Necromancer Before Awakening Chapter 8

Episode 8: Awakening Rank Measurement (2)

The rank measurement proceeded quickly. Whenever a person called out walked up to the podium and placed their hand on the monolith according to the instructions, details about the awakened would appear just as Lieutenant Han Siyeon had demonstrated. Once the information about the awakened person was entered by a waiting soldier, the process was complete. The soldiers efficiently handled their tasks, quickly finishing the ranking measurements of those lined up.

“How was it?”

“Nothing much, see for yourself.”

Before the monolith’s rank measurement disappeared, Kang Jiye took a photo with her phone and showed her results.

[Rare Class: Cleric]

– Rank: B

– Level: 8

– Stats: Strength [2], Health [5], Magic [15], Agility [3], Sense [1]

– Skills: Healing Hands, [Unacquired], [Unacquired], [Unacquired], [Unacquired]

“Your stats are really at rock bottom, huh? But you have four ‘Unacquired’ skills?”

Kang Jiye almost snapped at the teasing about her poor stats, but relaxed and flashed a V-sign when she heard the mention of ‘potential’.

“Hey, they say it’s potential, right? That means I can acquire four more skills in the future.”

Considering Lieutenant Han Siyeon had two unacquired skills, Kang Jiye’s potential seemed quite promising.

Kang Sahu looked at his sister as if seeing her anew.

“Seems like the talent you didn’t get as a Necromancer was hiding here.”

“…Are you asking for a fight?”

Kang Jiye’s eyes narrowed in an instant.

Just then, as if planned, Kang Sahu was the last to be called.

Kang Jiye glared fiercely as she watched her brother hurriedly get up, patting his buttocks as if escaping.

“What’s this? This convenient timing?”

“No way. It’s my first time seeing these soldiers.”

“But how is it that right after my name is called, my brother is called next?”

Kang Jiye complained with a voice full of injustice, and Kang Sahu shrugged.

“Well, it was just you and me left, right?”

“…Ah, seriously annoying.”

Kang Jiye gritted her teeth watching her brother, knowing it was his turn to be called.

She walked up to the podium where Lieutenant Han Siyeon, who had previously demonstrated the monolith’s rating method, was waiting behind a screen.

“Mr. Kang Sahu, the awakened, correct?”

“Yes, do I just place my hand here?”

“That’s correct. Place your hand there, and the monolith will absorb mana.”

Having heard the instructions, Kang Sahu nodded and stood in front of the monolith. He noticed faint fingerprint smudges apparently wiped after each person’s turn.

When Kang Sahu placed his hand on the monolith, he felt the mana being sucked out through his hand.

Even during the ranking measurement, Kang Sahu continuously pondered.

‘This situation isn’t so bad for us. It was hard to reveal that Jiye and I are Necromancers anyway. Given this, it might be better to naturally let people understand through the power associated with the awakening.’

If they openly investigate awakeneds like this, it would be easier to pass off the power of a Necromancer as something gained from awakening.

This kind of public checking of ranks only meant that the government still hadn’t figured out everything about the awakeneds.

Therefore, while one could suspect the power of a Necromancer, it couldn’t definitely be proven false.

This meant…

There was no need to hide in the shadows like dead, as a Necromancer, anymore.

‘A Necromancer can be recognized and come out into the world.’

The longer the period of oppression, the greater the joy of liberation proportionally felt, and a smile naturally appeared on his face.

Then, amidst a clamor, he turned his head.

Lieutenant Han Siyeon and a soldier who sat next to record, looked at him in panic.

“What’s wrong? What happened…”

Following their gaze, Kang Sahu looked at the monolith where he had placed his hand and went silent.

The monolith showed a mysterious phenomenon, utterly different from when Lieutenant Han Siyeon demonstrated.

Lines attempted to form letters, stirring as before, but they couldn’t form a single letter; instead, they dispersed far and wide and regrouped like a beacon lost at sea.

“…It seems there’s been an error. Please wait a moment.”

“Do I remove my hand now?” Kang Sahu asked as he attempted to lift his hand.

Before he could fully lift his hand, the monolith, which had been continuously absorbing mana through Kang Sahu’s hand, started to vibrate fiercely.

“Wow, wow! Lieutenant Colonel!”

“What’s happening?!”

Lieutenant Han Siyeon looked flustered at the monolith.

Kang Sahu now wondered whether to lift his hand or not.

“Lieutenant, should I take off my hand?”

“Just a moment! There’s no protocol for this situation…!”

“What’s going on?”

Even though there was a screen installed for privacy, it was merely a makeshift fabric that made it hard to see inside.

Thus, the panicked voices of Kang Sahu and Lieutenant Han Siyeon inside could also be heard by those waiting outside.

“Excuse me. Is something wrong?”

“Just a moment.”

Another soldier hurried toward the screened area.

“Lieutenant Colonel, what’s happening… Whoa!”

The soldier peeked inside the screen and saw the monolith, glowing red and vibrating intensely, and exclaimed loudly in shock.

Lieutenant Han Siyeon stared sternly at the rashly entering soldier.

While watching, she put her index finger to her lips. “First, let’s go outside and prepare the other awakened ones for evacuation…”


Just as the soldiers were panicking and at a loss due to the unexpected situation, cracks began to form on the monolith.

As the monolith emitted light as if it were about to explode, Lieutenant Han Si-yeon shouted, “Everyone, get down!”


Right after her shout, the monolith shattered and began to collapse.

The barrier crumbled, and people waiting outside lay flat on the ground, then began murmuring as they raised their heads.

“What, what’s going on?”

“What happened?”

Pushing through the crowd, Kang Ji-ye ran onto the podium. “Brother!”

She climbed onto the podium and found Kang Sa-hu. However, it wasn’t Kang Sa-hu who responded to her call. Click.

“Brother… Huh? You?”

Kang Ji-ye, startled, widened her eyes as she met the gaze of four massive hounds that had appeared to protect Kang Sa-hu.

One of the giant hounds had flattened the monolith to its belly, ready to block any possible explosion.

“Why did you come up here?”

When Kang Sa-hu looked at Kang Ji-ye and asked, she exclaimed, “I came up because I was worried you were hurt! Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m not hurt.”

Responding nonchalantly, he waved dismissively at the giant hounds that were protecting him from all sides.

The giant hounds looked around, as if assessing for additional dangers, then slowly moved aside to let Kang Sa-hu pass.

“Well done.”

Walking between them, he patted the head of the giant hound that had been blocking the monolith.

Appearing just as they had at the time of death, the giant hound seemed pleased, clacking its jaw.

“Ha, hah! What is that?”

“Monster! Another monster has appeared!”

“Please, just a moment! Calm down!”

Seeing the summoned zombie giant hounds, the awakened ones prepared for battle, but Lieutenant Han Si-yeon quickly calmed them down.

“This is this person’s ability! They are not an enemy!”

With that explanation, the agitated awakened ones gradually lowered their guard.

Feeling the need to quickly quell the commotion, Lieutenant Han Si-yeon hastened Kang Sa-hu’s descent.

“Although there was an unexpected issue, this concludes the grading of all awakened individuals. The results will be dispatched later; you may leave for today.”

It clearly felt like an abrupt dismissal.

However, the awakened ones, who had encountered monsters a month ago and gained powers, welcomed the decision and quickly dispersed upon seeing the giant hound.

Kang Sa-hu, scratching his head, commanded the giant hounds waiting for him to return to the spirit realm.

The four giant hounds obediently returned to the spirit realm. However, the one that had blocked the monolith refused Kang Sa-hu’s command to return.

“Why aren’t you coming back?”

Shaking its head, the dissenting giant hound slowly approached him.

Puzzled, Kang Sa-hu looked at the giant hound, which slightly opened its muzzle to show him something.


Understanding the intention of the giant hound, Kang Sa-hu took something from its mouth and secretly slipped it into his pocket.

“Brother? What’s that…”

Just as Kang Ji-ye was about to ask about his action, Kang Sa-hu quietly raised his index finger to his lips.

Her mouth snapped shut, and once she saw the remaining giant hound return to the spirit realm, Kang Sa-hu took Kang Ji-ye and left.

Feeling the stares from behind, but knowing that getting caught would waste a lot of time, he did not stop walking.

Above all, his entire focus was on the item given by the giant hound, a fragment from the monolith, which he had placed in his pocket.

* * *

After the grading was finished.

Lieutenant Han Si-yeon, with a stern expression, stood at attention before her superior.

Sitting in front of her, the chest of her superior sparkled with two stars.

Having watched the video silently for a while, the man sighed.

“So, was the grading for this person not done properly?”

“I’ll rectify it! I will call them back and measure again quickly!”

With her spirited reply, the chairman of the National Crisis Management Center, Han Seong-hoon, frowned.

“What if the monolith is destroyed again? Do you have a plan? Are you aware that there are only a few monoliths in our country?”

Faced with these consecutive questions, her complexion turned pale.

“I’m sorry!”

“Tsk… Think before you

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