My Exclusive Tower Guide chapter 89

My Exclusive Tower Guide

Episode 89

“I’d like to hear the reason. Why target me? I haven’t killed a single one of your comrades on the 11th floor.”

I was curious about Oduho’s true intentions.

The rest of his group were mere puppets.

“You’re the most dangerous one.”

“Dangerous, you say?”

He was avoiding a direct answer with his vague response.

Oduho’s target wasn’t only me.

On the first day of the 12th floor, Oduho had resolved to kill me ‘first’.

“You’re also the most cunning one.”

To that comment, I couldn’t immediately retort.

I had unintentionally misrepresented my true level thus far, and now, I was even overhearing thoughts.

And I had just heard something astonishing.

– I have to kill you to become a Salseong, even now.

Chills ran down my spine.

Oduho suddenly wanting to become a Salseong.

To my knowledge, Salseong challenges began with an offer from the Tower.

That means the offer to him must have been made recently.

The conditions probably involved killing me and perhaps my comrades as well.

“Do you guys really think you have to kill me like Oduho believes?”

I felt this from the beginning when I first met Oduho’s party, they seemed to have lost their autonomy.

They were completely dependent on Oduho.

“If our leader says so, then it is so.”

When one spoke up, the others nodded in agreement.

More like fanatics than adherents, it was quite a mess.

Of course, there had to be a history behind this development.

It’s a high probability that they owed Oduho their lives more than once.

Just by seeing them tightly bonded together for survival to this point with their dismal capabilities, it would be impossible without a significant unifying force.

“Oduho. Just one question.”

I was curious.

Though I wasn’t sure if he would answer.

“Before death, I’ll grant your curiosity, as long as it’s doable.”

“What are your goals in this Tower?”

Had I been asked the same question, I would have pondered what to answer myself.

I never thought of grand ambitions, really.

Survival, floor by floor, was my only intent so far.

I was curious about Oduho’s thoughts, why he had accepted the Salseong offer, and why he was challenging the role.

Whether he would honestly answer from his lips, I couldn’t know, but his inner voice might reveal the truth.

“Surviving with my comrades until the last moment. Nothing more than that.”

“Oduho, by ‘my comrades,’ it seems I’m certainly not included,” I concluded.

Without hesitation, he nodded to my query.

It was truly a mystery.

Shockingly, his words were sincere.

– To become a Salseong, I must kill this guy. Once I gain the power, I can continue surviving with my comrades.

His reason for wanting to become a Salseong was unique.

He was willing to sacrifice for his comrades—a selective altruist.

Among the diverse characters I met in the Tower, Oduho was certainly unique.

“Then die, Iho Young.”

Oduho gave the signal and his party started casting in unison.

It was somewhat bittersweet.

He had his beliefs, and not all seemed wicked.

Yet, the harsh reality was that I had to extinguish his conviction with death.

“Fighting here would be impractical, wouldn’t it?”

If we fought here, the building wouldn’t stand.


I opened the window and leaped from the four-story inn.

Fireballs and ice pillars roared out the window behind me, chasing my exit.

* * *

It’s been about a fortnight since I separated from my comrades after starting the 12th floor.

During this time, they’d made considerable progress.

The Tower system inherently had game-like features, but the 12th floor was overtly a game mission, accentuating those characteristics even more.

Through leveling up, their magic had evolved into more advanced forms.

What started off as fireballs the size of table tennis balls, now were as large as apples.

Sswish! Sswish!

However, before Elysion my blade, their attacks disintegrated.

I had no intention of falling to such levels of magic.

“No way!”

“We couldn’t use skills in the 12th floor!”

They mistook my Mu-yeong Chuhon Sword for a skill.

“Haven’t you already heard the rumors about me?”

The news that I had hunted monsters in Dori Mountain with my swordsmanship was common knowledge hereabouts.

Certainly, Oduho also knew.

By tracking my path back to the starting village, it meant he had been monitoring my movements.

I walked towards Oduho’s party.

Regardless of the sustained magical attacks before me, it was futile.

Sswish! Sswish!

Sorry, but at least on the 12th floor, it seemed unlikely any player could threaten me with magic.

Everyone but Oduho showed horror-stricken faces at my presence.

“Just as the rumors say.”

Oduho, seemingly resigned, shook his head in disbelief.

Having heard the rumor, at least he should have changed the timing of his plan.

I’m unsure what conditions the Tower set for him to become a Salseong.

“Regrettable, Oduho.”

A pity to lose a valuable person, but it’s inevitable.

With determination set, I had no other choice but to kill.

Suddenly, Odoo-ho’s eyes changed.

There was a sense of resolution, a steely will forming.

He lunged at me out of the blue, closing the distance in an instant.

‘Something’s off!’

Typical mage strategy dictates keeping distance in a fight against a warrior.

Though his unexpected move unsettled me, I unfolded my sword in response.

– And there is no next time!

Odoo-ho appeared to stake everything on this one attack.


Intense flames engulfed me.

He must have poured all his remaining mana into this onslaught.

The five streams of flame that burst forth were more menacing than any magic I had faced before.


But my Elysion pierced through all these red threats, and eventually, even through Odoo-ho’s chest.


Blood spilled from Odoo-ho’s mouth.

Even with a fatal wound beyond reversal, the light in his eyes persisted.

“Sa… save…”

He struggled to form words.

Attempting to leave me a final message.

Perhaps it was for this moment that he, a sorcerer, had closed the distance to a warrior.

– Save them! My comrades!


No trace of sympathy could be felt.

Still, I might as well ease his path in the end.

“I will save them. Your comrades.”

What these men would do without the centerpoint named Odoo-ho was uncertain.

Believing my word, he then closed his eyes.

[Player Odoo-ho has died.]

And so, another player’s life ends by my hand.

[Would you challenge the path of Slaughter?]

* * *

This was the third time the tower extended the challenge of Slaughter to me.

The first was when killing Kim Junseong during the doppelganger mission.

The second, upon slaying Sal-Seong Hanganhyuk in the qualification renewal ceremony.

And now, upon killing Odoo-ho.

As always, I declined.

At this rate, I’m likely to get on the tower’s bad side.

True to my word, I spared all of Odoo-ho’s comrades.

After his death, I feared they might go off the rails, but they proved the opposite.

They were listless, coming to terms with reality, and complied with my proposal.

Odoo-ho’s impressive ability to carry them from the first floor struck me anew.

The next day.

I found myself in the assembly hall where I first accepted quests in the village of beginnings.

“Aye, Lee Ho-yeong!”

“I’ve heard the rumors! You’ve slain the monster of Doria Mountain?”

“I always knew there was something special about you from the start!”

Once my reputation reached 99, the NPCs treated me with a complete turnaround.

It seemed only days ago I had trouble receiving quests, but now I’d become the one in demand.

“If it’s alright with you, may I ask for your help with a troublesome matter I’ve yet to resolve?”

“Say, Lee Ho-yeong! We’ll make the reward generous, just hear me out first!”

Now they were nearly desperate to give me their requests.

“Let’s hear all the offers.”

I only needed 1 more point to reach a reputation of 100.

In truth, there was no need to take on difficult tasks.

But the reason I was quietly listening was simple.

To see if any NPC would propose a tantalizing reward.

[Transmission of strategy guide complete.]

A welcome notification sound echoed.

[Players with a reputation of 99 can negotiate rewards with NPCs.]

[Accepting Mr. Chechen’s request is recommended.]

Negotiation is possible.

Had I overlooked this, I would have felt wronged.

“Mr. Chechen. What was the job you wanted to entrust to me?”

“Ah… well, there’s this situation in the Yogenheim mines…”

“Was it to exterminate a dark sorcerer?”

“That’s right.”

“If I recall correctly, the reward offered was 20,000 gold.”

“Yes! It’s a dangerous mission, but I figured it was enough to satisfy you.”

It’s certainly not an insignificant sum.

But if pressed, undoubtedly something better will emerge.

The strategy guide wouldn’t mislead.

“No, 20,000 shortchanges the sum. Didn’t the mining operations at Yogenheim halt because of that dark sorcerer?”

“That…that may be so, but!”

“Is the economic value of a mine really only 20,000 gold? With that amount, I might as well buy a mine myself.”

Seeing my assertiveness, Chechen’s gaze wavered.

“…Sigh. You’re not wrong. But the 20,000 gold I offered is actually the maximum that I could propose.”

“Then consider your offer rejected.”

Chechen’s claim about 20,000 being the cap didn’t seem entirely off.

His guild’s finances must be tight with the mine sitting idle.

“22,000! That’s honestly my limit!”

He seemed desperate enough to wring out more.

Yet, raising 20,000 to 22,000 didn’t make the offer much more appealing.

“You seem strapped for cash, given the circumstance. How about offering something other than gold? This is your last chance, and I won’t bargain further.”

Now aware of his urgent need, it was time to apply pressure.

With my final warning issued, Chechen had to think hard.

Best not to give him too much time to consider.

I took a step towards another NPC.

“Wait! Where do you think you’re going! You must hear my final offer!”

Given his agitated tone, it became clear.

He was ready to make an offer I would find satisfactory.

– To be continued in Chapter 90 –

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