Player with Maxed-out Talent chapter 64

# Player with Maxed-Out Talent, Chapter 64

## 32. First Job Change

“Which Guardian do you wish to set as your Contract Guardian?” Senia asked. I had long since prepared the answer to that question—since the moment I decided to live a more human life, to lead a more successful existence. I remember it clearly, within the conditional safe zone of the bus, when I first heard the notification of the Guardian.

[The ‘Nameless Observer’ is watching your actions closely.]

[The ‘Nameless Observer’ has started to take an interest in you.]

I can still vividly recall that time. The first wave of goblins attacked amidst the primordial mist, and everyone on the bus with me perished.

During that time, the ‘Nameless Observer’ bestowed upon me a special bonus.

[The ‘Nameless Observer’ wishes to grant you the ‘Open Beta Bonus’.]

[‘The Eye of the Detached Observer’ has been activated.]

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say my playthrough started there. The ‘Eye of the Detached Observer’ fused with my ‘Hyper Senses’, eventually evolving into my current ‘Sense Eye’.


Here’s the important thing.

‘Senia wasn’t on that bus at the time.’

Not just Senia, but no middle managers (Broadcast Jockeys – BJs) existed in that world at the time because the notification that came after the ‘Nameless Observer’ granted me the open beta bonus.

[The ‘Nameless Observer’ is intrigued by you.]

Only after that did the message,

[Tutorial Quest starting.]

[The ‘Middle Manager’ reveals themselves.]

indicate that the middle managers started to appear.

‘In other words, the ‘Nameless Observer’ was watching the situation without the need for a BJ.’

Guardians cannot observe players without a BJ—that’s the established theory. According to the knowledge I had, that was true. However, the ‘Nameless Observer’ had completely overturned that knowledge and convention.

Senia asked again,

“Player Kim Hyukjin, which Guardian do you intend to make your Contract Guardian?”


But why didn’t the ‘Nameless Observer’ send me a message? Had they been pushed out of the competition with the other Guardians?

[Pearl of Cheonma Mountain]

[Shepherd of Las Vegas]

[Lady of the Scales]

[Whispering Demon]

[Merchant of Venice]

I unfolded the notes. Notes visible only to my eyes.

‘The Pearl of Cheonma Mountain.’

It contained the general knowledge I had about it, boasting from the start about being the strongest Cheonma and the true ruler of Cheonma Mountain, and offering a promise to make me the most outstanding martial artist in the world, among other things.

‘They are all, without a doubt, remarkable Guardians.’

Although I wasn’t sure about the Whispering Demon.


Still, the question remained.

‘Why the ‘Nameless Observer’?’

I remember another clue as well.

[Quest. You are rewarded for clearing the ‘Turtle Nest’.]

[+7,000 COIN]

I was certain then. This quest wasn’t given by a ‘Middle Manager’.

‘A quest cunningly disguised as though it were given by a Middle Manager.’

But this didn’t make sense because Guardians are, as we say, attention seekers. They sponsor players and BJs, and both players and BJs show great interest in that sponsorship. Some skilled BJs even cajole and coax the Guardians to extract significant sponsorship.

‘If there really was such a Guardian…’

I had determined that to be the ‘Nameless Observer’. The moniker was ‘nameless’, after all. It seemed that being ‘nameless’ (無名) was an intrinsic attribute of this ‘Nameless Observer’.

In the meantime, I also checked the note from the ‘Whispering Demon’.


[Note from Whispering Demon]

To cut to the chase, I will make you a Demon King. Choose me as your Contract Guardian, and you can become a Demon King. Think it over carefully.


I was convinced then.

‘This one’s a total scam artist.’

No wonder they’re called the ‘Whispering Demon’. The Demon King? What a load of nonsense. If this guy was truly a guardian of the Demon King, perhaps my level would have surpassed 40 by now. While the Demon King’s guardian remains shrouded in secrecy, surely the Demon King must exist somewhere.

‘Trusting the words of a Guardian is not always straightforward.’

If it’s not explicitly stated, like being promised a specific skill or title, then it’s not to be trusted. To put it bluntly, a lie.

I read and reread the floating notes.

‘I have to make a choice.’

Having a Contract Guardian allows for much more efficient growth. The more gullible and generous a Guardian is, the better for me. I would provide the entertainment, and they would bestow sponsorship on me.

‘What is this?’

I felt a slight sense of dissonance among the notes.

‘How should I describe this?’

There’s a strange feeling, as if I’m missing something critical. As if there’s some foreign particle among the notes, though invisible to the eye.

‘I need to focus more on my Sense Eye.’

Instead of using my natural eyes, I examined the notes with my Sense Eye. It seemed to be the right approach. Senia asked once more.

“Player Kim Hyukjin, have you made a decision?”


I shook my head.

“They are all such magnificent beings that I, a mere mortal, am at a loss for whom to choose.”

As expected, messages flooded in.

[The ‘Pearl of Cheonma Mountain’ is pleased.]

[The ‘Lady of the Scales’ is being modest.]

[The ‘Shepherd of Las Vegas’ waits earnestly.]

[The ‘Merchant of Venice’ nods at your composure.]

[The ‘Whispering Demon’ despises you.]

Numerous Guardians are watching, but I feel I shouldn’t make a choice right now. I’m not sure why. It’s just a feeling.

‘Sense Eye.’

This foreign sensation. The feeling that I’m missing something.

‘Show me… something.’

I caught a wisp of haze among the notes, almost like rising mist.

‘Something’s… there.’

I was certain.

‘It’s there.’

I focused, focusing again and again. Then, I heard a notification.

[Proficiency of Sense Eye has increased.]

[Proficiency of Sense Eye: Level 2]

My Sense Eye proficiency, which had not increased until now, went up. Simultaneously, something new caught my eye.

[A note from the ‘Nameless Observer’.]

Another note had become visible thanks to my increased Sense Eye proficiency.

‘It’s there…!’

My heart began to race.

‘Usually, the maximum is five.’

For ten years since the game started, many had risen to the rank of top players and gained fame. But there had never been a ranker who was chosen by ‘six Guardians’. Although I’m not sure about the Demon King, officially the maximum was five.

‘But… six.’

And one was a hidden note. A special note I wouldn’t have seen without the increased proficiency of my Sense Eye.

‘It’s settled.’

The decision had been made from the beginning.

“I choose…”

My choice was the ‘Nameless Observer’.

* * *

Messages came from the Guardians I hadn’t chosen, expressing disappointment, disdain, or respect. Regardless, those messages didn’t particularly grab my attention. After all, they are desperate for ‘quality content’, and as long as I play my part well, they won’t be able to let me go. It’s in their nature to like, not dislike, me.

‘The real importance is…’

That I have made the contract.

[A contract has been established with the ‘Nameless Observer’.]

[The ‘Nameless Observer’ has been set as Kim Hyukjin’s Contract Guardian.]

[A new job is designated according to the contract with the ‘Nameless Observer’.]

I had been waiting for this moment. What job would the ‘Nameless Observer’ assign me?

[Class. ‘Bystander’ is offered to you. Would you like to accept?]

It didn’t seem like a particularly attractive class.



It is a class that takes pride in being indifferent to all matters. Your merit lies in not interfering in any situation and remaining detached from all affairs.

+ Further Details


Based solely on the description, it seemed to be a class more useless than trash. I didn’t activate the detailed description. After all, I had no intention of accepting this class.

‘I trust you, ‘Nameless Observer’.’

It was somewhat of an adventure for me. An adventure that I deemed highly likely to succeed.

‘Even if I had chosen one of the others, I would still have lived a satisfactory life.’

Certainly, it would have been so. Haven’t I already succeeded by my past standards? I even possessed the Magical Stone of Ma, which would be worth tens of billions in three years.


Unsatisfied with just that, striving for greater heights, I ventured forth. So I boldly invested, preparing for this moment.

[Would you like to use the Advanced Job Change Helper?]

An item purchasable only by one who is chosen. (Hidden item inventory only contains one item.) After capturing the Gold Turtle and fulfilling the hidden piece requirements, I gained a large number of COINS and purchased this item.

‘For use today.’

It cost 50,000 coins to open, and the unbelievable price of 40,000 COINS to buy. One should spend boldly when the time comes.

[Using Advanced Job Change Helper.]

Not just basic or intermediate, but an advanced version. It’s uncertain how much it will elevate my ‘class’ grade. It’s random.

[Class ‘Bystander’ is upgraded to the higher grade class ‘Observer’.]

‘Please, just upgrade one more time.’

I prayed with clasped hands. Normally using something like an ‘Advanced Job Change Helper’ would result in a couple of class upgrades.


But no further notifications came.

‘Just once?’

Is this how it ends?

‘With the ‘Advanced Job Change Helper’?’

Despite my incredible luck so far, it seemed that it didn’t apply this time.

‘Ah… Is this the end?’

The name didn’t even look particularly appealing.

‘Observer. Just Observer.’

I had never heard of such a class. Despite being quite familiar with many hidden classes, this was a name I had never come across.

‘Still, the guardian’s name is mentioned…’

Although the class name carried the Guardian’s title, ‘Observer’, it didn’t seem to offer a significant advantage by name alone.

[Class. ‘Observer’ is offered to you. Would you like to accept?]

The situation had unfolded. Refusing the class offered by a guardian isn’t exactly a wise choice. Especially on the first day of the contract, it could very well offend the patron. The dice had been cast, and it was my own doing. I couldn’t ruin it.

‘I have no choice.’

For better or worse, I would have to accept.

[You have job-changed to ‘Observer’.]

[Player info is being updated.]

[The update will take some time to complete.]

I immediately activated the description for ‘Observer’.



A class granted the right to observe all events in the world. Observe everything in depth. A new path will appear before you.

+ Further Details


It was a bit better than ‘Bystander’, at least. At least it included a hopeful message that a new path would appear.

‘The update needs more time to fully apply to me.’

I activated the detailed description. Upon seeing what it detailed, I was left speechless.

‘This… is the ‘Observer’ class?’

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