My Exclusive Tower Guide chapter 91

My Exclusive Tower Guide

Chapter 91

After Kim Seyong annihilated the worms, a brief peace came to Yorgenheim Mine.

The dark sorcerer Denba must have been flustered as well.

Even if the swarm of worms couldn’t harm us, they were intended to shake our mental resolve.

Now, I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of expression that guy was making.

Bang! Bang!

The sound of Kim Seyong’s vigorous pickaxe strikes echoed throughout the mine.

He was seriously diligent; perhaps his greed for money had truly set in.

It seemed as if he intended to sweep up every single piece of Hwien stone in the Yorgenheim Mine.

After all, once the 15th floor was over, he’d have to return to his main character. Who knows why he was working so hard.

“Take it easy, man. You’ve already gone crazy.”

“The stuff I’m finding is money; how could I not go crazy?”

“But what are you going to do with all that money? It doesn’t seem like you can transfer it to your main character anyway.”

“Bro, but what if the transfer is actually possible?”

“Hmm. Maybe?”

The truth was, I couldn’t give a definitive answer myself.

If transferring were possible, the guidebook would have mentioned it, so all I had were guesses.

“Anyway, try swinging the pickaxe yourself.”

Kim Seyong was too busy storing the mined Hwien stones in his inventory to pay attention to anything else.

His inventory was almost reaching its maximum capacity.

“A pickaxe? Please, I’ve been raised too preciously for that.”

“Oh, come on! Do you think I was raised carelessly? I grew up gracefully at home, too!”

His rugged face made it impossible to believe those words.

One shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but his fierce look told a story of a life of hardship.

“Just collect a lot for yourself. Hey, but when are you going to dispose of all this?”

“Why don’t you help instead? You always have better luck!”

That was when I had Nike’s ring, but honestly, I have no luck with draws.

Being abandoned by my parents immediately after birth meant even my first draw in life was a bust.

“You drive a hard bargain. You said the game world would be more profitable than we thought!”

“Alright, alright!”

Reluctantly, I picked up a pickaxe.

With the guy pestering me this much, I couldn’t just stand by.

“You look quite fitting! Keke.”

I found a suitable spot and swung the pickaxe.

Of course, without Nike, I had no expectations.

Bang! Bang!

Whether it was the weather or just the exercise, within minutes, sweat poured down like rain and the smell of sweetness filled the air.

Despite his greed for money, I was newly impressed by Kim Seyong’s effort.

“I’m done here.”

I never intended to take this seriously, anyway.


With the thought of finishing, I put a bit more force into my final strike, and the sharp edge of the pickaxe split the rock, producing a dull sound.

From the split surface, a familiar yellow glint shimmered enchantingly.

“Bro… Brother!”


“Insane! What kind of ludicrous luck is this!”

Upon seeing the gold, Kim Seyong became more excited than me.

Despite being in another dimension, far beyond time and space, gold was still the mineral that could drive people mad.

Suddenly, Kim Seyong became very busy.

His pickaxe moved so fast it was almost invisible.

“Bro! Jackpot!”

Whether I had truly found a gold vein or not, everywhere I hit with the pickaxe, a world of yellow opened up.

It was a pity that this was my sub-character’s experience.

Seyong looked nearly possessed, his eyes almost turning with excitement.

“Bro, hurry up and collect it!”

His hands moved even faster.

He had to take out the Hwien stones already filling his inventory to make room for the gold.

“Gold is gold, but now we need to be fully alert!”

Something else nagged at my nerves.

The dark sorcerer Denba.

If he saw this scene, he surely wouldn’t stay still.

We had to prepare for whatever move he’d make next.

And my guess didn’t take long to become reality.


A sinister sound echoed in the distance.

Black energy swirled, and something began to take shape.

Denba had summoned something.

“Bro! What is this!”

With a furious roar, dozens of Death Dogs appeared before us.

These creatures were neither living beings nor regular monsters.

They were a type of zombie summoned by the dark sorcerer’s necromancy.

Larger than big dogs, almost the size of pumas, the blue glow in the eyes of the Death Dogs made an eerie impression.

[The guidebook has been transmitted.]

“Bro! I’ll take care of those things!”

In that instant, Kim Seyong once again unleashed a burst of flame.


The grand flames that had wiped out thousands of worms were now directed at the Death Dogs.

“Seyong! Don’t waste your strength!”

This attack was bound to fail.

[The Death Dogs have especially high resistance to fire-based magic.]

[Use blunt weapons to strike the Death Dogs’ heads. Physical attacks are the most reliable method.]

The dark sorcerer Denba hadn’t summoned the Death Dogs for no reason.

He must have vividly witnessed Kim Seyong’s dominance with fire magic.

The dogs were a countermeasure intended to put us in difficulty once again.


Despite the flame jets, the Death Dogs roared even more fiercely, unharmed.

“What the hell! I thought they’d be toasted on the spot!”

“Don’t use fire, grab a pickaxe!”

I pulled out another pickaxe from my inventory and snapped off the head.


“Seyong, are you scared?”

“Scared, my foot!”


He broke the head off his pickaxe too, following my lead in creating a makeshift club.

True to a warrior’s heart.

Bringing this guy was the best decision.

“But bro! These clubs won’t work if fire didn’t, right?”

“Trust me. Just aim for their heads!”

There was one aspect the dark sorcerer Denba had overlooked.

Perhaps he summoned the Death Dogs to neutralize Kim Seyong’s fire attacks, but what he didn’t realize was that Seyong was even better at something else.

“Feels different now that it’s been fashioned into a club. Keke.”

“Let’s go.”

The two of us calmly walked towards the howling Death Dogs.

Denba must have commanded them to attack, for all at once, they rushed toward us.



A DesDog plummeted to the ground, its head having met the full swing of Kim Seyong’s bat. Even the creature itself must have been surprised—an opponent resilient to magic-infused attacks now toppled so effortlessly.

Yet, such a sight was far more fitting in Kim Seyong’s case.


I couldn’t allow myself to be outdone.

While my batting technique might not match Seyong’s, I had honed my swordplay in the tower, granting me confidence in striking down foes.


* * *

The 12th floor of the tower was the magical continent of Kallia.

Here we were carrying out a game mission, a magical mission.

Each of us players was assigned one magical attribute, which we then used to cultivate our secondary characters.

Without access to our main characters’ abilities, our newfound magic was the only reliable tool.

Yet, there are always exceptions.

“Hyung! Aren’t we just too awesome? Kekeke.”

“Kim Seyong! Behind you!”


Another DesDog was struck down by Kim Seyong’s assault.

Without the walkthrough, this could have been tricky.

Direct hits to spots other than the head would immediately regenerate on a DesDog.

And the swinging power of Kim Seyong was indeed something to fear.

Like fish in water, he reveled in the art of bludgeoning, particularly against these creatures weak to physical attacks.

“It’s good we decided to hop on the ‘hyung bus’!”

Was this creature truly thinking that?

Since arriving at the Jotunheim mines, it had seemed like Kim Seyong was carrying me.

If I had been the brain, this guy was the brawn, wielding his physical strength.


Our inspired beating spree was coming close to ending dozens of rabid dogs.

Both Kim Seyong and I had sustained injuries, but considering we were up against zombies, we had gotten off cheap.


It seemed the Dark Sorcerer Denba finally decided it was futile, retracting all remaining DesDogs.

There was no point in allowing the summons to be killed at the expense of his own mana—a wise choice.

“Hyung, when do you think this dark sorcerer chump is going to show up?”

“It’s about time we draw him out. You’re going to do what you’re best at.”

I took out two pickaxes from my inventory.

We had already found the gold vein; all that was left was to collect.

Denba couldn’t stand by and watch that.

“He won’t stay hidden if he’s in a rush. Let’s hurry, Seyong.”

“Okay, hyung.”

Whether Denba would confront us himself or continue to rely on summons was still unknown.

But with the walkthrough in hand, there was nothing to worry about.

Kim Seyong and I began eagerly collecting the high-purity gold ore.

Once we reached the 13th floor, shopping was the first order of business.

With any luck, we’d find items to serve us well up to the 15th floor, where the game mission progressed.

“You damned little bastards!”

At that moment, a petulant voice came from behind.

Different from what I had pictured, there was no doubt about who it was.

The Dark Sorcerer Denba—a runty little thing.

“You’ve finally shown up.”

“You thieving rats!”

Denba glared back and forth between us, seeing us as mere malefactors.

Ironically, he was the one who had plundered this entire mine.

“You two! Empty your inventory now!”

Denba strained to sound imposing, though his voice remained petulant.

Kim Seyong cocked his head, flashing a taunting smirk at Denba.

“Pathetic. A midget like this is considered a dark sorcerer!”

With that remark, Denba’s eyes violently flickered.

“You! If you aimed to provoke me with that ‘midget’ remark… you’ve failed.”


“I’m completely calm now.”

– Damn it! This is why I didn’t want to get involved!

Behind his facade, the voice in Denba’s head almost wailed with frustration.

Though I had heard none were sane among dark sorcerers, I hadn’t imagined this complex.

“Hey, squirt.”

“It won’t work, I said!”

“You’ve been bad for too long; time to receive your punishment.”

Denba’s expression soured at my childish taunt.

“This crazy jerk! After I tear you two to pieces, I’ll turn you into my summons!”

His childish-statured words matched his appearance.

Kim Seyong laughed through his nose, launching a surprise attack on Denba.

“Die, midget!”


Kim Seyong’s specialty, a blast of flame, erupted from his fingertips.

Indeed, a remarkable fellow, to breathe fire without hesitation at that childlike face.


However, the surprise attack fizzled out.

Kim Seyong’s flames disappeared just before reaching Denba.

‘What’s going on?’

It was odd; Denba hadn’t reacted at all.

[Walkthrough has been sent.]

[The robe worn by Denba is endowed with the power of a demon he has made a pact with. This robe grants Denba strong resistance against all sorts of magic.]

So, he did have an ace up his sleeve.

That was why Denba stood before us without summons.

It was the demon’s power.

“Pig! That won’t work!”

“Darn it! Then how about this!”

Kim Seyong charged at Denba, thrusting his fist forward.

He sensed instinctively that magic wasn’t the answer.

[Moreover, Denba’s robe possesses strong resistance to physical attacks.]


“Ah! Damn! My punch just bounced off!”

Denba grinned triumphantly at Kim Seyong.

“Hey, pig! Is that all you got?”

[Nonetheless, a more effective strategy is to concentrate magical power to a single point and use a physical attack.]

A concentrated point, then the answer was already clear.

The sword.

Once again, I would prove the greatness of the sword in the magical continent of Kallia.

– To be continued in Chapter 92 –

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