Necromancer Before Awakening Chapter 6

Episode 6. Changes

Before departing, Kang Sahoo, who was in the car, tried to contact the head of the hospital department but was unable to connect the call. After verifying that people from other departments of the hospital had also evacuated, Kang Sahoo started the car and left. The radio incessantly poured out ‘breaking news’, spilling all sorts of information.

[Breaking News: The number of individuals identified as awakeners has increased by 2,000 from 4,000 to 6,000 an hour ago.]

[Breaking News: Most of the monsters across the nation appear to have been dealt with, but there are still five locations where battles are ongoing.]

As he drove listening to the radio, his eyes sank in thought. Having experienced it firsthand, Kang Sahoo no longer doubted the existence of gates and awakeners. However, the problem was,

“Why did this phenomenon occur in the first place?”

Moreover, he felt it unnatural that the government was hiding information about such a crucial issue.

[Breaking News…]

Just when the repetitive breaking news began to feel overwhelming, Kang Sahoo finally arrived at Hwanwoong High School where his younger sibling was. Because a gate had burst open there causing monsters to emerge, only military vehicles were seen moving around the area. The situation at Hwanwoong High School was not much different from that at the hospital.

Under military guidance, people were being moved, and the deceased were covered with white cloths in one place. As military personnel taped off access and barred entry outside the high school, Kang Sahoo called his sibling on his cellphone.

[Oppa! Why aren’t you answering your phone!]

“Sorry. It’s been hectic. I made it to the front of the school, but they’re not letting me in.”

[What? You’re at the school now? Just wait a bit! I’ll come out!]

As the call ended, Kang Sahoo leaned back in the driver’s seat and took a breath.

“It seems inefficient to substitute Ki (energy) for spirits.”

The true power of a necromancer came from spirits, their main source of energy. However, using spirits, which linger briefly before moving to the afterlife, arbitrarily without preparation was impossible. Fortunately, using the vast amount of Ki obtained through awakening, he could substitute it for the energy needed for magic, but since he was still not accustomed to this method, the power was significantly weaker.

To compensate for the weakened magic, he had to use more Ki, or mana, than necessary, but this was not efficient either, so a compromise had to be found.

While he was organizing his thoughts with his eyes closed, a knock sounded on the passenger side window. Turning his head, Kang Sahoo saw his sibling, Kang Jiye, who was dripping wet, as if she had just washed her face and head, and her clothes were soaked with blood.

“Are you okay? Any injuries?”

“I’m fine. Are you okay, Oppa? I heard there was chaos at the hospital where you work.”

“Thanks to using magic, I managed to handle it without much trouble.”

“You used magic!? That’s a relief. I was worried that even in such a situation you might insist on following rules or something and end up fighting physically.”

Kang Jiye sighed in relief but then suddenly flared up.

“Just answer the phone on time for once! Or at least leave a message! Didn’t you talk with Mom and Dad?”

“Right after I hung up, another issue came up. It’s been chaotic.”

“Ah, so you didn’t even have a minute to call back?”

“…Are you hungry?”

As the questioning continued to catch on, Kang Sahoo clumsily and adroitly changed the subject.

“Sigh. I’m hungry.”

Though it was clear he was deflecting, Kang Jiye, knowing her brother’s personality all her life, sighed and went along with it.

“Wait up. Let’s see if there’s a place to eat.”

Kang Sahoo pressed the accelerator harder, finally escaping the loop of questioning.

Kang Ji-ye was bewildered by Kang Sa-hu’s strange words. “Then, brother, did you check the skill?” “Just a moment.” When she asked about the skill he hadn’t checked yet, Kang Sa-hu closed his eyes and concentrated his mind. As he recalled his abilities with his eyes closed, a black card he had chosen at the hospital surfaced in his mind like something he’d seen on NewTube. It was still unfamiliar, and although he was surprised internally, he focused on the card without showing it, feeling blue text being written on it.

[First Skill – Soul Artifact Creation]

– You can collect the souls of beings that have met death.

– A dead soul can voluntarily become a Soul Artifact if it wishes.

– You can forcibly turn a killed soul into a Soul Artifact.

– If forcibly created, the quality will be inferior compared to when acquired voluntarily.

– When creating a Soul Artifact along with a body, you can summon the body just before it became a Soul Artifact.

– You can use a Soul Artifact to restore the durability of another Soul Artifact.


As the information continued to flow unceasingly, Kang Sa-hu opened his eyes. Even though his eyes were open, the information about the skill continued to surface in his mind, but he no longer needed to consciously acknowledge it. Just like how one can act naturally without consciously recalling through repetitive training, he could bring forth the abilities of his skill.

“How is it? Did you feel anything?” Kang Ji-ye looked at Kang Sa-hu with expectant eyes. “Yes, to be precise, I’m still feeling it, but I’ve figured out what kind of power I’ve gained.” Kang Sa-hu took a mysterious bead out of the handkerchief he had kept in his pocket. He could feel it. That he could now see the information of this bead. As he gazed quietly at the bead, blue and green light flowed from his eyes. And looking at the bead with those eyes, he could read the information that couldn’t be read in the hospital.

[Giant Hound’s Soul Artifact]

– Description: Soul Artifact of a [Zombified] Giant Hound.

– Durability: 100/100

– Potential Utilization: 100%

– Grade: E

– Status: Contains a [Zombified] body. When summoned, the Giant Hound’s body is also summoned.

“So this is what it was. It’s a Soul Artifact.”

“Wait, hold on! Just a moment!” Kang Ji-ye, staring at Kang Sa-hu, suddenly grabbed his cheeks in shock. “What’s with your eyes? Since when did you have heterochromia?” At her words, Kang Sa-hu tilted his head and looked at his phone, then exclaimed in surprise. “What the, my eyes…”

“How should I know!” When he concentrated deeply, and as a necromancer when his power acted, one of the green lights that burst forth turned blue. ‘…Could it be.’ He recalled the necromancer card he had chosen. The hooded face drawn on that card. The light flowing from those eyes was blue.

After explaining the situation, Kang Ji-ye tilted her head in puzzlement. “…Is it influenced by awakening? Then it must have been influenced by the spirit…. Brother, show me the skill.” Thinking that using the skill might bring other changes, Kang Ji-ye spoke. Holding the bead, the Soul Artifact, Kang Sa-hu moved his energy into the Soul Artifact and threw it into the living room. Then the Soul Artifact shattered, and a zombified Giant Hound that had vanished into dust in the hospital appeared right there.

“Aaack! What is that!”

“It’s a Giant Hound.”

“That’s not what I’m asking!” Her casual response was met with a slap on the back of Kang Sa-hu’s head as he explained his skill and what had happened at the hospital.

Hearing the whole story, Kang Ji-ye looked horrified. “What, what is that. It’s scary.”

“It’s hard to use its full power properly, unless you induce the soul to voluntarily become a Soul Artifact, for a necromancer.”

Trying to forcibly make the summoned Giant Hound into a Soul Artifact, Kang Sa-hu shrugged his shoulders as he recalled the hologram’s warning, [Forcing a soul into a Soul Artifact will significantly affect its potential and durability. Do you want to proceed?] The Giant Hounds had somehow followed him well, all becoming Soul Artifacts voluntarily, but there was no guarantee it would continue that way.

“No, no. Brother, you can make it voluntarily.”

“Why do you think so?” With a strangely confident voice, Kang Ji-ye assured him.

“Well, brother’s atmosphere when he acts as a necromancer… Never mind, just because.”

Kang Ji-ye opened her mouth as if to say something more, but then closed it again.

“Well, as long as there are no issues with your body and the skill works fine, it should be alright. And not much is known about the Awakened yet, right? As long as brother is fine.”

Kang Ji-ye, after confirming that Kang Sa-hu had no physical anomalies, actually found his heterochromia more cool.

“Oh, and did you also register for the Awakened roster?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Hmm. What exactly is the government thinking, taking down all those details? That too from people who were dead then revived.”

“Given the situation. You never know what might happen next.”

Kang Sa-hu wasn’t thrilled when asked to enter his personal information as though he was being interrogated like a criminal. However, with a bit of thought, it was possible to realize that leaving such powerful superhumans unchecked could be even more dangerous.

The more dangerous the ability, the tighter the control needed to be.

Moreover, what mainly opposed him revealing all his information seemed to be as if the government had foreseen this situation.

“Ji-ye, the government will probably start investigating the classes and abilities of the Awakened soon. Then, speak modestly and play down your abilities a bit.”

“Huh? Why? Isn’t it better the stronger your ability?”

“Well, that might be good, but it seems like your abilities could drag you into overly dangerous situations.”

Having no real experience in society, Kang Ji-ye initially tilted her head at his words but soon nodded.

Her brother was too serious and suffocating at times, but on the flip side, he was thoughtful and never spoke unnecessarily, so she trusted him.

And after all, he was her brother.

“Alright, I’ll do that.”

“That’s right, you haven’t even changed clothes. Go take a shower first.”

“Oh, right. I was so used to it I didn’t even notice.”

As children of a necromancer family, neither Kang Sa-hu nor Kang Ji-ye was frightened by blood-stained clothes.

It was just a bit uncomfortable.

Prompted by Kang Sa-hu’s comment, Kang Ji-ye finally stopped talking and went to her room to wash and rest.

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