Necromancer Before Awakening Chapter 33

Chapter 33. The Prophet’s Request for a Meeting (1)

As Katak collapses, the gate has been cleared.

The survivors cheered and shed tears, reveling in the relief of not having died and the accomplishment of clearing the C-class gate, a significant threat to the nation.

However, that moment was brief.

The hunters, as if by agreement, all stared silently with stern faces at the system window floating before them.

You have cleared a B-class gate.

You have earned 5,000 points.


A heavy silence descended.

Kang Sa-hoo, who had just reversed the claimed region and disassembled the bone chair into soul energy, was also looking at the system window.

“Brother, am I seeing this wrong?”

Kang Ji-ye bit her lip and asked.

Looking at her face, which had grown haggard from not eating, sleeping, or resting properly, Kang Sa-hoo couldn’t open his mouth.

The emotion reflected in her eyes was clear.


A reasonable suspicion arose, that the gate’s classification had been falsified to lure the hunters into participating.

Kang Sa-hoo could immediately guess that not only she, but all the other hunters would feel the same.

The world within the cleared gate began to narrow.

As they were about to find the exit back to reality soon, Kang Ji-ye turned back to Kang Sa-hoo.

“Brother, let’s get out of here for now.”

Kang Ji-ye said, but Kang Sa-hoo shook his head.

“Wait a moment.”

Instead of heading to the gate right away, he saw a giant hound charging towards him at tremendous speed.


The giant hound returned, wagging its tail and lowering its head in reverence before Kang Sa-hoo, pushing forward a pouch of soul energy tied near its teeth.

Although he could have called the soul energy directly, it would have consumed mana depending on the distance and speed.

Furthermore, even if he had made it fly to him, it wouldn’t have been faster than the giant hound’s current running speed, which is why Kang Sa-hoo had previously instructed a corpse-eating ape and the giant hound separately.

“Good job.”


As he stroked the giant hound’s head, it rolled pleasantly on the ground.

Kang Sa-hoo rummaged through the soul energy pouch and pulled out the soul energy of the King Forest Lizard.


A glow burst from his eyes as he observed the soul energy of the King Forest Lizard with his blue and green eyes.


Pleased to see that the stomach of the King Forest Lizard was full, Kang Sa-hoo was satisfied.

Before hunting Katak, he had ordered several corpse-eating apes and giant hounds to comb through the gate and stuff everything usable into the mouth of the King Forest Lizard.

The agile and swift summoned creatures had diligently executed his orders, and not only had they gathered items dropped by the trolls who had turned into soul energies, but they had also cleaned out the base thoroughly.

The belly of the King Forest Lizard, as big as two elephants combined, was now full of weapons, and the number was staggering.

Moreover, as he planned to use the trolls as summoned creatures, securing weapons for them would solve a potential hassle.

“Let’s go.”

Watching her brother nod to himself as he looked at the soul energy, Kang Ji-ye, puzzled, shrugged as he summoned the giant hound and climbed onto its back.


The giant hound, nourished with troll muscles and reconstituted in its body, leaped across a high cliff and raced forward. Its movements were incomparably faster and stronger than before.

The effect of the regional declaration quickly melted the troll muscles into the giant hound’s own, making it reach the fortress at an unbelievably fast pace.

“Hunter Kang Sa-hoo!”

As Kang Sa-hoo arrived, his colleagues and other hunters greeted him warmly.

In their eyes were a mix of gratitude, respect, trust, and a slight fear.

But that too was fleeting.

An unmistakable anger appeared on their faces.

“Hunter Kang Sa-hoo, did you check the gate clearance message?”

Anticipating the situation, Kang Sa-hoo calmly nodded, causing the guild leaders from various guilds to become enraged.

“This gate was not C-class but B-class, B-class! You deceived us about the gate information!”

“Now, please, calm down just a moment…”

Trying to calm the heated hunters as a comrade who had defended the fortress together, Han Si-yeon opened her mouth, but it only backfired.

“Yes, Hunter Han Si-yeon! You were in the military, right? And you were a high ranker!”

A hunter approached her with sparking eyes.

“Don’t tell me, did the military also know about this situation?”

“No, no! We really didn’t know!”

The hunters affiliated with the military desperately shook their heads, horrified.

As people looked at their desperate denials with suspicious eyes.

Han Si-yeon looked at Kang Sa-hoo with a pleading gaze.

‘Please, Hunter Kang Sa-hoo, help us!’

Seeing her pleading look, Kang Sa-hoo sighed.

Reflecting on the situation and organizing his thoughts, Kang Sa-hoo finally spoke.

“First of all, everyone has worked hard.”

At his words, the hunters, as if on cue, closed their mouths and listened attentively to him.

Having directly seen the power of the regional declaration and having stepped into that area, the hunters unconsciously revered and followed him.

Of course, this effect was not what Kang Sa-hoo intended; it was an involuntary result, and the hunters themselves weren’t fully aware of their feelings.

“Currently, everyone might be confused and angry. But most importantly, we did not die and we cleared the gate.”

The people nodded heavily.

Kang Sa-hoo continued.

“We can hear more about the details once we’re outside, so suspecting and blaming the comrades who risked their lives to fight together is…

“Please stop for now.”

After pondering for a moment about what to say, Kang Sahoo ended his speech with the most neutral and truthful words.

“Go home, meet your family, and rest well. Then we can formally sort everything out.”

“…Yes, I understand!”

“I apologize, Hunter Han Siyeon. Since you were involved, you clearly didn’t know…”

“Ah, it’s alright. I’m glad the misunderstanding has cleared up.”

Han Siyeon awkwardly smiled and accepted the hunters’ apologies.

When the chaotic situation finally settled, a system window appeared in front of Kang Sahoo.

However, the content was strange.

‘You have contributed ‘overwhelmingly’ to clearing the gate.’

‘As a fair reward for your contributions, 100,000 points will be awarded.’


Disappointment flickered across his face at the unfamiliar reward. Although he had cleared several gates already, having a substantial amount of points wasn’t the issue; the problem was that he didn’t know how to use them.

Of course, as they are given by the gate, they weren’t useless, but it was still disappointing not to know how to use them right away.


Soon after, the gate to return to reality began to open.

Although they had reluctantly agreed to Kang Sahoo’s persuasion, the hunters, unable to completely suppress their anger, waited tensely for the gate to open.

Before exiting, they insisted Kang Sahoo should leave first, but seeing him more exhausted and eager to leave the gate, he chose to leave last.

‘He looks so tired yet he worries about us…!’

‘Is this what they call noblesse oblige…!’

Despite his own desire to leave as quickly as possible, him suggesting others go before him moved the hunters.

Gradually, the forming gate finally opened completely, and the gathered hunters scattered, exiting according to their guilds.

“Let’s go now.”

Kang Sahoo lastly turned to his squad.

Silently following his lead, the last of his party managed to hide their excitement as they stepped out of the gate.


Another person paused before exiting, and turned to look at Kang Sahoo.

“I’m really sorry for deceiving you. Actually, I…”

“We’ll talk about it once we get outside.”

Kang Sahoo cut him off, observing his injured body.

“You’ve been through a lot, you should rest now.”


Although he realized he had been found out, he bit his lower lip, touched by Kang Sahoo’s concern.

After everyone else had left, Kang Sahoo finally stepped towards the gate.


Upon exiting, Kang Sahoo looked puzzled.

Before entering the gate, the last thing he saw was the familiar sight of Wonsubong in Sejong City.

However, now the site where the gate was looked ready for war, with soldiers stacking up several layers of defenses.

Various heavy weapons, armored vehicles, helicopters, and even fighter jets circled the area in chaos.

Kang Sahoo immediately understood what had occurred.

‘As expected. They didn’t deceive us about the grade of the gate.’

If he had known a B-grade gate would open, he wouldn’t have taken the risk of clearing the gate amidst the hunters’ resentments, not knowing whether they could handle it or not.

Rather, he would have poured in massive amounts of money to seek help from renowned overseas hunters.

The current setup was, presumably, in anticipation of a gate break, should they fail to clear the gate.

Medics hurriedly approached, leading severely injured hunters to the infirmary.

As Kang Sahoo moved to head home, seeing that his party was unharmed,

Han Siyeon unexpectedly approached him from the front, followed by a man.

“Hunter Kang Sahoo, could you spare a moment?”

Kang Sahoo looked at the man following her.

He had introduced himself as Han Seonghoon, head of the National Crisis Management Center, before they entered the gate.

The atmosphere suggested that it wasn’t really Han Siyeon who needed to speak with him, but rather her superior, Han Seonghoon, was using her to initiate a conversation with him.

Regardless, as everyone just got out of the gate looking tired, Kang Sahoo was not in the mood for a chat and was about to politely decline.

Before Han Siyeon and Han Seonghoon could continue, a group of men in familiar black suits approached.

This time, unlike the previous three visitors, ten men in suits approached.

Moreover, Kang Sahoo sensed through his spirit that all of these men were at least C-grade hunters.

“Hello, Hunter Kang Sahoo.”

As the suited men made way, an unfamiliar person appeared.

An elderly man with neatly combed back gray hair looked serious with his heavy eyes and jaw.

Although he was a stranger, Kang Sahoo noticed Baek Deokho flinching behind him.

‘If Baek Deokho finds him intimidating, then he must be someone significant.’

Given the powerful display from Baek Deokho, who had shown A-grade hunter capabilities in the gate battle, this person must be significant.

The boldness to interrupt Han Seonghoon suggested only one possibility.

‘The head of the National Intelligence Service.’

“Hunter Kang Sahoo, I would like to request a moment of your time.”

The NIS head, Lee Jaeman, smiled faintly as he handed him a business card.

Kang Sahoo, initially intending to refuse meeting Han Seonghoon’s request as well, was about to suggest they meet another time as he accepted the business card.

Before he could refuse, however, Kang Sahoo paused, staring at a small note attached to the business card.

“The prophet requests a meeting with Hunter Kang Sahoo.”

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