Necromancer Before Awakening Chapter 13

Chapter 13. First Gate Hunting (3)

Upon using the [Weight Proportional] skill, Kim Homyoung’s body hardened and became heavier in proportion to the target he was blocking. At the same time, the boss monster threw its entire body towards Kim Homying’s shield.



Despite the damp soil soaking Kim Homyoung’s legs up to his ankles, his body holding the shield did not budge against the massive boss monster. Instead, it was the boss monster, trying in vain to push him back, flailing its legs uselessly like spinning wheels after hitting the shield. The boss monster, not having expected to be blocked by a single human, let out a mix of angry and confused roars in frustration.

As the two struggled, Yoo Yurim, who had slipped into the blind spot, leaped high.

Thud, thud, thud!

The boss monster had a massive body with rugged skin, but her dagger pierced through the hide and dug into the muscles of its neck. While the boss was spurting blood and screaming in agony, another arrow from Baek Deokho flew, striking the monster’s eye.

“Big size for nothing!” Baek Deokho smirked as he saw his arrow hit the mark.

Standing there watching Gang Sahoo fight had made him restless, but now that he was facing the boss monster himself, excitement surged through him.

“Take this!”

Arrows continuously struck the boss monster’s body, and the dagger tore through the thick skin and muscles. Despite its frantic swings, the powerful attacks of the boss monster could not overcome the heavy shield and made no effective impact.

The hunters attacking were supported by Gang Jiye’s aid and showed no signs of fatigue amid their fierce actions. Everyone was internally uplifted by watching Gang Sahoo fight alone, enabling them to immerse themselves fully in the battle.


A perfect display of offense and defense.

Gang Sahoo, watching from a step back, felt a deep satisfaction inside. Before entering the gate, they had been briefed that while the gate was rated F-class, the boss monster wasn’t necessarily of the same grade. The F-class rating was merely a measure based on the majority of monsters within the gate, suggesting that the boss monster could potentially be of a higher grade. Indeed, the current boss was an E-class, potentially up to a D or even C-class considering the environment.

The thick hide and the ability to climb trees suited the tropical forest gate environment, a perfect habitat for lizard-type monsters. However, now they were easily hunting down the boss monster, which hadn’t managed a single effective attack on them.


As Baek Deokho continuously loosed arrows and Yoo Yurim climbed atop the monster, slicing with her dagger, the fatigue-riddled boss monster began to flee. Swinging its tail as if to say “do not interfere,” it knocked down the hunters, causing a brief pause in their attacks. Without looking back, the boss monster climbed a tree.

“It’s running away!”

“Can’t you hit it with an arrow?”

“With that speed? How can I possibly hit it? And I’m running low on arrows!”

Kim Homyoung’s comment made Baek Deokho show the mere seven arrows he had left.

“You should’ve brought more arrows if you were coming hunting!”

“Do you know how expensive arrows are?! I’ve used up all the government-provided ones and even those I bought with my own money!”

Baek Deokho exclaimed in a pained voice, pointing a finger at the boss monster, whose head was covered with arrows, looking more like a porcupine than a lizard.

“Why is an F-class gate boss so tough?”

Kim Homyoung muttered, unable to say anything more when Yoo Yurim stepped forward.

“I’ll go up the tree and finish it.”

“Wait a minute! Did you see that creature attack just now? Kim Homyoung withstood it because of his class skill. You might get hurt, so be careful!”

“Yes! Right! Skills! Why aren’t you using your skills, Mister Deokho?”

Gang Jiye suddenly seemed to realize and asked.

Gang Sahoo also looked intently at Baek Deokho, who grimaced and shouted painfully.

“I didn’t get any skills!”


Gang Jiye looked at him with a sympathetic gaze, covering her mouth with her hand.

“What’s with that look?”

“Ah, sorry. I didn’t know you hadn’t gotten any skills.”

“Are you mocking me?!”

Ignoring Baek Deokho and Gang Jiye, Kim Homyoung and Yoo Yurim looked back at Gang Sahoo. Although Gang Sahoo had stayed at the rear during the fight, nobody complained. They all knew that if it weren’t for him, they would have had to fight their way through 99 forest lizards in the hot, humid jungle.

Now that the boss was fleeing and still joking leisurely, it was because they had confidence in his abilities.

“Gang Sahoo, what should we do now?”

Kim Homyoung asked, as Gang Sahoo surveyed the scene. Baek Deokho was almost out of arrows, Kim Homyoung’s shield looked like it wouldn’t hold much longer, and Yoo Yurim was holding a dagger that was already broken and halfway to useless.

“Should I finish this?”

“…I can fight too.”

Yoo Yurim said, reluctantly, but the others disagreed with her.

“Yes, we were unprepared this time, and the equipment couldn’t hold up. We would appreciate it if you could handle it.”

Though not through a vote or an agreement, everyone there had already acknowledged him as the leader. Moreover, with the summoning beast’s power, t

“It seems like anything more than this would be a waste of time.”

“I see.”

At Kim Ho-myeong’s words, Kang Sah-hoo raised his hand and aimed at a boss monster wandering around from a distance, targeting the hunters.

Since there was no telling what might happen at any given time, there was no need for incantations as Kang Sah-hoo had prepared a powerful magic while they hunted the boss monster.

Blue and green lights flowed from Kang Sah-hoo’s eyes.


Screech! Screeeeech!

As he slowly clenched the hand he had spread out, the sound of the boss monster’s bones breaking could be heard from within its body.

He had used the magic ‘Forceful Bone Growth and Twisting,’ the same he had used when he directly killed the giant hound before.

The boss monster’s body started to crumple under its own deforming bones.



Onlookers shivered at the scene, which resembled breaking a lizard smaller than a palm in hand.

However, since it still didn’t fall, Kang Sah-hoo frowned.

Originally, the necromancer’s magic wasn’t developed with the purpose of being used on such monsters; therefore, he needed to gauge how much mana was appropriate to use.

‘How about this then?’

Since the power of the magic, the distance, and the target’s magical resistance called for more mana, Kang Sah-hoo summoned a greater amount of mana than before to cast his spell.

Now, the magic he was using was a necromancer’s fatal spell, difficult to counter for any creature with flowing blood.

‘Reverse Blood.’

As the spell to reverse and control the flow of blood was cast, the blood flowing to the boss monster’s brain surged back, bursting its veins.

Squeeze, squee!

Blood overflowed from burst vessels in the brain, causing a stroke.

As the boss monster’s body stiffened in a crouching position, it made a loud noise and fell from a tree.


Its massive body hit the ground.

Shortly after, a hologram screen popped up before everyone’s eyes.

You have cleared an F-grade gate.

You have earned 100 points.

“It’s over-“

Bae Deok-ho collapsed to the ground at the sight of the hologram which appeared post-gate clearance.

However, the others looked slightly puzzled.

“Well, now we know what kind of place the gate is.”

Following Kim Ho-myeong’s remark, everyone nodded in agreement.

Having confirmed that the battle was thoroughly over, their eyes surveyed the gradually disappearing tropical forest.

The forest, which seemed endless when they first entered, started to narrow down and was replaced by a stark white space.

Eventually, only about 30 square meters of space remained as the elimination of the tropical forest stopped.

Worried that the space they stood on might vanish next, Bae Deok-ho let out a relief.

“Whew, I thought we were going to fall there… Wait, what’s going on?”

Silently, everyone watched Kang Sah-hoo summon the giant hound and rummage through the ground as if searching for something.

The giant hound, seeming to coat itself in white, approached the stretched space carefully, trying to place its paw on it, but unable to touch it.

Realizing the giant hound couldn’t move forward, Kang Sah-hoo called it back.

“You’re quite curious.”

Lee Yoorim herself showed no interest in the white space.

“That’s why you need to know the potential risks if you continue hunting.”

Despite that, the real reason why that action was possible was because he didn’t exhaust much power and was in good condition, but he didn’t explain the detailed content.

“…Hmm. Right.”


Everyone quietly agreed with Kang Sah-hoo.

“Looking at this, someone would think the leader is the oldest. Anyone can see I’m the senior here.”


Just as Bae Deok-ho referred to himself again as ‘leader,’ creating confusion about why he was the leader…

The gate they saw when they entered reappeared a little away from the group.

“It seems everything is settled. Let’s head out.”

“Everybody did a great job! Now, let’s head back!”

“Let’s go, Ji-ye.”

“Yeah, sis!”


Hunter after hunter exited through the gate, while Kang Sah-hoo watched with a puzzled expression.

As Kang Ji-ye, half in the gate, giggled and gestured him to come along, they all seemed amused.

“Great Job.”

Exiting the gate, Lieutenant Han Si-yeon welcomed them.

“Clearing the gate was really… fast.”

She checked her watch and marveled.

“Considering the gate’s grade, the number of personnel, and the awakeners’ grades, it’s the fastest record in the country so far.”

The unexpected speed of the gate clearance brought smiles to Kang Ji-ye and Bae Deok-ho’s faces.

“The reward will be given tomorrow. Additionally, 10% more will be given for the resources obtained inside the gate.”

“Oh! Bonus money!”

Their smiles widened at the mention of bonus money.

Watching the pair getting along, Lieutenant Han Si-yeon turned away, barely swallowing a burst of laughter.

“Ahem. Well, you all did a great job. As it seems there are no injuries, you are free to go home at your convenience.”

After the hunt, Han Si-yeon quickly left as her official duties commenced.

“Thank you, everyone.”

Kang Sah-hoo bowed to his fellow hunters, and their faces conveyed a mix of reluctance and hesitation.

Baedekho, unlike the others, approached with a pained look, swallowing hard.

“Are we going just like this? How about a drink somewhere?”

“Everyone must be tired, it might be better to rest at home today.”

“Eh, oh… Okay.”

After Bae Deok-ho reluctantly retreated, Lee Yoorim tried to speak but stopped as Kang Sah-hoo took out his phone.

“If you enjoyed today’s hunt and are considering continuing as a hunter, I would like to exchange numbers. No pressure, though.”

“Of course, I’d like that!”

“So would I.”

“Me too.”

“And me!”

“Why you.”

As he took Kang Ji-ye’s hand away that was reaching for the phones, Kang Sah-hoo passed his phone to the others to exchange numbers.

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