Player with Maxed-out Talent chapter 106

Player with Maxed-Out Talent

I opened the newly created special skill description window.


[Absorption Ring]

It absorbs all physical damage for 0.5 seconds. However, this only applies if the level of the entity dealing the physical damage is 50 or lower. The absorbed damage is converted into H/P, and the item is destroyed after use.


A Purple-grade enhancement had been made, and a new skill was born. ‘A skill that converts physical damage into H/P for 0.5 seconds.’ This meant that even a deadly blow, like Yeonseo’s ‘One-Strike Kill,’ could be rendered harmless if timed correctly.

‘It’s a step above the set effect of the Orc Warrior.’

It was an advanced ability that not only defended but also absorbed H/P. Even though the activation time was incredibly short, if I timed it right, it would be incredibly effective.

I told Senia.

“We’re about to begin the fusion process.”

Only five minutes were left on the effective duration of the fusion stone.

‘I’m not sure what the chances of success are.’

I didn’t even know how to increase the success rate. The concept of a ‘fusion stone’ was foreign to ordinary people and most players, a rare relic known only in theory and text.

‘The only thing that might increase the success rate is… mind control.’

I observed the fusion stone with ‘Observer’s Eye.’ There was no particularity to be found. However, I felt that a confident mindset of ‘I can do it’ was necessary.

‘I can do it.’

I repeated to myself.

‘I can do it.’

I have changed from being helpless in the past. Now, I paint my own future. I can do it.

‘I can do it.’

After several instances of mind control, I did not hesitate to use the fusion stone.

[Would you like to use the fusion stone?]

[Please select the item you wish to fuse with the fusion stone.]

A square ‘slot’ appeared in front of me. It’s visible only to me. I just need to select the item and place it there.

[Would you like to select ‘Legolas’s Ring +3’?]

[Using the fusion stone to absorb ‘Legolas’s Ring +3’ into the player’s body.]

My body shone brightly. It’s something that usually applies to top-tier players—doing this in a beginner area is both novel and shocking.

[Fusion process has begun.]

[It will take some time.]

I instinctively knew,

‘I must not lose focus during this time.’

It wasn’t a matter of just leaving it to the system. Although no one taught me, I sat down in place. I crossed my legs and closed my eyes. There might still be some chance of encountering ‘Jinjuogong,’ but I trusted Kang Sang-gu by my side.

[I observe with the Observer’s Eye.]

I watched how the fusion stone affected my body, the flow within me. It was a different kind of sensation from visual inspection. Even with my eyes closed, I could feel the flow of mana.

‘Is this what high-level players meant by observation?’

It was still vague. I couldn’t feel it precisely. It wasn’t a familiar sensation to explore my body with closed eyes. But it was not completely unknown either.

‘I feel foreign energies seeping into my body.’

I read the path of these energies. I couldn’t control anything, but I focused on them. I kept repeating in my mind.

‘I can… do it!’

How much time had passed? An alert rang.


[The fusion was successful.]

* * *

Kang Sang-gu wanted to ask.

‘What the hell is that monster doing?’

Kang Sang-gu stood close by Kim Hyuk-jin, ready for any monster attacks. He almost blurted out his thoughts but stopped himself. He didn’t want to break Kim Hyuk-jin’s concentration.

‘There was a flash of light from his body earlier.’

He wondered whether it was even possible to meditate to such a degree inside this Gate. Where monsters could appear at any moment, Hyuk-jin remained still, breathing steadily, clearly not dead.

‘This guy’s definitely not human.’

Kang Sang-gu shook his head, thinking that even if he were reborn, he couldn’t possess such focus and recklessness. He might think this way, but his own concentration was not to be underestimated. Kim Hyuk-jin, currently in a very vulnerable state, could be in danger at any moment. Therefore, Kang Sang-gu did not let down his guard.

When some more time had passed, a purple light emanated from Kim Hyuk-jin’s body. He suddenly opened his eyes wide!

“Wow! Geez! I thought you were a ghost.”

Kim Hyuk-jin stood up and looked around.

“Any monsters?”



“Yeah. Since your feet were glowing blue… not even a shadow of a monster. But what was that about? Why were you glowing and then purple energy leaking out?”

Kim Hyuk-jin smiled faintly. Kang Sang-gu’s eyes sparkled intensely.

“It’s nothing. I just succeeded in enhancing an item and absorbed it into my body.”

“What? Enhancement? That’s a thing?”

“Yes. It exists. It’s not properly open yet.”

“How did you manage to do it when it’s not open?”

“You just do it.”

Kang Sang-gu looked flabbergasted. ‘Just do it’—was that even a real answer? It’s like a math genius saying, ‘You just solve the math problem.’ But then, Kang Sang-gu realized.

‘This conversation isn’t for me.’

It was information for a team member, but more than that, Kim Hyuk-jin was explaining what had just happened to the guardians.

‘I guess I should ask to make it natural.’

Kang Sang-gu artfully asked.

“What’s this absorption thing?”

“I fused a ring.”


“Yeah. It generated a special skill, too.”

Kim Hyuk-jin recalled the notification.

[The ‘skill’ of the fused item has been detected.]

[A successful fusion has converted the item’s skill into the player’s skill.]

[The compatibility and harmony of the ‘item’s skill’ and the ‘player’s body’ are being checked.]

The compatibility check resulted in.

[A ‘Perfect Compatibility’ judgment.]

[You have the optimal conditions for absorbing the item’s abilities.]

[A special skill ‘Absorption (吸收)’ has been created.]

I was very pleased. The ‘Absorption Ring’ skill previously on the ‘Legolas’s Ring’ had a critical flaw. It was a one-time use. The item would be destroyed after use.

But now, that wasn’t the case.


[Absorption (吸收)]

It absorbs all physical damage for 0.5 seconds. The absorbed damage is converted into H/P.

Cooldown: 24 hours


Not only had the level restriction disappeared, but the skill was also no longer a one-time use. Now, it was a skill I could use once a day. Such a result meant the fusion between the item and the player was highly successful and the compatibility was perfect.

Kang Sang-gu asked cautiously.

“Can I ask what that ability is?”

“You’ll find out in due time.”

There was no intention to keep it a secret from Kang Sang-gu. Kang Sang-gu had to know his cards for efficient teamwork. Right now, Kim Hyuk-jin was keeping it a secret from the guardians, showing them 70% and hiding 30%.

Kang Sang-gu nodded.

“Okay. Gotcha. So now we’re going to clear this place, right? I really hate this cave, it’s creepy, and we’ve been here quite a while.”

“How long have I been sitting here?”

“Maybe 30 minutes?”

That’s when Senia appeared and corrected him.

“2 hours 12 minutes 04 seconds.”

“What? Seriously? Have I been there that long? Maybe it’s because I was tense, but it felt much shorter.”

Kim Hyuk-jin scanned the surroundings.

‘If this cave has a similar structure to Maehwado…’

There should be a clear crystal at the end of this cave.

‘I was supposed to have caught Jinjuogong.’

My goal was the ‘pearl’ dropped by ‘Jinjuogong.’ A useful item in the ‘U-Flex Dungeon’ we had to conquer. However, the appearance of the Forsythia beast had thrown a wrench in my plans.

“There are no signs of Jinjuogong nearby.”

Whether the Forsythia beast scared it away or whether it burned to death in the fire caused by Kang Sang-gu was unclear.

“Let’s look for the clear crystal.”

* * *

It was almost the same structure as Maehwado. Kim Hyuk-jin didn’t have a hard time finding the purple clear crystal and was able to clear the ‘Jinjuogong (Centipede Groove).’

[You have cleared the Gate-Jinjuogong (Centipede Groove).]

[You are awarded experience as a reward for clearing the Gate-Jinjuogong (Centipede Groove).]

[An ‘achievement’ has been recorded as part of the gate clearing.]

Kang Sang-gu beamed with joy.

“That must be because we defeated that incredibly strong guy earlier. Level 40.”

He was elated, until his expression froze.

[A map of the ‘Forsythia Beast Colony (捕食樹 群落地)’ is given as a reward.]

He shook his head.

“I don’t need such a map.”

His body trembled uncontrollably. The colony was overwhelming enough, let alone a map to it.

“We’re not going there, right?”


“Come on, Hyuk-jin. Please. Say we’re not going.”


Kang Sang-gu realized it. He could see Kim Hyuk-jin smiling slyly.

“Hey, you insane guy. It’s crazy to go looking for a colony when we already struggled with one. We have to be rational about this, right?”

However, during his plea, he had a gut feeling. Our lord and commander will definitely go there. This map will undoubtedly be used someday.

“Damn it…”

I’ll just have to focus on learning magic. He had no intention of sending Kim Hyuk-jin alone anyway. The base assumption was ‘we go together.’ Although that was the plan, he couldn’t help but look miserable.

“It seems I was wrong to become friends with you.”

Kim Hyuk-jin ignored Kang Sang-gu’s grumbling and wheedling. In his previous life, Kang Sang-gu often whined, contrary to his nickname, the Flame Emperor. It was even said that his skill was proportional to his whining.

[You are awarded 10,000 coins as a reward for clearing the Gate-Jinjuogong (Centipede Groove).]

Kang Sang-gu clenched his fist.

“Oh yeah!”


[You are awarded ‘Centipede’s Venom Tooth’ as a clear reward.]

[You are awarded ‘The Corpse of Jinjuogong’ as a clear reward.]

All gate clear rewards were given.

[Exiting the Gate.]

We exited the gate. Thanks to the police, including the Taeguk Shield, who had controlled the perimeter well, there were no further injuries.

‘I absolutely need Jinjuogong’s pearl for the U-Flex Dungeon.’

That meant I had to go to Maehwado. But then, I noticed a [!!!] mark above Darling’s head, in red no less. Along with that, there was also a musical note [♩♪], and it was puffing its chest proudly, clearly proclaiming ‘Look at me, I’m so great.’

‘Could it be?’

I hurriedly checked the inventory.

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