Player with Maxed-out Talent chapter 115

Player with Maxed-Out Talent

# Player with Maxed-Out Talent, Episode 115

[The seal on ‘Isabelle’ has been partially released.]

The item window opened.


[Isabelle – Growth Type/Partial Seal]

An artifact found in the tomb of Isabelle, the Empress of Sword Forest. It harbors a special spirit energy that seeks its owner.

Grade: Transcendent

Attack Power: 72~84 (Sealed state.)


1) Inactive

2) Inactive

3) Inactive

4) Inactive

5) Inactive

6) Inactive

7) Ego activation.

8) Unique offensive ability damage amplification: 30%

Noteworthy Details:

1) It is in a partially sealed state. Most of its power is sealed.

2) The ego has chosen a ‘bride.’ The ‘Sword’s Bride’ selection is valid for 300 years.


A lamentation was heard.

[This is a scam. A fraud, I say! You scammer!]

I had nothing in particular to say. Merely obtaining a transcendent item was bewildering, let alone one that could speak. The attack power was an astonishing 72~84, comparable to top-tier items within the mid-level range.

‘And most of its power is still sealed.’

Just how much power could it unleash if it were fully unsealed?

[You sorcerer-like bastard! Are you listening to me?!]

Strangely, I could feel ‘Isabelle’s’ emotions. By calling me a ‘sorcerer-like bastard,’ it was akin to saying ‘damn bastard’ in our terms. It was an immediate impression that Isabelle despised ‘magicians’ and hated ‘magic’ itself.

[How about you say something, you fraud!]

But I seriously had nothing to say. How should I even begin to converse? Should I speak out loud? Just as I pondered, ‘Isabelle’ as if reading my thoughts, initiated conversation again.

[Ha… To think that such a fool who can’t even converse properly is my bride. The thought of marriage is…]

Bride. Although the word appeared in the item description, it was unfamiliar. Typically, the dictionary meaning of ‘bride’ refers to a woman who has just gotten married or is about to get married.

[Shut up. If you’re the bride, then you’re the bride.]

I naturally came to know a lot. Isabelle had been asleep for a full ten thousand years and had become cloudy in judgment due to sleeping for such a lengthy period. Then, sensing the strong scent of ‘a very powerful male,’ Isabelle unwittingly chose a ‘bride.’

‘So, I’m your bride?’

[Yes, you fraud. Compensate me for my purity.]

Eventually, it even started crying, but I truly had no clue what I was supposed to do.

[What am I supposed to do? Just accept me as your bride…]

And then the connection was severed. She had referred to herself as ‘Sword’s Bride,’ and now she was calling me ‘bride’ too. I could not comprehend her meaning.

[The ego has been switched back to inactive state.]

Isabelle’s ego had fallen back into slumber. It seems my power is too low to fully activate Isabelle.

‘It looks like the ego manifestation lasts for about 2 or 3 minutes a day?’

That seems to be the case. I laughed without realizing it.


Apart from the many special abilities yet to be unlocked, even the basic capabilities themselves were superior to those of ‘Asura.’ Senia had just utilized the pause ability. It’s an expensive power to use, and she seems to employ it frequently.

“Business must be good?”

“Thanks to several Guardians who are sponsoring us.”

“What brings you here then?”

“I must explain how you came into possession of Isabelle.”

The explanation was astonishing.

“Isabelle’s presence was so overpowering when she awoke that it blocked access to other notifications?”

“Yes, that’s correct.”

The explanation continued. I achieved a [Perfect Bloodless Entry] from the 1st to the 4th floor, and that was the initial trigger. The next hook was surviving Noah’s attack.

“In theory, it was completely impossible.”

“And I managed it?”

“We believe it was luck.”

I agree with that assessment. It was indeed luck. No matter how well I timed it, it was something that couldn’t have been achieved without luck.

“To be the forerunner of victory, the title was necessary, granted only to those who first clear the U-Flex dungeon.”

… After going through all these steps,

“That is how you acquired Isabelle.”

This was simply the result of good fortune. Senia, ever the middle manager, provided me with a relatively detailed account of the process before deactivating the pause ability.

In front of the U-Flex dungeon. From now on, it was to function as a dungeon that is always active, not just as ‘U-Flex.’

‘So, do I have two quests left?’

There is much to do in the future, but for now, there are clearly two tasks at hand. One pertains to the ‘Predatory Beast Colony,’ and the other is ‘Find Charles’ Master!’


Regardless, I succeeded in pioneering today and acquired the transcendent item Isabelle, as well as Noah’s helmet.

Cheon Suji spoke.

“I thought you were impressive, but… you’re even more extraordinary than I imagined.”


“I’ll see you again next time. I’ll think about how I can seduce you.”

Leaving Cheon Suji, who gazed at me with a sultry look, I turned away.

* * *

On my way home. Ma Sang-hyun spoke.

“Brother. That woman is bad news.”

“What is?”

“Her eyes are filled with lust; she has a bad physiognomy.”


Kang Sang-gu nodded in agreement.

“Aye. She’s got the look of a man-eater.”

I can’t understand why they would engage in such talk in this day and age, but technically, those who got involved with Cheon Suji didn’t end up well, so I wasn’t sure if I should consider their words to be true or not.

“Schwab, but she really was drop-dead gorgeous. I’m jealous, so envious.”

Shin Yeon-seo laughed cheerfully.

“No matter, I’m still more charming. Right?”


She moved closer to me.

“Right? I’m more charming, aren’t I?”


Well, the vibes are quite opposite of each other. I’m sorry, but neither of you is my type.

“Answer quickly that I’m charming.”

As she drew her sword, I reluctantly responded, “Yeah, you’re charming.” After everyone parted ways, Seon-hwa and I entered the house. Mom, me, my sister, and my newly found younger sibling Seon-hwa gathered in the living room to enjoy some chicken. The topic of the day was naturally the bodies found in Central Park.

Mom said,

“My goodness… It’s horrific.”

She shivered, indicating that even she was deeply afraid.

‘It is strange.’

The Gates only existed in Mihwado, yet why did they appear here, in Central Park, and as the ‘exact same’ Gates?

‘What could it be?’

I pondered what had changed from the past.

‘I have no idea.’

Thinking about how the present is different from the past, it seems more important how I live in the transformed present.

As usual, while munching on soy sauce chicken, my sister coolly said,

“Just don’t frolic around and be careful with your body.”

“Out of the blue?”

“You’re now a player or something, right? If you get hurt fooling around, who’s going to pay for the hospital bills?”


Her worries, though harsh, were indeed endearing.


Summary: A detached tsundere full of worries.


Seon-hwa seemed content with any result.

“Nothing beats the one chicken per person rule!”

And it wasn’t just Seon-hwa who was happy, but Dalong too. With a [♪♪♪] symbol above its head – even in red – Dalong was holding, and eagerly munching on, a chicken leg that was actually larger than itself.

‘Does a squirrel eat meat?’

Considering that the squirrel was a pickpocketing genius, it was strange, but nevertheless, Dalong had stepped into the world of chicken. As Seon-hwa hummed ‘One person~ One chicken~’, Dalong seemed to agree, nodding its head and giving a thumbs-up to Seon-hwa.

The [♪♪♪] remained above Dalong’s head as it eyed the chicken. It was just hilarious.

‘What kind of squirrel carries around fingers and pops up music notes above its head?’

Indeed, a peculiar creature. After spending joyous time with my family, I retired to my room.

As always, I reviewed the ‘Summary Book’ and contemplated how I should proceed with my gameplay. I decided I would shape my own future, aiming to accomplish things I could not in the past.

‘I’ll definitely be able to cure mom.’

Currently, I have 300 million won in my possession. 100 million was received from President Song Ki-young, another 100 million came from Taeguk Shield, and the remaining 100 million belonged to Seon-hwa, which she entrusted in my care for now. ‘It seems like too much money for me. Please manage it for me, brother!’ she said, leaving it to me, and so, for the moment, it remained in my possession.

‘I lost the magic stone, though.’

The magic stone disappeared. In return, I acquired ‘Isabelle.’ In any case, that’s a win.

‘Next up, the Gwanghwamun dungeon.’

As I drew up plans for the future, I discovered something under my desk. It was a piece of yellow paper, well-hidden from plain sight.

“What’s this?”

Unfolding the neatly folded paper, I saw handwriting that read ‘Safe Return’. It seemed like some sort of charm.

“A charm?”

Clearly written by my sister, I couldn’t help but chuckle faintly, included a hint of mockery.

“You made me a charm?”

I should place it back where it belonged, hiding it so it wouldn’t be found. Unfortunately, my class is ‘Observer.’ Even when looking at the same thing, I take in far more than others.

“At what age are you creating such charms?”

I folded it nicely and placed it back in its spot. Online, such things were quite trendy, these ‘luck charms’ for sale. They existed even in the past.

According to the ‘promotional phrase’ on the internet, it said:

– To ensure fortune, grind it at least 30 times a day.

At the price of ten thousand won each, they were selling quite well. To grind it at least 30 times a day to bring luck meant 30 instances to attract fortune.

‘So, my sister is planning to spend three hundred thousand won.’

I wasn’t sure whether to find this adorable or foolish. Still, the feeling wasn’t bad, considering my sister cared about me so much.

Then a day passed. I casually cleared the Seoul Station dungeon to collect ‘Mandra items’ and get some rest; no one was at home when I returned. I entered my room.


Something felt odd.

‘Why is that.’

It’s difficult to articulate precisely, but the ‘flow of power’ felt peculiarly distorted. I activated both ‘Sensory Web’ and ‘Observer’s Eye.’

[Observing with ‘Observer’s Eye’.]

The power to probe the essence. The Observer’s Eye touched the ‘yellow charm.’

‘This strange sensation.’

I couldn’t pinpoint what was odd, but something felt off.

‘Something… almost visible.’

I lost track of time. Quite a while seemed to have passed, and beads of sweat formed on my forehead. A tremendous sense of exhaustion hit me. I collapsed onto the bed, still holding the yellow charm in my hand.

Surprisingly, I could now activate the ‘description window.’ Up until yesterday, it was not an item, just an object. But now it had become an item.

I clicked on the ‘yellow charm’ with my eyes, and the description window activated. This was no ordinary charm.

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