Player with Maxed-out Talent chapter 121

Player with Maxed-Out Talent

Player with Maxed-out Talent Chapter 121: Scattered Threads and the Enigmatic Barrier Master

Scattered about the clearing were small threads. Hard to notice without paying close attention, ‘red threads’ fluttered here and there in the wind.

‘There’s a girl behind the rebar.’

Behind the rebar sat a small-statured girl. She didn’t approach any closer. I quietly walked up to her and activated my Sense Vision. Fortunately, she was captured clearly by my Sense Vision.

‘Her name is….’

It had seemed unlikely, but the name ‘Ahn Seo-hee’ was a match. The murderer once called “Red Devil” in the past.



Name: Ahn Seo-hee

Age: 19

Level: 34

Class: Barrier Master (結界術師)

Guardians: -(Not identifiable due to a special barrier)

Unique Ability: [Devouring Barrier] [Pause]

Condition: Fearfulness/Ambition/Goodness

Disposition: Timid/Misandrist/Justice


1) An injured Barrier Master

2) A girl who distrusts others

+ Dispositions and summaries reflect a few notable characteristics that can change depending on the situation.

+ Due to the low proficiency of Sense Vision, detailed information is unavailable.


I couldn’t believe my Sense Vision.

‘Level 34?’

At this point in time, level 34 is at the very top of the top tier.

‘What’s going on?’

A level that couldn’t normally exist. I was certain.

‘She’s an irregular.’

The Red Devil Ahn Seo-hee was never an ordinary player. Not in the past, and not now either. At this stage, level 34 indicates external support rather than personal ability. That’s the most likely possibility.

‘To forcibly raise a player’s level….’

Interfering to such a degree would mean meddling with the system extensively. Even guardians would have to incur significant losses.

‘Which guardian could it be?’

Not a mere ‘sponsorship’, but rather a ‘sacrifice’ would have been required. It happens very rarely. A guardian becoming almost insanely attached to us players, offering up their all. However, that’s not necessarily commendable. Guardians with such an intense focus on their ‘favorite character’ often develop an unhealthy obsession, which more often than not leads to adverse outcomes.

‘The guardians sometimes lose power and vanish due to excessive interference.’

So then, what kind of case is Ahn Seo-hee? Her name matched the Red Devil’s of the past. But something isn’t right.


Condition: Fearfulness/Ambition/Goodness

Disposition: Timid/Misandrist/Justice


It’s quite contradictory. She has both fearfulness and ambition. And while she possesses ‘goodness’ and ‘justice’, she detests men.


1) An injured Barrier Master

2) A distrusting girl


The summary emphasizes “Barrier Master,” indicating she is undoubtedly suitable for the job.

‘A distrusting girl.’

Observing Ahn Seo-hee through Sense Vision, she might have been deeply wounded by ‘men.’ That’s all I can glean at the moment. She is currently engaged in deploying a barrier and seems to be busily preparing something, but no murderous intent is felt. And moreover, she showed no hostility towards other players.

‘Something’s different.’

This is different from my prescient dreams. I don’t believe my prescient dreams were completely wrong. There’s some variable between the world of my prescient dreams and this current world at play.

The more I see, the more shocking Ahn Seo-hee’s information is to me.


Unique Ability: [Devouring Barrier] [Pause]


It’s no longer surprising that the higher rankers have unlocked their ‘Unique Abilities’ earlier on. I can somewhat understand her high level too. ‘Irregulars’ have always existed – those who level up using bizarre, unconventional methods. It isn’t strictly orthodox like me, but other means of progression can enable rapid leveling up to a certain degree.

‘Devouring Barrier.’

Information I gathered from the prescient dream world. A clue related to ‘the map of the domain of Devourers.’ Does this information have anything to do with that [Devouring Barrier]?

‘It does.’

It’s clear. The ‘map of the domain of Devourers’ in my inventory started sparkling the moment I focused my Sense Vision on Ahn Seo-hee. Since then, light has been emanating here. There’s definitely a close connection, whatever it may be.

‘I have to look into this further.’

It was decided to investigate further. But then there’s another unique ability that’s baffling – [Pause].

‘A player can use pause?’

I’m not sure if this [Pause] is the same one I know. Whether it has the same effect as the pause ability used by broadcasters or guardians is unknown. No. At this point, it likely doesn’t have the exact effect. But what if this power is developed over a long period? What if her level isn’t 34, but 68? What about 100?

‘Maybe it could have nearly the same effect as the pause ability.’

Then the past would make sense.

‘Escaping while surrounded,’

‘vanishing gracefully after having butchered countless people.’

The legendary Red Devil played a part in the Duke of Demons’ army, only to disappear leaving nothing but rumors of her past massacre of hundreds. If she had ‘Pause,’ such feats would be possible.

‘Despite this, if it came to a one-on-one fight now… I could overpower her.’

I’m confident. If we fought one-on-one, I could subdue her easily. When compared, my class and Ahn Seo-hee’s are polar opposites. I possess the ‘Eye that Pierces Essence’, while Ahn Seo-hee has the ability to create ‘Barriers that Warp Essence’. I could tell immediately upon seeing it.

‘I surely have the power to dominate her abilities.’

It’s a bit confusing. I came prepared for murder, to prevent a mammoth calamity in the future. But the Ahn Seo-hee I’ve seen with my own eyes isn’t the same. She has no intention of killing other players. Ahn Seo-hee is focused on creating a barrier, one that’s not harmful at all.

‘The Eye of the Observer’ tells me it’s not a detrimental barrier.

‘A barrier that could tie down the movement of a tricycle and protect players.’

Details about her abilities or their specific effects remain unclear. They’re just ‘good guesses.’ I don’t believe Ahn Seo-hee can completely deceive my sense. Different from the past and different from the prescient dream I’ve seen.

Then Shin Yeon-seo arrived amidst all this.

“Hey, Hyukjin-leader. I’m here. Hope I’m not too late.”

Shin Yeon-seo smiled as beautifully as ever. Her eye-smiles have put countless people on a ‘swordmaster high’. Even here, many players glanced her way.

Some guy even exclaimed in admiration, “Wow…”

Even to me, who lacks any affection for her as the opposite sex, Shin Yeon-seo’s eye-smile is indeed beautiful. But interestingly, this smile isn’t just effective on men.

The girl I’ve been continuously watching behind the rebar.


Condition: Admiration/Trust/Respect


Ahn Seo-hee’s condition changed the moment she saw Shin Yeon-seo. Recently rising in fame through one-on-one PVP, Shin Yeon-seo caused Ahn Seo-hee’s state to shift.



1) An injured Barrier Master

2) A girl needing help


‘Distrusting girl’ changed to ‘A girl needing help’ upon Shin Yeon-seo’s arrival. With some of the tension relieved, Ahn Seo-hee’s face even became clear in my mind through the Sense Vision.

‘She looks 19?’

She didn’t look like it.

‘She seems similar to Seon Hwarang’s age.’

A petite build. Pale skin. Short bobbed hair. Gentle doe eyes. Totally different from the ‘Red Devil’ I had envisioned.

That’s when a noisy commotion rose up.

“We’ve successfully cornered the tricycle!”

From a future perspective, it’s just as pathetic of a roundup as ever. Normally in a raid, ‘noise’ is avoided as the prevailing wisdom. Players would later use radios that amplify sound to conduct raids, but let’s put that aside for now.

‘They managed to round it up after all.’

The ‘tricycle’ that had been funneled into the clearing.

The monster that preyed on children moved its front wheel from side to side, looking for a way out. But already encircled. The players gradually closed the net, and the ‘tricycle’ got hunted down.

Gwak Tae-woon shot his ‘Wind Arrow’ at the ‘tricycle’ soaring skyward, hitting it squarely. The tricycle that had taken to the sky plummeted to the ground. The raid was a success.

Remaining in my ‘Observer’ position, I stood back and could tell.

‘Ahn Seo-hee helped.’

The tricycle slowed down thanks to Ahn Seo-hee, enabling Gwak Tae-woon to hit his target precisely.

‘We could have caught it without Ahn Seo-hee’s help too.’

But there might have been some casualties. The hunt had gone more smoothly thanks to Ahn Seo-hee.

‘A changed past. The wrong prescient dream. Ahn Seo-hee different from what I thought.’

Pieces of the puzzle clattered together. More investigation was needed. The murder plan for today was hence called off.

Some players discovered Ahn Seo-hee behind the rebar.

“There! There’s a girl here!”

There were relieved voices of a successful rescue.

“Hey, are you alright?”

Ahn Seo-hee’s face was extremely flushed. Was it from shyness, or from sheer terror? Her body shook violently, and then she swiftly left the place.

* * *

The raid ended successfully. The media disseminated the joyous news nationwide, and the entire country was swept up in the celebrations. All this for catching just one ‘tricycle’? The past was very different indeed.

I needed to think. I walked into a coffee shop near the clearing. I found a seat and sat down. Shin Yeon-seo rattled on as she always does.

“Hyukjin-leader. So are we on a date here?”

I seem to have become immune to that eye-smile.

“Shuibam. Can’t she get tired of it? It’s always about dating.”

Everyone pulled out their phones and checked out the articles of the day. Gwak Tae-woon’s name was prominently featured. He too had received a ’30-judge talent assess’ as a genius player. Making headlines now as ‘The Wizard of Wind’.

I didn’t focus too much on the fact that the raid success was broadcast nationwide.

‘What could it be?’

What was I missing?

‘What is it?’

I closed my eyes and thought. Something I didn’t notice yesterday. Something I did not realize through yesterday’s contemplation. A piece of the puzzle in the world of prescient dreams that is different from the past.

‘Could it be?’

Some time passed before it hit me.

‘Could it be?’

A fact crossed my mind. Someone who should be living at this time point. Someone who should’ve been active now. A changed variable from the past.


Seo Ju-hwan should’ve been here at this point. He was alive in the past, after all.


Disposition: Evil/Cruel/Hypocrisy

Summary: A cruel pedophile


We found Ahn Seo-hee at the end of the raid. If Seo Ju-hwan had been there?

‘A girl visibly shaking in terror… who seems young.’

A helpless girl leaving without any protection. Would Seo Ju-hwan, who was overlooked in the puzzle until now, have simply left her alone?

‘The missing piece, Seo Ju-hwan,’ once remembered, swiftly connected the dots, the clue tying everything together.

‘In the past, Seo Ju-hwan was there. Now, he’s not.’

That was the differing piece. The variable that changed the past.

‘In the past, I wasn’t there. Now, I am.’

These two elements had become factors influencing the outcome. A voice reached me.

“Shuibam. That guy really isn’t right in the head. Is it normal to be like that for 30 minutes?”

“Don’t be disrespectful to the boss, you little twerp.”

“What? Is that normal? It’s good to have concentration but every single day? That’s like a meditation disease.”

It seemed I had been meditating with my eyes closed for 30 minutes. Seems like I inadvertently slipped into meditation. But then. Someone came to the coffee shop.

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