Necromancer Before Awakening

Necromancer Before Awakening (각성 전부터 네크로맨서) follows the story of Kang Sahu, a skilled embalmer and hidden necromancer, navigating a world suddenly besieged by monstrous creatures and mysterious Gates. As a cataclysmic event unfolds, Kang Sahu reveals his true abilities, awakening to new powers amidst chaos. With spirits aiding him and undead creatures under his control, he fights to protect those around him while uncovering the secrets behind the Gates and the Awakened.


Necromancer Before Awakening is an enthralling Korean novel that combines supernatural elements with intense action and emotional depth. Kang Sahu, a dedicated embalmer from a family of necromancers, finds his life turned upside down when monstrous creatures invade his world. As the sky shatters and people awaken to new powers, Kang Sahu’s hidden necromancer abilities come to the forefront. He must navigate through perilous situations, protect his loved ones, and confront the malevolent forces threatening humanity.


Q: What is the main theme of “Necromancer Before Awakening”? A: The main theme revolves around awakening hidden powers, survival amidst chaos, and the struggle between life and death. The protagonist, Kang Sahu, navigates his necromancer abilities while dealing with the sudden emergence of monstrous creatures and mysterious Gates.

Q: Who is Kang Sahu? A: Kang Sahu is the protagonist, an embalmer with hidden necromancer abilities. He comes from a family with a long history in necromancy and finds himself awakening to new powers as the world faces a cataclysmic event.

Q: What are the Gates mentioned in the novel? A: The Gates are mysterious portals that appear worldwide, causing widespread panic and chaos. They are linked to the emergence of monstrous creatures and the awakening of special powers in individuals.

Q: How does Kang Sahu’s necromancer ability play a role in the story? A: Kang Sahu’s necromancer ability is crucial as he uses it to control undead creatures, communicate with spirits, and protect those around him. His powers are a key element in his struggle against the invading monsters and the unfolding mysteries of the Gates.

Q: What makes “Necromancer Before Awakening” unique? A: The novel blends supernatural elements with action and emotional storytelling. Its unique portrayal of necromancy, the protagonist’s hidden abilities, and the dramatic shift in the world make it a captivating read. The intricate relationships and the protagonist’s inner struggles add depth to the thrilling plot.