Player with Maxed-out Talent chapter 119

Player with Maxed-Out Talent

# Player with Maxed-Out Talent, Chapter 119

Currently, I was on the 14th floor of the “Player Center,” in the player talent testing room. Song Kiyeol had handed the test results to me personally. In the past, it would have been Kim Gangchul, the Personnel Director of the Korea Player Association, who handed these to me.

“Is this what they call a promotion?”

Now instead of Kim Gangchul, it was the guild leader of the Taeguk Shield and the third generation of a wealthy family, Song Kiyeol, who gave them to me directly. Times have changed. I silently took the test results from him.

Four words struck my eyes clearly.


Shin Yeonseo, standing next to me, glanced over and burst out laughing, her disbelief evident.

“The captain’s talent at zero…”

She shook her head, incredulous as everyone around could only laugh at the absurdity.

‘Talentless again?’

How could I explain this?

I had never learned dagger skills yet possessed exceptional ones, and I never trained in martial arts yet had outstanding combat abilities.

I’ve never played the role of a lord, yet I excelled at it, and whenever I faced a situation, the solution would just present itself. This was also true for my enhancement abilities. And now that I think about it, it seems I’ve done taming, too.

‘But it’s diagnosed as talentless.’

Strange indeed. I’ve heard of such phenomena with those who shine briefly at the start. Song Kiyeol spoke up.

“But what’s strange is…”

The current talent tester was about the size of a large backpack. Though it would become more compact later, for now, it was this big. When Song Kiyeol motioned for someone to ‘bring it here,’ two men from inside the testing room emerged struggling with a machine the size of a backpack.

‘A talent tester?’

It was my first time seeing one in person. An early model – crude-look, not very pretty, and the performance was questionable.

‘There’s smoke coming out.’

Smoke was billowing, and with a fizzing sound, sparks flew.


The two men were startled, dropping the talent tester. It hit the ground with a loud thud.

“We, we’re sorry!”


Song Kiyeol smiled wryly.

“It’s alright. It’s already broken anyway.”

From that incident, I observed one thing. If it had been the second-in-line, Song Junghui, or the Iron Blood Witch? Those two might have been held responsible for breaking the talent tester and made to pay for the damages. But being with Song Kiyeol, the eldest, didn’t seem like such a bad decision after all.

I examined the fallen talent tester.

[Observing with the Observer’s Eye.]

I heard Song Kiyeol’s voice in my ear.

“After testing Mr. Kim Hyukjin, the talent tester broke.”

I waved it off with a hand.

“Of course, I’m not saying this is Mr. Kim Hyukjin’s fault. Please don’t misunderstand.”

I nodded and continued examining the tester. Eyes that ‘seek the essence’. A convoluted flow that was difficult to express in words, only conceivable in thought.

‘Ah… I see.’

I realized why this tester broke and presented a [Talentless] result.

‘I get it now.’

The reason for this outcome was that the tester couldn’t handle the ‘magnitude’ of my talent.

‘There are grades and magnitudes to talent, right.’

Just because you have thirty identical talent plates doesn’t mean you’ll have the same abilities. Though there’s no detailed explanation for this, the more talent plates one has, the more talents they acquire, and the more advantageous they are in play – that’s an undisputed theory. Yet, there are those who can overwhelm those with many talent plates, even with fewer of their own. We call them ‘Irregulars.’ An Sohee of the Red Ears is a notable irregular in Korea.

‘This tester could see through children’s talents.’

But it seems it couldn’t assess the magnitude of mine.

‘Magnitude, or grade.’

‘Did this happen before, too?’

The first time I took a talent test, I was 25 years old, when the talent plates were somewhat established. I wasn’t in a situation to take the test earlier, and it was only at 25 that I could take the government-sponsored free test.

The talent testers five years from now. Improved models. Could they have recognized the magnitude of my talent?

‘I don’t know.’

But the outcome remained the same. I received a [Talentless] verdict. Nonetheless, I wasn’t upset.

‘The tester that dealt with the kid’s talents couldn’t judge mine.’

That meant, at the very least, my talents were one grade higher than theirs.


I accepted the test results. Past talents: none. Present talents: none. The words [Talentless] were the same, but the implications were now entirely different.

“I apologize for showing you such results. It seems to be an error with the machine. We’ll conduct another talent plate test in the near future.”

“No, it’s fine.”

I shrugged nonchalantly and offered a light smile, not wanting to seem upset. Relax, Song Kiyeol. I am not feeling too bad about it.

“Being known as a talentless player to the outside world is a good thing.”

After all, wasn’t that one of the reasons I’ve joined hands with the Taeguk Shield? I focus on the interests, while they can have the honor and fame.

I broached the topic that they found difficult to discuss.

“Just record me at the bottom of the ranking board.”

Each server, that is, each country’s player association, had been actively maintaining their respective ‘ranking boards.’ At this stage, the rankings would likely be determined solely by the ‘number of talent plates.’

Song Kiyeol replied with disbelief.

“…The bottom… you say?”

“Yes. Since I have no talent.”


After scrutinizing me for a long period, Song Kiyeol finally nodded his head.


Status: Astonished/Distrustful/Perplexed


Though not an ideal status, it seemed he had come to terms with what I’d said.

“See you next time.”

We’ll probably meet often. At the point when the YuFlex Dungeon is cleared. After the talent tester is introduced. From this point on, the pace of ‘new culture’ will accelerate.

* * *

On my way home. It only takes about 10 minutes by taxi from the Player Center to my house. Seonhwa and I decided to walk back for a change of pace, treating it like a stroll. Seonhwa seemed utterly outraged.

“I’m so annoyed. I want to crush them all.”

Where did she pick up such bad language? I playfully tapped Seonhwa’s nose.

“Who’s teaching you such harsh words?”

Let’s remember, this girl is a genius tanker. If we’re talking pure tanking ability, she’s either one or even two steps above me. Even if I had hit her solar plexus instead of her nose, she wouldn’t feel a thing.

But she pretended to be hurt.


Rubbing her nose.

“But brother, it was really annoying when we heard people muttering as we left the testing room.”

The testing results were shared in real-time, displayed on a screen outside the testing room. Plus, Kim Hyukjin’s name would have also hit the ranking board by now.

“Argh! So frustrating!”

Seonhwa hopped angrily in place. While I didn’t mind, I wondered why she was making such a fuss. I had also felt it – when we stepped outside, the mix of pity, sympathy, and ridicule, even contempt filled the eyes upon us.

‘Especially since our party includes Ma Sanghyun and Shin Yeonseo.’

Currently, the most famous in our party is Ma Sanghyun, followed by Shin Yeonseo. Ma Sanghyun’s fame comes from being the ‘Finisher of the Tutorial,’ and Shin Yeonseo is gaining renown by engaging people in PVP whenever she has the time.

When we left the testing room, I directly overheard some comments.

-With Ma Sanghyun and Shin Yeonseo in the party… there was a person who received a talentless verdict? How can that be?

On the surface, it didn’t sound particularly odd, but my senses caught the underlying content.


Status: Disdain/Excitement/Pleasure


The fact that one of us received a ‘talentless’ verdict might’ve been a source of joy and happiness for them.

“Ugh. So annoying. Annoying. Annoying.”

Unable to use harsh words like “I’ll beat them up” for fear of rebuke, Seonhwa only stamped her feet in anger. She’s at a sensitive age for these things.

“Seonhwa, you’ve got a soft mental, so you need to pay special attention to maintaining it.”

“Even if that’s true…”

“If you’re shaken up by such trivial things, you’re no use.”

I can no longer use fierce words like ‘I’ll abandon you’ like I used to. Time has passed, and a special bond has developed. Seonhwa has truly become my sister now. Just as my sister cared for me, I’ll care for my sister.

Seonhwa replied, her shoulders drooping.

“I understand.”

Then a day went by. In Ansan, Gyeonggi Province, at one of the factories, a ‘monster in the shape of a bicycle’ made its appearance. It was also mentioned in my summary.

-October 4, 2018, Ansan City, Gyeonggi Province. The first appearance of a mechanical monster.

Named ‘Three-Wheeled Bicycle,’ the mechanical monster looked much like an actual tricycle. Its size was comparable to that of a regular compact car, but its wheels sported hundreds of saw-like teeth.

-A monster preying on young children, capable of luring in children aged seven and under with a special ability.

The ‘Three-Wheeled Bicycle’ used its ability to draw in young children and then proceeded to crush and devour them with the saw-like teeth on its wheels.

The fact that it was a mechanical monster wasn’t the crucial point – many monsters hunt in horrifying ways. The real importance of this incident was that it served as the moment the government recognized the power of players.

The situation was as it had been before.

[New monster, ‘Three-Wheeled Bicycle’ has appeared.]

A few hours after the incident occurred, the government and the military officially acknowledged that they couldn’t hunt these creatures using modern science and technology. They formally requested assistance from the ‘Player Association.’ Naturally, going forward, the power of players would only grow stronger.

‘I’ll sit this expedition out.’

Even without me, this monster can be hunted effectively. I can’t catch every monster out there. With ‘the acceleration of new culture,’ I can’t block every gate and dungeon, every monster encounters. The Korean server needs to develop its own resilience.

‘I only have 11 days left to complete the quest to find Charles’ owner.’

While the scenario related to the Predator’s Territory can be delayed, the quest to find Charles’ owner has a time limit.

‘I’m sleepy.’

It’s 12:05 PM. Perhaps because I exhausted so much mental power in the YuFlex Dungeon, drowsiness came over me again. Maybe I still haven’t fully recovered.

I went to bed, lying down. Play is important, but so is the recovery of physical strength.

I drifted into sleep.


In my dream, I could distinctly feel something.

‘This is definitely…’

The dream I was having, the awareness that I was dreaming.

‘A lucid dream.’

Lucid dreaming.

I was experiencing a lucid dream right now. But it wasn’t a simple dream – I saw a road sign indicating ‘Gyeonggi Province, Ansan.’ I touched my body; its sensations were fully mine.

[Observing with the Observer’s Eye.]

I could use both the Observer’s Eye and Sensory Eyes. Yet, there was something peculiarly odd—a feeling different from reality inside this dream.

‘It’s a lucid dream, but…’

Definitely a lucid dream. My physical body lay on the bed; I knew that.

‘Could it be…’

This was not just any lucid dream. The reason for my sudden drowsiness wasn’t simply accumulated fatigue.

I realized the true nature of what I was dreaming.

‘This is…!’

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