Player with Maxed-out Talent chapter 114

Player with Maxed-Out Talent

# Player with Maxed-Out Talent, Chapter 114

If monsters have a ‘hunt-impossible’ rank, NPCs have an ‘invincible to battle’ rank.

These are the kinds of NPCs that cannot be defeated in combat. The NPC before my eyes belonged to that grade.

An elderly man with white hair. His forehead and the corners of his eyes were crinkled with wrinkles, and a long beard sprouted from his chin.

In his right hand, he held what appeared to be an old wooden staff, which is known to be an incredibly outstanding artifact.


I intentionally refrained from using Sense Enhancement. Attempting to recklessly scan such a high-tier NPC could backfire.

“We are…”

I caught a glimpse of Noah’s expression. It was crucial to pay attention to Noah’s expression.

– After numerous trials and failures, players found the method to clear U-FLEX Dungeon. What’s notable is Noah’s expression. If Noah is curling one corner of his mouth in a smile…

I’ll pass on that for now. Currently, Noah is frowning and stroking his beard.

– If he is frowning and stroking his beard, the player must be prepared to suffer a great loss.

There are about five different expressions that Noah can have. Many have died in the process. U-FLEX Dungeon rewards all its clearers with a very useful item called ‘Noah’s Helmet.’ It’s one of the so-called major dungeons. I’ve memorized its walkthrough.

This is how I responded.

“We are seekers of truth, on a journey of contemplation.”

“Ho ho?”

A spark of interest lit up in Noah’s eyes. It was known that Noah quite favored the term ‘traveler.’

‘But the method to clear will still be the same.’

Noah is out to swindle us, utilizing the ‘exchange’ system.

“I do like travelers.”

He nodded to himself.

“The young ones these days lack the spirit and ambition for challenges, especially the pioneer spirit. They are so devoid of it. Back in my youth, on the continent of Lebron…”

I already knew all this information.

– Noah will ramble about his heroic tales on the continent of Lebron. Reacting appropriately, matching his pace to a certain degree, could prevent heavier losses.

Regardless, Noah is an NPC programmed to backstab. He was designed that way. But then Noah said,

“Ho ho!”

His expression changed. For an ‘established’ NPC, their expressions usually remain unchanged. Something was different. Why had his expression changed?

“You. Quite impressive, aren’t you? A young one with both the spirit and the pioneering ambition, despite your age?”

That must mean he recognizes my ability called ‘Spirit’ and the title ‘Pioneer of Victory.’

“Good, good. Very good. Since you’ve found your way here, I shall give you a gift.”

“Thank you,” I replied.

An alert message came.

[You have received an ‘Exchange Request’ from ‘Noah’.]

[Do you wish to accept the ‘Exchange Request’?]

It’s happening as expected. I’m aware of an item that can fully satisfy Noah.

[The Exchange Window has been created.]

An ‘Exchange Window’ visible only to me has been made. Items can be taken out of the inventory and placed in the Exchange Window, enabling a systematic trade. This system is accessible to players from an intermediate level onwards. And now, I’m experiencing it early.



1) Isabelle


The item ‘Isabelle’ was placed on Noah’s side of the exchange.


[Isabelle-Growth Type/Fully Sealed]

An artifact discovered at the tomb of Isabelle, the Empress of the Sword Forest. A special soul energy that chooses its owner is imbued within.

Grade: Transcendental

Attack Power: 40~61 (Currently sealed.)


1) Deactivated

2) Deactivated

3) Deactivated

4) Deactivated

5) Deactivated

6) Deactivated

7) Deactivated

8) Special Ability: Increase attack damage by 30%


1) It is in a fully sealed state. Unable to draw out its full power.

2) The owner has not yet been selected.


I blinked my eyes in feigned gratitude and asked,

“Lord Noah, do you intend to give this to me as a gift?”

“Yes, yes. I admire young friends who possess the spirit of challenge.”

My plan had to be adjusted slightly. In fact, Noah has a fondness for something in the ‘gem’ category. Normally, you’d satisfy him by offering a gemstone necklace or earrings.

‘Transcendental grade, though.’

I never expected something like that to come up here.

‘Of course, he won’t actually give it to me.’

It’s nonsense. Noah won’t really give that item to me. This entire trade is a scam. I’d never get my hands on that item through an ordinary trade.

– Noah is known for swapping items before the exchange is completed, stealing players’ items with his ability. No one knows why such a capable NPC resorts to pilfering from the players’ pockets.

That part is fine.

– However, if the item offered by a player is not, at least in Noah’s view, of equivalent value, Noah is very likely to become enraged.

Needless to say, if Noah gets angry, every player present will be wiped out.

‘Since he offered a transcendental item…’

Now I needed an item of equal value. Just any necklace I bought for half a million won’t do; it would only upset Noah.

‘Transcendental grade. An item I’d only heard rumors about in my previous life, and now I have encountered two of them. Definitely ‘The Era of Sagas’ existed in the world at some point.

“May I offer you the most valuable thing I’ve found during my adventures, even though it pales in comparison to Isabelle?”

“You’re a very proper young man. What is this item?”

Noah smiled slyly.

‘His expression keeps changing.’

This wasn’t mentioned in the past guides.

‘But I must do what I came to do.’

In the ‘Mysterious Forest,’ a special hidden field, I obtained an item whose value cannot even be quantified at this moment: ‘Magicite.’ It was the very thing that the starving goblin was desperate to protect. Not just any hidden field but a ‘special hidden field’ where I found the item with the help of Darong’s ability.

[Do you wish to place the Magicite?]

I placed the Magicite.

“This is the most precious thing I have. Whether it will satisfy you, Lord Noah, I cannot be sure…”

No matter how valuable the magicite, it cannot be better than a ‘transcendental item.’ The magicite is traded for ten billion won three years from now, but the existence of transcendental items was uncertain.

‘But Noah is an NPC who is crazy about magicite.’

That was the method repeatedly tried by the eccentric known as ‘Lili.’ If you offer magicite, he’s guaranteed acceptance—documented as so—but realistically, it’s a strategy that only a billionaire could dare to try. Eccentric Lili was said to have succeeded several times with this approach.

Noah smiled contentedly.

“Oh. You must have adventured and challenged yourself heavily to be in possession of such a treasure.”

“I’m glad it pleases you,” I said.

“If the exchange is completed, I’ll send you out of here. With my special authority.”

“Thank you,” I replied.

An alert came.

[Press the ‘complete exchange’ button to finalize the exchange.]

[Clearing the U-FLEX Dungeon will conclude the exchange.]

The item still listed on his side was ‘Isabelle.’

‘Then I should…’

Normally, the scam would be on me.

‘Stay calm.’

I can’t afford to show too much excitement. I had to remain composed. Any mistake could lead to our annihilation.

‘Even if it involves some risk…’

The value of obtaining a transcendental item is more than worth the danger. It’s utterly overflowing.

[Would you like to use the ‘Forced Exchange Ticket’?]

The forced exchange ticket was a gift from the Merchant of Venice.

[I used the ‘Forced Exchange Ticket’.]

[The ‘Forced Exchange Ticket’ is an item imbued with the power of the ‘Merchant of Venice’.]

[The power takes effect.]

[The exchange has been completed.]

A chuckle resounded.

“Ha ha. Well then, be on your way out.”

[U-FLEX Dungeon has been cleared.]

[U-FLEX Dungeon evacuation will commence in 5 seconds.]

5 seconds. Five seconds was all the time I was given. Then Noah shouted furiously,

“You scoundrel!!!”

Suddenly, the entire field shook. A mist rose from Noah’s body.

“How dare you…!”

Noah’s wooden staff moved. A magic circle appeared in the air. It had the color of aluminum, or perhaps it resembled something made of steel.

“How dare you deceive me!!!”

A dragon conjured of metal burst forth from the magic circle. Its gaping mouth opened wide.


In an instant, it felt as though the area had become a vacuum.

Numerous swords formed inside the dragon’s mouth. A well-known magic. A ‘physical’ attack used by wizards, summoning swords. Though the invocation is magical, the swords themselves constitute a ‘physical attack.’ The name of this magic was ‘Sword Breath.’

One second remained until escape.

[1 second]

But the ‘Sword Breath’ was reaching me faster.


A burning pain flared up in my chest; my consciousness seemed to drift away in an instant. But I had prepared for this moment.


Amidst the searing pain as if it would melt my heart, I managed to achieve it. Perfect timing. At that 0.5-second mark, I activated my special ability.



[Absorption (吸收)]

Absorbs all physical damage for 0.5 seconds. Absorbed damage is converted into H/P.

Cooldown: 24 hours


The moment lasted only 0.5 seconds.

‘Did I…succeed?’

Light finally appeared.

[U-FLEX Dungeon Rewards will be granted.]

My heart still throbbed, but I had survived.

[‘Noah’s Helmet’ has been awarded.]

Noah’s Helmet. An essential item for the fastest route to leveling up to level 40, and now it was mine.

‘I thought I was really going to die.’

Soon, reporters had gathered around and a police line was in place. Fortunately, the two civilians I met at the first floor had survived.

‘The Taegeuk Shield members were here as well.’

I shall leave the public fame to the Taegeuk Shield and the Tutorial Conqueror, Ma Sang-Hyun. My job was to secure the profit.

Then a voice reached my ears.

[Aish. What the hell. I’ve been duped.]

I looked around.

‘No, this isn’t a person’s voice.’

Someone was speaking, but it definitely wasn’t a ‘person.’ It wasn’t Senia or any of the middle managers either.

[I mean, I wanted a strong male to mate with.]

There was something, an emotion, trembling within the voice.

[And I thought I smelled a bit of that, but to be deceived like this!]

I could not figure out from where the voice was emanating.

[Just a faint scent of a strong male on you. Be honest. Have you recently come into the possession of something tremendous?]

The source of the voice was none other than within my inventory.

[Yes, that woman is holding that! That’s it! That strong male’s scent woke me up, but what’s this? How could such a weakling come to possess me? This is a total scam! A clear case of marriage fraud.]

The transcendental item Isabelle was the one speaking to me. Another alert followed.

[The seal on ‘Isabelle’ has been partially released.]

Without my intervention, an item window appeared on its own.

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