Necromancer Before Awakening Chapter 18

Chapter 18. Skills and Growth (1)


Lee Yurim concentrated as she stared at the boss monster, which opened its mouth wide and roared at her. Above the place she was gazing, the name of the boss monster appeared: ‘Vampire Ape’. True to its name, its eyes were blood-red, and its body was disgustingly prominent with bulging veins.

However, now was her chance to prove her worth to the leader she acknowledged, so she suppressed her disgust and approached closer to attack the boss monster.


An arm, seemingly 2 meters long, swung towards her. Lee Yurim quickly ducked to dodge the arm and sprinted forward, pushing off from the ground. The arm was long, which meant it had a long reach, but also took longer to recover, allowing her no chance to block her approach.


Her abdomen tensed as she slashed the monster’s chest with her dual daggers. Each swing of the daggers cleaved through the air with a slicing sound.


The sound overlapped several times in an instant, much like a circular saw cutting through rebar.


When dozens of strikes overlapped in one instant, the wound appeared not so much cut as it did torn apart. Blood gushed from the wound.


The Vampire Ape, enraged and bleeding from its mouth, let out a monstrous cry so loud that even Kang Sahu, who was watching from a distance, was affected.

Skill, ‘Paralysis Scream’ paralyzes your body.

Immunity to paralysis nullifies the effect.

Kang Sahu moved slightly, but almost immediately, a message indicating that he had nullified the skill effect with his immunity appeared, and he moved effortlessly.

As a Necromancer, he possessed not only necromancy but also extensive knowledge and immunity to poisons, making this possible. However, Lee Yurim, who did not have such immunity to paralysis, jerked her body like a wooden puppet.

“Uh, uhuh!”

As Lee Yurim panicked and did not know what to do, the enraged boss monster’s fist struck her abdomen.



She tried to dodge before the punch, but due to the long reach of the arm, she was unable to completely avoid it and was knocked back.

“Keuk, huh! I’m okay!”

Seeing that she had taken a hit, Kang Sahu started walking towards her, but Lee Yurim quickly shouted out.

“It’s not that painful! I can still fight! Please let me continue!”

Relieved at Kang Sahu halting his approach, she sighed and got up. The boss monster, too, seemed severely injured in its chest, pausing its attack to clutch at its chest while she caught her breath.


Her gaze on the boss monster became calm, making it clear that it had suffered a greater blow than herself. Moreover, while she did feel pain in her abdomen from the punch, it didn’t feel deadly.

It hurt, sure, but it was a manageable and ignorable level of pain. For an average person, a hit like that could have broken ribs and caused internal injuries, but she was an awakened Hunter, ranked as the world’s second highest A-grade. Her inherent physical abilities were exceptionally superior.

Lee Yurim gripped her daggers and moved deliberately. Her movement was light and bouncy, like a boxer’s step, but with every step, her body seemed to teleport instantly.

Kwe? Kuweee?!

Sensing an unusual atmosphere, the boss monster menacingly whipped its arms like whips. Each swing sounded as heavy as a club slicing through the air.

But she continued her light, bouncy steps, approaching without fear or haste, her eyes glittering like a predator watching its prey.

After a standoff, the boss monster, having swung its arms non-stop, was momentarily exhausted, swinging its limbs a beat slower. This short delay in attack gave her the opening she needed, and she moved like the wind.


Surprised, the boss monster leaped back to widen the distance, but Lee Yurim gritted her teeth and surged forward, plunging the dagger into its chest.


The blade pierced through ribs and into the monster, eliciting a scream from it.

But watching from a distance, Kang Sahu noticed that the creature’s pain was not merely distress; it also contained a faint pleasure. True to his feelings, the boss monster began to wrap its long limbs around Lee Yurim at its chest.

“This thing…!”

She hadn’t expected it to bait her with its own life at stake. Lee Yurim, shocked, exerted all her efforts to drive the dagger deeper.

Despite being awakened, her physical strength was inferior to the powerful limbs of the primate, and the short blade fell short of reaching the heart.

What?! Yurim, who should have been helpless with her limbs bound, suddenly unleashed tremendous strength, greatly startling Ape, now a vampire. Given the close range, even pushing her away with his hands was difficult, but her strength only grew stronger.


Grrr, grrrowl!

As the sharp sensation of the dagger penetrated deep into the intestines, sensing imminent death instinctively, the boss monster made a final decision. Its pupils turned blood-red, and the blood oozing from its chest tried desperately to push the blade out.



A fierce contest of strength ensued between Yurim, trying to push the dagger deeper, and the boss monster, trying to expel it using the power of its blood. The tension was so intense that the dagger, caught without a hint of movement, vibrated with a shrieking wail.


Caught off guard as he was about to use magic, Gang Sahu stopped and stared at Yurim with wide eyes.

On the brink between life and death.

At this critical juncture, Yurim’s spirit surged and waned like waves. Even as Gang Sahu watched in astonishment, the intense tug-of-war continued. If she exerted force on the limbs encasing her, it ironically aided her in driving the dagger deeper, so Ape, focused solely on using his skill, had ceased using his limbs.

At the height of this tug-of-war.


With a clear sound, both blades of the dagger broke, and Yurim was flung backward.

Grrr, grrr, grrr!

She had won.

Assured of victory as the dagger broke and Yurim lost her means of attack, the boss monster roared in triumph.

However, Yurim, propelled backward, somehow approached the boss monster again, holding the handle of the broken dagger.


Mocking her seemingly pitiful state, the boss monster spread its arms as if to say, “Come at me.” The moment she approached, it envisioned tearing her limb from limb and devoured her with its long tongue flicking at her philtrum.

The moment Yurim swung her arm, holding the dagger handle which should have been bladeless, the blood spilled by the boss monster gathered.

Skill – ‘Blood Blade’ acquired.

Skill – Blood Blade activated.

Oblivious to the fact that her blade had broken, she was deeply engrossed in combat. The gathering blood formed a blade.

The blade, made of blood, was longer and sharper than the original dagger.


The blade pierced the boss monster’s body, smoothly cutting through its rough fur, thick skin, muscles, and bones, and even extended out from its back, having pierced the heart.

In utter disbelief, Ape, the vampire, stood frozen, his mouth agape as he slowly collapsed.


The vampire fell with a heavy thud. Yurim, panting heavily, bent over and placed her hands on her knees.

“Heuk, heuk, what… what did I just do…?”

She gazed at the dead body with trembling eyes until a hand on her shoulder made her jump and grip the dagger handle tightly.

Realizing it was Gang Sahu, her mind, which had been overwhelmed with excitement, calmed down.


“You’ve had a tough time. You must have been very tense. It seemed like you couldn’t hear me calling, so I reluctantly touched you.”

“I…I see you called. I’m sorry. I was… distracted by the fight.”

Watching her babble, Gang Sahu silently cast a spell.

The surging in her stomach and the tumultuous thoughts startlingly settled.

“Boss, this is…?”

“Go take some rest.”

“…Yes, I’ll rest for a bit.”

With that calm command, she staggered to find a place to rest.

She collapsed onto a large brick, but Gang Sahu didn’t seem overly concerned. To others, it might not be apparent, but as a necromancer, he could see her previously tumultuous spirit now peacefully subdued.

Yet what amazed him more was the change in her spirit.

‘The spirit has grown… and hardened.’

A spirit is like a mirror that reflects the power, potential, presence, and character of its bearer.

Hence, Gang Sahu sensed that she had grown stronger, calmer, and more significant than before she entered the gate.

‘Something definitely changed.’

The moment it was decided she had no more means to attack due to the broken blade, the previously calm her would have sought another method or asked for help.

Yet inexplicably, she charged at the boss despite the broken dagger and ultimately subdued it with what appeared to be a new power.

‘Definitely, Yurim didn’t know that skill before entering here.’

Otherwise, there would have been no reason to prolong the confrontation to such a perilous extent.

‘It’s not just about awakening; the growth following it is crucial too.’

The remarkable growth of her spirit and the acquisition of the skill.

Not merely focusing on the fight, but observing from a step back allowed Gang Sahu to observe these detailed changes and gain a deeper understanding of beings known as ‘awakened ones’.

This understanding helped him rediscover long-forgotten spirits.

Sensing this, he watched with a composed gaze as the spirits converged upon him.

“It is complete.”

During the roughly 40 minutes that Yurim and the boss monster, turned vampire Ape, battled.

The spirits of the Ape eaters, subdued by Gang Sahu’s necromancy, had become soul energy rushing towards him.

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