Player with Maxed-out Talent chapter 111

Player with Maxed-Out Talent

# A Player with Maxed-Out Talent, Episode 111

Kim Hyukjin asked, “What can I help with?”

It was a simple question, but Cheon Suji suddenly felt that Kim Hyukjin was sexy. This wasn’t just about feeling attracted to the opposite sex. It was an admiration for the strong, the composure and maturity in any situation, the freedom from panic.

Unintentionally, Cheon Suji licked her lips and let out an exclamation.


Covered in profanities by Cheon Suji, Gong Jin-hoon asked, “Why are you suddenly like this?”

“That man. Isn’t he too sexy?”

Cheon Suji didn’t seem to be waiting for a response.

“Even if you ask me if he’s sexy…”

“I want to own him. That man.”

Desire flared in Cheon Suji’s eyes. But it wasn’t just a simple desire to possess. Cheon Suji muttered without realizing.

“I feel weird.”

She didn’t say it out loud, but she was caught up in an unfamiliar emotion that she was feeling for the first time. She was accustomed to subjugating others and having them listen to her. She preferred that kind of dynamic.

The ‘Queen’ status window that Kim Hyukjin had once looked through contained all those tendencies.

‘I want….’

She bit her lip. What was this unfamiliar feeling?

‘I want him to listen to me.’

If she put it into words directly, it was like,

‘I want to be dominated by that man.’

Her face heated up slightly. A word popped into her head, but she shook her head in denial. It couldn’t be. This wasn’t her taste. No. No. No. No.

However, Kim Hyukjin’s ‘sense eye’ had picked up a summary of Cheon Suji.


Summary: A Queen who wants to be submissive


Kim Hyukjin had no idea why Cheon Suji’s summary turned out like that. Shin Yeon-seo aimed to be a stepmother, Kang Sun-hwa had a brother complex, and now Cheon Suji, who had a queen’s tendency, had a summary that said ‘wants to be submissive’.

The summary was so absurd that Kim Hyukjin momentarily glanced in Cheon Suji’s direction before continuing his conversation with the boy.

“…that’s the situation. Please, I beg of you. Help me.”

What the story boiled down to,

“So your grandfather has disappeared? Looks like he was taken by monsters? And we just need to find him, right?”

“That’s right.”

Suddenly, a quest window appeared.

[Quest. ‘Rescue Even’s Grandfather!’ has been created.]

Kim Hyukjin looked at the quest notification window.

‘Something’s different.’

The notification window was different. If asked what exactly was different, he couldn’t explain in concrete terms, but it just felt subtly different. The feeling was like looking at a status window through ‘the eyes of the observer’.

‘Of course it’s different.’

Because this wasn’t a real ‘quest’—after all, it wasn’t truly bestowed by the system.

“Alright. I’ll help you.”

Kim Hyukjin’s eyes—the ‘observer’s eyes’ that seek essence—didn’t miss even the slight change in the boy. He saw the corners of Even’s mouth lift slightly at the hope of rescuing his grandfather, a sight that was visible only to Kim Hyukjin’s eyes. To the naked eye, Even’s expression seemed desperate.

“But you know.”

Kim Hyukjin continued,

“Who are you?”

“What do you mean?” Even asked.

“Is your name Even?”

Even hesitated. Kim Hyukjin asked again.

“Who are you?”

Even took a step back.

“So what do you mean?”

“Your name. Is it Even?”

Even’s body twisted bizarrely, his neck bent, and his arms and legs contorted strangely. His body shivered in spasms, and saliva dribbled from his mouth.

“Who are you?”

Kang Sang-gu shivered. Ah, that strong heart. Kim Hyukjin almost felt sick. How could someone be so composed, so cool-headed? Perhaps his blood is made of iron or lead. Kang Sang-gu trembled, then prepared for ‘2nd Floor Assault’.

‘It’s really like what Hyukjin said.’

It was an all-too-familiar sensation. Kwak Tae-woon nudged him on the side.

“Hey. Ready? You have to do well.”

“I think I’ll do better than you.”

“Ah, this peanut-sized thing. I was the best fighter in Gwangju, you know.”

Kwak Tae-woon also shivered. His face was full of disdain. The best fighter? How outdated is that language? He didn’t feel it was worth responding to at all.

Quietly, he began chanting a magical incantation.

* * *

Kim Hyukjin looked at the boy calmly declaring himself ‘Even’.

It was the same as the past strategies.

-The 2nd floor boy’s name is Even, and he is a boy possessed by a ‘ghost-type monster’.

Many players who did not realize the boy’s true identity were lured into traps and died.

-The host of possession, the ‘ghost-type monster’, is very likely one of two monsters.

One is called White Fox, a ghostly fox-type monster. The other is called White Rabbit, a ghostly rabbit-type monster.

-The method to expose them as White Fox or White Rabbit is completely different.

It’s not difficult to reveal the true identity of a ghost-type monster. Ask, ask, and ask again.

Kim Hyukjin smirked.

‘Everything is good.’

The guardian that just sent a notification, the ‘Shepherd Boy’, knew exactly what he wanted. Kim Hyukjin too well understood what that picture was. He pulled out an item sponsored by the Shepherd Boy.


[Fig Tree Baton]

This is a baton made by carving a fig tree that is over 100 years old. Useful for agitating a ghost-type monster when possessed. However, it lacks physical attack power.


This was his first time handling the baton.

‘Fits my hand well.’

Like the first time he used wrestling techniques, like the first time he used throwing knife skills, it felt natural, as if he had been using the weapon for a long time.

Kim Hyukjin swung the baton in a swift motion.


A loud sound. The boy staggered from the baton hit.

“Who are you?”

He swung the baton again. From right to left. A strong swinging strike.


The boy couldn’t resist.


He screamed. Gong Jin-hoon frowned heavily. Although the boy had changed bizarrely, there was no doubt that he was the subject who received the quest.


The boy had returned to his normal form before they knew it. Crying, the boy fell to his knees.

“Why are you doing this? It hurts. It hurts so much. Please stop.”

Kim Hyukjin paid no attention.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

The one-sided beating. ‘The possessed’ suffered greatly before finally collapsing to the ground and vomiting.

Cheon Suji carefully approached Shin Yeon-seo and asked,

“How long do we have to wait like this? It feels like we’re the only ones who don’t know the strategy. Since we’re all in the same boat, give us a chance to cooperate, too.”

But Shin Yeon-seo could not reply. Not because she ignored Cheon Suji; she was concentrating on something else. Cheon Suji realized this too.

‘What is she concentrating on so much?’

Then, Shin Yeon-seo moved.

[Skill. One-Hit Kill is activated.]

A swift thrust of the sword. It was aimed at the ghost-type monster, ‘White Rabbit,’ who had popped out from ‘the possessed’. Overall, it was a ghost-type monster in human form.


White Rabbit – LV 30


Stabbed by Shin Yeon-seo’s sword, White Rabbit giggled and vanished. Shin Yeon-seo knew this already. She had learned from Kim Hyukjin, who had already gone through the scenario, that her physical attacks would not work on ghost-type monsters.


If it’s as Kim Hyukjin said, three holes should appear in the ground. When a certain level of physical attack is done to the White Rabbit, three holes should appear in the ground.

‘It’s real!’

Then it’s time for Ma Sang-hyun and Kwak Tae-woon to move. Kim Hyukjin’s party functioned organically, like a single life form, each member fully aware of their role and moving seamlessly within Kim Hyukjin’s scenario.

Suddenly, smoke billowed up. Kang Sang-gu had started a fire, preparing straw that burned well with a lot of smoke.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyukjin continuously activated his ‘sense eye’.

‘The opportunity will come soon.’

Ghost-type monsters are very tricky before their identity is revealed, but they are relatively easy to deal with once their identity is known.

The tree holes dug by the rabbit filled with black smoke, and soon something burst out of the ground.

A high-pitched scream sounded.


And towards that, Kwak Tae-woon chanted a spell.

[Wend Kiratia Metiase-]

A large spear about 3 meters in length was formed. A spear of wind that shot out like an arrow. As if played out by a carefully crafted script, everyone moved in unison and quickly dealt with ‘White Rabbit’.

But then, two unexpected notifications came to Kim Hyukjin that he had not anticipated.

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