Player with Maxed-out Talent chapter 112

Player with Maxed-Out Talent

# Player with Maxed-Out Talent, Episode 112

Two notifications echoed in my ears.

[‘The Conductor of Noise’ has started taking an interest in you.]

Without a moment’s delay,

[‘The White Hunter’ holds you in high regard.]

I was well aware of those two Guardians. They were the top Italian players known to be arch-rivals, both famously known even by Korean-style nicknames. They were the supporters behind the two players.

War God Salvareto.

King of Combat Bella.

‘The Conductor of Noise’ backed Salvareto,

‘The White Hunter’ supported Bella.

These top-notch Italians were known to be at each other’s throats, and the most plausible explanation pointed to their competitive Guardians.

Apparently, these Guardians who should be actively involved in the Italian server seemed to be lurking around the Korean server as well. No doubt, that had something to do with me. Since ‘The Merchant of Venice’ caught their attention, many Guardians seemed to have their eyes on the Korean server.

‘Both of them have sent me a message at the same time.’

I realized in an instant,

‘They’re both going to compete for me.’

I had to be careful here. Choosing one of them meant making an enemy out of the other. The Conductor of Noise. The White Hunter. Both were top-tier Guardians. It wouldn’t do me any good to offend them. Especially since I’m still quite weak.

And sure enough,

[‘The Conductor of Noise’ wishes to bestow a privilege upon you.]

[‘The White Hunter’ wishes to bestow a privilege upon you.]

Senia appeared. The middle manager herself came to convey the situation.

“Player Kim Hyukjin has shown an exceptionally outstanding performance. Hence, both Guardians wish to support you. Player Kim Hyukjin, you may choose the privilege bestowed by one of them.”

Choosing one would turn one into an adversary. If I didn’t know any better, I might have carelessly accepted one of the supports, but I was well aware of the situation.

‘I’m still too weak.’

Having faced the Demon King, I knew full well. Even a player (?) of the Demon King’s caliber couldn’t handle everything alone; there was no way I could deal with the Guardians.

‘Until I’m strong enough.’

Until then, I had to use them – those who turned our world into a game, those who observed us as if we were characters within that game.

‘What should I do?’

I looked over the ‘privileges’ first.


[Privilege bestowed by ‘The Conductor of Noise’]

‘The Conductor of Noise’ wishes to grant you the title “Monarch of Beginnings.”



[Privilege bestowed by ‘The White Hunter’]

‘The White Hunter’ wishes to grant you the title “Warrior of Beginnings.”


I was stunned.

‘Monarch of Beginnings? And Warrior of Beginnings?’

I knew about these titles.

‘They’re the initial titles of War God and King of Combat.’

Chances were high they were growth-type titles. “Monarch of Beginnings” would eventually upgrade, and as of just before my regression, it was known as “Monarch of Creation.”

‘Warrior of Beginnings would…’

Upgrade to the “Immortal Warrior” title, enhancing its holder.

‘These two titles have come to me?’

Here I had to make a choice. Which title would be more advantageous to me?

‘I don’t know the exact effects of the titles.’

The title effects weren’t disclosed. Right now, ‘The Conductor of Noise’ and ‘The White Hunter’ were pushing me to make a choice. This is all we’ll show you for now, so make your tail wag and choose one of our privileges.

Senia asked me,

“Player Kim Hyukjin, which privilege do you choose?”

To my team members, Senia requested their understanding.

“Player Kim Hyukjin is currently at a critical juncture. Please be generous with your understanding. I request the same from the middle managers overseeing each player.”

She played her intermediary role very well. Because of my exclusive contract, the other broadcasters didn’t have the information, so she informed everyone appropriately.

“Player Kim Hyukjin is currently choosing between privileges bestowed by [The Conductor of Noise] and [The White Hunter].”

Neptune from broadcaster Masanghyeon also showed up.

“…Is it really those two?”

“Yes. I am an angel who does not lie. I do not know deception.”

“There’s nothing I can do but wait.”

Neptune’s eyes were filled with regret, understandable since if he had exclusive coverage, he would be broadcasting this content now.

‘Anyway, I…’

After thorough deliberation, I came to a conclusion.

“Senia. I’ve decided.”

“What is your decision?”

Senia’s wings fluttered slightly—she too was tense. My choice could determine which ‘big hand’ I could grab.

“I will…”

I took on a cautious demeanor. Very carefully. Slowly. Making the Guardians anxious. Anxiously curious. Internally, I counted down from five.

“I have no choice but to decline both privileges.”


“I don’t think I have demonstrated the full extent of my abilities as a player.”

I feigned humility. I acted as if I were nothing special. That would please the Guardians.

“I don’t yet know what kind of play the Guardians expect from me.”

I deliberately put on a more serious face.

‘Rather than turning one into an enemy…’

That would be exhausting. It’s far better to keep both as ambiguous allies.

‘Maintaining a moderate distance from them both works best for me.’

This is what I said.

“Given that I am not certain on the direction my play will take in the future.”

Though I was certain, I phrased it this way.

“I am concerned that rushing to choose a privilege and not meeting your expectations would be premature. If more time passes and you find my play to your liking and deem it appropriate to reward me then, I would gratefully accept, but now feels too soon.”


Senia was silent.

[‘The Conductor of Noise’ appreciates your prudent attitude.]

I satisfied the Conductor of Noise.

“However, I will do my best to show the finest play I can. There’s no harm in receiving a gracious privilege later on.”

[‘The White Hunter’ values your ambition.]

Prudence and ambition; I spoke of both, and it seemed both Guardians were quite pleased with my response.

[‘The Conductor of Noise’ bestows a privilege upon you.]

[This privilege comes without any strings attached, purely a privilege.]

The Conductor of Noise granted me a privilege. The Conductor of Noise and the White Hunter were naturally enemies. They surely didn’t want to lose to one another. Their relationship was competitive.

[‘The White Hunter’ bestows a privilege upon you.]

[This privilege is given with no ulterior motive, purely a privilege.]

The privileges were conferred. I immediately checked what they were.


[Privilege bestowed by the Conductor of Noise]

1. Type: Special Skill.

2. Name: Conductor’s Melody.

3. Effects:

i. In many-to-many combat, a chance to cure party members of status anomalies. (Effect duration: 120 seconds)

ii. In many-to-many combat, increases party members’ critical shot chance by +3%. (Effect duration: 120 seconds)

iii. When using consumable items with similar effects in many-to-many combat, item effects are enhanced by +20%.

4. Cooldown: 360 seconds.

5. Proficiency: [1]



[Privilege bestowed by the White Hunter]

1. Type: Special Skill.

2. Name: Hunter’s Melody.

3. Effects:

i. In one-to-one combat, cures the user’s status anomalies. (Effect duration: 120 seconds)

ii. In one-to-one combat, increases critical shot chance by +3%. (Effect duration: 120 seconds)

iii. When using consumable items in one-to-one combat, item effects are enhanced by +20%.

4. Cooldown: 360 seconds.

5. Proficiency: [1]


Intending not to make either of them an enemy, I inadvertently made both anxious. It seems I soothed and managed them just right.

‘Better than I expected.’

The skills would be beneficial whether I played as an observer or had to engage in combat as a combat class.


Not only did I receive personal privileges, but Taewoon Kwak also succeeded in hunting the ‘White Rabbit.’ He approached me.

“Hyung, I obtained a mini-map that shows the location of the escalator to the third floor.”

“Good. Let’s go.”

Without a mini-map, we couldn’t proceed. Activating the mini-map, a yellow light appeared before us as if a light fairy was floating around. We followed the light.

After about five minutes of following it, we came across the ‘escalator.’

[Would you like to move to the 3rd floor?]

* * *

Before moving to the 3rd floor, I spoke to everyone again.

“Take one of these.”

I took out the ‘Centipede Pearl’ that we acquired thanks to Darong. Even Cheon Suji and Gong Jinhun were given one. They’d need it to survive the deadly venom on the 3rd floor.

“This item holds significant resistance to poison.”

Cheon Suji asked me.

“Is there something related to poison on the 3rd floor?”


“I might be able to help somehow.”


I cut off Cheon Suji’s offer. There, no help of any kind is necessary.

“You will all follow my guidance and move through the shortest route. There will be no hunting or raiding in between.

Even if something attacks us along the way, we take the hit and keep going.”

Gong Jinhun asked for further explanation.

“I find this hard to grasp. Why must we do that?”

“Because that’s how you avoid death.”

This place was intended for a ‘Break’ to happen. Based on past standards, only top-tier players at levels in the high 30s could take on this challenge. Now, we, in the early 30s, were attempting it. It was impossible by conventional means.

I decided to provide a bit more explanation.

“I possess a special kind of vision.”

With that final point made,

“Follow me if you trust in me, or stay here on the 2nd floor if you don’t. If you’re not going to be helpful.”

I looked at Gong Jinhun and released my ‘domineering energy.’

‘If you’re not helpful, I will undoubtedly cut you off.’

I could sense Gong Jinhun’s body flinch. A healer like him could be a significant asset, but I didn’t need an uncontrollable team member. No, I couldn’t afford to take care of everyone on the 3rd floor.

Cheon Suji spoke up.

“I will do as Kim Hyukjin says. You are currently the best player, after all.”

We ascended to the 3rd floor. It was dark, filled with black smoke. Its name was ‘Poison Fog.’

The visibility in front of us started to blur.

[The aura of ‘Poison Fog’ begins to pervade.]

Simultaneously, something emerged before us. I focused.

‘Of all the scenarios I expected… this is the worst.’

And it was the scenario I had deemed least likely to occur—’Poison Salamanders’ in groups at the entrance. These ‘clusters’ randomly manifest here and there, but it’s unusual for them to appear right by the entrance. We have to get past this ‘cluster’ of Poison Salamanders.

‘Why here of all places?’

‘Poison Salamanders’ gaping at us with open mouths. Their average level was around 33. They possess a tremendously lethal poison, especially deadly for species with human-like thin skin.

Of course, there are ways to deal with them. Just riskier ones. Risks I would have to take on. But then, a good idea struck me.

As it turns out, real-life experience sometimes offers better solutions than desk-bound strategies. It’s strange how answers come when you physically confront a challenge.

‘This should work.’

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