My Exclusive Tower Guide chapter 92

My Exclusive Tower Guide

Chapter 92

Without hesitation, I drew Elysion.

It’s a relief.

I can decorate the end of the 12th floor with my sword.

“Hey! Are you seriously planning to attack me with that sword?”


“Ha! Try doing that for a million years!”

Denba laughed derisively at me.

– Madman! What era does he think it is to wield such a blade!

His eyes looked at me as if I were a barbarian.

Perhaps a high-end magic capable of breaking the barrier of his robe might pose a threat, but the idea that a sword could best him seemed furthest from his mind.

‘One Point!’

According to the strategy guide, the way to penetrate that robe was to concentrate all magical power into a single point and explode it.

Having consumed the Millennium Leaf from Mt. Doria, I was not lacking in magical power.

The problem was my ability to execute the move.

“I’ll let you have the first strike.”

Denba was brimming with confidence.

Neither Kim Seyong’s magic nor his fists had any effect; he expected the same outcome against me.

“I’m not the type to refuse such courtesy.”

There was no reason for me to turn down this gesture.

Gripping Elysion firmly, I moved forward with the Shadowless Step towards him.

Denba still stood there, motionless, a mocking smile on his face.

– Daring to touch my weak spot? I shall return the favor with despair.

Denba’s reason for giving me the first strike was to instill a feeling of powerlessness in me.

He planned to crush me thoroughly afterward.

But things were not going to go his way.

I concentrated my magical power on the tip of Elysion’s blade.


Whenever I used the Shadowless Spirit Sword technique, I would remember my master’s face.

The very thought inspired my swordsmanship.

It was like a master key to me.


I thrust Elysion towards Denba’s face.

I immediately felt the incredible resistance of his barrier.

This was the power of a demon.

At that moment, I released all my magical power in an explosive burst.

A descendant of the demon king could not be bested by a mere robe.


If this attack failed, everything would have to be left to Kim Seyong.

– Hehehe. How is it? This is power bestowed by the origin of evil, my lord—…

– …Damn it!

[Quest completed.]

[Fame has reached 100.]

[You have cleared the 12th floor.]

[There are unclaimed rewards. Would you like to proceed to the 13th floor?]

Of course not.

I needed to collect my dues before leaving.

It was time to part ways with Kim Seyong.

* * *

The 12th floor had granted me quite the bounty.

The unique skill named [Heart].

The legendary sword, Elysion.

Millennium Leaf that greatly increased my magical power.

A wealth of gold.

And the magic stones I received as a reward.

Suddenly, I remembered something Kim Seyong said in the mine.

– Hyung! Is there really no way to take what we’ve earned here back to our main characters?

No official word on it, but as far as I could tell, the answer was no.

So far, only magic attributes could be carried over; nothing else was mentioned specifically.

It was natural to feel attached given the gains, despite trying to keep expectations low.

‘Well, I’ll think about that later.’

With the rewards settled, I was automatically prepared for dimensional travel.

[I will proceed to the 13th floor.]

After Choi Jeonghyuk, Oh Mina, and Kim Seyong, it was my turn, fourth in line.

Though I was used to being first, considering the uncertainty when I first started the 12th floor, this pace was quite impressive.

[You have arrived at the 13th floor. Welcome to the magical continent of Calia.]


[You need a fame of 200 to move on to the next floor.]

Something was off.

It was unlikely the tower had a glitch, and yet the same scenery from the 12th floor unfolded before me.

Even the message confirmed this place as the continent of Calia, so I wasn’t mistaken.

‘Just like the starting village on the 12th floor!’

The same hall in the center of the village was there as well.

I needed to go in and check things out.

Whatever the reason, quests had to be accepted.

‘This is strange?’

As I entered, I simultaneously felt a sense of déjà vu and unease.

Astonishingly, the same NPCs from the 12th floor were here, looking about 30 years older.

“Don’t you remember me? It’s Lee Hoyoung.”

“Sorry, I can’t remember every nobody.”

This made no sense.

I had built up fame here, and I was being called a nobody.

“Do you really not remember? I’m Lee Hoyoung, the one who killed the beast of Mt. Doria.”

“Madman! What nonsense are you spouting?”

“You don’t remember me dealing with the dark mage in the Yorgenheim mine either?”

“A complete lunatic, aren’t you! What? Who killed who?”

Something was definitely different.

This was not the Calia I knew.

Even a glimpse into the minds of the NPCs showed they considered me a stranger.

“Just kidding! It was a joke!”

As embarrassing as it was, I had to agree quickly.

“What a dull guy!”

After more conversation with the NPCs, I learned the truth.

The place I was in was 32 years in the future of the 12th-floor Calia.

Of course, 32 years ago, I didn’t exist here.

It was a sort of parallel world.

Suddenly, I was curious.

I had killed Mt. Doria’s beast and the dark mage, Denba, on the 12th floor.

I wondered who had defeated them on the 13th.

“Are you really asking because you don’t know?”

“Ah, it just slipped my mind. Who were they?”

“Both of them? You did it yourself 21 years ago.”

It was indeed a different history.

The timing might have been slightly different, but there were similarities.

Like me, someone else had handled both by themselves.

“So, who was it?”

“Who else but the great swordsman, Sir Joseph Claude!”

This was the most shocking news.

Joseph Claude.

My own foolish disciple had become a great swordsman.

‘That blockhead?’

I knew from teaching him that he wasn’t a man of quality to grow to greatness.

Checking if it was a namesake, it turned out that it indeed was my disciple.

The youngest son of the Claude family, Joseph.


“But is Sir Joseph Claude’s swordsmanship truly exceptional?”

At my question, the NPC’s brows furrowed.

– Is this guy crazy? Or is he messing with me?

“Ah! It’s because I’ve lived cut off from the secular world for quite a long time.”

It might sound like a strange excuse.

Given my age, I don’t look that old.

However, the NPC replied without caring for such details.

“Sir Joseph Claude might well be considered a heretic of the Kallia continent. Even in an age dominated by magic, he pursues only the path of swordsmanship and stands at the precipice of reaching the realm of a Swordmaster.”


Within the Kallia cosmology, it was a legendary status.

On the 12th floor, most people considered it a preposterous fiction.

“Indeed! There’s a real possibility that Sir Joseph Claude might actually become a Swordmaster.”

It was hard to believe.

The Swordmasters of other worlds described by my master were equivalent to the leaders of martial sects.

And now my disciple stood on the brink of that realm. What sort of fortuitous encounters had he experienced in the meantime?

I must meet him.

Even if he does not recognize me, I’ll create an opportunity for us to meet once.

But first, the quest.

* * *

The early stages were an exact replication of the 12th floor.

The NPCs in the assembly hall were reluctant to entrust me with any tasks.

“What’s your magic attribute?”

“Actually, I’m not a wizard.”

“Then what?”

“A swordsman.”

At this answer, their expressions changed at once.

“Sorry about that. You should go check somewhere else.”

Swordsmen were still looked down upon compared with mages.

Although my disciple had elevated the status of swordsmanship, the NPCs here still greatly favored magicians.

With no better option, I made rounds to all NPCs present in the assembly hall.

Perhaps, like on the 12th floor, I could still get some menial tasks assigned.

“A swordsman, you say?”


“Usually I wouldn’t assign a significant task to a swordsman, but would you accept a job delivering a letter? Sorry, but the pay isn’t great.”

Fortunately, an NPC finally offered me a task.

I almost laughed. A letter delivery again.

“Where is this letter to be delivered?”

“It’s to the arena in Xenon village. It’s where swordsmen like you have their duels.”

“I’ll do it.”

It was a modest start, but believing a grand ending awaited, I accepted the task.

The renown to be gained from completing this quest was once again merely 1.

And, at the perfect moment to bring me down, a message arrived.

[Choijunghyuk’s renown has increased by 24.]

He really was a cheetah of a guy.

I’d barely entered the 13th floor and he had already accumulated a renown of 74.

If things kept going this way, catching up would be difficult. I needed to step up my game.

I couldn’t afford to lose the bet.

* * *

After three days of travel, I finally reached my destination.

Xenon village’s arena.

Such a place did not exist 32 years ago when I was active.

Back then, swordsmen were an even rarer breed.

“An arena for swordsmen.”

Time must have flowed considerably since then.

The moment I opened the door, I was engulfed in a wave of heat.

Two swordsmen were already fiercely dueling on stage.

Dozens of spectators surrounded the stage, each screaming at the top of their lungs.

“Dammit! How can you throw a won match like that!”

“Zellow! If you lose, I’m finished! Do you know how much I bet on you!”

While my purpose here was to deliver a letter to the arena manager Hans, I decided to watch the bout for a while.

The level of swordsmanship in this era intrigued me.

I ordered a bottle of beer and watched the two swordsmen fight.

It was intriguing, not because the swordsmen were experts, but because their skills were so evenly matched that the outcome was unpredictable.

“New face here, hm?”

A man with a gruff appearance approached me.

“It’s my first time at the arena.”

“Sitting quietly, you don’t seem to have placed a bet. Truly, you haven’t enjoyed the arena until you’ve bet on a fight. Oh, I forgot to say. My name is Hans, the manager here.”


Turns out, he was the one I had to deliver the letter to.

“Actually, I’m here to deliver a letter from Count Jenkins. Here it is.”

[The quest has been completed.]

[Your renown has increased by 1.]

“Well done. Now that you’re here, why not stay for a bet?”

Soliciting a mere messenger. And to think his face screamed of someone tempted by money.

“I’m not interested in gambling.”

“Tch! No fun, this one.”

With no further business with me, Hans turned his back.

And at that moment, an unexpected message appeared.

[The strategy guide has been sent.]

A strategy guide at this timing surely meant that a quest was forthcoming.

I quickly checked the message.

[There are no further quests for you at the assembly hall. In the arena, fight against other swordsmen to build your renown. Win over Hans, the arena manager, and you’ll obtain the right to participate.]

This was welcome news.

I wished I’d placed even a small bet earlier.

But then I remembered, no need to fret about money anymore.

My inventory was laden with high-purity gold ore.

“Excuse me, can I have a word!”

“What is it? Changed your mind about betting?”


What a difficult guy.

I pulled out a purse of money in front of Hans.

“We must hurry then. The next match’s contestants are already warming up.”

“Alright, but can anyone who wishes enter the contest?”

“Why? Got someone to recommend?”

“No, it’s just that I have some experience with the sword myself.”

“A messenger like you?”

Hans flat out refused.

After all, if the quality of the matches dropped, the audience would too.

The look of utter disbelief on his face was quite something.

– Is this kid gonna ruin my business!

I needed to think this through.

How to earn Hans’ favor.

– To be continued in Episode 93 –

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