Necromancer Before Awakening Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Awakening Grade Measurement (1)

After a long day.

A month had passed since Kang Sahu awoke.

News outlets around the world continuously reported incidents of Gates opening, similar to those in Korea, leading to an increase in the number of people awakening.

Surprisingly, the Korean government was ahead of other countries in gathering and officially announcing information about the Gates and awakened individuals.

The government explained that awakeners have grades, and the danger level can be determined through the energy emerging from the Gates, along with various special minerals and plants.

Naturally, there were demands from leaders of other countries about how such information was obtained so quickly, but the president refused to disclose any information, citing it as confidential.

Despite more Gates opening, the situation was quickly handled before it worsened by awakeners with military backgrounds.

Though some felt skeptical about the government’s nimble handling and tried to uncover more information, such efforts were short-lived.

Over time, people who doubted or investigated the government disappeared.

After the Gates appeared, schools and businesses closed for a while, but society, adapting to the information about Gates and awakeners, gradually moved toward normalization.

In the meantime,

Kang Sahu also spent time deeply contemplating his abilities and the direction of his life, reading news articles, NewTube videos, and even papers on awakeners and Gates.

‘After all, hunters will continue to be needed as more Gates appear, and I can use my abilities here without any reservations.’

Kang Sahu thought, clasping and unclasping his hands.

It was a far-fetched dream that he had given up on, as everyone said it wouldn’t work.

He conformed and chose to become a mortician, forgetting his dream.

‘The debut of a necromancer into the light.’

Feeling his heart race, Kang Sahu looked at his phone ringing with a siren sound.


Soon after, Kang Jiye emerged from her room with swollen eyes.

Trudging through the living room towards Kang Sahu’s room, she was startled to find him sitting quietly on the sofa.

“Ah, you scared me!”

“You’re awake?”

“How could I not be? With all these messages coming in.”

Beeeeeeep! Beeeeeeep!

Perhaps worried that the message sounds were not heard or that someone had woken up and fallen back to sleep, the notifications arrived every minute with a siren sound.

The message content instructed everyone to gather in the auditorium of a designated school in each area, stating, ‘Prior notifications have been sent to your workplaces and schools, please ensure your attendance.’

“Whether you work or go to school, it says you must come. Seems something big is really happening.”

“It is big. Remember what I told you before?”

“Yes, I remember. You said to speak honestly about your abilities but downplay them by one level. Looks like they really are checking on our abilities.”

After giving Kang Jiye another warning, the two prepared and left for the designated school.

* * *

Despite it being 7 a.m., the school gate was swamped with people who appeared to be awakeners and their families, as well as soldiers and journalists.

“What’s your awakened ability?”

“Why have you been asked to gather here? Is there any information you’ve heard?”

“Do awakeners think of regular people as those who have been left behind by evolution, possessing a sense of elitism?”

“What are your thoughts on awakeners committing crimes?”

As the journalists fired their flashes and shoved their cameras forward, the awakeners hurried towards the auditorium.

Soldiers used their bodies to block them but ended up clashing physically, which led to accusations from journalists like ‘Soldiers are hitting reporters!’ or ‘Who do you think you are?’

Anticipating the chaos, Kang Sahu signaled Kang Jiye with his eyes to pull her hood over her head while he did the same.

“Wow, you’re amazing, brother. Did you anticipate this situation?”

“Just. You see it in movies.”

Though he replied casually, Kang Jiye felt anew that her brother was extraordinary.

Beyond the chaotic entrance and into the auditorium, they could enter by scanning a QR code.

After scanning the QR code from the message, around a hundred people scattered about freely inside.

“Are all these people awakeners? Isn’t it too many?”

“From what was surveyed nationally, there are about 200,000 awakeners in our country. And since this is Seoul, there seem to be more here.”

“200,000? That’s a lot. Considering our population is 50 million… Oh, wait, that’s about 0.4%.”

As they were talking, soldiers organized the scattered people into lines and brought chairs for everyone to sit.

People sat on the commonly used plastic chairs from convenience stores, and a large projector screen began to descend.

Soon after, the projector turned on with a woman, wearing a deep hood, appearing from behind the screen.

[Hello. I have awakened as a prophet. At the request of the government, I am here to assist in addressing this situation in cooperation with them.]

The mention of a prophet had people gazing at the screen in amazement.

However, the prophet, being in a hurry, continued speaking before anyone could react.

[The government is using my abilities and scientific technology to ensure the nation’s safety and establish a structured approach. One of the steps is to recognize awakeners as hunters and to differentiate them based on their abilities and potential.]

As the prophet spoke fluidly, she slightly bowed her head.

[The Gates that have occurred so far are just the beginning. More Gates will continue to appear, and over time, more powerful Gates will emerge.]

The announcement of more Gates in the future caused the awakeners to stir.

But the prophet, seeming short of time, 조속히 계속 말을 이어갔습니다.

[Most importantly, in a month, a C-Class Gate will occur in Sejong City.]

“C, C-Class…?”

“Didn’t we just handle an E-Class outbreak abroad recently with tanks barely managing to suppress it…?”

“C-Class is two levels higher than that? To stop something like that…?”

“Is that what you’re doing?” People murmured in fear upon hearing the grade of the gate.

As if watching the scene unfold, the prophet nodded.

[Many of you may be alarmed, but it’s true. However, all I see is that a C-class gate will appear. How many more gates will open is unknown. Therefore, we must prepare as quickly as possible in this one month to prevent this crisis.]

The prophet’s voice trembled faintly.

Even across the screen, her trembling body, which hardly looked normal or comfortable, was evident.

Most people were startled at her shivering so violently, but instructors Kang Sahoo, Kang Jiye, and a few awakened individuals realized the significance of her actions.

She was using her abilities to their limits while viewing the future and explaining in person.

She struggled to continue speaking, panting heavily, even starting to sweat under her long hood, yet she did not stop speaking.

[To do that, first, those of you who have awakened must understand your own abilities and strength. You will soon be guided on how to do so, so please be reassured.]

Now visibly breathing heavily, she finished speaking and collapsed to the side.

The camera operator hurriedly lowered the camera, and sounds of people rushing in could be heard from beyond the screen.


The beam projector switched off, and a soldier appeared on the podium.

Next to him, several sturdy soldiers carried over a sleek black stone about the size of a water dispenser.

“Hello, I am Lieutenant Han Siyeon. I will now demonstrate, and I ask each of you to come forward in turn and place your hand on this ‘Monolith.’”

After finishing her speech, Lieutenant Han Siyeon walked up to the black stone.

Without hesitation, she placed her hand on the stone, which absorbed the mana from her hand.

Complicated numbers and swirling, unintelligible writings seemed to come to life on the stone, and soon the side of the rectangular black stone began to display readable text.

[Hidden Class: Dragonkin]

-Grade: A

-Level: 20

-Stats: Strength[20], Stamina[15], Magic[5], Agility[10], Sensory[3]

-Skills: Dragon Claw, [Undiscovered], [Undiscovered]

People murmured in surprise upon seeing the writing on the Monolith.

Although it was their first actual sighting, information about the awakened had been released through various media, so people understood what the Monolith was used for.

It wasn’t merely a vague sense of their physical condition, but a device that numerically quantified abilities for precise understanding.

Realizing why they had been summoned, the awakened ones watched the Monolith with interest.

When Lieutenant Han Siyeon removed her hand, the writing that had appeared next to it smoothly disappeared.

“As you can see, the purpose of the Monolith is to accurately assess the condition of an awakened individual. We won’t make it public like I did, so please rest assured,” she explained.

An awakened individual raised a hand.

“Why should we do this? No matter what power I have, I have no intention of fighting those monsters ever again.”

It was a question that could certainly cause alarm, but Lieutenant Han Siyeon responded without a hint of hesitation, as if she had been expecting it.

“Think of it as for the security and safety of the Republic of Korea. Whether you use your power or not, you have become a superhuman different from ordinary people.”

Lieutenant Han Siyeon scanned the awakened individuals.

“Furthermore, as the prophet predicted, portals from which monsters emerge, called gates, will occur in the future. When that happens, it won’t be about choosing whether to fight; it will be an inevitable battle for survival.”

Her eyes narrowed.

“While you have the freedom to choose, if awakened individuals do not register and choose not to fight, there will be disadvantages.”

“What? Are you threatening us now?”

An awakened individual snapped back sharply.

However, Lieutenant Han Siyeon shook her head gently.

“No, I’m simply stating the facts. Imagine a scenario where a fire-related crime occurs, and there happens to be an awakened individual who can use fire at that location.”

She continued looking at the awakened individual who had snapped.

“If the perpetrator remains unidentified, but there is suspicion towards that awakened individual. How much more likely is it to be suspected if the individual has registered and not hidden, compared to if they had not registered?”


The person who had raised their voice fell silent, the faint heat rising from their clenched fist cooling off.

Lieutenant Han Siyeon shrugged slightly.

“As I mentioned, it’s merely information gathering for security purposes. The information collected through the Monolith will not be used for any other purposes. The state guarantees this.”

“The last part makes it less trustworthy…”

A muttering was heard somewhere, but people tactfully pretended not to hear.

Clearing her throat to change the mood, she adopted a drill-rest position.

“Now, let’s proceed with checking the abilities of the awakened. Those who are called, please come up in turn.”

A screen was set up around the Monolith so that others could not see.

Watching people step up to the podium, Kang Jiye sighed deeply.

“What to do. Just like brother said, hiding my powers will be impossible now. The whole world will learn about my outstanding and benevolent healing abilities!”


Kang Sahoo looked at Kang Jiye with a sour expression.

Despite her laughter, Kang Sahoo’s face remained unamused.

‘She’s just awakened?’

The prophet who had just stepped onto the podium mentioned that she had gained her abilities by awakening recently.

However, the government’s response over the past month had been excessively prompt.

If Kang Sahoo’s assumption was correct, then the prophet had likely awakened much earlier than claimed.

Most importantly, if his speculation was accurate, everything made sense—the government had been quickly aware and acted upon information not known to other countries, recognizing the threat from the gates.


Kang Sahoo stroked his chin, his eyes narrowing slightly.

A faint blue and green glow emanated from his eyes.

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