Player with Maxed-out Talent chapter 110

Player with Maxed-Out Talent

Hidden Piece. And the first Hidden Piece in the ‘Bloodless Entry’ category. I had satisfied its conditions and an alert had reached me.


[A player with the title ‘First Pioneer’ who discovers the [First Hidden Piece] can proceed with related linked scenarios. The number of times a linked scenario can be run is three.

* The current First Pioneer has been changed to [Pioneer of Victory].

* The settings for the linked scenario progression are the same as for the First Pioneer.

* Linked scenario progression: [2/3]

* Linked Hidden Piece: [Find the Master of Charles!]

* Scenario in progress: Please find an owner for the twin-headed black hound, Charles.


Immediately, another alert followed.

[Do you wish to proceed with the linked scenario?]

It required some thought. We came here to clear the U-Flex dungeon. If I accepted it, I might be moved to a different space. If they attempted to move to the second floor without me, it would be a massacre. They wouldn’t even be able to identify what the monsters were.

Shin Yeon-seo asked,

“Hyuk-jin team leader, what are you doing?”

“No, nothing.”

It was too dangerous to accept it now.

‘The difficulty level of the U-Flex dungeon is the highest.’

It was a dungeon that would be impossible to clear at our current level. It makes sense to eliminate as many variables as possible. We cannot afford to lose sight of greater benefits in the distance for the sake of immediate gains. That’s when the Whispering Devil sent a message.

[The ‘Whispering Devil’ is amused.]

The Whispering Devil had been watching me from very early on and knew that I had the ‘Pioneer of Victory’ title effect.

[The ‘Whispering Devil’ proposes.]

A note arrived.

[If you accept the ‘Find the Master of Charles!’ quest, it will be set so that all party members can play together.]

It was difficult to discern the intentions of this guardian. A creature that loathed justice and abhorred righteousness, it placed its own pleasure and interest above all else.

‘The fact that this guy sent this message means….’

There was no doubt that the quest would provide enormous entertainment to the ‘Whispering Devil’.

Another alert came.

[If you accept the ‘Find the Master of Charles!’ quest, you can postpone the progression of the linked quest.]

* * *

Shin Yeon-seo laughed heartily.

“Of course, I’m in!”

Her words were no lie.


Status: Joy/Excitement


Shin Yeon-seo, true to her rank as a top player, enjoyed the gameplay. Like those who enjoy dangerous extreme sports, risking their lives. To ordinary people, she might seem like an eccentric as she enjoyed playing.

Seon-hwa said indifferently,

“I’ll just do whatever my brother does.”

Her words were also no lie.


Status: Trust/Peace


Kang Sang-gu was sweating profusely.

“No, guys. Think about it. We could die. It’s a Hidden Piece, Hidden Piece. What if it’s as difficult as shwabam to clear?”

Gwak Tae-woon shook his head disapprovingly.

“I’ve seen it since last time.”

He struck a blow with his typical calm and quiet voice.

“Bro, you really seem like a coward.”

Gwak Tae-woon was also in favor of proceeding with the ‘linked scenario’.


Status: Slight interest/Challenge


Without needing to say much else, Ma Sang-hyeon clenched his fists and exclaimed,

“A man should go straight ahead, brother!”

Kang Sang-gu tore at his hair.

“Shwabam! Whatever, I’m in.”

All my party members shouted in agreement. According to the ‘Whispering Devil’s’ privilege, the quest progression would be postponed. We were going to clear it.

Shin Yeon-seo licked her lips once.

“This is going to be really fun. A hidden piece with a linked scenario. Ha. I’m already looking forward to it.”

“Shwabam. You’re all out of your minds. Everyone’s crazy, crazy!”

At that moment, Gong Jin-hoon, who had been knocked out, woke up.

“What are you doing, Mr. Ma Sang-hyeon!”

He protested to Ma Sang-hyeon, who had knocked him out. Cheon Su-ji stopped him.

“Hey, shut up. If it weren’t for Mr. Ma Sang-hyeon, you would’ve been dead already.”


Cheon Su-ji briefly explained. Gong Jin-hoon had a great fear of ‘canine animals’. I already knew that. He had a trauma from getting bitten by a dog as a child. Anyway, Gong Jin-hoon wouldn’t have been able to calm down having seen a dog as big as a tiger.

Gong Jin-hoon was convinced.

“…So that’s what happened.”

I did not intend to coerce them, but I didn’t plan to take care of them like they were my team members either. It was decided that they needed some time to themselves. The first floor was already cleared, and there was no further danger.

“It’s okay to stay on the first floor. Non-awakened individuals must stay on the first floor. If you want, wait on the first floor until it’s cleared.”

The two civilians. Remarkably(?), those two had survived. They didn’t even get excited facing a huge monster they saw for the first time.

After some time, Cheon Su-ji spoke.

“Will you include us too?”

It was a bit unexpected. Given Gong Jin-hoon’s preference for safety, I assumed he would want to drop out of this scenario.

I told them again.

“If danger arises, I can’t guarantee safety.”

“We know. We’re not so weak as to beg for safety.”

What was it? There was a strange charm in Cheon Su-ji’s eyes. Perhaps the effect of that reflective shield was too great. But that couldn’t be it.

Out of Cheon Su-ji’s mouth came unexpected words.

“Being able to progress through a dungeon with the highest level existing player would be a great experience and asset for us.”

* * *

[The Linked Hidden Piece: ‘Find the Master of Charles!’ has been activated.]

As the ‘Whispering Devil’ suggested, the quest was shared with all our party members.

‘It must mean that the quest would not be easy for all of us.’

So the Whispering Devil had proposed, and I had accepted the offer.


[Find the Master of Charles!]

Please find the master for the twin-headed black hound (雙頭太黑犬) Charles.

Deadline: 30 days

Reward: ?


‘The quest from ‘Bloodless Entry’ seems pretty simple. I have 30 days, it seems that I just have to find ‘Charles’s master’ within this timeframe.

‘Let’s think about this later.’

It would be possible to look for Charles’s owner after escaping from the U-Flex Dungeon. Thanks to the ‘Whispering Devil’, I was able to obtain fairly decent conditions.

Separate from that, rewards for ‘Bloodless Entry’ were also provided.

[You have satisfied ‘Bloodless Entry (無血入城)’.]

[10,000 coins have been awarded.]

[‘Beginner Free Pass Scroll’ has been awarded.]

[‘One-time Free Pass Scroll Enhancement Qualification’ has been provided.]

10,000 coins. A free pass scroll. And even the upgrade qualification for the free pass scroll.

‘Free Pass Scroll…!’

This is something that’s also called another lifeline. A scroll that allows you to escape once from gates or dungeons that are absolutely impossible to clear.

‘If it’s a beginner, it must be used for all dungeons and gates of novice level.’

Following the free pass scroll,

‘And now I have the temporary enhancement qualification.’

I activated the detailed description.


[One-time Free Pass Scroll Enhancement Qualification]

This is a qualification that allows you to enhance a Free Pass Scroll on a single occasion.

Required coins: 50,000 coins


Seon-Hwa asked,

“What happens if you enhance the Free Pass Scroll, brother?”

“Maybe it turns into a Free Clear instead of a Free Pass?”

“Free Clear?”

A Free Pass is a scroll for safe escape.

A Free Clear is just a scroll that clears the stage for you. It’s like a cheat code.

“Yeah. You clear it just by entering.”


Seon-Hwa’s eyes shone. They glittered.

“If that’s the case, do we get the rewards right away too?”

“If I’m correct, yes.”

“It’s amazing! Then we must upgrade it, right?”


For now, it’s on hold. Are there any dungeons or gates within the [Novice Section] where it would be appropriate to spend ‘50,000 coins’ for a ‘Free Clear’?

‘There are some.’

There surely exist dungeons in the novice section that have been deemed impossible to clear.

“However, it could be awkward if we use it to clear and receive rewards less than 50,000 coins.”

“Ah. That’s true too!”

Seon-Hwa laughed shyly.

“I’m such a fool.”


I couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity. Yeon-seo also relaxed her tension and smiled brightly.

“I didn’t expect to hear the phrase ‘I’m such a fool’ from a real person, and even more surprisingly, it was cute.”

Shin Yeon-seo really seemed to like Seon-Hwa. She smiled brightly with her eyes curved like crescent moons.

“That, really? Why? Was it weird for me to say that?”

“No, it’s cute. So cute. Would you like to marry my sister later?”

Shin Yeon-seo forcibly hugged Seon-Hwa and rubbed her cheek vigorously against her head. It seems Shin Yeon-seo was genuinely relaxed. Now, it was time to ascend to the second floor. Our goal was the fourth floor.

“Let’s go to the second floor now.”

We stood in front of the escalator to the second floor.


[Escalator to the Second Floor]

This is the escalator to the second floor of the U-Flex Dungeon. Up to 15 people can move at once.

Cooldown: 20 minutes

* Currently available


But just then, an alert sounded.

[The ‘Shepherd Boy’ has sponsored you with a ‘Fig Tree Club’.]


‘Sponsorship already?’

One of the most well-known guardians of the Scottish server. He should have joined Senia’s channel today. And he has already sponsored me today.

‘And it’s a fig tree club.’

It became certain.

‘The guardians already know what’s going on in the second floor.’

That’s why they gifted me this item. And it seems they are thinking that we might die on the second floor. The ‘Shepherd Boy’ wants to prevent this in advance by giving me a hint or help within the system’s permissions.

‘The Shepherd Boy, huh.’

I’m not a tamer. Moreover, he’s a guardian who only sponsors a select few tamers.

‘The guardians know the contents of the second floor.’

And I also know the contents of the second floor. The picture was drawn. I now knew more specifically what the ‘Shepherd Boy’ wanted through his sponsorship and how to make a production that would thrill the guardians.

[Would you like to move to the second floor?]

We moved to the second floor. As soon as we moved, the safe zone was deactivated. The second floor was a field-like area. It also looked like a hill with a lot of grass. The sun was above our heads. In other words, there’s a very high likelihood that it’s considered ’12 o’clock’ here.

‘Then the creature should appear.’

Somebody was hurrying towards us from a distance. With his keen vision, Shin Yeon-seo was the first to spot it.

“Uh? Someone’s coming over there?”

A blonde boy. He seemed to be in his mid-teens. He rushed towards us breathlessly.

“Pl-Please help me!”

It was an NPC. The Sensory Eye read the information of the NPC. This NPC’s name was ‘Even’. Age 16. An NPC that exists within the dungeon. Certainly not an ordinary NPC. I knew it, and the Sensory Eye confirmed it.

‘As expected.’

I asked,

“What help do you need?”

A seemingly non-threatening boy NPC. From the moment this boy appeared and offered us a quest, the campaign to conquer the second floor had begun.

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