My Exclusive Tower Guide chapter 90

My Exclusive Tower Guide

Episode 90

[You have accepted the special quest.]

[Gain 128 Fame upon success.]

Indeed, the quest I took on was no ordinary task.

It would be a hidden piece revealed only to players who had precisely obtained 99 Fame.

The difficulty level must have increased even more than during the Doria Mountain quest.

[The quest can be played by a two-person party. However, completing the quest with a party will reduce Fame gain by half.]

It wasn’t a bad condition if it was just about sharing Fame instead of rewards.

The only reward I needed was one.

There was no need for me to hog all that excess Fame to myself.

“Uh? Hoyoung hyung!”

The person who entered the assembly hall at that moment was Kim Seyong.

With a body as big as a bull, he charged toward me.

With his physical strength, he was almost indistinguishable from a monster.


I reflexively twisted my body slightly.

Just in case this guy tried to hug me or something.

“Did you come to pick up a new quest?”

Kim Seyong flailed his arms in the empty space as he reached out.

I did not care for unnecessary skinship.

“Ah! But what happened to you, hyung? Your Fame shot up to 99 in one go!”

“Well, I got lucky.”

“That damned luck of yours! So are you planning to take on an easy quest before moving on to the 13th floor?”

“No, I’m looking to hit it big here before I go.”

While saying that, I did the math in my head.

If this guy would indeed be of any help as my party member.

“But do you really need to strike it big here?”

“Cut the chatter and decide now. Are you in or out?”

Even though he lost all his abilities in the tower, Kim Seyong was still a good option.

His adaptability was excellent, and he would make a perfect meat shield.

“There’s no reason to refuse! I’d be riding the Hoyoung bus.”

If he thought of it as riding a bus, I should let him keep that misconception.

“So, is it a deal?”


I knew it.

Kim Seyong’s Fame was at 56.

If we completed this quest, he would be able to move on to the 13th floor together with me.

I should feed this guy well before we leave.

* * *

The Yorgenheim Mines.

Once hailed as the sea of gold, now it was nearly a deserted mine.

The open-air structures set up around the mine had been neglected for a long time, emanating a sense of eeriness, and there was no sign of any living creatures’ warmth in the vicinity.

Not because the reservoir of gold had been depleted.

The mine lost its luster after a black wizard named Denba took over the area.

Terrifying rumors about numerous miners who came for gold but lost their lives were to blame.

“This should be good.”

I pulled out a pickaxe I had purchased earlier from my inventory.

“What are you planning to do with that?”

“What else? It’s for a ritual to summon the black wizard.”

He looked puzzled by my words.

“With that pickaxe?”


I handed the pickaxe over to Kim Seyong.

“Why are you giving it to me?”

“Try digging around a bit. Who knows? You might find a vein of gold.”

“What does this have to do with summoning a black wizard!”

Of course, there was a connection.

Rumor had it that the black wizard named Denba considered all the byproducts of this mine as his own.

He never allowed anyone to take even a single ore from here, not even once.

If Kim Seyong found a valuable ore, that guy would show up in front of us in one way or another.

“You want me to labor in the mines? What about you, hyung?”

“I need to scout around. We don’t know when that guy will show up.”

“Oh man! So this is why you brought me?”

Of course, that wasn’t the only reason.

Kim Seyong was also meant to play a significant role in the battle against the black wizard.

There was a reason why I fattened him up with a hearty lunch.

“Quit talking and get started.”

It didn’t have to be gold.

Iron or copper would suffice.

Since this was a game world, prospecting for byproducts in the mine shouldn’t be too difficult.

– But if we really find gold, wouldn’t Hoyoung hyung be the one to snatch it away?

Even in the midst of this, Kim Seyong was still greedy for gold.

I’m just glad he doesn’t curse at me.



“Just take it all.”


“If you find a gold mine, it’s all yours. I won’t touch a thing.”

“Really? Can I trust that?”

I smiled slyly and nodded.

Suddenly, Kim Seyong’s motivation exploded.

The speed of his pickaxe swings increased dramatically.

When properly motivated, he could outwork anyone.

Crack! Crack!

Within minutes of starting, Kim Seyong had already torn through a significant area.

He certainly had a natural talent for manual labor.


Perhaps due to his enthusiasm, the head of the pickaxe snapped off.

It didn’t matter.

There were plenty more in my inventory.

“Seyong, take it easy.”

“Just a bit more here.”

His dedication was almost touching.

‘I did well to bring him along.’

Indeed, my judgement of people was not flawed.

Kim Seyong’s adaptability was nothing short of remarkable, and he was already showcasing the aura of a seasoned miner.

“Hyung! Here! Look!”

And he cried out in triumph much sooner than I had anticipated.

* * *

It wasn’t a gold vein, but Kim Seyong made quite a discovery nonetheless.

What he found was Silverstone.

An ore with a high silver content, which in the context of this world, meant that silver was quite valuable, ensuring that Kim Seyong’s find was significant.

Seyoung couldn’t hide his excitement.

“Hyung! You didn’t forget our promise, right? All of this is mine!” he claimed as he crammed the wheeunseok stones into his inventory before picking up his pickaxe once more.

Thud! Thud!

Given the anticipated large quantity of wheeunseok in this area, Kim Seyoung was on high alert.

Unfortunately, it seemed unlikely that Kim Seyoung’s inventory would ever be completely filled with wheeunseok, not with the black mage Denba starting to make his move.

“Seyoung-ah! Look out below!”

Wriggle, wriggle.

Earthworms, as long as fingers, began to surface from beneath the ground.

While not threatening individually, the horrifying sight of them swarming was enough to send shivers down one’s spine.

“Damn it! What is this?!”

The result of Kim Seyoung’s excavation was not the precious ore he anticipated, but crushed earthworm carcasses instead.


It was remarkable that a black mage could command so many creatures, even if they were mere worms.

Thump! Thump!

The earthworms at our feet writhed and then started jumping into the air.

These were certainly no ordinary worms.

They began emitting an unknown liquid from their bodies.

A foul stench filled the area.


Kim Seyoung conjured flames from his body, annihilating the earthworms nearby.

Of course, this was far from enough.

The ground beneath us was still half soil, half earthworm.

“Hyung!! I’m covered in this yellow liquid!”

He made a fuss out of proportion to his size.

Truth be told, he had been targeted more than I had.

Perhaps it was the draw of the mine’s byproducts.

“We’re not dying to this!”

“Are you sure?”

Poison was the most concerning possibility.

But the chances were slim.

While I didn’t possess the immunity to all poisons like my main character, I was well-versed in the nature of toxins and thus was not overly worried in this regard.

The question was, what exactly was this substance?

[A strategy guide has been transmitted.]

If such a thing existed, it should have been sent earlier.

[The earthworms of Yorgenheim mines have a habit of jumping when they expel waste from their bodies.]

[Moreover, these earthworms are particularly fond of luminous ore.]

Damn it.

The guide basically said that the yellow substance was the worms’ excrement.

Now, the unbearable stench made sense.

“Hyung! Are we really okay?”

Of course, we were fine.

This was just a mental attack.

The black mage was using the earthworms’ overwhelming numbers to shake our morale.

The ability to manipulate the earthworms’ excretion was admittedly impressive.

“Uh, yeah, we’re fine. But Seyoung, take out some wheeunseok from your inventory.”

“Why all of a sudden? You’re not trying to take it away in the midst of this, are you?”


As I urged him, Kim Seyoung took out the wheeunseok.

The earthworms visibly trembled with excitement.

“Hold it up over your head!”

Kim Seyoung complied with my instructions without understanding why.

This was the power of learning.

After all, my directions had always been right so far.

The wheeunseok, bathed in sunlight, began to radiate an even more dazzling light.

The worms grew even more agitated at the sight, gradually escaping the black mage’s control.

I stepped back a few paces.

I had a strong premonition that the yellow baptism was about to unfold.

The countdown had already begun.

Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!

The worms began to jump wildly.

The target was clear.

They were aiming for the wheeunseok in Kim Seyoung’s hand.

“These crazy things!!!”

Kim Seyoung unleashed a torrent of flame, even more powerful than before.

It’s true that people can exceed their limits in times of crisis.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

“Die, you vile creatures!”

A yellow mist, made of excrement, formed around Kim Seyoung, and he spun in a full 360-degree turn, sanitizing the area with flames.

The more I observed, the more impressed I was.

Kim Seyoung’s magical understanding might have leveled up.

“Damn! What kind of situation is this!”

“…Good job.”

The only thing I could offer Kim Seyoung, drenched in yellow liquid, was a word of praise.

“Ah, damn! What kind of smell is this!”

In all honesty, he was doing quite well to only be this flustered after being drenched in dung.

However, for the sake of Seyoung’s mental health, I would keep this fact to myself.

“Seyoung-ah, shall we keep our distance as we walk?”

“Damn it! After this is over, I need to take a bath straight away.”

I sincerely hope you do.

Meanwhile, the black mage Denba had yet to show his face.

Perhaps he was somewhere in Yorgenheim mine, watching us and preparing his next move.

It was just a taste, but having experienced the black magic firsthand, it was slightly worrying.

‘Is this the sort of fellow I need to kill?’

While his physical strength wasn’t impressive, he was clearly a capable caster with numerous summoned creatures at his disposal.

The worms we just dealt with posed no offensive threat, but the next beings we faced would doubtlessly be different.

“Hey Hyung Ho! How did you figure out to lure the worms like that?”

“The bugs live around wheeunseok, so it’s obvious they’d like it. The reflection of light must feel like an entirely new world to them.”

“Are you some kind of genius? Riding on hyung’s bus was such a good decision!”

It seemed this fellow didn’t quite grasp who was actually carrying whom.

While I appreciated his thanks,

“Let’s keep it up then, shall we, Seyoung-ah?”

“Yeah, Hyung!”

It was, indeed, a good decision to bring him along.

– To be continued in Chapter 91 –

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