Necromancer Before Awakening Chapter 32

Episode 32: Declaration of Territory


A bone wall, easily 1.5 meters thick, formed in an instant. When the One Punch that Rends the Heavens collided with it, the very foundations supporting the fortress trembled.


The shattered bones fell to the ground like hail.

Incredibly, the wall of bone, which could even grind cliffs of stone into dust, maintained its shape even after blocking the powerful strike.

The magic circle engraved in stone by Kang Jiye and herself.

Sitting atop a throne made from the bones of monsters stored by soul energy, Kang Sahoo gazed at the fortress.

“It was adequate.”

He murmured in a satisfied voice, having used just the necessary amount of power—neither too much nor too little.

Hearing his murmur, Kang Jiye turned her head with her mouth agape.

“…Did I draw the magic circle wrong?”

Kang Jiye checked the magic circle, wondering if she had made an error, as the wall created by Kang Sahoo in less than ten seconds exhibited such thickness and strength.

Of course, her magic circle was unchanged from the one she initially drew. That meant—

“Brother, did you use that much power with this simple magic circle…?”

Kang Jiye looked at Kang Sahoo with trembling eyes.

He nodded in response.



Normally, she might have exploded in anger, exclaiming ‘Why are you so calm!’, but now, not even such jests came to her mind.

Her shock was immense.

“Is this… really only a tenth of your full power?”

Considering she had seen his full power before, it perhaps wasn’t to its full extent, but the colossal power he demonstrated hardly seemed like just a tenth.

“It must be thanks to these spirits.”

Glancing at the 17 hunters’ spirits orbiting the bone throne like planets, which transmitted power through the magic circle, Kang Sahoo spoke.

A bitter sadness and resolute determination swirled upwards as an aura, almost palpably expressing his feelings.

Despite the simplicity of the magic circle, the bone throne, and even the spirits fully engaged, his aura now radiated a significantly more intense energy than before.

“O spirits groaning in pain, trembling at destruction.”

Though he had paused the incantation due to the surprise attack, Kang Sahoo continued as he still needed to complete his task.

“This is the end you’ve approached, and here lies the boundary line of that end.”

The spirits shuddered and resonated with his chant.

“I am the ruler of this gap, the one who stretches moments into eternity.”

His aura surged upward more intensely, elongating much beyond his head in horn-like shapes.

“All who step here shall have their rest indefinitely suspended by me.”

With his spell complete, he looked beyond the fortress.

Every being gazed up at him, enabling Kang Sahoo to meet the eyes of Katak, whose startled gaze somehow penetrated the distance.

“Declaration of Territory.”

As he proclaimed his dominion, the ground darkened and clouds gathered above.

The sky turned as dark as night, and the ground black as ink, shocking and horrifying all who witnessed.

The range stretched beyond the fortress to where Katak stood, reaching hundreds of meters away.



A horrifying scream echoed in the minds of all beings within the territory.

Several startled ones covered their ears to block out the sound, but it was a power that couldn’t be avoided or blocked within his dominion.


Between the thick clouds, two orbs of light emerged.

Like new suns rising in the changed sky, blue and green spheres brightly blazed above Kang Sahoo.

The power of the spirits was received through the magic circle, processed through the bone throne to be connected with Kang Sahoo, thus materializing above.

His territory now resembled a small world itself.


However, even if one said Kang Jiye knew this world just as well as Kang Sahoo, her face looked perplexed as she stared at the sky.

“Why… are there two Spirit Origins?”

Normally, there should have been only one green Spirit Origin, but now there were two—blue and green.

Following her gaze, Kang Sahoo looked up briefly then calmly averted his eyes.

“It must be due to the awakening.”


Since one of the two green auras had turned blue during the awakening, it wasn’t strange for the Spirit Origin to be influenced similarly.

Well, truth be told, it was an incredibly bizarre and extraordinary phenomenon, but Kang Sahoo didn’t place much significance on it.

“We can look into it later.”

He then pulled out a handkerchief-made soul pouch from his pocket and tossed it into the air.

The summoned beasts, which had sustained severe injuries from a troll’s attack, appeared ghastly as they fell to the ground.

However, their miserable state lasted only momentarily.

As the summoned beasts stepped into Kang Sahoo’s territory, they quickly recovered and began to reconstitute their bodies.



Kiiak, Kiiak!

The bodies of the summoned beasts were swiftly restored.

Additionally, the troll’s flesh, bones, and blood, which they hadn’t yet fully absorbed, were instantly assimilated into their bodies.


At his command, the summoned beasts quickly moved away from where they had landed.

Only the giant and inherently slow King Forest Lizard remained by Kang Sahoo’s side, not advancing.

Side glance.

Worried about being reprimanded for not moving, the King Forest Lizard glanced at him.

The situation was resolved in an instant. Amidst the hunters, as soon as Kang Sah-hu’s summons declared their zone of control, they started attacking the trolls with a completely different movement and strength, biting and killing them fiercely. Crunch! One giant hound deeply bit into a troll’s head, its brain squashed, and the troll died instantly, turning into a soul-energy before it could recover. Thud, thud. Along with the soul-energy, a mana stone, rarely found near gates, dropped, and a corpse-eating ape hurriedly ran around gathering those two.

The fortress’s trolls were annihilated in no time, and all the summons moved towards where Katak was located. It wasn’t just an advance; their movement, empowered by assimilating the trolls’ muscles through the powers of the Diabowers, was more like being shot out. [Your Majesty, allow us to handle this.] Four elite trolls stepped forward. Unlike before, Katak did not try to stop their movements. Silently, with his arms crossed, he watched Kang Sah-hu’s summons charging and the elite trolls advancing to meet them. Katak’s eyes shivered. ‘I was right. They indeed had a trump card hidden.’

He might have been slightly happy that his judgment was correct, but Katak’s expression grew increasingly grim. ‘But I didn’t expect it to this extent.’ No matter how off his predictions were, there were limits. He only thought there might be a few more with abilities like Baek Deok-ho, whom he had encountered at the cliff. He had never anticipated encountering beings with power far surpassing him. [This is absurd.] He had said the same thing before, but this muttering held an entirely different meaning.

Unable to retaliate effectively, seeing the elite trolls fall apart so easily, Katak’s eyes blazed with fury. [Grraaaahh!] Katak clenched his fists and began throwing rapid punches. It might have seemed like a futile struggle, but each punch, imbued with the One Strike Heaven-breaking force, was so powerful that even a mere graze would crumple and shatter the summons.


Craaack, slide.

Katak gasped in shock as broken bones instantly realigned, muscles reconnected, and skin regenerated right before his eyes. It was expected. This was their pride and dignity, having dominated the world and defeated any adversary with their monstrous regenerative abilities. [What kind of monsters are they! Aaaaahhh!] Katak kept throwing punches, then abruptly charged towards the hunters trapped in a portable jail. The hunters, watching the battle of the summons with teary, desperate eyes, convulsed in fear, unable to scream because of the gags. [If I can catch even one…!] To use a hunter as a ‘sacrifice’ to temporarily enhance his power, Katak charged with all his might. The tremendous strength of the troll’s muscles propelled him forward, and the summons couldn’t keep up with his speed.

Just as Katak’s hand was about to grasp a hunter’s throat—[…!] A chilling gaze. An overwhelming terror. At that moment, Katak’s spirit was pulled far away. His soul, forcibly torn from his robust body, was dragged right before Kang Sah-hu. Facing him, a chilling sharpness filled the blue glow of his eyes, and a rich vitality filled the emerald green glow. Before the blazing twin gazes, Katak’s soul felt itself shrink, insignificant and powerless. [Dare you.] A god with eyes like two suns spoke, and that was the end. Katak’s spirit, unable to even contemplate resistance, faded away as if it had never existed.

“What.” Kang Sah-hu was taken aback. After declaring his zone of control, he had ordered his enhanced summons to exterminate the trolls and gather the spoils. However, an unexpected event occurred when they faced Katak, the gate’s boss monster. The hunters, presumed dead. Not all were missing, but finding as many as ten hunters tangled together like beasts in a cramped, filthy, portable jail was a shock. He had quickly ordered his summons to handle the hunters before dealing with Katak, yet Katak’s movements were unexpectedly swift. ‘Dare.’ To think of acting foolishly in his domain. Angered, Kang Sah-hu ‘raised’ magic. Once the zone was declared, there was no need to chant spells, set directions, or gather and distribute mana for magic use. The Ling Yuan floating in his domain’s sky was the core and foundation of the zone, so merely by willing it, his desires were enacted.

However, his intent was only to bring Katak’s soul and prevent the hunters from dying, not to kill Katak. ‘…Or not?’ Perhaps in his anger, he had harbored just a sliver of murderous intent. No matter how much he pondered or reviewed the situation, he could not find the answer. Moreover, at this moment, he couldn’t even afford to entertain such thoughts because of the shocking event that had just unfolded. ‘…This doesn’t make sense.’ Whether it made sense or not was beyond his understanding. Information about gates, awakenings, monoliths, and other mysterious entities had not yet been fully disclosed. But one thing was clear. ‘There’s something I don’t know.’ The soul-energy formed from Katak’s death. Feeling the powerful spirit of Katak within that soul-energy, Kang Sah-hu’s eyes emitted a deep glow.

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