop rate is zero percent.”

It’s just as it says.

“A true Observer.”

So far it doesn’t seem all that great. A special class acquired by using even the advanced job change guide.

“No. That can’t be it.”

Classes that didn’t seem great at first glance have definitely existed, and they’ve turned out to be extremely powerful. The Observer will certainly be the same. This wasn’t based on any logical evidence. It’s a feeling from all the playtime up to now. What some would call intuition.

“Let’s check the job-specific skills.”

The detailed descriptions could be viewed separately.


[Detailed Description]

1) Skill name: Observer’s Domain (Current proficiency: 1)

2) Skill effects:

– Manifests a field where the ‘Observer’s Eyes’ effect can be applied.

– Party play experience point gain +50% bonus applied.

3) Application radius: 5M


A field that boosts party play experience gain and is linked to ‘Observer’s Eyes’. In that case, I had to check what Observer’s Eyes entailed.


[Detailed Description]

1) Skill name: Observer’s Eyes (Current proficiency: 1)

2) Skill effects:

– Flow Perception: Understand the essence’s flow.

– Movement Copying: Imitate the movements of the observation target. (Currently unavailable)

– Title Copying: Exert abilities similar to observation target’s titles. (Currently unavailable)

– Ability Sharing: Share abilities with designated targets under observation. (Currently unavailable)

3) Use conditions:

– Holder of the ‘Detached Observer’s Eyes’ ability.

– Contract with ‘The Unknown Observer’.

– Player settings set to private.


I was momentarily at a loss for words.

“Right now, it’s… shoddy.”

I can’t say it’s good right now. There is no typical job-specific attack or defense skill. Moreover, personal hunting reduces experience points.

“But this….”

The skill ‘Observer’s Eyes’ that I’ve acquired seems to be the heart of the Observer class.

“So, to summarize….”

I think I understand what the Observer class is about. Closely observe a certain target. The observation subject must be within the ‘Observer’s Domain’, while I use the ‘Observer’s Eyes’ to scrutinize it.

“That means I might be able to copy the target’s abilities.”

The current proficiency is 1. As this proficiency increases, presumably I can obtain more abilities.

“And even titles.”

Even if I don’t earn titles myself, I could utilize my target’s titles if I increase my proficiency in Observer’s Eyes.

“And beyond that….”

I could potentially share my own abilities with others.

“Seeing a King of Blows employing a one-strike-kill?”

The players in my domain. As an intermediary player, I enable them to optimally share each other’s abilities.

“Or Shin Yeon-Seo using a Platinum Shield, for example.”

I don’t think it’s a panacea skill. I can’t control everything as I want.

“But still….”

The benefits of sharing useful skills or unique abilities at the right time could be beyond imagination. That was my assessment.

“That means I need to assemble a group of outstanding party members.”

And I’ve already somewhat satisfied that condition. Kim Seon-Hwa. Ma Sang-Hyun. Shin Yeon-Seo. Any one of them is a member who won’t be found lacking anywhere, and they all want to party with me.

I asserted it, intentionally.

“The challenge is… leveling up.”

I’m now at level 30. The run from level 30 to 40 is called the ‘devil’s interval.’ It’s like reaching for stars in the sky to jump over the 30-40 section without a guide. Of course, it’s a problem that can be solved with effort, but if only effort is used to break through this interval, it would take at least five years.

“Let’s think about this slowly.”

The Observer class. This is a class with clearly defined pros and cons.

“A class that doesn’t shine in the early game.”

But what about as time passes?

“Its value will likely be boundless.”

It’s a bit daunting if I only look ahead. It’s frustrating to think about losing experience when killing monsters. How am I supposed to get through the devil’s interval?


Curiously, I feel confident. I can’t quite put it into words, but

“I think I can do it.”

I feel I can do it.


More precisely,

“A feeling it just fits…?”

For some reason, I felt that way. An unfounded confidence that I had found the perfect class for me.

“Let’s give it a try, for now.”

I said it aloud.

“I would like to express my gratitude to ‘The Unknown Observer’ for giving me such a great opportunity.”

At that moment, an unforeseen interference occurred. When the name ‘The Unknown Observer’ came out of my mouth, it came out with a ‘Ssshhhk!’


It seems The Unknown Observer does not want to reveal they’ve become my contractor.

“‘So anonymous’.”

Such conditions were also necessary to use ‘Observer’s Eyes’.


– Player settings set to private.


It seems that The Unknown Observer fundamentally does not like to be outwardly exposed. At this point, that’s the conclusion I’ve reached. It is important to align well with the guardian’s disposition.

“I will heed your wishes and pledge to play to the best of my ability without disappointing any guardians.”

This is something kind of ceremonious that has solidified over a long time. Saying such things during the job change pleases most guardians. I didn’t get any particular notifications, but I’m sure many guardians are looking at me with pride.

[The suspension of time ability has been released.]

The world started to regain its original colors.

* * *

I lay on my bed. I now had the ‘Observer’ class, and there were many tasks ahead of me. My sister’s threat from earlier also crossed my mind.

– I’ll kill you if you’re late like this again.

Well. The content sounds threatening, but she seemed like she might start crying any moment, so I just agreed. Although I said sorry for being late, my sister stormed into her room. Just like when she hung up the phone. I guess she really hates showing me her tears. Anyhow, so tender-hearted.

“Hey, what have you been pondering over there?”

The squirrel, christened ‘Dalongi’, hung from the ceiling. It manages to move about hanging upside-down as smoothly as a cockroach.


An icon popped up.

Not sure what it’s for, but perhaps Sun-Hwa or Yeon-Seo gave it a dried fruit or something. Startled by my words, Dalongi fell from the ceiling directly onto my stomach. Then it covered its mouth and looked around as if guarding its food from being stolen.

“No one’s going to snatch it away. Who would take your leftovers?”

Dalongi seemed reassured by my words, nodded its head, and snuggled into my side.


The icon popped up and then

Dalongi squeezed itself between my arm and side and soon fell asleep.

[zzZ] [zzZ] [zzZ]

The icon kept appearing, but honestly, it was kind of cute.

Just then, there was a knock on the door.

Knock knock.

The person who entered was Sun-Hwa.

Sun-Hwa, dressed in baggy pajamas, was cute and adorable as always today. Sometimes you’d really wonder if she’s a middle schooler or an elementary schooler. Though a first-year middle schooler is almost like an elementary student, I guess.

‘Survived a brush with death together?’

I felt a touch of affection, and each time I wanted to protect her. It feels right to have taken her as a sister.

“Oppa, Yeon-Seo unnie called.”

“Why didn’t she call me directly?”

“She said oppa wouldn’t answer his phone….”

Ah, it was silent mode. When I checked my phone, there were no less than 7 missed calls.

“Does Yeon-Seo unnie like you oppa?”

“What are you saying all of a sudden?”

“She seems too obsessed with oppa.”

“There must be something important.”

Come to think of it, didn’t Yeon-Seo say there was an important matter before I chose my class?

“Anyway, I still can’t approve. I acknowledge that Yeon-Seo unnie is pretty but….!”

Before I could wonder what nonsense this was,


Summary: A Slight Brother Complex


‘Mild’ brother complex has become a ‘slight’ brother complex. Is this…evolution? Seems like it.

‘Well… it’s puberty.’

With a bit more time, it will likely disappear on its own. I didn’t think much of it. I called Yeon-Seo.

Yeon-Seo shouted as soon as she picked up.

– Hey! Why did you take so long to pick up?

“It was on silent. But why?”

– Can’t you answer your phone properly?

“What’s there to talk about if there isn’t anything?”

– Oh, wait a sec! I have important things to say.

It was urgent for Yeon-Seo, not me.

“What is it?”

– Well…the thing is….

Yeon-Seo’s story began. To me, it didn’t seem to be a particularly important story.

‘Right. It’s about time…. The Player Association should start getting more active.’

It’s been three months since I entered ‘The Unknown Forest’.

It’s time for the Player Association to become proactive. They’ll soon start recruiting players nationwide to impose a ‘Player License’ and begin assigning ‘Ranks’.

‘Various rules. Implicit rules. Distribution of items and income. Large guilds sponsored by major corporations.’

The period when those things are established and begin. A time when humanity is getting ready to more actively embrace this brave new world.

-Tomorrow morning is the first call-up of players. You can get a lot of information there. A lot of large guild spots have opened up. Contract with major corporations and you can get a high salary! You’re going tomorrow, right?

That reminds me.

‘It’s already September 13th.’

The first player enlistment day. It’s the first of its kind in Korea. And at that moment, Dalongi perked up like a meerkat. It ran off as if sensing something, and simultaneously, the doorbell rang—ding dong. I thought that eventually someone would come looking for our house.

Around this timing. Before the ‘Player Call-Up Day’, I’d be expecting them.

“Hey, hold on. Someone’s here. I’ll call you back.”

I ended the call with Yeon-Seo.

‘That person is….!’

I had predicted this situation, but I didn’t expect ‘that person’ to come.

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