Player with Maxed-out Talent chapter 124

Player with Maxed-Out Talent

# The Player with Maxed-Out Talent – Chapter 124


[Predatory Species Colony]

This is the gate that leads to the Predatory Species Colony.

Entrance Requirements:

1) The person who activated the gate and is above Level 30.

2) Individuals who have hunted predatory species and are above Level 30.

Only players who meet either condition 1) or 2) are allowed to enter.


Description concerning the Predatory Species Colony. What’s notable here is the condition “only for players.” It was, in fact, a peculiar condition that players quite favored.


That’s because even ‘intermediate managers’ were barred from entry into this field. That was how it was designed. Unless one was to invest an astronomical amount of coins—how much exactly is unknown to me—or receive help from a guardian with immense power above this setting, even Broadcast Jockeys could not step inside.

“A field that only players can enter, huh?”

Senia’s wings fluttered slightly. Although her expression remained impassive, she seemed a bit flustered. How amateurish, really.

‘She is getting quicker on the uptake.’

Her skills have improved, and so has her sensitivity. It looks like she has figured out what I am going to do next. She understood my playstyle perfectly, which involved wringing a situation dry, down to the marrow. Senia cast the bait first.

“As part of our exclusive contract, I have promised a substantial amount of support to Player Kim Hyuk-jin.”

“Yeah, I know.”

But I haven’t been the only one to benefit. By gaining exclusive broadcasting rights to me, Senia has also reaped tremendous rewards.

“Why are you bringing that up all of a sudden, between us?”

Senia’s wings fluttered once again, noticeably. An Seo-hee asked cautiously.

“When do we enter…?”

“Just a moment.”

An Seo-hee glanced at Senia from the corner of her eye. That reaction was familiar. Regardless of gender or age, Senia’s beauty was captivating to people.

‘Beauty? Pfft.’

We are business partners, and a business partner’s ‘beauty’ doesn’t impress me much. What’s most important in business? Naturally, it’s ‘how beneficial we are to each other.’

“I think it would be good if you could temporarily delegate the video recording to me.”

After all, BJs cannot enter. Wouldn’t it be better for me to record it myself?

‘She’ll probably refuse.’

I don’t know why, but I cannot grasp why BJs are reluctant to relinquish ‘video recording rights’ even for a moment, not even based on future knowledge much more accustomed to new cultures.

“Do you intend to personally record the events occurring within the Predatory Species Colony?”

“Yeah. Wouldn’t that be convenient and beneficial to you?”

If I just record the video, then all she needs to do is edit and produce it into a new piece of content.


Senia was at a loss for words. It seemed like she, too, like other BJs, disliked handing over the ‘video recording rights’ to me.

“Only within the Predatory Species Colony.”

“But still…”

I wonder why she is against it. Is it because it feels like the content isn’t truly her own creation?

“Think about it efficiently, Senia. Don’t let emotions cloud your judgment. You can’t enter anyway. I’ll record, and you just have to broadcast. That’s how it works.”


I threw the carrot after the stick. Having thrown something she disliked, it was time to offer her a benefit.

“This time, for the sake of our smooth partnership, I won’t make any demands. Think about it. This is a path that benefits us both. Isn’t this virtually volunteer work on my part?”

Senia’s wings fluttered. For the first time in a while, I could read some emotion from Senia.


State: Suspicion/Distrust/Joy


That indicated a significant turmoil of emotions in Senia. Normally, I wouldn’t be able to discern her feelings.

‘She’s suspicious and distrustful… but amidst that, she’s still happy, huh?’

That’s good enough. How much of a scoundrel does she think I am? She must wonder if she’s been duped all this time.

‘I have to throw bait like this and spread crumbs as groundwork.’

That way, I’ll be able to manipulate Senia just at the right time later on. In fact, there’s no downside for me. I would temporarily obtain ‘video recording rights’ and simply record during gameplay. And this would be reprocessed into new content through Senia and conveyed to the guardians. Of course, it benefits me. But if I can create a debt in Senia’s heart through this…

‘That would be beyond advantageous.’

I’ve laid all the groundwork. I managed to secure the ‘video recording rights’ from Senia.

[‘The Nameless Observer’ watches you.]

[‘The Merchant of Venice’ admires ‘Your Trading Skills’.]

[‘The Whispering Devil’ enjoys itself.]

[‘The Maestro of Noise’ praises your ‘Broad View’.]

[‘The White Hunter’ admires.]

Messages from no fewer than five guardians came competing with one another. Interestingly, while the ‘Maestro of Noise’ praised the ‘Broad View’, ‘The White Hunter’ simply admired.

‘I’m not sure for what, but since the Maestro of Noise praised, he probably sent a message saying he admired too.’

This provided another insight into the personality of a guardian.

‘The White Hunter seems uninterested in me drawing the big picture or predicting and preparing for the future.’

A simple message, yet it revealed a trait of a guardian.

‘But he hates to lose to the Maestro of Noise.’

That’s why he must have been included amongst those ‘five.’

‘If I use this information well.’

Kang Sang-gu shivered.

“Hey. What’s with that wicked idea now? That expression is scary. Why are you suddenly smiling?”

I must have smiled unconsciously. Guardians who have supported two of Italy’s top players probably will wildly sponsor me, too, in the not-so-distant future.

* * *

We entered the Predatory Species Colony. It was a place overgrown with dense vegetation. The humidity was incredibly high. The moist air welcomed us; the air felt noticeably cool.

An Seo-hee explained.

“We are inside a huge cave.”

A colossal cave with such an ecosystem inside. Since predatory species generally prefer dark places, it made sense for this area to be considered a cave.

“Outside this cave is the master of Charles.”

No ‘predatory species’ were in sight initially, which matched the map details.

“Please take this.”

An Seo-hee handed us a seed.


[Predatory Tree (飽食樹) Seed]

This is a seed of a Predatory Tree. It will grow into a Predatory Tree under the right conditions.


“If you put this seed into a slot and use it, you can avoid the attacks of the Predatory Trees.”

I saw no such setting, but An Seo-hee seems to see some instructive details that are invisible to us.

I took the seed.

“Usually in such cases.”

Rather than using a slot, consuming it directly sometimes results in larger effects.

“Chewing it brings a greater effect.”


I chewed firmly. The seed of the Predatory Tree was quite hard. But not too hard to chew.

“Schwam! Eugh, disgusting. This seed tastes like feces.”

Then I used one of my skills.

[Special Skill. ‘Conductor’s Song’ activated.]

[‘Conductor’s Song’ is applied.]

[A small probability to cure party members’ status anomalies.]

[Critical shot probability increased by 3%.]

[The effects of the ‘Predatory Tree Seed’ enhanced by 20%.]

An Seo-hee’s eyes widened.


She murmured to herself.

“The predatory species have perfectly switched to a non-aggressive state.”

I didn’t hear that notification. It probably means the effects of the Predatory Tree Seed increased, turning them completely non-aggressive.

An Seo-hee’s state became apparent.


State: Amazement/Encouragement/Ambition/A Slight Fear


An Seo-hee was quite enthusiastic.

“I will guide you.”

She led the way.

‘An Seo-hee.’

Was the An Seo-hee I was seeing truly a virtuous An Seo-hee? While there was undoubtedly a streak of ‘justice’ in her temperament, the endless darkness I sensed in her also made me feel a fear that was nearly tangible.

‘I must prepare for the worst-case scenario.’

If An Seo-hee had pretended to be pure and innocent only to lure us here, I couldn’t dismiss that possibility. While making the minimum preparations, we followed An Seo-hee’s guidance, encountering packs of predatory species along the way, but indeed, they did not attack us.

How much time had passed?

‘I see the light…’

The scent of the air changed. It wasn’t the musty smell of a damp cave anymore but rather the freshness of open air.

“Over there should lead us out.”

We proceeded based on ‘The Map of the Predatory Species Colony’ and the terrain we could observe. I committed the landscape to memory, considering all possible contingencies and scenarios for the future.

A notification came.

[Exiting the cave.]

[You have entered ‘Tycon’s Garden’.]

Tycon. That’s the name of ‘Charles’ owner,’ as An Seo-hee had mentioned.

‘Such a vast place for a garden.’

The owner who keeps a shadow twin-headed hound as a pet. In terms of the story setting, should be a very capable NPC (?).

‘But it’s the owner who lost that shadow twin-headed hound.’

That’s a bit odd. Why hasn’t the owner gone to find the twin-headed hound personally? Kang Sang-gu shook his head disapprovingly.

“It just looks like a forest, calling it a garden, huh.”

Muttering about the unmistakable stench of wealth, Kang Sang-gu seemed to have released some tension after leaving the Predatory Species Colony, and he walked along with us, commenting about the rich people’s smell.

A mansion came into view.

“Is that Tycon’s house?”

“Yes. Tycon should be in the second-floor reception room. He’s always there.”


“Yes. Always.”

We crossed the garden. While the edge bordering the Predatory Species Colony resembled an extensive forest, this area truly resembled a ‘garden.’ A medieval Western-style grand garden including white statues dotted around, a fountain spouting water in the center, and pink tulips blossoming in various spots.

Aside from non-aggressive rabbit-like monsters, no other dangerous creatures were in sight.

[You have entered ‘Tycon’s Mansion’.]

Upon entering the first floor, a red carpet could be seen, with a staircase leading to the second floor directly ahead. Near the staircase, and directly in front, hung two large portraits.

“That man is Tycon… And beside him is supposed to be Tycon’s wife.”

“Oh, is that so?”

Kang Sang-gu tensed up. I gave him a signal not to show any reaction.

“Oh my, this place absolutely reeks of the wealthy elite.”

The reason for Kang Sang-gu’s reaction was simple.

‘We both see the portrait of Tycon’s wife as invisible.’

Both are pictures of Tycon. However, what An Seo-hee sees in those portraits seems to be different from what we see. Even though we are looking at the same thing, we perceive it differently.

[You observe the portrait with the ‘Eyes of the Observer’.]

I nonchalantly observed the portrait through the Eyes of the Observer while continuing up the stairs.

‘Something is off.’

The ‘Eyes of the Observer’ detected a peculiar oddity. What exactly is odd, I’m not sure. But I trust the signal sent by my ‘Eyes of the Observer.’

‘This is no mere mansion.’

The master of the shadow twin-headed hound. The Predatory Species Colony. A garden-like forest. A grand mansion. And a girl who might turn into a Red-Ear. With portraits that give off an odd feeling. What are these puzzle pieces trying to tell me?

We walked along the second-floor corridor and approached a room.


The door opened with a sound, revealing the inside. An Seo-hee spoke to someone within.

“Master Tycon. I have found a clue about Charles.”

A red chair could be seen, but it was unoccupied.

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