My Exclusive Tower Guide chapter 85

My Exclusive Tower Guide

Chapter 85

[The Strategy Guide has been transmitted.]

News that was like rain after a drought reached me.

According to the information provided by the Strategy Guide, the conditions for quest generation had finally been met.

It had been ten days since I started teaching swordsmanship to Joseph, and I was beginning to feel a bit anxious.

“Young Master is so astute that from now on, you will be able to enlighten yourself.”

I went to Kaeli Claude without hesitation to convey my intentions.

In truth, there was no reason for me to stay any longer.

After all, I visited the Claude family solely for the quest.

“Are you already planning to leave?”

“It’s not too soon. During my time here, the pending correspondences have likely stacked up. I must return to my main profession.”

“I find it incomprehensible. That someone of your caliber is occupied merely with delivering letters.”

“Each of us has our own circumstances.”

Upon hearing my words, Kaeli Claude nodded.

Indeed, even someone of my skill level in swordsmanship, pretending to be a mage, would seem inconsistent.

“Perhaps economic reasons are also included in ‘those circumstances’? I was preparing a substantial reward for you.”

It was a tempting offer.

Considering Kaeli Claude’s wealth and character, he would have prepared a very generous reward.

But I cannot accept it now.

The quest generation must come first.

“The guidance I provided to the Young Master was purely out of personal desire. I couldn’t endure passing by such a talented individual without offering my help, so I will kindly decline the reward.”

My words, though somewhat painful to utter, were earnest.

“But to work without compensation!”

“I didn’t do this for payment.”

“What a frustrating fellow you are!”

The world of this game had its inconvenient aspects.

If the appropriate conditions and situations are not met, quests do not generate.

I couldn’t receive any quest assignments at the assembly like the other players, and this was the reason.

[Strategy Guide: The quest that Kaeli Claude will create must be proposed by an NPC first.]

In fact, my current situation was the same, so I beat around the bush, hinting and suggesting to encourage quest generation.

“Then, might I ask for a single favor? This time I will state a reward from the very beginning.”

And finally, the moment I had been waiting for arrived.

“Speak your request.”

“Have you heard of the monster on Doria Mountain?”

“That is news to me.”

[A quest has been generated.]

At the sound of this notification, I cheered inwardly.

Taking into account the time it took to deliver messages, it had been a fortnight.

It was indeed a long time.

“While we say ‘monster’, no one knows its true identity. They only speculate that it’s a bipedal giant, based on the size and shape of the footprints.”

“Considering no one has hunted it down yet, it must be quite formidable?”

“It’s not just its strength; it’s known to be incredibly elusive. Would you be willing to take on the challenge? If you catch it, I will reward you with 10,000 gold.”

[Will you accept the quest?]

“Yes, I will attempt it.”

[You have accepted the quest.]

[Success will increase Fame by 98]


A massive quest that fills 98 percent of the Fame needed to move on to the 13th floor.

It’s a bigger deal than I expected, even though I had anticipated a major quest.

Considering my current Fame is 1, it’s a somewhat inefficient condition, but I still feel a sense of pride in taking on a significant mission.

‘Can I do it?’

The Strategy Guide never presents an impossible situation.

I just have to trust it and move forward.

However, there was one problem.

– I should also ask Father to let me follow the Master!

Joseph wanted to follow me.

His voice of the heart was very loud and earnest.

“Before I depart, there is one thing I wish to ask of you.”

I needed to take preemptive action, as I couldn’t take along a burden.

“Let’s hear it.”

“The Young Master must review the swordsmanship I’ve taught him for at least six hours a day. If he neglects his practice before it becomes familiar, all of our lessons would be in vain. I count on you to ensure this.”

“Don’t worry about that. I’ll take responsibility for that part until you return.”

“Ah… Father! Actually, I also want to…”

“Young Master must strictly adhere to what I’ve just said!”

I quickly shut Joseph up.

Kaeli Claude’s love for his youngest son was to an extreme degree.

“…Yes, Master.”

Reluctantly, the boy replied and then sighed as if the ground beneath him was collapsing.

This NPC seemed to be overly fond of me, thinking of me almost as a father, after just ten days together.

Nevertheless, receiving my first true quest makes my heart swell with anticipation.

* * *

[Choi Jeong-hyeok’s Fame has reached 100.]

[The player is now eligible to move to the 13th floor.]

True to his professional gamer credentials, Choi Jeong-hyeok was the fastest pace in the game mission.

Although it remains unclear what specific advantages his profession provides, if this continues, I may lose the bet.

Going to the next floor alone while leaving his wife behind would mean he’s seriously committed to this bet. He’s truly crazy.

Even if he wins the bet, he would only earn the title of ‘Big Brother’ from me.

Following behind Choi Jeong-hyeok was his wife and another professional gamer, Oh Min-ah.

Her current Fame was at 74. Before this game mission, the abilities of this husband and wife were almost equal.

It was evident that without their regular abilities, the gap between the two became clear. There was no denying the supreme control of Choi Jung-hyuk. Following closely was Son Seo-yeon of Prestige 63. Her magical attribute was Lightning Strike, which seemed to be a special privilege given to those with a killing intent. It wasn’t one of the options available when I had to choose a magical attribute for getting the most kills on the 11th floor. Even without a gun, Son Seo-yeon was still thriving. Behind her were O Du-ho, Kim Se-yong, Seo Jun-ho, and the rest, but they were all much of a muchness. If I use the quest that I am currently on, I could easily turn the tables. I must hurry now. After all, I cannot possibly call Choi Jung-hyuk ‘brother’.

[You have entered Mount Doria.]

As soon as I stepped into the quest zone, the fog cleared and a message appeared. The landscape that unfolded before my eyes was even vaster than the rumors had suggested.

‘It’s too wide here.’

I thought it was absolutely impossible to find a monster here within a day or two. Currently, I don’t have Nike’s ring to bring me luck, nor do I have Kengsu to enhance my mobility. Without the Absolute Sensory skill, I was truly in for some raw labor.

[The strategy guide has been transmitted.]

But the sage’s status did not forsake me. Although I was playing as a game character, the ultimate secret techniques available to me offered salvation.

[Strategy Guide: Seek out an experienced hermit residing at the entrance of Mount Doria.]

Having a strategy guide meant I wasn’t destined for raw, unaided toil after all. If I found him, I was sure to discover a useful trick. My heart lightened. The hermit was said to be near the mountain’s entrance, so he couldn’t be far from here, and I was willing to endure the effort to find him. The sun was setting, so I hurried.

[Another player is nearby.]

Someone else was here too?

That was the news that came to me after about thirty minutes of wandering. Surely, they were here for the same quest, giving me another reason to speed up.

‘I wonder who it could be?’

Who my competitor was mattered a great deal. Without offensive magic, competing wouldn’t be easy.


I heard the sound of someone pushing through the underbrush from afar. Without Absolute Sensory, I focused and widened my pupils.

A familiar silhouette was approaching me.

“Could it be Son Seo-yeon?”

“So it was you, Lee Ho-young?”

This was not a joyful surprise amongst competitors.

* * *

Clearly, killing intent came with its perks, even in game missions. Son Seo-yeon’s acquisition of the Lightning Strike attribute proved it, as well as her undertaking this major quest.

“Prestige 1? I’ve always been curious. Why you’ve been struggling here on the 12th floor. But then I realized the conclusion was pretty obvious.”

She seemed to be spinning her own narrative.

I guessed I had to listen.

“What are you trying to say?”

“You can manipulate our visible prestige. Just like you’ve manipulated levels before. There must be some wicked plot behind it this time too.”

Though her guess was off the mark, it did sound plausible.

“What do I gain from manipulating prestige?”

“I haven’t thought that far. But you must be planning to stab us in the back somehow.”

Stab in the back?

After everything I’ve done for my teammates. Well, from Son Seo-yeon’s viewpoint, perhaps she could see it that way.

“Well, let’s forget that. You’re here for the quest, right?”

“It looks like you’ve just arrived.”

“On the contrary, it seems that you’ve been suffering here for quite some time.”

“Take my advice and give up now.”

“Why’s that?”

“Because it’s damn vast.”

Her intent seemed more of a dire warning than a competitive maneuver.

“So you’re giving up?”

“Even if I was to give up, I’d knock off an old man before I leave.”


“There’s this stubborn old man who seems to know things but refuses to say a word. I’ve kept him alive until now, but if he doesn’t open his mouth today, I intend to kill him.”

From the circumstances, it was fairly clear who Son Seo-yeon was talking about.

The experienced hermit, that the strategy guide had mentioned to me.

“Where is this old man you’re talking about?”

“Over there is his house.”

Son Seo-yeon unhesitatingly directed me to the hermit’s house.

She was certain of something.

That even if I met the hermit, I wouldn’t be able to extract anything useful.

Maybe she wanted to let out her frustration on me too.

“I better check it out myself to see if he really has the information.”

“You won’t be any different. And maybe…”

“Maybe what?”

“Even you, who pretends to be a gentleman, might feel like killing the old man.”

“Such twisted sentimentality.”

But a moment later…

I somewhat understood why Son Seo-yeon had said that.

“Get lost!”

That was the first thing I heard upon finding the hermit’s house.

“That’s quite a greeting. Don’t you think it’s rather crude?”

“No food here, so get lost.”

“I’m not here for food. I came because I heard that you might have seen the monster of Mount Doria…”

“No food, so get lost.”

This hermit NPC just kept repeating ‘get lost’ because there was no food.

A crazy old man character, for sure.

Son Seo-yeon had every right to be infuriated.

– It’s hopeless, hopeless.

“Excuse me?”

“Get lost!”

– You’re still not ready!

I could hear the inner voice of the hermit.

This NPC was not simply placed at the entrance of Mount Doria without reason.

– To be continued in Chapter 86 –

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