Necromancer Before Awakening Chapter 10

Episode 10. Those Who Hunt Gates, Hunter (2)

Arriving at the location where the gate was scheduled to open according to the app, the scene that unfolded was different from what they had anticipated. The area around the gate was cordoned off with yellow police tape. Curious onlookers murmured around the perimeter, while reporters scuffled with the police, trying to snap photos.

Before heading to the gate, Kang Ji-ye got dressed in a hoodie and cap at home following Kang Sa-hu’s decision, feeling somewhat bewildered by the situation. “How did you predict something like this?” she asked. “Like I said before. Movies and dramas,” he replied. Kang Ji-ye shook her head, knowing this would be his answer. “From now on, it looks like we’ll have to carry hoodies and caps as essentials.” “It’s better that way. There’s nothing good about becoming recognizable,” Kang Sa-hu responded. Of course, his face might be revealed later, but at a time like this, when interest in Awakeners and gates was at its peak, he believed it was best to remain incognito. Kang Ji-ye, who had also seen her share of dramas and films about human greed and survival issues, agreed with his judgment.

“Hey, there! Excuse me!” “Are you an Awakener? I heard people call Awakeners hunters. Is it true that you are going to hunt the gate?” “Please share how you feel before entering the gate!” Despite not giving permission for filming, countless cameras targeted them. Kang Sa-hu and Kang Ji-ye, protected by the police, quickly walked past the crowd and entered the gate area.

“Phew! That was tough,” said a police officer who had escorted them to the gate, his uniform fluttering. It wasn’t quite the end of summer yet, and whether it was from the heat or nervousness, sweat dripped from his forehead to his chin. “We need to check your identity now. Could you show me your hunter’s license?” After verifying their hunter’s licenses with his phone, the police officer nodded. “Please wait a moment.”

Shortly after the officer left, a soldier whom they had only seen once but recognized appeared. “Oh? It’s you who measured our levels!” “Hello.” While she did not show it outwardly, Lieutenant Han Si-yeon seemed pleased to be called ‘sister’, smiling warmly as she welcomed them. She glanced at Kang Sa-hu with a subtle look, but he was too focused on entering the gate to notice.

“The two of you applied as hunter numbers 4 and 5,” Lieutenant Han Si-yeon said. “You were lucky.” “Lucky? Why is that?” Kang Ji-ye asked, tilting her head. Han Si-yeon grinned, “As you may have heard, each gate limits the number of people who can enter based on its rank and scale. This particular gate only allows five people.”

“It didn’t seem like many had applied,” Kang Sa-hu interjected. She shook her head. “At first, that was the case. But after a successful clear by 12 hunters at an F-ranked gate that appeared earlier, the application rate surged. There were a few injuries, but they were minor.”

Understanding yet somewhat scathingly, Han Si-yeon slightly lifted one corner of her mouth. “It’s normal for people to be fearful of trying something new. But it wasn’t pleasant seeing those who wouldn’t listen suddenly competing to apply.” “I understand,” Kang Sa-hu nodded. It made sense to both of them – the hunters eager to apply after realizing the danger was low and also to her, who felt disdain for such hunters.

Following Han Si-yeon, they saw people sitting on plastic chairs prepared in front of the gate, looking at their phones or fidgeting. She asked them to wait for a moment and turned on her waist-mounted speaker. “Hunters with reservations from number 1 to 5 have all arrived. Others are not allowed entrance; please turn back now.”

“What?” “I’ve been waiting here for so long!” “Why didn’t you say so earlier!” Hunters sitting in the chairs protested and started pointing fingers at Han Si-yeon in complaint. She sighed quietly, knowing this would happen, and led Kang Sa-hu and Kang Ji-ye toward a tent. “I’m sorry, but I need to calm the other hunters down. Someone inside will give you the briefing about the hunt.”

Kang Sa-hu and Kang Ji-ye nodded and entered the tent. Inside was a makeshift six-person table, with three people alread

“It feels like I’m the old one here, but please take good care of me~”


Kang Sahu looked puzzled as he stared at the man who introduced himself as Bae Deok-ho.

However, Bae Deok-ho didn’t notice his gaze and gestured with his palm as if to prompt someone else, and a woman with neatly tied ponytail bowed gently in greeting.

“Hello. My name is Lee Yurim. My class is Assassin, and I am ranked A. I look forward to working with you.”

After everyone introduced themselves, Kang Jiye also made her introduction.

“Nice to meet you~ I’m a Cleric class, and B-grade! This is my brother.”

“Nice to meet you. I’m a Necromancer class, and my grade is… Ex.”

As each person introduced themselves, people nodded until they heard Kang Sahu’s grade and then looked confused.

“Ex grade? Is there even such a grade?”

Kim Homyoung asked with curiosity.

“When it was my turn for grade assessment, there was a problem with the monolith, so it couldn’t be measured properly.”

“Ah, so Ex as in ‘Extra’! Does that mean it’s a temporary grade?”

“Probably so.”

Bae Deok-ho stepped forward with a smile and explained, and Kang Sahu easily accepted.

After all, this wasn’t something they could figure out by just brainstorming together, and Kang Sahu himself didn’t put much significance on grades, so he felt no need to explain further.

Just as the introductions ended, a soldier entered the tent.

“Hello, I am about to start explaining the Gate, is that okay?”


Kang Jiye responded cheerfully, and laughter briefly bloomed inside the tent.

The sergeant with rank insignia on his uniform projected from the beam projector onto the screen and began the explanation.

“This Gate’s grade is F. Monsters appearing here are called Forest Lizards, about the size of a large dog.”

As the screen switched, an image of the monster sketched in a montage style appeared.

Feeling the curious looks, the soldier immediately added an explanation.

“Due to the malfunctioning of modern electronic devices inside the Gate, we had to resort to drawings for the external appearance.”

“Does that mean someone has already encountered this monster… the Forest Lizard inside the Gate?”

Kim Homyoung raised his hand and asked, and the soldier nodded.

“Yes, that’s correct. It was first discovered in a Gate that appeared in Paraguay.”

With that answer, the screen switched again and next to the drawing, a description of the Forest Lizard appeared.

“The Forest Lizard’s scales are tough, so it’s more effective to use blunt weapons rather than bladed ones. There was also a hunter who entered with a gun; while it did injure the lizard, it only caused a scratch.”

People gasped at the mention that it withstood gunfire.

“Ah, of course, that’s only inside the Gate. It seems the effectiveness of guns is reduced once inside the Gate for some reason.”

“What about when it comes out of the Gate?”

Kang Jiye asked, and the sergeant smiled.

“Then at least inside the Gate, it would be able to take a much bigger hit. According to the information obtained after experiencing a Gate break once, up to E-grade it has been possible to deal with machine guns, grenades, and Claymores.”

“…Isn’t that serious?”

Bae Deok-ho grimaced at the mention of needing a Claymore to take down an E-grade monster.

“As such, the role of the hunters is crucial. If a Gate break occurs, urban combat will inevitably happen.”

The sergeant paused for a moment and glanced at Kang Sahu with a subtle expression.

Feeling his gaze, Kang Sahu looked puzzled, prompting the sergeant to continue without taking his eyes off him.

“And indeed, one individual has already prevented an E-grade Gate break alone.”


As people expressed their surprise and followed his gaze to Kang Sahu, they were even more startled.

“Uh, could it be that…”

“Are you saying Hunter Kang Sahu stopped all the E-grade monsters by himself?”

Kim Homyoung, completing Bae Deok-ho’s stuttering words, asked as the sergeant nodded.


“…Hahaha! This puts my mind at ease!”

Bae Deok-ho burst into laughter.

“I was quite worried whether it was right to head into a Gate swarming with monsters. If he wiped out the E-grade monsters alone, then an F-grade would be just a snack after meals!”

Bae Deok-ho laughed heartily as if relieved, and Kang Jiye and Lee Yurim looked at Kang Sahu with shocked expressions, but Kim Homyoung looked skeptical.

“Does that even make sense? Facing all those monsters alone…”

“You will be able to verify that soon enough.”

The sergeant grinned.

“And it’s not impossible. You remember Lieutenant Hansiyeon we saw earlier? She alone hunted down two F-grade Gates.”


Kang Jiye exclaimed in surprise.

Though she didn’t vocalize it, the other three people also looked at the sergeant with astonished faces.

“Gosh, this shouldn’t be happening.”

Bae Deok-ho rubbed his palms together.

With a round and seemingly simple face, a strong confidence emerged.

“I’m really looking forward to this hunt.”

As he ignited a fighting spirit, it spread like fire, energizing the other hunters who started to brighten up their faces.

After the briefing, the sergeant looked around at the confident and enthusiastic hunters, smiling warmly. However, catching sight of Kang Sahu, he flinched slightly.

Behind the faces filled with excitement and anticipation,

Only Kang Sahu maintained a calm expression, adjusting his posture impassively.

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