Necromancer Before Awakening Chapter 26

Episode 26: Divide and Conquer (2)

The elite guild hunters looked on with astonished faces at Kang Sah-hu and his group, who had suddenly appeared and saved their lives. They had been struggling to kill even one of the powerful monsters, the trolls, even when they charged in with a readiness to face death. The sight of eight fearsome trolls being killed almost instantly was unbelievable, even to those who witnessed it. Except for one troll that was left with only bones after being devoured by a giant hound, the other seven died screaming in terror, as if they had seen a phantom.

The eyes of the hunters looking at Kang Sah-hu’s group mixed relief with fear towards this unknown entity.

“You, you, you are…”

One of the hunters tried to speak to Kim Ho-myung and Kang Ji-ye but was interrupted as Bae Deok-ho appeared behind them.

“How’s the situation?”

“Many are seriously injured.”

Following Kang Sah-hu’s instructions, Kang Ji-ye had quickly assessed the hunters’ injuries upon arrival.

Fortunately, despite facing the extraordinary monster known as the troll, the guild was well-coordinated, which allowed them to handle the situation well. Thanks to Kim Ho-myung and Kang Ji-ye’s timely rescue, no casualties occurred.

“Luckily, no deaths. Good!”

Bae Deok-ho signaled to Kang Sah-hu that there were no casualties.

Upon seeing the signal, Kang Sah-hu nodded, turned all the trolls into spirit artifacts, and rode away on a giant hound up the cliffside, disappearing into the distance.

“Are you the hunters from the strongest guild? Where is your guild leader?”

As Kim Ho-myung asked the hunters, their expressions twisted.

“We don’t know.”

A hunter, embarrassed to admit the truth – that their leader had fled – answered reluctantly.

However, quick-witted Kim Ho-myung did not press further and calmly continued.

“You all did well holding up. We’ll be moving soon, so only those with serious leg injuries raise your hands.”

“Are you planning to move? There might still be trolls around.”

“Yes, I’ve checked the terrain around here. If we move forward, you’ll be able to join up with other hunters. It’s much safer than staying here and risking encountering more trolls.”

Despite some initial murmurs among the strongest guild hunters, they soon calmed down.


While Kang Ji-ye treated those with serious injuries, Bae Deok-ho rode the giant hound up the cliff to scout the area.

Although they carried the grand title of a guild, the hunters couldn’t help but admire Kang Sah-hu’s group, which, despite being smaller in number, moved powerfully and systematically.


Atop the giant hound, Kang Sah-hu moved swiftly like the wind to assist other hunters.

Reviewing the list of participating hunters from the documents he had, his brows furrowed.

“I’ve rescued the strongest guild, and Lieutenant Han Si-yeon has gone to the Daehan Guild….”

He checked that the next guild he needed to save was the Dragon Guild and secured the movements of the giant hounds.

Lieutenant Han Si-yeon was still searching for the Daehan Guild, and the previously rescued strongest guild was heading towards the arranged meeting point.

Since he had already instructed the giant hounds to drop any trolls that might appear through Divide and Conquer tactics, he was confident they could handle a combat situation calmly, should one arise.

The giant hound, now restored to its sense of smell as a Devourer, sniffed the air and changed direction, detecting the scent of blood rising from a deep cliff below.

Kang Sah-hu, who had used the Necromancer magic ‘Mark of Terror’ and ‘Soul Destruction’ to save the strongest guild hunters, prepared for a combination of those spells.

“Don’t run away! Fight, you bastards—!”

“Damn it! After all that fighting, to have only killed five of them is just…!”

Watching from above, Kang Sah-hu sent focused intent to the giant hound.

The giant hound inhaled deeply.


At the long howl of the giant hound, not only the trolls but also the hunters’ attention turned to Kang Sah-hu.

Confused, the identified trolls were targeted by Kang Sah-hu, who then used ‘Mark of Terror’.

“Kr-Krataka?! Aaaaaaah!”


The trolls affected by ‘Mark of Terror’ screamed and thrashed on the ground.

Without delay, he immediately followed up with ‘Soul Destruction’, causing the struggling trolls, overwhelmed by fear, to have their souls torn apart, becoming unable to even feel fear anymore.

Skill 1 – Spirit Orb Creation initiated.

Next, using the Spirit Orb Creation skill on the defenseless trolls who had lost their souls, they were transformed into spirit orbs without resistance. Although normally only the souls and bodies of dead beings could be turned into spirit orbs, the recent event had shown that completely obliterating the soul was sufficient for the transformation.

If the trolls had spirits, using ‘Soul Destruction’ would be difficult, as would targeting the soul itself.

However, Kang Sah-hu knew that monsters emerging from gates did not have spirits, allowing him to consider this approach.

“What, what? Where did all the trolls go?”

Just moments before, the trolls that had been fighting against the hunters had disappeared.

The bodies of the five trolls that the guild members had struggled to kill had also vanished, shocking the hunters.

As they expressed their astonishment, the giant hound carrying Kang Sah-hu came down from the cliff and landed gently.

“Are you alright?”

A woman stepped forward in response to Kang Sah-hu’s question.

“Yes, thanks to the Hunter. Thank you so much.”

The woman bowed deeply at a 90-degree angle, expressing her gratitude.

Kang Sah-hu also

She bowed her head in greeting and, having finished, looked up at Kang Sa-hoo. “I’m Maeng Yu-na, the guild leader of the Dragon Guild. May I ask for your name, Hunter?” “I’m Kang Sa-hoo. Nice to meet you, Hunter Maeng Yu-na.” Upon hearing Kang Sa-hoo’s name, she quickly recalled where she had heard it. The ultimate hunter, the great hunter of Korea, even among lists of military hunters, his name was not one that came up. It was then she realized that this was the hunter group that had decided to partake in gate hunting with his colleagues. “Ah, are you perhaps a member of that group which consists of five people?” “Yes.” Kang Sa-hoo’s nonchalant response led her to nod calmly, though internally, Maeng Yu-na was shocked. ‘I thought he was just a hunter relying on his awakened rank since there are only five of them, but he’s actually capable.’ Usually, a hunter’s awakened rank correlates with powerful skills and enhanced physical abilities. However, merely using that to summarily judge who was stronger was foolish. Her own guild, despite being ranked B, had members who possessed battle senses and skills superior to those of some A-ranked hunters. ‘It’s my mistake.’ Thinking the highest rank among them was only A and the rest were B, she had underestimated them. “Since we’ve introduced ourselves, shall we get moving? Shouldn’t we meet up with the other hunters?” At Kang Sa-hoo’s words, Maeng Yu-na agreed. “However, in this vast area, how can we find the other hunters without encountering any trolls…?” “Ah, you don’t need to worry about that. My colleagues have already met with other guild’s hunters, and we’ve agreed to gather at one place.” “What?” While her guild struggled for survival in this ravine, he had already made arrangements to meet up with the other hunters. Doubting Kang Sa-hoo might be teasing her, Maeng Yu-na stared intently at him. “…?” However, Kang Sa-hoo looked at her with a calm and straightforward gaze, causing her face to flush red. ‘To doubt someone who’s helping us…’ Ashamed of her thoughts, she hurriedly issued instructions to her guild members to get moving. Soon after, having prepared themselves, the Dragon Guild began to move. Kang Sa-hoo climbed atop a giant hound and led the way, with Maeng Yu-na, the guild leader, walking beside him. “Hunter Kang Sa-hoo, may I ask what your class is? To start with, I’ve received a Hidden Class known as Half-Dragon.” Kang Sa-hoo tilted his head, remembering when Major Han Si-yeon had introduced herself as having the Dragon Person Hidden Class. ‘So it takes a Hidden Class to lead a group, I see.’ Swiftly dismissing the thought, he responded to her question. “I’ve awakened as a Necromancer. I’m not sure about my rank.” “Necromancer… I see.” Watching the ominous aura of the giant hound he rode, she swallowed hard. ‘Necromancer, isn’t that a rather sinister sounding class…? Portraying deceit and betrayal… Oh, could he be letting us lower our guards to feed us to that huge dog…?!’ As she dwelled on all the negative connotations of the word “Necromancer,” Kang Sa-ho sensed something unusual within his perception. Suddenly, he turned and looked up, startling Maeng Yu-na. “Why, what’s wrong, Hunter Kang?” Although it was unlikely, she worried he might have read her disrespectful thoughts. Calming her voice, she asked him. However, unlike before, Kang Sa-hoo now wore a serious expression as he stared at the sky. ‘Does he have a Necromancer skill that reads minds…?!’ Maeng Yu-na began to sweat. “Hunter Kang, I didn’t mean to say that, or rather think that in any offensive way…” “Hunter Maeng Yu-na, would it be possible for you and your guild members to proceed from here?” Taken aback by his unexpected question, her expression hardened as she realized that Kang Sa-hoo’s sudden change wasn’t because of her. “Is something wrong?” “It seems so.” Agreeing with his grave tone, Maeng Yu-na nodded. “Understood. We’ll make our way to the designated meeting point, and you do what you must, Hunter Kang.” After her assent, Kang Sa-hoo nodded, climbed the cliff with the giant hound, and they moved swiftly. The hunters of the Dragon Guild watched in awe and shock as the hound climbed the cliff at a 90-degree angle. Atop the cliff, Kang Sa-hoo felt his heart racing as he surveyed his surroundings. “It can’t be…” He muttered, hoping he was wrong. Quickly lighting up his eyes to search more effectively, he glanced around, emitting blue and green energies. His gaze suddenly froze in shock at a sight. Unbelievable events were unfolding. Spirits, appearing to belong to dead hunters, normally linger around the body and then quietly fade from this world. But now, like lanterns in a storm, swirled dangerously into the sky.

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