Player with Maxed-out Talent chapter 53

# Player with Maxed-Out Talent Episode 53

27. Orc Great Warrior

[Entering the second trial, the ‘Orc Warrior’s Tribe.’]

Everything seemed fine until…

[The scenario of the second trial, ‘Orc Warrior’s Tribe,’ will be partially altered.]

The scenario was suddenly changing. I knew why the scenario was changing so abruptly.

‘It must be certain that the Pearl of Cheonmasan gave Cheonma’s title to Yeonseo.’

Nothing can be absolutely perfect. To change the content of the trial like this, something good must have been forcibly given to Shin Yeonseo. And with every action, there is a reaction.

‘The Pearl of Cheonmasan didn’t break any rules.’

When the play of a player is directly interfered with like this, something always pops up in return. The Pearl of Cheonmasan must be aware of that too.

‘What exactly changed?’

Whichever way it is, it’s definitely not good for us.

[The privilege of the second trial, ‘Petrification Privilege upon Crystal Destruction of Orc Warrior,’ will be removed.]

Originally, destroying a crystal would turn the boss monster, the ‘Orc Warrior,’ into stone. But that’s not the case anymore. Just this change alone significantly increased the difficulty.

And that wasn’t the end of it.

[The rank increase limit of ‘Orc Warrior’ in the second trial’s scenario is lifted.]

[A quest for the second trial’s scenario, ‘Orc Warrior Hunt,’ is given.]

Orc Warriors grow stronger as they fight. They’re growth-type monsters. In this beginner-grade section, they can only grow to something like an ‘Orc Elite Warrior’ at best.

‘If the rank increase limit is lifted… It must mean an Orc Warrior can now evolve into something of a higher rank.’

Many thoughts crossed my mind.

‘Given the conditions here, they can’t grow into High Orcs.’

High Orcs are fundamentally different from regular orcs, a monster of a completely different level. If a High Orc were to appear here, we’d all be wiped out without a doubt.

‘If I combine the nature of the second trial with the current situation…’

Then I can roughly infer how strong the Orc Warrior could become.

‘An Orc Great Warrior.’

The Orc Great Warrior. Starting from this individual, while the levels of each vary greatly, they are usually around level 37. The stronger ones can even reach level 40. Naturally, with our current strength, facing them is nearly impossible.

‘Damn it.’

The scenario hadn’t properly started yet. The area here is still a safe zone. But that safe zone will soon be lifted.

‘What should I do?’

I need to figure out how to clear this place.

‘Is there… no way?’

At the moment, it seems there is no way.

We’re currently at the second trial, ‘Orc Warrior’s Tribe.’ The field is shaped like a plain, and in the distance, I could see tents haphazardly erected. It looked more like the orcs had simply scavenged some tents someone else had made rather than creating them themselves. Iron rods of varying lengths were also scattered around.

[The second trial scenario quest, ‘Orc Warrior Hunt,’ commences.]

[Orc Archers will be generated if you fail to destroy 3 crystals within a certain time frame.]

[Remaining Time -10:00]

This is the original content of the second trial. I already knew where the crystals were located here.

‘If I don’t destroy three crystals within 10 minutes, three Orc Archers will be generated.’

I bent down and picked up a few iron rods.

‘Key point items.’

They seem like nothing, but they are certainly obtainable and important items. Shin Yeonseo asked me.

“Leader, what should we do? Shall we split up and search for the crystals?”

I nodded.

“Did you see how the orcs moved earlier?”

“Yeah. It seems like we can dodge through the gaps between them, somehow.”

After a brief contemplation, I already knew the location of the crystals. They are not visible right now because they are inside the tents, but soon regular orcs will appear in groups.

‘If… Orc Archers appear amidst the group of orcs, and a warrior class orc emerges, then clearing would be impossible.’

We must stop the appearance of Orc Archers at all costs, even if it means taking some damage. Careful planning was essential. It would be problematic if the relay suggested that I automatically knew the location of the crystals.


The most basic method. The method of searching one by one was chosen.

“You see that tent over there in the distance with the flag raised high? We’ll start searching from there.”

“Got it.”

“Take the far right as a reference. Start from there and move toward the center to find the crystals.”

“Do we avoid fighting the orcs?”

“Yes. Avoid them as much as possible. Crystals are our priority.”


Shin Yeonseo was the first to move. Faint black energy was rising from her legs, possibly performing a special type of Lightbody technique.

‘It’s probably Cheonmabi.’

It’s likely a 1-star-grade Cheonmabi (Heavenly Demon Flying Technique).

“And on the other side. From the left towards the center, Sunhwa and Sanghyun should move together.”

The two understood my words at once. Masanghyun, whose agility and speed are a bit lacking. In other words, unlike Shin Yeonseo, he can’t move nimbly through the orcs. He’ll probably have to take a few hits. Sunhwa will just have to block for him.

“Got it.”

“Understood, hyung.”

Using this method, we should be able to destroy two of the crystals within 10 minutes.

‘The remaining one is the one I have to destroy.’

That one is right inside the very tent at the center. The problem is, there’s bound to be an ‘Orc Warrior’ sleeping inside that tent.

‘As soon as I enter, the attack will start.’

Originally, when destroying the remaining crystal, I planned to let Shin Yeonseo draw the aggro while I destroyed it. That would mean a clear victory.

‘As long as you destroy the crystal, even the Orc Warrior turns to stone.’

But that privilege is gone now.

Regardless, I now have to hunt the creature. Still. I don’t know if it’s possible. Can I really hunt that creature?

‘If it’s not possible, I have to make it possible.’

When I was just thinking about it, I couldn’t come up with a method, but when I started to engage in real combat, an idea came to mind.

‘I can do this.’

An alert came through.

[The first crystal has been destroyed.]

[Crystal destruction 1/3 complete.]

‘It must be Shin Yeonseo.’

Shin Yeonseo would soon be joining me here. Masanghyun and Kim Sunhwa would take a little longer.

Shin Yeonseo came running with a slightly brighter face.

“I destroyed one crystal. The orc kids chased me but eventually gave up.”

Orcs are slow. They wouldn’t have been able to keep up with Shin Yeonseo. Once they lose interest, the orcs won’t chase her anymore once she gets beyond a certain distance.

“Good job.”

“Did I really do well?”


I cautiously peered inside the tent. A purple crystal. And an ‘Orc Warrior’ snoring away. Around the Orc Warrior, some other orcs were also deep in sleep.

I explained to Shin Yeonseo how to clear this place.

“Listen well.”

* * *

Dust rose. A group of orcs charged towards us.

“Chweek-! Chweeeek-!”

Unlike Shin Yeonseo, who had correctly avoided the orcs, Masanghyun and Kim Sunhwa had brought about ten orcs trailing behind them.

Shin Yeonseo didn’t panic. She had already heard from Kim Hyukjin.

[They will definitely bring orcs. They can’t move as fast as you.]

Kim Hyukjin shouted loudly.

“Masanghyun. Kim Sunhwa. Weave through the orc group just keep dragging the aggro!”

He led each member of the party separately to make it easier for them to understand.

“Meanwhile, Shin Yeonseo will target them one by one. Keep the aggro towards Sunhwa!”

Masanghyun and Kim Sunhwa understood the instructions perfectly.

“I think you and I will have to keep moving together.”


Otherwise, both could die. They had to move together to effectively disrupt the orc group and survive.

Meanwhile, Shin Yeonseo began attacking the orcs one by one. Her movements were indeed fast and precise.


Shin Yeonseo’s sword pierced the neck of an orc, targeting the carotid artery equivalent in a human. Blood sprayed from the orc’s neck.


Her goal was not the orc’s death. She was acting precisely as Kim Hyukjin had instructed.

[Do not kill the orcs. Make them bleed.]


This injury was enough.

[Using the skill, ‘Quick Strike.’]

An attack at 1.2 times the speed of a normal strike. Shin Yeonseo’s sword pierced another orc’s neck again, blood spurting out. Shin Yeonseo herself was drenched in the blood that was a dark crimson color. Covered in the blood, she looked like a demon risen from hell.


Three orcs. Four orcs. Five orcs. She targeted the same place each time and succeeded with her attacks.


She began to get winded. Though the goal wasn’t to kill but to injure, dealing with five orcs at once was not an easy task.

Kim Sunhwa intervened in the middle of the fight.

“Sister! It’s dangerous!”

[Using the skill, ‘Platinum Shield.’]


A loud noise erupted. In the moment, Sunhwa heard a ‘crack!’ sound coming from her body.


Her left arm dangled limply. Her body couldn’t withstand the shock. Her shoulder had been dislocated. Meanwhile, Kim Hyukjin had approached the final clearing crystal.

‘I can’t approach directly.’

The commotion outside had woken up the sleeping orcs. The Orc Warrior opened his eyes as well.

‘I can’t rush straight to the crystal.’

There was no clear path. From now on, Kim Hyukjin had to face the orcs and the ‘Orc Warrior.’ There could be no expectation of support or help.

‘I have to catch them.’

Even if the crystal is destroyed, the creatures will remain unharmed.

‘Let’s start with this one.’

He crouched slightly. With a speed that matched Shin Yeonseo’s use of Cheonmabi, he approached an orc. The sharp tip of the sword targeted the orc’s neck as accurately as Shin Yeonseo’s attacks.


As the orc shrieked in agony, blood erupted from its neck. Kim Hyukjin, who had inflicted a large wound on the orc’s neck, immediately retreated. He couldn’t approach and break through recklessly.

A single mistake could mean life or death. At this point, if struck by the colossal club of the Orc Warrior,

‘Could I withstand a single blow?’

It’s doubtful he could take even one hit. If he was unlucky enough to get injured, he would be surrounded by them in an instant. It would be hunting, not being hunted. Kim Hyukjin shouted loudly.

“Come in!”

Shin Yeonseo, Masanghyun, and Kim Sunhwa, who had been fighting orcs outside the tent, rushed inside. Following them, the injured orcs thundered in. In an instant, the ‘Orc Warrior’s tent’ was in complete chaos.


“Chweek! Chwang! Chwang!”

In such a small space inside the tent, nearly ten orcs filled it. The characteristic rotten stench of orcs mixed with the smell of blood was in the air. In an instant, the tent was filled with heat.

Then something amazing began to happen. Shin Yeonseo’s mouth hung open in shock.

‘Hyukjin’s words… they were actually true!’

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