Player with Maxed-out Talent chapter 127

Player with Maxed-Out Talent

# Player with Maxed-Out Talent Episode 127

When I lifted my eyes to survey the scene, I saw that the portrait was quite literally crying. Crimson tears streamed from the eyes of the woman within the portrait.

‘Click is possible now.’

Unlike before, it was now possible to click.


[Portrait of Rapunzel]

Owner: Charles. A portrait containing the essence and will of Rapunzel. Activated under special conditions. Requires an item to prove Charles’s survival. Please soothe Rapunzel’s essence by burning the item with ‘magic-generated fire’.


An item that could prove Charles’s survival. I had already presented it just a while ago to ‘Tycon’. And then, Dalong had retrieved it.


Above Dalong’s head popped an [!] mark. She shook her head from side to side—the little squirrel had developed a taste for Black Yak meat, beyond her usual chicken.

“I’ll give you a fresh one. Not the half-eaten stuff.”

Dalong nodded. It seemed that what she had wanted all along was Black Yak meat. I handed her a piece of Black Yak meat, receiving in return the piece Charles had left behind.


“Yeah? What’s up?”

“Can’t you drop it?”

“The whole thing gives me the creeps.”

“Can you force yourself to leave?”

Sang-gu shivered. He took a step back while still clinging to a strand of my clothes with one finger. Maybe I needed to show him that people are scarier than ghosts.

“Burn this.”


“No. In front of the portrait.”

“Go, go, go up there in front of it?”

Sang-gu backpedaled, waving his hands frantically. What was fortunate, though, was that he was retreating in the direction of the portrait. Ultimately, even Sang-gu knew he had to move forward.

“You’ll come with me, right?”

Joining him wasn’t a big deal. Together with Sang-gu, we approached the portrait as the crimson tears continued to fall.

“Shh, shh, shh… I’m not scared; I’m not scared.”

Muttering to himself, Sang-gu eventually managed to carry out what I had instructed.


The flames blazed up.

The smell of burning meat filled the mansion, followed by a notification.

[‘Rapunzel’s Will’ is verifying Charles’s survival.]

The dripping blood-tears had finally ceased.

[‘Rapunzel’s Will’ remembers Charles.]

A ghastly wind blew in conjunction with the notification. With a thud, the portrait that I had thrown a dagger at fell to the ground.


With the wind, the frame disappeared.

‘The building is deteriorating.’

I wasn’t sure if ‘deteriorating’ was the correct term, but it was certainly what was happening. We stood still as the grand mansion seemed to age and wither before our eyes.

[‘Rapunzel’s Will’ welcomes the guests.]

[‘Rapunzel’s Will’ rejoices.]

[‘Rapunzel’s Will’ has a request for you.]

A quest had been activated for us.


[Deliver Rapunzel’s Remains to Charles!]

Please deliver a part of Rapunzel’s remains to Charles. Some of the remains are located behind Rapunzel’s portrait.



Dalong presented a bone from behind the ‘portrait’. An item just like the one received after hunting Tycon.


[Rapunzel’s Remains 1/2]

Owner: Charles. These are the remains of Rapunzel. It is said that Rapunzel mourned the loss of Charles, crying day and night. Rapunzel’s remains are steeped in her deep longing for Charles.


“Good job.”

I put off the acorns and chicken, which were secret weapons, for the next round, pulling out a banana for Dalong instead. True to her omnivorous nature, she ate the banana eagerly.

Sang-gu soon arrived, shivering.

“Shh… Friend, I’m scared. Why is everything suddenly so old?”

Looking around, the interior of ‘Tycon’s Mansion’ seemed to have aged 300 years. Everything was worn and crumbled.

“It’s all decayed suddenly.”

300 years. I wondered why I had suddenly thought of 300 years. Through ‘The Observer’s Eye’, I perceived roughly ‘300 years’.

‘300 years.’

That was not just a number.

‘If 300 years have passed in this field…’

There was a particular significance to this.

[‘Rapunzel’s Will’ wants to offer a special gift.]

[‘Rapunzel’s Will’ asks if you have ‘the map of the Predatory Beasts’ habitat’.]

So, I brought it out.

“I have it.”

[A translated copy of ‘Predatory Beasts’ Habitat Map’ is given.]

A yellow light flashed from the map in my hand, as if some ‘force’ was acting upon it. I examined the map closely. New descriptions caught my eye.


[Predatory Beasts’ Habitat Map (Translated)]

The Predatory Beasts’ Habitat is a forest occupied by numerous Predatory Beasts. Rapunzel’s father created the habitat for Rapunzel. It was common knowledge that the ‘Seed of Predatory Beasts’ held significant effects when combined with ‘Tears of the Red Flower’. The artificially created ‘Predatory Beasts’ Habitat’ can sustain a lifespan of up to 300 years. After 300 years, the Predatory Beasts will go extinct, unable to maintain their ecosystem.


I was already aware of these details. This knowledge was almost common ten years in the future.

-Predatory Beasts are known to live for about 300 years.

But there was new information I hadn’t known before.

-‘Does it mean that the lifespan of artificially grown Predatory Beasts is precisely 300 years?’

I hadn’t known this in the past. Would it mean that all Predatory Beasts encountered by humanity were ‘artificially nurtured by someone’?

-‘Effects using the Tears of the Red Flower were never known.’

Previously it was described like this:

-‘Tears of the Red Flower’ were one of the disasters that befell humanity with the advent of new civilizations.

Like the woman in the portrait, Rapunzel, who wept blood-tears until she withered away, it was the name of a disease. The incidence was low, but once infected, there was no cure, leading to death within three years—a dreadful disease. There had been more than 30 cases in Korea alone.

‘The Seed of Predatory Beasts had such an effect.’

Another fact worth noting arises.

‘Who are the cultivators of these Predatory Beasts?’

Are they NPCs? If they were NPCs, then they would likely have shared the effectiveness of the ‘Seed of Predatory Beasts’ with players. Humanity was completely unaware of the capabilities of the ‘Seed of Predatory Beasts’. It means that the information was not public. If they were not NPCs, they had to be entities capable of artificially creating a ‘Predatory Beasts’ Habitat’.

‘Really… There’s a world that was unknown to me.’

And here comes another question.

‘Did the rankers of the past, the top-level players, know about this?’

I can’t be sure. For now, I’ve just managed to unearth this information in the ‘beginner area’. Beyond the 40-70 range in the intermediate zone, to even higher-level players, did the super high-level rankers have this knowledge?

‘Only by progressing further will I know.’

It was a feeling of discovery, of stepping into a world I never knew existed and actively crafting the situation. All of this sparked a unique emotion within me.

‘Let’s focus on the now.’

In any case, the ecosystem of the Predatory Beasts’ Habitat will collapse within 300 years. According to what I’ve observed with ‘The Observer’s Eye’, about 300 years have passed here. We’ve remained unchanged while the field aged by 300 years.

‘That means…’

It means that the Predatory Beasts are probably nearing death. It would be accurate to say they are in a state of near collapse.

“We’re going to hunt the Predatory Beasts.”

Hunting a large number of normal Predatory Beasts was nearly impossible. But if they were nearly dead Predatory Beasts, unable to use any of their strength? I knew of a past player who had hunted such a ‘Predatory Beasts’ Habitat’.

The representative guardian of Italy who had supported me before, ‘Salvatore’, the War God who had made a contract with ‘The Conductor of Silence’. Salvatore had discovered such a state of ‘Predatory Beasts’ Habitat’and gained tremendous benefit from it.

‘A route similar to War God Salvatore’s?’

This was not originally written in the Korean server. I’ve managed to create something that didn’t exist in the original Korean server.

“Let’s go.”

We decided to go on the hunt for the Predatory Beasts.

* * *

An Seo-hee spoke cautiously.

“You were talking about this.”


The Predatory Beasts before us were already diseased and ancient, lacking even the strength to move. They were just barely holding on to life. Despite that, their names were red, and their levels were marked as ‘?’.

“Give me a moment, and I’ll form a boundary.”

“What kind of boundary?”

“A frenzy hunting boundary.”

I was at a loss for words for a moment.

Frenzy Hunting Boundary (狂暴狩獵結界)

This boundary was famously used by Red Ghoul in the mass slaughter of 600 civilians in downtown Seoul. Much of Red Ghoul’s abilities were unknown, but at that time, Red Ghoul mentioned ‘Frenzy Hunting Boundary’ as a skill name, which became known as one of its signature abilities.

It took quite some time. More than 30 minutes of work was required. Seo-hee’s face was covered in sweat.

‘She’s enjoying making the boundary…’

Seo-hee was a genius who took pleasure in her craft. She forgot that we were beside her, inserting ‘red threads’ in various places on the map while muttering some incantations and drawing up mana for an unknown purpose.

[Frenzy Hunting Boundary (狂暴狩獵結界) is complete.]

Afterward, the notification came.

[You have hunted a Predatory Beast.]

[You have hunted a Predatory Beast.]

[You have hunted a Predatory Beast.]

[You have hunted a Predatory Beast.]

Endless notifications started coming in.

“Dalong. If you pick up a lot of items, I’ll give you chicken.”

At that, Dalong darted around busily.

[You have leveled up.]

[Current Level: 32]

Leveling up in the tough level 30-40 range, I’ve now reached level 32 without the use of any special strategies, just my own power.


[All Predatory Beasts in the habitat have been hunted.]

[A special condition has been satisfied.]

[A Clear Crystal is generated.]

Instead of just ‘moving’ through the gate that Seo-hee created, we had actually fulfilled a ‘clear condition’. This was unexpected.


I destroyed the Clear Crystal.

[The Predatory Beasts’ Habitat has been destroyed.]

[You have perfectly cleared the Predatory Beasts’ Habitat.]

[As a clear reward, you have acquired ‘Superior Seed Bundle of the Predatory Beasts’.]

I obtained an item containing no less than 20 ‘Superior Seeds of Predatory Beasts’. Since both Sang-gu and Seo-hee also acquired one, we gained 60 seeds in total as a clear reward.

Sang-gu’s eyes widened as he stammered his words.

“You… are amazing. I’ve never seen anything like this.”


Seo-hee, who had finished the raid, returned to her usual self.

She seemed to have a blatant fear of Sang-gu. She seemed to have quite a distrust of men.

Time flowed, and Seo-hee eventually opened her mouth with difficulty.

“I’m more shocked.”

Seo-hee’s gaze turned towards me.

“What the heck are you?”

Seo-hee’s questioning eyes caught my senses precisely. They reddened again, looking nothing like the pupils of a human.

They glimmered ominously, much like the eyes of Red Ghoul.

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