Player with Maxed-out Talent chapter 109

Player with Maxed-Out Talent

#Player with Maxed-Out Talent, Episode 109

Kim Hyukjin firmly planted his feet and stood with strength in his legs. The Taeeukgyeon (太黑犬), as the characters suggest, was a colossal black dog. A tiger-sized dog leapt toward Kim Hyukjin.

‘Hold firm.’

Right now, the Taeeukgyeon wasn’t attacking. It was displaying its joy at seeing him. To say he wasn’t scared would be a lie. However, he didn’t panic.

‘There’s a difference between theoretical knowledge and actual experience.’

Just as there’s a major difference between seeing monsters in movies and encountering real ones, so it was now. It would be a lie to say he wasn’t afraid. Nevertheless, he didn’t show any sign of his fear.

[I drop Black Yak meat.]



The Taeeukgyeons voraciously devoured the Black Yak meat. Some licked Kim Hyukjin, while others pounced on him. Kim Hyukjin greeted the Taeeukgyeons calmly, as if he were an experienced trainer.

[I drop Black Yak meat.]

After dropping more Black Yak meat, he also reached out his hand toward the Taeeukgyeons.

‘That should do it.’

Kim Hyukjin slowly sat down, bending one knee in front of the many monsters. He extended his hand.


Several Taeeukgyeons rushed toward Kim Hyukjin and began to wildly lick his hand.


Smoke rose from Kim Hyukjin’s hand.

‘A bit of a burn, perhaps.’

The saliva of the Taeeukgyeons was highly acidic. It wasn’t something he was unaware of. His palm stung sharply.

‘Once they’re more familiar with me.’

Looking around, he saw the other players remained still as he had instructed. The youngest player, Sun Hwa, had her eyes tightly shut, clinging to Shin Yeonseo’s leg.

‘They’re handling it well.’

He had faith that they would do well. Once they clear the first floor today, Sun Hwa’s mental resilience will have strengthened. Considering she has weak non-physical resistance compared to her physical resistance, he thought this would be a good training session for her.

‘Their presence will also be a stimulus for Sun Hwa.’

He judged it could be a catalyst for Sun Hwa’s mental growth, and that judgement seemed to be correct. He decided to draw out the interaction a little longer.

‘Just a bit more.’

The Taeeukgyeons could become aggressive at the slightest hint of excitement. It was important to prevent them from getting excited to begin with. He recalled the past records and strategies about their tails.

[When the Taeeukgyeon (太黑犬) opens its heart, it will slowly wag its long tail in an ‘8’ shape.]

The first person to successfully employ this strategy was later known as the ‘Taming Master,’ ‘Lao Wai.’ After ‘Lao Wai’ succeeded with this method, a few guilds failed, and several others were successful.

Almost all of the Taeeukgyeons wagged their tails in an ‘8’ shape. ‘Sense Eye’ and ‘Observer’s Eye’ accurately interpreted the movement of the Taeeukgyeons’ tails.

‘Just a couple more…!’

He must not be hasty. Provoking excitement would lead to being devoured.


Finally, all of the Taeeukgyeons began slowly wagging their tails in an ‘8’ shape, a sign that they had opened their hearts. Kim Hyukjin rose to his feet. Having pacified the Taeeukgyeons, it was time for the next step.

He walked slowly, taking care not to startle the now-settled Taeeukgyeons. He occasionally stroked their backs and patted the heads of those that leaned against him.

As he walked slowly…

‘That one is the boss monster.’

It was a ‘Taeeukgyeon’ with two heads, named ‘Ssangdoo Taeeukgyeon (雙頭太黑犬).’ Effectively an impossible monster to hunt in the beginner’s area. It was the first checkpoint that could not be circumvented by the forces at the U-Flex Dungeon. To raid this Ssangdoo Taeeukgyeon, the party’s average level had to be over 40, according to the established wisdom.

[Ssangdoo Taeeukgyeon. LV-?]

The name was in red. The level was a question mark. Kim Hyukjin activated ‘Sense Eye.’


[Ssangdoo Taeeukgyeon]

Canine-type monster.

1. Name: Charles

2. Level: 42(+5)

3. Unique Ability: [Severance]

4. Status: Peaceful/Satiated/Lethargic

5. Summary: A two-headed dog that has lost its master

+ Status/Disposition and traits only show a few notable ones and may change depending on the situation.

+ Due to the low proficiency of ‘Sense Eye,’ detailed information cannot be viewed.


What’s interesting is that the name of this ‘Ssangdoo Taeeukgyeon’ is ‘Charles,’ indicating the existence of a ‘master’ who gave it such a familiar name.

‘So that’s why Lao Wai was successful at taming?’

It wasn’t a strict sense of taming. Instead of complete obedience, it was a temporary submission, allowing passage through the first-floor gates, only just that.

-At that time, Lao Wai, who was only at level 35, successfully tamed the guardian and opened the door to the second floor.

An individual monster that is impossible to hunt at the current level of Kim Hyukjin’s party, but special enough for the possibility of taming. Kim Hyukjin stood before the Ssangdoo Taeeukgyeon.

The Ssangdoo Taeeukgyeon glanced at Kim Hyukjin with little interest.


He took another step closer.

The Ssangdoo Taeeukgyeon looked at him again. A faint, almost imperceptible killing intent could be felt. No.

‘It’s similar to killing intent but slightly different.’

The feeling wasn’t the same as wanting to kill Kim Hyukjin. It was subtly different; it felt more like ‘intimidation.’


He stepped one more pace closer.

He recalled past records.

-Lao Wai started taming through a unique method.

It was said that he used his abilities as a player combined with the everyday techniques of handling ‘dogs.’ Fortunately, this method worked.

Kim Hyukjin showed that he had no intention to attack by avoiding eye contact with Ssangdoo Taeeukgyeon and positioning his body to the side. Although it still growled, it didn’t seem like it would attack.


One more step closer.

‘Not directly, but from the side.’

He approached, bit by bit, not directly, but by moving to the side.

[I drop the meat of the Black Yak.]

The Ssangdoo Taeeukgyeon swallowed the Black Yak’s meat. It stared intently at Kim Hyukjin.

[I drop the meat of the Black Yak.]

Once more. And again. Kim Hyukjin drew nearer. He sat down leaning against the large body of the Ssangdoo Taeeukgyeon. The Ssangdoo Taeeukgyeon’s red eyes flashed! It opened its mouth wide. Kim Hyukjin could see the gaping red maw with its sharp and large teeth.

‘Here it comes…!’

He clenched his teeth. Kim Hyukjin’s face got trapped inside the mouth of the Ssangdoo Taeeukgyeon. Inside the dog’s maw, he did not resist. He could feel the Ssangdoo Taeeukgyeon’s teeth and the wet tongue touching him.

Shin Yeonseo saw this scene.

‘Damn it!’

Sharp teeth. Saliva dripping down. White smoke rose from Kim Hyukjin’s hair and face where the saliva touched.

“Is he going to be eaten?”

She trusted Kim Hyukjin, but the situation seemed perilously dangerous. She felt like she should draw aggro right this instant.

Shin Yeonseo bit her lip.

“No. I have to trust.”

The massive red mouth seemed ready to swallow Kim Hyukjin’s head, but she kept her eyes wide open and just watched. She remembered Kim Hyukjin’s words:

-Do not harbor an intent to kill. Abandon any thought of fighting. It’s okay to be a bit scared, but the moment you have the will to fight, they will attack. I trust you. All of you. Let’s all survive and clear this place.

‘Trust.’ That word echoed in Shin Yeonseo’s ears as she simply watched.

“It really… bit him.”

One of Ssangdoo Taeeukgyeon’s heads bit Kim Hyukjin’s head. Kim Hyukjin’s face entered the mouth of the Ssangdoo Taeeukgyeon. Kim Hyukjin closed his eyes.

His face felt like it was burning.

“Did Lao Wai endure this?”

He continued to use the healing potion and treatment potion saved in his slot to withstand the pain, although it was not completely gone.

Kim Hyukjin clenched his teeth.

‘This is a test from the Ssangdoo Taeeukgyeon.’

He endured. He did not move. While his head was encased in the mouth, he rose his hand and gently stroked the snouts of Ssangdoo Taeeukgyeon, as though nothing of concern was happening.

‘A slightly different approach than Lao Wai.’

Life is indeed a battlefield. When engaged in actual practice, isn’t it true that better methods come to mind? Inside the mouth of Ssangdoo Taeeukgyeon, Kim Hyukjin spoke.


The Ssangdoo Taeeukgyeon flinched. It seemed to remember its name.


Flinched again.


Once more, after the flinch, the Ssangdoo Taeeukgyeon let go of Kim Hyukjin’s face and smoke rose with a hiss!

Kim Hyukjin stood up.

“Charles. Sit.”

Astonishingly, the Ssangdoo Taeeukgyeon understood his command. It actually sat.


He extended his hand.

“Lie down.”

It lay down.

“Good. Well done.”

Kim Hyukjin then gifted the Ssangdoo Taeeukgyeon more Black Yak meat.

As about three minutes elapsed, the Ssangdoo Taeeukgyeon began to roll over onto its back in front of Kim Hyukjin. It even offered ‘the meat of the Black Yak’ it was eating to Kim Hyukjin as if it were a gift. Kim Hyukjin pretended to be pleased and put it into his inventory.

At the same time, a notification rang out.

[The Ssangdoo Taeeukgyeon (雙頭太黑犬) has temporarily submitted to you.]

[It is recognized as a temporary taming.]

[Temporarily, the aggressiveness of ‘Taeeukgyeon’ and ‘Ssangdoo Taeeukgyeon’ has completely disappeared.]

Kim Hyukjin knew. The two things that symbolized clearing the first floor of U-Flex Dungeon were either hunting the Ssangdoo Taeeukgyeon or temporarily subjugating it.

[A special condition has been met.]

[The escalator to the second floor is now activated.]


The Ssangdoo Taeeukgyeon barked. Its tail gently swayed in an ‘8’ shape. Then, another guardian notification was received.

[The ‘Shepherd Boy’ expresses amazement.]

A prominent guardian from the Scotland server has appeared in the Korean server.

* * *

I am already aware of the ‘Shepherd Boy.’ The ‘Shepherd Boy’ is the dream and idol of all ‘Tamers’ worldwide. About a hundred Tamers globally have been chosen by the Shepherd Boy.

‘All of those 100 were at the very top of the Tamer hierarchy.’

About eighty out of the top 100 Tamers in the rankings received the support of the ‘Shepherd Boy.’ Truly a major influence in the realm of Tamers. That guardian expressed ‘amazement’ at my actions. Not just focus, but amazement—a more advanced form of attention.

Senia appeared.

“Player Kim Hyukjin.”

Wow. The ‘Pause Ability’ has been activated again. Judging from the abrupt interruption in the middle of the guide, it looks like it wasn’t Senia’s doing; it seems to be the sponsorship of some guardian, likely the Shepherd Boy.

“Sorry for interfering during the guide.”

She shrugged her shoulders. The apology wasn’t directed at me. It was to the other guardians. The guide was interrupted suddenly due to the ‘pause,’ so she started by apologizing first. She was a complete novice BJ at first, but she seems a bit more skilful now. I guess I’m proud of her.

Senia asked.

“Do you have a secondary class in addition to your main class?”

“None at all.”

A secondary class is determined at level 50. At that time, you also choose another guardian.

“Then, which skill did you use to tame the monster?”


Nope, there’s no such thing.

“I just did it. Using the behaviors of dogs.”

Senia’s wings fluttered slightly.

[A ‘Middle Manager’ scan begins at ‘the Player’s request.]

[It is confirmed that no taming-related skills are present.]

Apparently, this is quite an astonishing fact. Lao Wai, at level 35, was known to have succeeded. So why couldn’t I? After all, I’m someone with prior knowledge of the answers, so I believed it was definitely possible.

“How did you come up with taming a monster without a taming skill?”

“It just came to me. Our path to life (生路). How I should act. What I needed to do to ascend to the second floor. It just became clear, before my eyes.”

Following that, a notification sounded.

[The ‘Pearl of Cheonma Mountain’ nods in understanding of ‘the struggles of inexplicable geniuses.’]

[The ‘Pearl of Cheonma Mountain’ donates 300 coins.]

Based on the reactions of the ‘Shepherd Boy,’ ‘Senia,’ and ‘the Pearl of Cheonma Mountain,’ it’s clear that what I just did resonated greatly with the guardians.

‘I never expected it to be this significant.’

I just implemented prior knowledge and presented a more advanced strategy, using the name ‘Charles.’

‘Of course, not everyone who knows the strategy can clear it.’

Even with knowledge of the guide, without a strong heart, it’s almost impossible to clear. But I was confident in my own clearance, so I challenged confidently. The pause was lifted, but then another notification was received.

[Hidden Piece. ‘Bloodless Entry (無血入城)’ has been satisfied.]

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