Necromancer Before Awakening Chapter 36

Episode 36: The Core of the Monolith (2)

As soon as Kang Sa-hu entered the gate, he immediately summoned giant hounds and corpse-eating apes. Although it was soon after fighting against a formidable enemy, a troll, the summoned creatures within Kang Sa-hu’s domain had absorbed the blood and flesh of the troll, appearing just as usual. No, they appeared stronger and more robust than before they absorbed the troll’s flesh and blood.

“Go and hunt the monsters inside the gate. Try to keep their bodies intact, aim to make a clean hole in the neck or target the heart,” he instructed.

Woof, woof!


Understanding the command, the giant hounds and corpse-eating apes energetically raced forward. However, three giant hounds with cheeks puffed up full, previously given orders, stood by Kang Sa-hu, waiting for his command.

“Now spit them out.”

Upon Kang Sa-hu’s command, as if they had been waiting, the giant hounds widened their mouths and spilled out what they had been holding. From the mouths of the giant hounds came nine cores and fragments of the monolith, which Kang Sa-hu immediately grabbed.

Whirling mana in his hand like flames, Kang Sa-hu observed the reaction of the monolith’s fragments. However, there was no response, and even using the spirit technique of hunters, no reaction was elicited.

“The fragments have no function.”

He hadn’t been expecting much from the fragments, so the lack of response didn’t disappoint him. After confirming this, Kang Sa-hu ordered the giant hounds to push the fragments to one side and then took up a core of the monolith himself.

According to information from a prophet, the monolith possessed three key abilities. The first was a measurement function to quantify hunters’ stats, which he already knew about. The other two functions, which he hadn’t verified yet, were the class change function and the shop function.

“When I heard that story, I remembered the enormous mana circuits I felt from the monolith’s core during the Awakeners’ grade measurement.”

The first time he had infused mana into the monolith and shattered it, obtaining fragments identified through the monolith’s core, what he felt was a complex and durable mana circuit within the small core, incredibly intricate and hard to believe.

At that time, he was unable to guess what the mana circuits represented, but now, having heard of the functions, he understood how to use the monolith’s core.

Kang Sa-hu closed his eyes and concentrated, generating mana. Initially, it seemed like he was absorbing mana, but like when the monolith had broken, he soon felt the circuits overheating, and he changed the direction of their functionality through his mana.

Zzzt zzzt.

Focusing on the mana he was transmitting, he could sense how the circuits were arranged, branching into three distinct parts.

“The current circuit configuration is only running the measurement function.”

Feeling this, Kang Sa-hu intentionally directed the mana flow towards the second circuit, encountering a heavy obstacle. It felt like a dam forcibly blocking flow of mana like rainfall.

However, confident that there was a path beyond it, Kang Sa-hu greatly increased the mana he was channeling into it.


A fierce influx of powerful mana struck the system barrier hard. The barrier erected to block the mana’s intervention visibly shook, and before it could stabilize, Kang Sa-hou’s profound mana surged once again.

Like hammering a wall to break it, he repeatedly struck the system barrier with mana. Suddenly, as it began to crumble bit by bit, mana started flowing into the system.

As mana surged both inside and outside of the barrier, surpassing a critical point, the robust barrier crumbled.

Breaking through the path made by the mana, Kang Sa-hu’s mana activated the monolith’s second functionality.

“The class change system has been activated.”

With a reassuring thought flashing through his mind, Kang Sa-hu’s lips curled into a smile.

“Checking for class.”

However, the smile soon turned into a bitter one.

“Error. Class does not exist.”

“Searching for a class to switch to.”

Familiar with the system breaking down as it displayed corrupted text, Kang Sa-hu quickly adjusted the mana flow.

As the mana drained away, like a light bulb flickering out, the class change system ceased its operation, and he sighed softly.

Satisfied with his class as a necromancer, he wasn’t particularly hanging his hopes on the class change system. The thought of not being able to use it tasted slightly bitter.

“Still, it’s not yet known.”

Feeling a pang of disappointment but recognizing the current dilemma might change later, Kang Sa-hu stirred his profound mana once more, with great anticipation for the third functionality.

This next feature, unlike the previous two, was essential to use. It was the shop function that allowed items to be purchased with points earned while clearing gates.

“Not being able to see or measure one’s stats holds no significance for him. He knew himself best, and not being able to confirm it with numbers did not shake his confidence.”

Similarly, whether or not he could change classes did not matter to him. Even if changing classes offered the chance to obtain a new class without particular benefits, he wouldn’t use that function.

Given its necessity, he had no choice but to use the store function. Having succeeded once, it didn’t take long to break the second barrier with mana. Though it consumed more mana than expected, as his magical power started to activate, Kang Sahu began concentrating and gazing at the store function.

The store system has been activated.

Checking user’s available points.

Currently available items are now on display.

After reviewing all the messages that came to mind, he opened his eyes. It looked like he was peering into a vending machine, with items inside small squares and the required points for purchase written next to them.

“…It’s done.”

The mana used to activate the store function stabilized, and seeing no issues over time, he breathed a sigh of relief. However, there was always a possibility of an anomaly, so he quickly skimmed through the items.

Health Potion – 100 points

Mana Potion – 300 points

The first thing that caught his eye were the potions. As the name implies, he recognized they were items that restored health and mana, and he looked elsewhere. However, the array of items in the store seemed endless, and some items had only one in stock. There were even items robustly locked with chains, obscuring their contents.

Overwhelmed by the vast selection, Kang Sahu frowned when, as if reading his thoughts, a message popped up.

Would you like to switch to ‘Recommended Priority Listing’?

As soon as a suitable feature was suggested, Kang Sahu nodded.

With that, as if puzzle pieces fitting together, the vast array of items disappeared, and only those recommended for him neatly lined up in front of him.

Most of the items recommended to him were inexplicably wrapped in chains and barely visible, with the few visible ones demanding a high amount of points.

“Figured as much, that I’d be able to use the monolith’s function…”

Disappointment seeped through his eyes.

Just as he was about to look away from the locked items…

Detecting an anomaly, he stopped moving and stared intently at the chains.

Creak, squeak.

At his gaze, the chains thrummed a discomforting noise.

“Now that I think about it.”

When he first acquired the core of the monolith.

He hadn’t seen it using just mana, but after using the sight of spirits, he had grasped the system of the monolith’s core.

The sight of the deceased, not the living, watching with the eyes of spirits.

As he used the spirit’s sight to stare at the chains, they started to writhe and twist as if burnt by fire.

Between the tumultuous movements, he caught a glimpse of the recommended item’s required points reaching hundreds of thousands, written in golden letters, different from the others.

Whatever it was, it felt instinctively like a good item, ranking high among those recommended and demanding a high point value.

“I may not know exactly what it is.”

It was the first item he was buying from the store, and since he wasn’t sure what he needed, the system itself made the recommendation.

Kang Sahu decided to go after the item beyond the chains.

After making his choice, there was no reason to delay.

Rumble, squeak, squeak!

His eyes burst with a radiant energy that traced the form of horns.

With a glance filled with blue and green energies, chains as thick as human thighs screamed and thrashed.

Warning. Unauthorized access detected.

Though the system flashed a warning message, he intensified his glare even more.

Having broken into the locked store system with mana, his very action was an unauthorized access.

And, above all,

“Does the system presume to grant me permission?”

He had no intention to obey and follow within the confines permitted by something neither alive nor a spirit, merely ‘a framework called the system.’

Squeak, clink!

Finally, the chains snapped.

The shards of the broken chains vanished, obscuring their existence.

Ignoring the continuous warning messages, Kang Sahu looked at the item that had been hidden behind the chains.

The identity of the item, written in shining golden letters, was:

Scythe of Demadred, the Blood-drinking Duke of Hell

It was a scythe.

* * *

The night before, Kang Sahu, hunting in a D-grade gate, went to bed late and picked up his phone early the next morning. After using the monolith’s core to access the store function within the gate, he woke to find the gate cleared by giant hounds and corpse-eating apes. Normally, clearing a D-grade gate with E-grade giant hounds and F-grade corpse-eating apes would be impossible. However, thanks to gate hunting and the Devourer’s ability to consume, his summons had long surpassed their former limits. Moreover, they had killed the monsters cleanly, on his orders, without unnecessary harm. Before dying, the D-grade gate’s goblins, filled with terror, willingly became spirits offering themselves to Kang Sahu.

“It’s been quite some time since I last checked on my summons.”

When he thought of how excellently they followed his orders, well beyond his expectations…

On the video app Nyoutube, a video featuring families of hunters who died while hunting gates crying was trending at number one.

Hesitating, he touched the video to find parents, their voices gravelly from tears, calling out their child’s name, and the bereaved collapsing while calling out for their partners.


His gaze deepened as he watched the video quietly.

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