Necromancer Before Awakening Chapter 34

Chapter 34. The Prophet’s Request for a Meeting (2)

The Prophet.

A unique Awakener class exclusive to South Korea in the whole world, she possesses the ability to determine the location and rank of Gates not only domestically but also abroad.

The presence of the Prophet was so crucial that without her, it would have been difficult to respond and adapt so quickly to the anomalies known as Gates, Hunters, and Monoliths; it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it was exceedingly significant.

And now.

“Hello. It’s nice to meet you for the first time, Hunter Kang Sahu.”

The Prophet greeted Kang Sahu with a bow.


Kang Sahu returned the greeting and took a seat at her invitation.

Unlike the figure shown in the video conference, covered from head to toe, she was a woman in a plain t-shirt and jeans.

If there was anything unusual, it was that from the roots to the tips, her eyes and hair were stark white.

And moreover.

‘A spirit….’

When Kang Sahu was staring meaningfully at the back of her head.

Instead of silence, the Prophet spoke first.

“You must be tired from hunting Gates; I truly apologize for calling you here.”

The Prophet bowed deeply as she apologized.

Kang Sahu lightly shook his head.

“No, it’s an honor to meet you, Prophet.”

When he had heard that the Prophet wanted to meet him.

Just before this meeting, he had postponed a scheduled appointment with Han Seong-hun and Han Si-yeon.

And because he couldn’t accompany them, he had Kang Ji-ye sent ahead, showing just how important this meeting with her was.

“First, I must apologize for my prophecy that went astray.”

Before anything else, the Prophet extended her apology to Kang Sahu.

“It’s not like you did it on purpose, Prophet. I understand.”

Taken aback by Kang Sahu’s composed response, the Prophet’s eyes widened.

Seemingly surprised by his easy acceptance of her apology, she hesitated briefly.

Before she could speak anew, Kang Sahu opened his mouth.

“Prophet, are you really well-informed about the awakening of Hunters and Gates?”

“Yes? Ah, yes. I believe I know more about them, past, present, and future, than anyone else.”

Her confident response reassured Kang Sahu that her words were truthful.

“May I then ask a few questions about things I’ve been curious about?”

“Ah, yes. I will answer what I can.”

She glanced briefly through the glass window as she responded.

Even that small gesture suggested to Kang Sahu that someone was likely monitoring and possibly wiretapping this room from outside.

Yet, as this might be his only chance,

With her consent, he began his questions,

“What was the reason the recent gate prophecy was incorrect?”

Caught off-guard by the direct question, the Prophet appeared slightly flustered.

“I’m, I’m sorry. It wasn’t supposed to….”

“Just answer please. We are short on time, and I fully understand your situation.”

Interrupting what seemed to be turning into a lengthy explanation, Kang Sahu’s tone held firm yet respectful undertones.

Startled by his assertive manner, the Prophet rapidly answered.

“My prophecies aren’t unchanging futures. They can alter depending on the situation…”

“Yes, then is it likely that gate ranks will often change in the future?”

“That, that won’t happen! This time was an exceptional case; the likelihood of it recurring is very low!”

Her voice rose slightly, given the sensitive subject.

Realizing she had raised her voice, she glanced nervously at Kang Sahu, but he nonchalantly moved onto the next question.

“Do gates have ranks like Awakeners, up to an S rank?”

“I cannot say for certain, but the highest rank identified so far is A rank.”

“How dangerous is an A rank?”

This question seemed even harder for her to answer, but as she hesitated to respond, Kang Sahu’s eyes subtly glowed blue and green, urging her to continue.

“An A rank gate… I think it might warrant considering the survival of humanity.”

At her answer, something outside seemed to signal the Prophet, and she nodded slightly.

Her gesture briefly drew Kang Sahu’s gaze to the reflective window, then back to her.

‘It seems I can’t freely obtain all information here.’

Given that she had to wait for approval to answer, delving deeper would be tough.

Realizing this, Kang Sahu swiftly murmured an incantation.

The spell, incomprehensible as if a song was sped up four times, ended, and he watched as a wispy white thread-like substance entered her body through her ear.

‘Originally, this magic requires the use of spirits, but it’s still good to have some form of precaution.’

The thread-like magic was too brief and faint for anyone outside, or even the Prophet herself, to notice.


As Kang Sahu suddenly fell silent after his barrage of questions, both the Prophet and an observer outside showed signs of perplexity.

Aware that his use of necromancer magic could arouse suspicion, he forced another question.

“After clearing a gate, how are the points obtained used?”

At the mention of points, her eyes shifted slightly.

After a moment of silent contemplation and looking outside, she turned back to Kang Sahu.

“Gate clearance points are like currency needed to make purchases in shops from another world. This information will soon become known worldwide.”

* * *

“I didn’t intend to reveal so much information.”

Outside, monitoring the conversation between Kang Sahu and the Prophet were Jae

Director Man clicked his tongue as if he found it regrettable. When Kang Sa-hu, through the headphones he was wearing, asked another sharp question that was difficult to answer, Lee Jae-man motioned with his hand to prevent any response, and the staff in charge of communication instructed the prophet not to reply through the microphone. “Controlling information is critical,” thought Lee Jae-man, his eyes deepening as he stared at the prophet.

One day, a woman who suddenly claimed she was awakened explained that more awakeners and gates would occur in the future. Initially, everyone treated her as a lunatic, and no one paid much attention. However, before the awakeners appeared, there were manifestations of gates. Moreover, after seeing the monoliths that had sprung up around the world before the gates, the situation changed dramatically. The government sent the intelligence service to secure her identity and demanded a more detailed explanation, changing their stance entirely. Luckily, the prophet was gentle and honest, so she provided the information right away, but the government delayed taking action until her prophecies came true, starting with a lie detector test to determine if her words were genuine.

When the gates started occurring just as she had predicted, and awakeners began to appear right before a gate break, they finally moved to control the situation. It required a great sacrifice to confirm these facts, but as a result, they gained confidence. They realized they had the power in their hands to control the future of the world, a power that could manipulate global dynamics. “Information is worth a lot of money.” The prophecies she had given were now being sold to the heads of states at a very high price.

Of course, there were attempts by other countries to kidnap her due to backlash, but that was expected. After several interceptions of kidnapping attempts and spreading various false information about the prophet, the forces trying to kidnap her had almost given up. “It’s truly a windfall that has rolled right to our doorstep,” he thought with self-satisfaction as he looked at the prophet. Suddenly, his gaze deepened even more as he looked at Kang Sa-hu sitting next to her. “And perhaps, I might be able to gather a second windfall.”

Lee Jae-man knew a truth that most people, who only received their information from hunters and the media who had entered the gates, did not know. Indeed, the recent upgrade of a C-class gate to a B-class was a dangerous affair that could overturn the nation, and under current circumstances, ‘not being able to stop it was normal.’

No matter how high the rank, the hunters were still weak as if they were newly awakened tigers. For these hunters, a B-class gate was akin to a fully grown bear. Hence, the current situation where the hunters had cleared a B-class gate was like newly born tiger cubs capturing a fully grown adult bear – an abnormal situation. Although Lee Jae-man had not yet heard the information, he was confident that at the center of this abnormal situation was Hunter Kang Sa-hu. “How should I use this windfall?”

A deep smile formed on Lee Jae-man’s lips.

* * *

The meeting between Kang Sa-hu and the prophet ended in less than 10 minutes. During those 10 minutes, Kang Sa-hu only obtained answers to his questions and realized that the prophet was just bait to bring him here; she wasn’t what he was ultimately after, suggesting something else was wanted from him. As he had guessed, after the prophet was led away by National Intelligence Service hunters dressed in black suits, Lee Jae-man entered the room.

“How was it? Did you obtain much of the information you wanted?”

“It wasn’t enough, but I was able to satisfy some of my curiosity. Thank you,” Kang Sa-hu said, bowing his head in thanks, prompting a satisfied smile from Lee Jae-man. Kang Sa-hu then looked up. “So, what does the government, or the National Intelligence Service, want from me?”

“Ah, this is a bit embarrassing,” Lee Jae-man laughed awkwardly, faced with Kang Sa-hu’s direct approach in asking what was wanted. “Well, it’s not so much what I want but rather what the nation would request of you, Hunter Kang Sa-hu.”

“I’m listening,” replied Kang Sa-hu smoothly.

After clearing his throat, Lee Jae-man spoke with a relaxed expression, “Firstly, what we want is… a reevaluation of your rank.”

“…A reevaluation, you say?” Kang Sa-hu’s expression subtly changed, and Lee Jae-man internally celebrated. Although the higher-ups knew that Kang Sa-hu had previously undergone a rank evaluation, which had been disrupted by an unforeseen incident leading to an inaccurate rating, Lee Jae-man did not believe that. ‘The military’s handling of matters is predictable,’ he thought, assuming they had made a mistake and were simply trying to excuse it.

But the overriding issue was not that, but rather that the true capacity of this hunter named Kang Sa-hu had not been verified. “It’s crucial to separate the wheat from the chaff.” At the moment, he did not think so, but if Kang Sa-hu turned out to be as ineffectual and unremarkable as he feared, he had absolutely no intention of utilizing national resources and time on him. However, the issue was whether Kang Sa-hu would agree to this request. “He would want to hide his power,” Lee Jae-man thought, knowing that everyone disliked revealing their full strength, although many indeed prefer to show off and elevate themselves. Yet from his conversation with the prophet, it seemed clear that Kang Sa-hu did not enjoy overstating his capabilities, instead seeming more like someone hiding a sharp dagger.

As Lee Jae-man was quietly organizing his thoughts, Kang Sa-hu spoke up, “Then, I have a condition.” The mention of a condition caused Lee Jae-man to tense up. However, the following statement was something he had not anticipated at all. “I will comply with the evaluation as long as you promise unwavering support until my rank is definitively assessed.”

Taken aback by the unexpected and, in his view, ridiculous condition, Lee Jae-man inwardly scoffed. ‘He’s imposing a condition on something we already want.’ However, outwardly, Lee Jae-man confidently thumped his chest as if it were a given. “Of course. I promise on behalf of the National Intelligence Service. Until the evaluation is complete, the monolith will spare no support.”

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