Player with Maxed-out Talent chapter 108

Player with Maxed-Out Talent

# Player with Maxed-Out Talent Chapter 108

Forced entry from outside to inside the Y-Flex Dungeon without ‘special qualifications’ is not possible.

And I already possess those special qualifications. A rightful reward earned through a bet with Las Vegas.


4) Upon quest completion, ‘Y-Flex Dungeon First Entry Qualification’ is granted.


Thanks to that, our party members, including myself, already had the ‘First Entry Qualification.’ With the activation of the dungeon, we were able to enter immediately.

After the notification that ‘no living humans are detected inside Y-Flex,’ the system expanded the dungeon through adjustments. In other words, the expansion would cease if there were ‘human lives’ present within the Y-Flex Dungeon.

The notification continued, and we promptly entered the Y-Flex Dungeon.

[The expansion of the Y-Flex Dungeon has been halted.]

I looked around. It was fairly well-lit and there was a clean marble floor. It felt like entering the ‘Y-Flex’ building, except all the shops that should have been inside seemed to have disappeared. It was like the first floor of a building without any stores.


We saw people trapped in glass chambers. Cheon Su-ji. Gong Jin-hoon. And two ordinary people. Trapped in glass, with water filling up to their chests.

[Due to a ‘normal entry,’ the dungeon transformation process has been halted.]

[Due to a ‘normal entry,’ the ‘Life Sacrifice’ process has been halted.]

The glass chambers shattered. With the sound of glass breaking, Cheon Su-ji and Gong Jin-hoon, along with the two ordinary people, safely escaped.

‘If we hadn’t halted the expansion…’

Many people would have died trapped in those glass chambers, through the so-called ‘Life Sacrifice’ process.

Near the entrance, I spotted an ‘escalator leading to the second floor,’ similar in design to the Gwanghwamun D-Tower from the tutorial.


[Escalator to the Second Floor]

This is an escalator that leads to the second floor of the Y-Flex Dungeon. It can move up to 15 people at a time.

Cooldown: 20 minutes

*Currently not operational. (Specific conditions required.)


Shin Yeon-seo drew her sword.

“Captain Hyuk-jin, I can see numbers that aren’t visible to the naked eye.”

Although invisible to the eye, we were all looking at the same numbers.




The time was continuously decreasing, second by second. We have three minutes.

“Shubham. We have three minutes, but… what about those people?”

Cheon Su-ji and Gong Jin-hoon, having regained their composure, walked toward us.

The Poison Witch (毒魔女) Cheon Su-ji

The Priest of Gold (黃金) Gong Jin-hoon.

These individuals were forcibly brought in due to the abrupt expansion of Y-Flex. If we hadn’t entered ‘normally,’ they might have been consumed.

Cheon Su-ji said,

“Is this a situation where I should… be thankful?”

“There’s no need for that.”

I just did what had to be done.

“However, I hope you won’t interfere with our dungeon strategy.”

They were unaware of the strategy. There was no time to explain it now.

“Follow along judiciously. We won’t guide you in detail. Absolute command and obedience. At least, that’s how it should be in this Y-Flex Dungeon. I won’t take responsibility for your lives.”

Then I turned to Ma Sang-hyun.

“Ma Sang-hyun.”

“Yes, brother.”

“Do you have a stun skill?”

“Yes, brother.”

“Anyone else with a stun skill?”

Silence ensued. Ma Sang-hyun was the only one with a stun skill.

“Knock out Gong Jin-hoon.”



Only about 2 minutes and 20 seconds remained. After that time, ‘they’ would come.


“He needs to be down for five minutes.”

“I’ll try to control my strength.”

Better to suffer a minor head injury now than to die here. I also spoke to Cheon Su-ji.

“Ms. Cheon Su-ji, listen to me carefully.”

Time was short before ‘they’ would appear.

“Don’t panic even if monsters emerge. Do not resist.”

“What does that mean…”

“If it’s too hard, you can close your eyes.”

Cheon Su-ji was silent, peering at me with her lips sealed. It seemed that the remaining time wasn’t displayed for her. The countdown seemed to be visible only to those of us with ‘special entry qualifications.’

“And I’m going to make Gong Jin-hoon faint.”

“Yes, what? Ahh!”


With the sound, Gong Jin-hoon’s body collapsed. Hit in the back of the head, he was completely knocked out.

Kang Sang-goo shivered.

“Damn… That sounded harsh. I hope it’s not a concussion. He’s not dead, right?”

Ma Sang-hyun smiled sheepishly with innocent eyes.

“I hit hard because I didn’t know how to make it last for five minutes.”

The remaining time continued to decrease, now at 1 minute 30 seconds.

“Taewon, hand me the black yak meat.”


Gwak Taewon passed me ‘Black Yak Meat’ from his inventory. After escaping ‘The Hill with the Blowing Wind,’ Gwak Taewon followed my advice and cleared the ‘Seoul Station Dungeon’ multiple times with the party, acquiring quite a bit of black yak meat.

“And take Yeon-seo with you to stabilize those people over there.”

A young man and a young woman. Non-awakened individuals, in other words, ordinary people, were also brought in.

“Brother. Should I knock them out too? It seems like they won’t stay still.”

“Is there a need to kill?”

Unlike the Priest of Gold, Gong Jin-hoon, who could recover even from a concussion, these ordinary people could die from Ma Sang-hyun’s fists.

‘Warnings must be given adequately.’

Whether they survive or not is entirely up to them. I emphasized again.

“Don’t move, don’t react, just stay still. I’ll draw most of the aggro.”

This instruction was conveyed to the two through Seon-hwa and Yeon-seo’s words. To stay still at all costs. In about 1 minute 30 seconds, a large horde of monsters would appear.

‘Please survive.’

I wasn’t confident in perfectly clearing the first floor of the dungeon while keeping them alive.

“If you’re not sure, close your eyes. Block your ears too.”

Those capable of maintaining composure were repeatedly urged to keep their eyes open. The two ordinary people clung to each other tightly, with their eyes firmly shut.


30 seconds remained before the Y-Flex Dungeon first floor scenario began. Kim Hyuk-jin warned once more.

“If you move, you’ll be devoured.”

* * *

Thirty seconds elapsed. 최한나, who was waiting for a friend with her boyfriend in front of the Y-Flex main gate, swallowed her saliva.

‘Just stay still. Stay still.’

She decided to follow the instructions of the players.

‘I want to live.’

A strong desire for life firmly grounded her mind. Kim Hyuk-jin also recognized 최한나’s desire, which is why he didn’t knock her out. If she were to lose her composure and get devoured, that would be their fateful outcome.

Growl! Growl! Growl! The barking of dogs resounded.


She thought wolves were charging at them. But these were much larger than the ‘urban wolves’ that had been common in the city. The sizes were similar to that of a tiger she had seen at the zoo. Giant black leopards that were as big as tigers charged in.

‘I’m terrified.’

Her entire body trembled uncontrollably. The creatures rushed towards them, barking noisily.

Too frightened to keep her eyes open, she closed them. A very soft voice reached her ears.

“It’s okay, Hanna. It’s okay.”

The voice of her boyfriend of six years, though it trembled a lot, brought her some comfort. Her boyfriend, Kim Min-sung, also shut his eyes. The sight before closing his eyes was horrific.

‘Eyes blood-red, a horde of giant dogs.’

He glanced and saw over ten of them from the little he could see. Among them,

‘there was one with two heads.’

The smell of dog was overwhelming. She closed her eyes. She prayed. Together with her beloved boyfriend, they hoped to make it out alive from this place.

Meanwhile, 천수지 stood next to the fainted 공진훈.

‘Why, exactly?’

As soon as she saw ‘them,’ she realized why 공진훈 had to be knocked out.

‘How did he know Jin-hoon is afraid of dogs?’

She didn’t understand. With her thoughts in disarray, facing the giant dogs drooling as they charged was overwhelmingly intimidating.

‘How can you catch such beasts!’

They were monsters with levels marked as ‘?’. Their names displayed in red as ‘태흑견 (Great Black Hounds).’


Great Black Hound (太黑犬) ?


It seemed like Kim Hyuk-jin’s teammates were not even drawing their weapons. Kang Sang-goo was even hugging Ma Sang-hyun with his eyes shut.

Cheon Su-ji bit her lip slightly.

‘How can they be so calm with those monsters in front of them?’

Despite the Monarch’s words, she couldn’t understand how they could keep their eyes closed with those creatures charging at them. It required tremendous trust and belief to act in such a way.

The only person moving was 김혁진. 김혁진 too had to constantly use Mind Control.

‘They’re coming.’

His heart pounded.


The intimidation from the ‘Great Black Hounds’ was monumental. For players just crossing into level 30, these were formidable monsters they could never hope to hunt. The moment these excited monsters started to rampage, everyone here would die.

‘Stay calm.’

He already possessed the ‘Eyes of a Cold Observer’ melted into his senses.


He didn’t rush. He slowly pulled out the ‘Black Yak Meat’ while watching the charging Great Black Hounds.


[Black Yak Meat]

Meat rich in juices.

A small quantity can induce a tremendous feeling of fullness, used as a food ingredient.


It was similar to when he had hunted the Gold Turtle.

Growl! Growl! Growl! Growl!

The giant hounds bared their large red eyes, which emitted a sinister glow. The whites of their eyes shimmered. Drool, smelling foul, dripped profusely.

They ran towards Kim Hyuk-jin. Shin Yeon-seo, who didn’t want to miss any of Kim Hyuk-jin’s movements, blinked her eyes tight.

She almost cried out.


Kim Hyuk-jin was surrounded by a pack of Great Black Hounds. Surrounded by the bodies of the hounds, Kim Hyuk-jin’s figure could not be seen. The hounds that tasted the meat growled as they savagely tore through the meat.

And then, a few of the Great Black Hounds began to pick up the scent of the players. One of the hounds’ nose touched Ma Sang-hyun. With his eyes tightly shut, Ma Sang-hyun bore the wet sensation and the foul smell, enduring it in silence. The same went for Gwak Taewon.

Kang Sang-goo clung to Ma Sang-hyun’s body, shivering violently.

‘Damn… Shit.’

Whenever he was with 김혁진, such unbelievable things always happened. Level ‘?’ red-named monsters appeared en masse. Moreover, there was one with two heads on the side, possibly a boss mob.

‘If I fight that thing, I’m sure to die, right?’

Probably. After all, these aren’t creatures to fight. That’s what Kang Sang-goo thought.

‘If I enter a dungeon with 김혁진 again, I’m not human!’

Some hounds licked 천수지’s cheeks. With her strong resistance to poison, 천수지 wasn’t greatly affected by the poison categorized saliva of the Great Black Hounds. Yet, it was an unsightly scene. The massive hounds drooled copiously, and 천수지’s face and neck were soaked as if she had washed her face.

Stinking sticky saliva dripped over her.

However, some of the Great Black Hounds took interest in the couple 김민성 and 최한나. Approaching 김민성 and 최한나, one of the hounds started to sniff 김민성. A few drops of drool splattered on 김민성, and a sizzling sound followed as skin began to burn. 김민성 struggled desperately.

‘If I move, Hanna will be in danger.’

Holding 최한나 tightly, with the single-minded determination to protect his girlfriend of six years, he stood still at his spot.

He wouldn’t have managed to stay put if he were alone. It was because his loved one was by his side that he was able to maintain his calm.

Before long, the Great Black Hound lost interest in 김민성. Kim Min-sung felt the presence of the Great Black Hound recede. He carefully opened his eyes a little, almost gasping in shock.

A stunning scene unfolded before 김민성’s eyes.

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