Necromancer Before Awakening Chapter 21

Episode 21. The Moving Mechanisms (2)

Kang Sa-hu and his group followed the guidance of the members of the National Intelligence Service, moving towards a vast property located on the outskirts of Seoul. As they followed the highway, a large building standing alone on the outside appeared.

“One of the buildings used by the National Intelligence Service. Of course, we don’t use the entire building, just a part of it,” Lim Chang-ju, who had introduced himself as the team leader of the National Intelligence Service, explained with a smile.

After Lim Chang-ju’s arrival, Baek Deok-ho had unusually become silent, but the others, tense from the mention of the National Intelligence Service, failed to notice his strange behavior. Only Kang Sa-hu found Baek Deok-ho’s change peculiar; however, he decided that it was better to stay quiet about his odd behavior in the current situation.

As they were guided to a spacious area with a table, tea was served, and Lim Chang-ju began the conversation in earnest.

“First, the reason you were brought here is as I mentioned before.”

Kang Sa-hu nodded.

“I would like to hear directly about the information regarding the C-class Gate of prophecy, and what you propose to us.”

Lim Chang-ju nodded.

“Then, let’s get to the point. We would like you to participate in hunting the C-class Gate and report back on your experiences.”

“…A report?”

Kang Sa-hu, being a hunter, expected to be invited to participate in the gate hunting but was surprised by the request for a report.

“Yes, the highest grade gates existing worldwide currently are these C-class Gates that will open.”

Continuing his explanation, he picked up a remote control.

Pressing several buttons, an LED TV framed on the wall turned on, displaying various pieces of information.

“One in China, one in Russia, and one in the United States. And then.”

A beep sounded as the remote was pressed again, switching the display.

Kang Ji-ye, who had been staring blankly at the screen, gasped in shock upon seeing the new image and clung to Yoo-rim Lee.

The screen showed numerous unmosaiced corpses, and bizarre monsters greedily feeding on the bodies while staring into the camera.

“Except for the United States, both other countries failed in their gate hunting, and eventually, a C-class Gate breach occurred.”

“Wait a moment. I’ve never heard of this before. Is this data real? Or is it a simulation of some sort?”

Kim Ho-myung asked, clearly distressed, and Lim Chang-ju chuckled grimly.

“Unfortunately, it’s all real. And it’s understandable that you haven’t heard about it. It’s been thoroughly hidden from the public worldwide.”

“Oh, what…”

Kim Ho-myung was taken aback by the notion of perfectly controlling information in the 21st century when satellites orbit the earth and all information is shared in real-time on NewTube.

However, Lim Chang-ju just shrugged.

“It’s only natural. Imagine the chaos that would ensue if this situation were exposed globally. Not least, people in our own country would start emigrating en masse to the United States, which has more hunters and stronger weapons.”

Understanding the situation, Kim Ho-myung frowned.

“And in those proud nations like China and Russia, who failed at gate hunting, do you think they would publically acknowledge it?”

“…They would silence everyone involved, no matter what it takes.”

Yoo-rim Lee responded darkly.

Gratefully nodding toward her, Lim Chang-ju continued.

“The impact of the C-class Gate breach was tremendous. Upon investigation, unofficial casualties in China alone numbered 3,500, and key facilities including power plants were destroyed.”

Shocked by the staggering number of casualties, everyone began to truly comprehend the current crisis, satisfying Lim Chang-ju internally.

However, his relief soon turned into dismay at Kang Sa-hu’s unphased expression, despite hearing the explanation.

‘What on earth is he thinking?’

Despite his efforts to convey the seriousness of the situation using classified materials, no signs of panic or fear were visible on Kang Sa-hu.

‘That’s quite a poker face… Or does he really not grasp the severity of the situation?’

As Lim Chang-ju stared at him, Kang Sa-hu tilted his head in confusion.

“Please, continue.”


His request to continue left Lim Chang-ju and Kang Sa-hu’s teammates bewildered.

“Oh, brother. It seems you’ve already heard all of the situation?”

“Yes, I’ve heard.”

“And you want to hear more?”

As his sister voiced everyone’s question, they all internally thanked her.

Calmly, Kang Sa-hu responded.

“I heard how perilous the C-class Gate is and that the team leader here wants us to engage in hunting it.”

“That’s right… isn’t it?”

“Then there should be support and a reward for that.”

His statement left everyone wide-eyed.

Kim Ho-myung had a surprised expression.

Yoo-rim Lee looked on with admiration and respect.

And Baek Deok-ho stared at Kang Sa-hu with eyes filled with delight and satisfaction, before bursting into loud laughter.

“Hahaha! That’s our leader for you!”

Kang Sa-hu stared directly back at the startled Lim Chang-ju.

“The two things I asked for were information about the C-class Gate of prophecy and what you propose to us. Yet, you haven’t spoken about the proposal.”

“…Right, I will discuss what we can offer you.”

Although momentarily taken aback by his composed reaction, Lim Chang-ju soon collected himself and outlined the benefits the National Intelligence Service could offer.

There were three main benefits.

The first was weapons crafted by a master…

First, a pair of weapons and armor provided free of charge.

Second, after clearing the gate, guaranteed priority hunting rights for gates managed by the National Intelligence Service.

The third and last condition was to offer the opportunity of a stable income and full support as a secret agent of the National Intelligence Service.

Having heard all the conditions, Kang Sahu tapped his fingers thoughtfully on the desk.

Then, as if he had finished thinking, he looked up at Team Leader Im Chang-ju.

“If you modify the conditions, I will participate in the hunting.”

“Modify the conditions?”

“Yes, first included with the provision of weapons and armor, allow me to meet the person who makes them so I can choose the items directly.”

Team Leader Im Chang-ju was taken aback, but Kang Sahu continued.

“For the second condition, please specify the grade and number of priority reservations in gates managed by the National Intelligence Service, as well as the number of participants. For the last condition, instead of a job opportunity, offer money or essential supplies needed by hunters.”

“Ah, no. If you change the conditions like that…”

When Team Leader Im Chang-ju tried to argue,

Kang Sahu calmly, yet firmly, cut him off.

“The National Intelligence Service works in the shadows aiming for the light, correct?”

Suddenly, when his own organization’s motto was mentioned, he clamped his mouth shut.

“This is a critical situation for both the shadows and the light which is why you’ve come. Therefore, you should provide what the people want and need. Moreover.”

A subtle green and blue light glowed from Kang Sahu’s eyes.

“I have no intention of leading my people into a potentially deadly hunt under these unmet conditions.”


His firm words left him speechless.

Although others didn’t show it, they looked at Kang Sahu anew when he referred to them as ‘my people’.

Watching Team Leader Im Chang-ju’s hesitant reaction, Kang Sahu felt his phone vibrate continuously throughout the conversation.

When he opened his phone screen, there were 27 missed calls and 30 messages.

Narrowing his eyes at the sender’s name, Kang Sahu declared,

“Now that I’ve reviewed all the conditions, please take your time to think and respond.”

As Kang Sahu stood up, those around him followed suit.

“Are, are you leaving?”

“Yes, I have other engagements to attend to. I will await your favorable reply.”

With that, he began to walk away, followed by his group.

Bae Deok-ho passed by Team Leader Im Chang-ju and smirked.

“Not easy, is it? Impressive, right?”

“…It turns out there was a reason the senior handled things so inefficiently.”

Bae Deok-ho laughed heartily, patting Im Chang-ju’s shoulder, and hurried after his colleagues.

A complex expression formed on Im Chang-ju’s face as he watched them leave.

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