My Exclusive Tower Guide chapter 87

My Exclusive Tower Guide

Episode 87

After playing a prank on Son Seo-yeon, I instantly regretted it.

How she would respond to my joke was anyone’s guess.

I even feared that I might become the next target of her next attack, an unsettling thought.

“You’re such a bore.”

“Huh? Uh!”

But her reaction was unexpected.

I thought she would try to kill me, yet Son Seo-yeon started walking down the mountain trail without a word.

Even her stony expression seemed slightly embarrassed.

“Come on! You don’t even know the way anyway.”

“We’re close enough now that we can start looking separately.”

She seemed a bit flustered by my prank, yet she remained composed.

Such an enigmatic character.

‘But she said she couldn’t defeat the monster with her lightning magic?’

While watching Son Seo-yeon’s back, I thought back on the power of the magic she used just now.

It may not compare to the guns back at the tower, but in this world, it was a spell of considerable destructive power.

If Son Seo-yeon couldn’t handle it, this quest was definitely at a hellish difficulty level.

The promised fame points of 98 seemed trivial in comparison.

“But is this really the right place?”

“We have to believe what the shaman said.”

“By the looks of it, everything here seems the same. We should have dragged that damn old man along with us!”

Amidst Son Seo-yeon’s grumbling, we continued our search.

As morning dawned and the sun crested over the mountain peaks, it grew brighter, aiding our pursuit of the creature.

It was certainly a dangerous beast, so we could not afford to let our guard down.

“Son Seo-yeon! Behind you!”

I warned her, and Son Seo-yeon spun around firing her lightning magic instantly.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Thin streaks of lightning burst from her hand, slicing through the air.

I couldn’t help but admire the increased power from before.



“Uh, just saying we shouldn’t let our guard slip!”

“This guy, seriously?”

Her response was weaker than I expected, even if it was more heated than being called ‘boring.’

Then again, Son Seo-yeon wasn’t the best sport for pranks.

I didn’t know reactions could be so lackluster.

“You’re easier to fool than I thought.”

“If you do that one more time, I’ll kill you.”

I certainly had no intention of testing her limits further.

She was showing a weird amount of patience, but I knew better than to cross the line with someone as unpredictable as her.

The silence resumed, and we continued our search.

If only I could have used the Absolute Sense, we might have found the creature quickly, but with my character’s current limitations, our options were limited.

We had to visually check for signs of footprints or hunting marks.

It made me appreciate the skills I possessed all the more.

Ultimately, it was Son Seo-yeon who detected something before me.

“Is that a cave over there?”

Around fifty meters ahead, something was hidden by the bushes, but it required checking out.

It could possibly be the lair of the creature the shaman mentioned.

“Yeah, we should get closer.”

“I’ll go first!”

Son Seo-yeon started to run towards it.

It was a quest competition now, but she was brimming with overconfidence.

Always a predator in the tower, she naturally dismissed the possibility of any personal danger.

Clearly, Son Seo-yeon couldn’t hunt the monster alone.

The shaman’s power meter must have been quite accurate.

“Son Seo-yeon! Watch your side!”


“You’re insane!”

I felt like the boy who cried wolf.

A figure darted across at a terrifying speed—completely silent.

It was undoubtedly the monster of Doriasan.

Son Seo-yeon sensed danger when a massive shadow loomed over her, but by then it was too late.


* * *

When the monster attacked Son Seo-yeon, I sensed her demise.

She was completely defenseless.

No matter how strong you are, an obvious vulnerability can be fatal.

I assassinated Ma Ho-pyeong, who was far stronger than me, in the Murim mission, only because he was off-guard.

‘Especially against an opponent with higher combat abilities.’

Yet, Son Seo-yeon was alive.

The protection she received from the tower was stronger than I had realized.

An annoying creature.

Although unconscious, Son Seo-yeon was still breathing.

Anyway, the monster’s power was far greater than expected.

Taking down Son Seo-yeon in one hit was evidence enough of its strength.

“How did you two find me?”

But what was even more surprising was that this creature spoke.

“We didn’t need a reason not to find you, right? You showed yourself first.”

“No, from the start, you knew exactly where I was, which makes no sense.”

“Does it make sense for a monster to talk?”


“Yeah. That’s the kind of noise you should be making.”

A bigfoot. A bipedal, hairy creature about 2.5 meters tall,

at first glance, it looked like a giant human species.

It had been watching us approach all along, with quite keen eyesight.

“Do you plan on hunting me?”

“Why else would we have come all this way?”

“Kyiao! That’s impossible.”

“It’s possible. We’ve got the combat power meter’s validation.”

“What are you talking about! Kyiao!”

“That kind of thing—

The millennium leaves herb I received from the simmani was an elixir that drastically enhanced magical power. So much so that I almost regretted being active as my secondary character. Fighting this Bigfoot monster wouldn’t be easy, but it seemed worth a try. I drew a sword from my inventory, Elysion, a famed blade known to be the treasure of the Cali Claude family, capable of executing the Shadowless Soul-stealing Sword technique without any shortcomings.

“Kiyao! You think you can cut me with a mere sword instead of magic?” The monster taunted, knowing that this was the continent of Kalia, where magic was more developed than swordsmanship.

“Ah. This will be a good experience for you,” I retorted.

“Kiyao! It would have been better to amuse myself with this floored wench here, a rare thunder attribute magician,” it sneered.

It seemed oblivious to the vast world outside Doriasan where it was trapped, but today, this creature would witness a new realm of swordsmanship.

“KIYAAAAO!!” The monster attacked without warning. It was fast. The fact that Son Seo-yeon was struck down in one hit was no accident. A single allowance for this creature’s attack, and I wouldn’t escape unscathed. My secondary character’s feeble physique wouldn’t withstand it. The fight against this monster would likely be decided by one swift strike. Both the monster and I knew that the first one to allow an attack would die.

Whoosh! The same attack that struck down Son Seo-yeon flew towards me. In this fleeting moment, I struggled between counterattacking and defending, a critical initial decision that was like tiptoeing on a tightrope.

Suddenly, I remembered my master’s face.

– What to do? Counter the blow, you trash!

It was as if I could hear my master’s encouraging voice. Even if the monster were strong, it was no match for my master’s Shadowless Soul-stealing Sword. With the power of the elixir, there’s no way I could back down now. My decision was to counterattack.

Swoosh! My grip tightened on Elysion, which drew a graceful straight line towards the monster’s Adam’s apple. Although Kalia was a continent of magic, its metallurgy was not inferior to the martial world. Elysion could stand among the fine swords of the martial arts realm.

“KYAAAAAAAAAAO!” The monster eventually let out a groan. A single blow. It must have been a satisfying death. To witness such swordsmanship in Kalia, it was probably a first.

[Experience points gained.]

[Level up.]

[Player’s level is being readjusted.]

The manipulation of levels continued in this world as well. The Sage’s status window was the only thing that remained operational, so it was only natural.

* * *


The first to greet my return to the Claude family’s domain was my disciple, Joseph. His size was as big as Kim Se-yong, and him using such a high-pitched tone felt a bit too much. Since it was time to say goodbye, I didn’t want to get too attached.

I walked past Joseph and approached Cali Claude, pulling out the monster’s corpse from my inventory.

Boom! The huge body hit the ground.

“I’ve caught it.”

“Oho! Is this really a monster from Doriasan?”

[Fame has increased by 98.]

My fame score surged up in one go. This message must have been sent to other players as well, shocking them. After all, such a grand quest had never been completed before me. However, hunting the Bigfoot monster from Doriasan was a ‘hell difficulty’ worthy of much more than a mere 98-point increase in fame.

“Thank you very much! You’ve truly elevated our family’s honor!”

“Indeed, you are a master!”

The hunting news of the Doriasan monster, which had been the biggest trouble for surrounding regions, would soon spread across Kalia.

“I was received generously here, so it was only right for me to do my part.”

“Here’s the promised gold.”

[Gold acquired.]

As expected, it was a generous reward. Officially it was the bounty for Bigfoot’s hunt, but it likely included private tutoring fees for Joseph as well.

“Thank you.”

“Also, keep the Elysion you borrowed.”

“Isn’t this the family’s treasured sword?”

“Do you think it’s easy for someone to lend out a family’s treasure? It has been yours all along.”

[Elysion acquired.]

An unexpected reward. I was almost grateful that I hadn’t been sent directly to the 13th floor straight away.

“It suits the master very well!”

Joseph, that rascal, beamed brightly seeing me acquire Elysion. Although it was a treasure the family could have kept, his lack of regret was almost moving. Quite impressive for a mere NPC.

“I’ve finished what I had to do here, so I think it’s time to leave.”

“I wish you could stay longer, but I suppose we can’t keep you, can we?”

“I was the one who was grateful.”


Joseph suddenly hugged me tightly, pulling me into a sentimental scene I never anticipated.

It was time to return to the rally point on the 12th floor, where I was greeted with dismissal and neglect by NPCs for not having attack magic.

Now, the situation has changed. They’ll all be desperate to give me missions.

– To be continued in episode 88 –

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