Player with Maxed-out Talent chapter 120

Player with Maxed-Out Talent

# Player with Maxed-Out Talent: Chapter 120

The dream I’m having is a lucid dream. However, it’s not just an ordinary lucid dream. I took out my phone to check the date.

-October 5, 2018. 7:42 AM.

The night I fell asleep was on October 4th. That night, a mechanical monster named “Tricycle” appeared in Ansan City, Gyeonggi Province. That night I fell asleep, and now I am seeing a day into the future.

‘This is a prophetic dream.’

A prophetic dream.

A dream that shows the future.

Before falling asleep, I definitely reviewed my summary. I had recalled the past records thoroughly. My summary contained the following:

-October 5, 2018. Successfully hunted the ‘Tricycle’ that appeared in Ansan City, Gyeonggi Province.

-The first successful raid organized by the association.

But the future I’m seeing is different from the past records.

‘What’s going on?’

Many players died.

‘The Tricycle was hunted.’

The hunting of the Tricycle was a success. The future I saw. Kwak Tae-woon was there. Kwak Tae-woon had made the final attack a success.

‘It was known that Kwak Tae-woon had dealt the last blow in the past, too.’

It was the same as before.

‘But what comes after is different.’

It’s not about a new monster appearing. I couldn’t see every detail. It seems that the extent of my prophetic dream has not reached perfection. I only see scenes, like photographs. There are gaps between the scenes. For now, I am not at that place. In my prophetic dream, I am merely a ghost, a non-existent being, akin to an observer.

‘What is it?’

The last scene I saw…


I suddenly sat up without realizing it. Awakened from sleep.

‘The dream I just had… was a perfect prophetic dream.’

Did I always have the talent for prophetic dreams? There was never such a thing before.

I had a prophetic dream. It was certain.

The current time is 1 AM. I immediately called Kwak Tae-woon. Fortunately, he answered the phone.

“Taewoon, where are you?”

-I’m heading down to Ansan to catch the Tricycle.

I said.

“Are you alone?”

-A few players are with me. The Player Association has supported us with a bus.

The monster will be successfully hunted.

‘The prophetic dream can be wrong, too.’

But something feels off. The future does not always flow as the prophetic dream dictates. A completely different future unfolds due to variables that occur in real-time. Despite that feeling, I couldn’t shake off the uneasiness.

“Are all the players you’re with known to you?”

-No, I only know Player Gong Jin-hoon. Why do you ask?

“Just wondering. Ah. I’ll call you back in a little while.”

-Okay, hyung.

With that, I ended the call.

‘What on Earth…?’

I closed my eyes. The scenes I had just observed. I recalled the images from my prophetic dream again and again. The world seen with ‘Observer’s Eye’. I explored the world within my prophetic dream over and over. Then, I noticed a clue that I had missed.


All the players had died. But not a drop of blood was shed. They all died rigid and stiff.

‘The world of the prophetic dream.’

Whether I’m currently dreaming a prophetic dream is not certain, but

‘There definitely was a survivor in that world.’

I’m not sure if it’s appropriate to call him a survivor. He sat cross-legged in a meditative posture.



Observing or reflecting upon things or phenomena with a serene mind. Even though I’ve had a brief experience with it before, it is still an unknown realm for me. In the past, observation was known to be an essential virtue that top-class players must master.

I deliberately tried to do that. As a third party, I scrutinized and reviewed my prophetic dream.

I felt like I could hear the language of a spell chant that was similar to a ‘Willpower Chant’ in my mind.

‘The stiff corpses were like dried-up tree bark.’

The language of the chant continued in my head.

‘Red thread is soon the evidence of slaughter.’

‘The beginning of the predating tree will be there.’

Suddenly, I felt the shock of being hit hard on the head.


Unwittingly, I fell forward. There was definitely nothing behind me. My head was ringing. My eyes hurt.

‘This is… tough.’

Observing my prophetic dream. Recalling and observing a dream that had already passed. It turned out to involve a massive expenditure of mental energy beyond my imagination. The depletion of mental strength appeared to also translate into physical exhaustion.

‘But in the end, I saw it.’

A surviving player. Stiff corpses. Red thread. And even the smell of spoiled milk. Based on these clues, I came up with one fact.

-‘Red Ghost’ Ahn Seo-hee. The first place where she showed herself was in Andong, Gyeongsangbuk-do.

The infamous irregular ‘Red Ghost’ Ahn Seo-hee of Korea. Many people in Andong’s Hahoe Village died because of the Red Ghost. Of course, it wasn’t known to be because of the Red Ghost at first.

‘After causing many casualties… ‘

She disappeared after killing hundreds of students from Myeongjin High School in Seoul all at once. No one knew whereabouts of the Red Ghost after that. It’s speculated that she might have joined the Demon King’s army and was active, but that was just speculation.

-The dead bodies were stiff like dried tree bark.

Red threads were always found at the scene. I saw the ‘Red Ghost’ in advance through my prophetic dream.

‘Why would the Red Ghost…?’

According to the past records, she first appeared in Andong’s Hahoe Village. That’s the official record. There was no record of the Red Ghost in the first player association-led raid, namely the ‘Tricycle Raid’.

‘It’s different from the past again.’

The fact that the past has changed itself is not particularly important. The problem is that Kwak Tae-woon is there, and so is the Red Ghost.

‘Red Ghost.’

The Red Ghost. Would it be more advantageous to encounter her now, knowing that she appears, rather than meeting her unexpectedly at an unforeseen place and time?

‘I know the Red Ghost will appear.’

I also have a rough idea of how the Red Ghost hunts and kills people.

‘Excluding the Demon King… Currently, there are no players in this area who could overpower me.’

I’ve met many players. Thanks to them, I can be confident in my thoughts.

‘Even if the Red Ghost appears.’

Just by knowing the timing and the method, I would be able to overpower the Red Ghost. It was the same when I met the Fist King Ma Sang-hyun. The same with Sword Duke Shin Yeon-seo, and also when I met Typhoon Kwak Tae-woon and Flame Emperor Kang Sang-goo. Not to mention the Spear Ghost and the Poison Witch.

‘And the predating tree must refer to the Predatory Tree.’

If something has changed since the past, it would be due to me. And I have ‘The Map of the Predatory Tree Habitat’. Perhaps I might find some clue related to the predating tree. Assuming the changes are related to me, I decided to act on that assumption.

‘I’m going.’

And if my prophetic dream is accurate? If the Red Ghost truly appears?

‘That’s something I’ll decide when the time comes.’

* * *

4 AM.

I gently shook Seonhwa to wake her up.

“I’m sleepy. Can’t I sleep five more minutes?”

I woke the drowsy Seonhwa.

“No. Can’t do.”


Seonhwa, not a fan of mornings, was half-asleep. But after I handed her some leftover chicken from last night, she livened up instantly. Nothing beats chicken for chasing away the sleepiness. Even more surprising was that my sister, still in pajamas, was up first, eating chicken.

“No wonder there’s no chicken when I wake up.”

My sister’s face turned slightly red. With my class ‘Observer’, I could barely notice the flush of embarrassment.

“This is the first time.”


“The first time I ate it.”

But every time I woke up, there was no chicken left.

“It’s the first time.”

“Okay, I get it.”

No one complained. My sister. I could buy not just chicken but an entire chicken restaurant for her. I don’t understand why she’s embarrassed. What’s there to be embarrassed about? Anyway, my sister went back into her room in a slightly irritated manner.

‘Ah. This is…’

The more I think about it, it’s uncomfortable. I really need a car. Fortunately, Ma Sang-hyun had a car, and we immediately left for Ansan, Gyeonggi Province. The ones in the car were Ma Sang-hyun, Kang Sang-goo, Seonhwa, and myself. Shin Yeon-seo had informed us that she would be moving separately.

‘The raid will start soon.’

Following the Tricycle, the raid would begin. By now, non-awakened people—that is, civilians—would be moved to a safe place as part of the operation.

Ma Sang-hyun, sitting in the driver’s seat, scratched his head and asked,

“Hyung, if you were going to participate in the raid, shouldn’t we have left earlier?”

“Now is the right time.”

“As expected! I knew it.”

Ma Sang-hyun didn’t ask why. Kang Sang-goo, sitting in the passenger’s seat, shook his head as if he couldn’t believe it.

“Do you not even ask why? Why now? What’s expected?”

“If hyung said so, then it must be.”

“Ha… It doesn’t matter why?”

“If hyung said it’s so.”

Kang Sang-goo shook his head again.

“This party is crazy. A crazy party. Nobody’s sane except me.”

As much as he said that, he promptly woke up to the call and arrived on time. I hadn’t explained the detailed situation to them.

The experiences and records of many people in the past. That knowledge is with me.

-‘Prophetic Dreamers do not foolishly blab about their prophetic dreams to many people.’

The more a prophetic dream is broadcasted, the more people know about it, the more it becomes a variable. And as the variables increase, the prophetic dream often doesn’t come true, according to the established view.

‘Reduce the variables as much as possible.’

So I timed it a bit tight. As I saw the future, so the incident could unfold. So that the occurrence of variables would be minimized.

But I had to say something.


It’s a bit of difficult talk.

“I might commit a murder.”

Ma Sang-hyun, who was drinking coffee, spat it onto the steering wheel.


But he quickly regained his composure.

“If someone deserves to die, then they must die. Of course.”

Kang Sang-goo shuddered.

“What do you mean? Are you serious?”


I was serious. If the situation arises that I have to kill the Red Ghost, if such a moment comes, I will make that choice.

I said,

“Let’s hope that won’t be necessary.”

“Shit. You’re serious. Ah, this is crazy. I really shouldn’t have come.”

Kang Sang-goo looked out the window, sighed deeply, and scratched his face. Then he continued,

“So what you’re saying is, if things go down, we shouldn’t try to stop you, right?”


At least he got the point.

“Damn… I’ll hope it doesn’t come to that. I don’t like seeing people die in front of me.”

We were getting closer to the raid site. The Tricycle that the players were chasing was dodging in real-time, escaping. The Tricycle is not so much threatening in terms of attack power, but its mobility is dangerous. It sneaks around and preys on children.

I had heard about the tactical situation from Song Ki-yeol.

‘That’s quite impressive.’

They were driving the Tricycle into a trap like hounding a rabbit. With the shared map app, I and the others are targeting an empty lot.

“Here. The Tricycle will gather at this spot that I’ve indicated.”

Right now, the players are hunting en masse. Under the command of analyst Han Seok-min, they were conducting a quite decent raid. We headed earlier to the empty lot where Cheon Su-ji and Byeon Gil-seop were waiting. Cheon Su-ji sent me a silent greeting, but I ignored it. There’s something more important right now.

‘About ten players whose faces I don’t recognize.’

There, I scanned the surroundings using ‘Sensory Eye’ and ‘Observer’s Eye’, searching for the ‘Red Ghost’ who might possibly be present.

Then, my gaze lingered on a certain place. An area piled with rebar. I felt someone’s presence behind it.


A situation a bit different from what I had expected began to unfold.

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