Player with Maxed-out Talent chapter 118

Player with Maxed-Out Talent

#Maxed-Out Talent Player Chapter 118

[It’s okay. Don’t worry. I’ll recover from this quickly.]

[The fusion has been successful.]

Two abilities have fused together.

[The ‘Insightful Sword’ has been created.]

[The existing skills have been deleted.]

The new ability, called Insightful Sword, has been unlocked.

[Due to the fusion of a Unique Ability and a Special Skill from a title, it is categorized as a ‘Unique Ability’.]


[Insightful Sword]

A superior unique ability created by combining the strengths of a Brilliant Strike and the pioneering of Sword Path. It ensures that the weaknesses of enemies are never missed, delivering a powerful strike to their most vulnerable points.


Even if both arms are severed, Sword Path Pioneering carves out a way to attack. Combined with ‘Brilliant Strike,’ which deals greater damage than normal attacks and includes an ‘Attribute Ignore’ effect, a new skill has been formed.

‘Insightful Sword.’

It sounds somewhat familiar. It doesn’t seem to be as well-known as an exceptional ability like Sword Path Pioneering, but it certainly feels like I’ve heard of it somewhere before.

Isabelle’s voice could be heard.

[Don’t get me wrong, it’s not because you’re pretty that I’m giving you this gift.]

The sword scars engraved upon Isabelle’s blade had faded somewhat. It appeared to be recovering on its own.

[I’m just doing this because you’re my fiancé. I thought it would be good for you to have at least one impressive ability to your name. Understand?]

Regardless of the reason, this works out well for me. They said it was a transcendent item. Having the talent to gift a fusion of skills seems quite a fortunate feat.

[Now, respond quickly. Make it clear that it’s not because you’re fond of me or anything.]

Isabelle continued to mutter to herself.

[It’s just something I picked up along the way.]

The skill fusion ability? So it’s something you can just stumble upon. Perhaps it’s influenced by the ‘Dedicated Tsundere’s Wish’ that my sister once held. Isabelle also gives off that kind of vibe.

[I chose it because I thought it suited your unique abilities.]

That is to say,

‘You’re saying you selected it from various abilities?’

It seemed like there were other skills that could have been created instead.

[Of course. What do you take me for? I am Isabelle. How about it? You made a good decision marrying me, right?]

When we actually got married is beyond me, but Isabelle’s abilities are certainly commendable.

[Just so you know, if you cheat, you’re dead.]

She seems to have an odd attachment, but that’s besides the point.

[Anyhow, if you use it well with your unique abilities, it’ll create a significant synergy effect. Insightful Sword is also one of the unique abilities once possessed by the Empress of Sword Forest.]

Isabelle. Not only is she the name of this sword, but she was also the ‘Empress of Sword Forest.’


[Isabelle – Growing Type/Partially Sealed]

An artifact found in the tomb of the Empress of Sword Forest, Isabelle. It contains a special spirit that chooses its owner.


I became curious about the relationship between the Empress of Sword Forest and the sword named Isabelle, but I held back from asking.

[Ah, this is weird. Ever since that wish thing took effect, my chest has been feeling ticklish…]

Her voice faded away.

‘Her ego has vanished again.’

She has fallen back into a slumber. It seems the ‘Potent Wish’ allowed her to exhibit such power.

‘I should thank my sister when I go outside.’

How strong must the wish have been to create a gate like this and to grant me such a reward? This was a reward that I had never planned for, a scenario that had not existed in the future I envisioned. A scenario better than any I could have imagined.

[Exiting the ‘Yellow Talisman Gate’.]

The world changed. It was once again my room.

* * *

My sister was in the room when I arrived.

“Sister. Thank you.”

She was startled, having been engrossed in something at her desk.

“Where did you sell your manners to not knock?”

She hurriedly tried to hide something in her notebook. It was blatantly obvious to me. I already knew what it was. To my sister’s dismay, I’m an ‘Observer’ who unintentionally read all her actions.

‘The thing she’s hiding.’

She’s the one who gave me the great gift of the ‘Yellow Talisman.’ It wouldn’t be an understatement to say she writes them every single day. With that level of dedication, she might as well be a mother, not just a sister.

‘I’m truly grateful.’

I’m just feeling grateful. My sister doesn’t ask for anything in return from me. She just hopes I’ll be happy, and that’s why she’s been making those talismans.

“Let’s find some time soon.”

“For what?”

“To go on a date with you.”

She grimaced in disgust.

“Yuck! A date? What’s gotten into you?”

Indeed, even before I regressed, I had never said such things. Even now, it’s only because of the ‘Yellow Talisman Gate Buff’ that I can say this; normally, I wouldn’t be able to. Insinuating a date with my own sister would sound insane even to other sibling pairs.

“No, what’s so repulsive about it? Your face says it all.”

I laughed and smiled. Her shocked expression was rather amusing.

“Anyway, make some time for me. I have a place in mind to go.”


Her expression seemed to ask, ‘Ah, what a hassle. Why should I bother going on a date with my little brother?’ But sorry to say, sister, I have a special ability called ‘Sensory Perception.’


Status: Good mood/Happy/Joy


Sorry, sister. I’ve been unintentionally reading your emotions. I try not to, but it just happens.

“I owe a lot to you, sister.”

“Shut up. I’m busy, so go wipe your feet and get some sleep.”

Thanks to my sister, I learned something new called ‘Chant of Will.’ I can’t freely use it yet. I don’t even fully understand what it is. I’ve only caught a glimpse of such a state.

I returned to my room.

‘Chant of Will.’

Darong curled up on top of my chest, falling asleep almost instantly.

‘And the wish embedded in Isabelle.’

From the Yellow Talisman Gate, I acquired these two things.

‘I can’t use the Chant of Will at will right now.’

I can’t even properly remember the phrase. The last phrase.

“May all falsehood crumble…” was it that?

The same phrase, but now, ‘life’ didn’t resonate in my words. To complete the ‘Chant of Will,’ it has to be filled with life and authority.

‘Let’s be content with this for now.’

I closed my eyes. Tonight, I feel like I’ll fall asleep happily. I mentally organized the tasks I had in mind to do.

There are two immediate tasks at hand.

The Colony of Predatory Beasts.

Find the Owner of Charles.

I’m pondering over these two. I shook my head and stopped thinking. Work is important, but so is rest.

‘Let’s rest deeply tonight.’

With this newfound warmth, I drifted off to sleep comfortably.

* * *

A day passed, and within just one night, a remarkable change occurred.

[One of the player’s secrets, ‘Talent Panel,’ has emerged.]

The concept of the ‘Talent Panel’ has now been introduced to the world. An American player named ‘Mark’ was the first to discover the item. The American venture company ‘Raspberry’ then invented the Talent Panel Reader, which has now been distributed worldwide.

‘It spread so quickly because…’

They must have already been prepared for distribution. It’s likely that the Talent Panel Reader was created a few days ago. Regardless, it has also been distributed in Korea, and the ‘Korean Players Association’ is officially conducting Talent Panel readings. Our team members are also quite interested in the Talent Panel and its reader.

“Captain. Should I have my Talent Panel read?”

“Hyungnim, I also had it done.”

Both of them had received ’30’ judgments. Shin Yeon-Seo spoke with an elated face.

“I heard that the machine’s limit is at 30.”

“Hyungnim, I feel like I’ve reached the limits of my masculinity!”

The current limit of the machine is only up to 30. If it shows 30, it’s not a bad talent, but in the future, it’s hard to say it’s exceptionally outstanding.

‘Kwon Wang and Geomho are happy with just 30 segments.’

At this point, it’s considered the best.

“Tae-Un, how about you?”

“I also got 30.”

Gwak Tae-Un wasn’t too excited either.

“Not too happy about it?”

“It seems like a lot of people got 30.”

He calmly replied as his gaze shifted. A man entering the coffee shop; it was Kang Sang-Goo, who had recently begun to gain a little belly from eating like crazy. He loudly announced it was something like ‘The more you eat, the more you keep.’

“Swab! I hit 30! Hey, guys! Isn’t this fantastic?”

All eyes were drawn to Kang Sang-Goo, his voice booming as if he swallowed live cannonballs. Kang Sang-Goo rapidly approached, completely unabashed.

“Hey, Gwak Tae-Un. How many for you?”

“It’s a secret.”

“Is it less than 30? Tell me honestly. I’ll understand everything.”

He covered his mouth and laughed mockingly. Gwak Tae-Un asked me without paying much attention to Kang Sang-Goo.

“Hyung, did you get your Talent Panel read?”

“Not yet.”

I remember the result of my past Talent Panel reading. I still can’t forget the night before I regressed.

How painful those four words, [No Talent], had been for my heart.

“Are you not going to do it, hyung?”


While I wonder if it’s important to have a Talent Panel at this point, I am curious. But I’m not eager.

‘You have to reach Level 40 before you can be sure if you’re just a flash in the pan.’

It would be a lie if I said I wasn’t wary of taking the Talent Panel test now. There were cases in the past of players growing explosively to Level 30-40 without any talent.

‘The Talent Panel test.’

The accuracy of the Talent Panel test right now is not considered very high, but curiosity remains. The past me. And the present me. What will be the difference?

‘I do plan to do it.’

I won’t blindly take the test. The least effort for the maximum efficiency. That’s the direction I play in.

“Senia, are you currently broadcasting?”

Senia’s figure did not appear. We were chatting in the coffee shop, and during that time, I called out to Senia several times. After about an hour, she finally showed up.

“I heard you were looking for me.”

She must have learned through the broadcast of one of my team members that I was looking for Senia. Everyone in the coffee shop paid attention. Senia’s beautiful appearance alone drew the focus of the crowd. Whispers of “Wow, she’s really beautiful” could be heard. But right now, Senia’s beauty is not important.

“We have a hot issue recently.”

“You’re referring to the Talent Panel test, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, I’m about to do that.”

If I have to get the Talent Panel test done, it’s better to do it while the Guardians are watching. They will certainly show keen interest.

‘The most notable player on the Korean server is me, after all.’

How much so that even Guardians based on overseas servers keep sending me messages? They probably don’t know my Talent Panel count.

‘If I get the same result as before, with [No Talent]…’

I am not afraid at all.

‘In fact, that would be good.’

It will be content that would make the Guardians go crazy. Imagine how fun it would be if the Talent Panel test result of the most prominent player on the Korean server, excluding the Demon King, comes out as [No Talent].

Senia replied.

“Understood. I’ll prepare for the broadcast.”

We headed to the building of the Players Association. Curious, the kids followed. Thanks to Song Ki-Yeol’s consideration, I was able to undergo the test without a long wait.

The reading itself didn’t take long. Barely five minutes.

“The test results are out.”

Song Ki-Yeol came over with a piece of paper. The test result sheet that once displayed [No Talent] in my past. It was now in front of me.

Song Ki-Yeol hesitated before speaking.

“But the test result is….”

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