Player with Maxed-out Talent chapter 107

Player with Maxed-Out Talent

# Player with Maxed-Out Talent, Episode 107

[Dalrong requests ‘Inventory Inspection’.]

I checked my inventory.


[Centipede Pearl]

A consumable item that increases resistance to many poisons.

Especially strong resistance against poisons from insects and snakes.

Duration: 360 seconds


“Dalrong, you…”

I patted Dalrong on the head. The theft genius had struck again.

“Did you bring 30 of these?”

Dalrong nodded. But this little one didn’t seem to have any intention of handing over the ‘Centipede Pearls’ so easily. Like the first time we met, Dalrong was making a demand.

“Dotori (acorns).”

At the mention of dotori, a [!!!] sign appeared above Dalrong’s head. It seemed my hunch was correct; Dalrong was crazy about acorns.

[Dalrong wishes to complete a trade with the owner.]

[The trade has been completed.]

The 30 ‘Centipede Pearls’ that were in Dalrong’s inventory had now moved to mine. I obtained the Centipede Pearls in exchange for acorns.

‘I wouldn’t know for sure, but…’

He had probably found the corpses of centipedes while digging through tunnels and acquired the pearls from there.


At least in the field of ‘theft’, Dalrong definitely possessed talent and skill far surpassing mine.

Anyway, we had cleared the ‘Centipede Nest’. Our preparations for the ‘U-Flex Dungeon’ were almost complete.

Back home, I pulled out the summary book and reviewed the contents once more.

– Late September 2018. Near Modern Department Store. Premonitory phenomena occurred.

It was written thus in the summary book, and I added more detailed notes after my regression.

– Smell of gas leak. Discovery of ant swarms. Weak earthquakes felt.

Those were the premonitory symptoms. Two days later.

– September 29, 2018. The main gate of U-Flex has transformed into a dungeon.

I had told the kids they couldn’t know when and how it would appear, but I knew almost exactly. I didn’t know the exact time, but the date was definitely September 29.

– At the initial creation of the dungeon, the estimated death toll was about 800.

About 800 people trapped inside U-Flex turned into a dungeon, and they didn’t survive.

– October 3, 2018. Dungeon Break occurs.

The U-Flex Dungeon is a dungeon that won’t be cleared properly for a very long time. It’s a 4-floor dungeon, so it’s understandably not easy to conquer. Without a strategy, players at our level would find it nearly impossible to clear.

I organized the summary and recalled strategies, from the first floor’s ‘Dark Black Dogs’ to the fourth floor’s ‘Noah’.

‘The highest difficulty dungeon that can be cleared at level 30s.’

Of course, one must thoroughly understand the strategies. Like I said before, without the right strategies, it’s virtually impossible for a player in their level 30s to clear it. But the rewards are substantial.

Dalrong, having snagged five acorns, sat atop my head, thumping his belly and diving into sleep.

‘Tomorrow is… September 27th.’

One day left.

‘I have to prevent any damage that can be prevented.’

If it can be prevented, then it should be. Especially for ordinary people who aren’t players and who know nothing.

‘I’ll do my best within my abilities…’

I contacted Song Ki-Yeol, the guild leader of Taeguk Shield.

-“I have something to tell you. Let’s meet up.”

* * *

Song Ki-Yeol went to see Chairman Song Ki-Yeong with a heavy heart.

“Yeah. What is it?”

“I just came from meeting Player Kim Hyuk-Jin.”

“Is that so?”

Song Ki-Yeong adjusted his posture. Recently, he’s been very pleased with his grandson’s attitude. It seemed like he was trying to learn a lot from Kim Hyuk-Jin and follow in his footsteps.

‘Yeah. What are you going to talk about?’

The grandfather, pleased with his grandson’s growth, listened quietly to what he had to say. But the content was rather preposterous.

“…So you’re saying that we need to close the doors of U-Flex and Modern Department Store, which are perfectly fine and doing well in business? Do you even understand what that means? There’s already chaos on the internet about gas leaks and whatnot.”

Song Ki-Yeol was surprised. Honestly, it wasn’t quite ‘chaos’. There were just some stories about smelling gas there or seeing swarms of ants.

“In this situation, to suddenly close down? And without enough time to give notice in advance? Isn’t that just like screaming that there’s a problem with the department store? How do you plan to compensate for the wasted time of the customers who make a wasted trip?”

Song Ki-Yeong seemed to feign anger. Was his vision really that shortsighted? Just because it’s Kim Hyuk-Jin’s word, should you just nod and accept it? His expression seemed to be reproaching just that. Song Ki-Yeol swallowed hard. It was not because he was afraid of his grandfather.

Kim Hyuk-Jin had said this.

-“The Chairman, Mr. Song Ki-Yeong, will probably talk about insufficient time to issue a notice, some premonitory symptoms, and about compensating the wasted time of the customers.”

It was as if Kim Hyuk-Jin had foreseen this situation and had even added this phrase.

-“He will most likely show a lot of anger. However, as the Chairman Song Ki-Yeong himself knows, it’s not true anger but rather him wanting to test you.”

For the first time, things that were not visible before began to appear. His vision had broadened after meeting Kim Hyuk-Jin.

“If Kim Hyuk-Jin’s words are correct, then we stand to gain an incredible benefit.”

Despite the risk of loss and facing censure and criticism, they would’ve blocked customer access in advance and saved many lives. And that capability belonged to Taeguk Shield under the Holy Order – the ability to predict the future.

“Also, we can further solidify our trust relationship with the forefront of new ventures, Kim Hyuk-Jin.”

“But what if Kim Hyuk-Jin’s words are just a paranoid delusion?”

“If Kim Hyuk-Jin is wrong, we gain one more card to pressure him.”

“Is that all, and you’re suggesting stopping the department store’s operations?”

Song Ki-Yeol remembered Kim Hyuk-Jin’s words again.

-If it’s just for that much, Chairman Song Ki-Yeong wouldn’t agree to stop the department store operations. If you’re the man I know.

Song Ki-Yeol bit his lip slightly. Kim Hyuk-Jin had sized up the chairman so well after just one meeting. He had watched his grandfather for 30 years, but it was only now that he was beginning to see his true colors.

“By making sacrifices, and taking the censure and criticism, we can show the public that ‘people come first’, which is our value.”


Chairman Song Ki-Yeong looked at his grandson for a while and then burst into hearty laughter.

“Ki-Yeol. Be honest with me.”


“Is everything said and thought from your own mind?”

Song Ki-Yeol answered honestly.

“No. They came to mind after my conversation with Kim Hyuk-Jin.”

“I see. I thought as much.”

Song Ki-Yeong found it amusing.

“Kim Hyuk-Jin. Kim Hyuk-Jin.”

He had inquired about the background, and there wasn’t anything particularly special. Just an ordinary person from an ordinary family, but remarkably unique.

“How interesting. Well. If that place turns into a dungeon… What does our Taeguk Shield intend to do? Surely, we’re not just going to sit back and twiddle our thumbs, leaving everything to Kim Hyuk-Jin’s party?”

* * *

I accessed the news through the internet. The incident wasn’t a huge issue.

[Sinchon Hyundai Department Store temporarily closed for safety inspection.]

There were a few stories about the sudden safety inspection causing inconvenience to many people.

‘Ants were found. There was a smell of gas. There were those who claimed they felt slight tremors.’

Online, these tales circulated like urban legends. This temporary closure might have been related to such happenings.

‘My actions are changing the future again.’

I have no regrets. I’d already finished all the discussions with the kids. I memorized U-Flex Dungeon and the layout of Modern Department Store. I even located the positions of the escalators. And I even acquired ‘Centipede Pearls’.

I checked the summary once more.

– September 29, 2018. The main gate of U-Flex transforms into a dungeon.

I hoped no one would be there. No matter how much we announced it and tried to spread the word, there are always those who miss the notices. Even if we warn people not to come, there will always be those who do what they’re told not to do.

‘I hope there are none of those people.’

Finally, the morning of September 29th arrived. Since we didn’t know when exactly the place would turn into a dungeon, we decided to wait near the main gate early in the morning.

“Leader Hyuk-Jin, is this place really going to turn into a dungeon?”

“I’m not sure. In my prophetic dream, it did.”

“Prophetic dreams are so amazing. Ah!”

Shin Yeon-Seo spotted someone. The ‘Golden Priest’ Gong Jin-Hoon. And the ‘Poison Witch’ Cheon Su-Ji.

“Are the Taeguk Shield people coming with us?”

“No. They just showed up to keep up appearances. We’ll proceed with the clear by ourselves.”

They came so that Taeguk Shield wouldn’t appear inactive. Or, to be more precise, to appeal to Chairman Song Ki-Yeong. Hence their arrival.

Seonhwa’s words, filled with a firm resolve, could be heard.

“Brother. I’m against that sister.”

Shin Yeon-Seo nodded as well.

“Yep. I’m against it, too.”

They were spouting nonsense in the early morning breeze. Without replying, I let it slide.

“Do you all remember everything I said?”

Everyone answered they did. Without Senia, I had shared a rough strategy with them. Of course, we would discuss the detailed strategy ‘on-site’, but I had definitely sketched out the outline.

‘1st floor.’

On the first floor, the basic monster ‘Dark Black Dog’ appears. At my level, their level will probably show as ‘?’. They’re impossible to hunt using ordinary methods.

‘And there will be a boss mob.’

There will also be ‘that thing’ even stronger than a Dark Black Dog. I regulated my breathing. I’ll be fine. I can do this.

“Uh, Brother. The main gate is distorting.”

The transformation of the main gate into a dungeon had begun. The current time was 8:40 in the morning. The dungeonization had started. Notifications began to sound for all players in the vicinity.

[A dungeon is being created.]

[‘U-Flex’ is beginning to transform into ‘U-Flex Dungeon’.]

The dungeonization of U-Flex had started. But something was different from the past.

[‘No human life detected inside U-Flex.’]

I had aimed for that. To minimize damage. To prevent unnecessary casualties.

[‘The activation condition for U-Flex Dungeon is not met.’]

The alert was somewhat strange. If the activation condition wasn’t met, does that mean activation would be canceled? In my plan, this place was mandatory to clear.

[‘System adjustments are being made to meet the activation condition of U-Flex Dungeon.’]

I made a split-second decision. I realized what that ‘system adjustment’ meant the moment I saw it. System adjustment work. In other words, it means that the area will be expanded until it ‘contains human life.’

I was certain of this.

[‘U-Flex Dungeon is expanding.’]

[‘Forced entry from outside U-Flex Dungeon without ‘special qualifications’ is impossible.’]

The dungeon was expanding to consume living humans. To fulfill the activation criteria. The expansion of the dungeon began.

‘I can…!’

I can stop this expansion. Prevent people around Sinchon from being consumed by the dungeon.

‘I will stop it.’

I had decided to stop it.

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