My Exclusive Tower Guide chapter 83

My Exclusive Tower Guide

Chapter 83

I don’t know why Oh Doo-ho harbored such feelings.

Whether it was for revenge for his deceased comrades or he had a different intention, there was nothing I could determine at the moment.

The only thing I could be certain of was that he harbored hostility toward me. And that hostility would not end with me.

This guy had definitely made up his mind to kill me first.

‘But why me?’

Indeed, it was Choi Jung-hyuk and his wife, Oh Min-ah, who were directly responsible for killing Oh Doo-ho’s comrades, which made this part somewhat puzzling to me.

Since I couldn’t hear his voice anymore, it seemed I would just have to wait and see.

Oh Doo-ho was the de facto leader of the players from Zone 2.

He would certainly not act alone.

“Everyone, you have to get used to magic attributes quickly! Thankfully, we have these training dummies set up right here!”

Choi Jung-hyuk, true to his identity as a professional gamer, was leading the atmosphere here.

“Are you saying to attack the dummies with magic?”

“You can either attack them or give them a hug; that’s up to you. Who knows, maybe you’ll even get a reward for it.”

Choi Jung-hyuk finished speaking and began using telekinesis to pull the dummies towards him.

Thud, thud, thud.

The dummies wobbled at his gesture.

Is he really going to pull it out using telekinesis?

It seemed too much for a beginner player.

It’s like someone who’s just touched a basketball for the first time making a three-pointer—an impossible task.

At this level, the most they could do was probably pull a key from a distance.


However, my expectations were completely blown away.

That guy really did it, pulling out the dummy without laying a hand on it.

“Wow! This attribute is really good!”

It wasn’t that telekinesis was good, but rather the special privileges of a pro gamer seemed excessive.

All of us had become magicians in this game mission, losing our original job attributes.

But, for a pro gamer, it was a different case.

Choi Jung-hyuk had already adapted to his newly acquired magic attributes, showcasing godly control.

At this point, it wasn’t just overpowered; it was outright cheating.

“And, I got a reward. The magic stats increased the moment the dummy fell.”


Kim Se-yong immediately approached a dummy at those words.

His attribute was flame. Touching the hat of the dummy, he eventually set it on fire.

Seemingly lacking confidence to shoot a fireball, the flames on the hat blazed and began to spread to the entire body.

“What the! Why didn’t I get a reward?”

“Ah, I forgot to mention the first-comer’s reward. If you want to get used to magic, you have to work hard!”

“This bastard!”

Feeling deceived, Kim Se-yong extended a punch of anger towards the dummy.

“Ahh, it’s hot!”


Considering the burn, the punch definitely had power different from before.

If Kim Se-yong had retained his martial artist characteristics, the dummy would have been uprooted. Instead, it stood tall with dignity.

“Do your training, everyone, training! If you weren’t born with it, you got to put in the effort!”

Even though Choi Jung-hyuk’s words were irksome, everyone began testing their new magical attributes in front of the dummies.

Not adept at using magic just yet, players were sweating profusely, wrestling with the dummies.


All I did was launch a straight punch at the dummy.

Initially, the stats of a game character were all 10 across all abilities.

To smash this without magic, it seemed I would need at least a wooden sword.

[To clear this floor, you must raise your fame.]

[Please proceed to the assembly hall to accept quests.]

With the message from the tower, the fame of 15 players was displayed at the top of my vision.

Everyone’s fame was currently at zero.

From this, I could deduce one thing.

“It’s an individual mission.”

“Do you think moving to the next floor is also an individual process?”

“Probably, since quests appear to be assigned individually.”

Without further explanation, we decided to head straight for the assembly hall in front of us.

* * *

Inside the assembly hall, there were many NPCs.

It didn’t feel right to think of them as mere NPCs.

They resembled beings with fully-formed personalities rather than entities restricted to repetitive phrases.

I could even hear their inner voices.

– What an annoying fellow. He doesn’t even have an offensive spell, and yet he has such guts.

Once again, I failed to receive a quest.

It had been four NPCs so far, and each attempt was unsuccessful.

The reason was simple.

They did not trust my abilities.

“Even so, I have plenty of battle experience. If you would just give me a chance…”

“That’s enough! If I entrust a quest to a nobody like you and it goes wrong, my reputation will suffer!”

“I’ll take only half the usual fee.”

“I said there’s no work!”

I hit a wall right at the start of the 12th floor.

Currently, my area’s colleagues were smoothly receiving quests and leaving the assembly hall one by one.

Some of them looked at me with puzzlement.

– What kind of quests is he trying to get by poking around everywhere?

– He must be gunning for a jackpot in one go.

They were way off base.

What I needed now was even the slightest bit of fame.

I was ready to accept any trivial errand that could be offered.

“Hey, Lee Ho-young, how long are you planning on loafing around here?”

Choi Jung-hyuk had apparently just received his quest.

Knowing him, he must have snagged something significant.

He had already put on a show showing off his magic in front of the NPCs.

“What are you doing here if you’ve got your quest?”

“I came to confirm the promise we made, Lee Ho-young.”


“The one about the winner of this game mission becoming the ‘hyung.’ First to clear the 15th floor

“Shall we do it as older brother, how about it?”

I’m in a bit of a tricky situation right now, unable to accept any quests, but I had no intention of backing down. I had to trust that the strategy guide knew what it was doing, claiming to be more advantageous than a professional gamer career.


“Alright, then I’ll head out?”

“Wait! How old are you?”

“Me? Twenty-four!”

I absolutely had to win. I couldn’t call someone five years my junior ‘older brother.’

For now, I needed to move on and at least try to accept any request from the NPCs.

* * *

“Mr. Ho Young, you’re still here?”

The one who stayed with me till the end was Chae Iseul.

She too seemed to have difficulty obtaining a quest.

While she was a coveted healer in the tower, here she was just a novice ice mage, a characteristic that likely made it hard for NPCs to trust her because of her delicate appearance.

Anyway, we all started with zero fame as beginners, so this sort of difficulty wasn’t entirely unexpected.

“Iseul, are you about to leave soon?”

“Yes! I finally managed to get a goblin subjugation request.”

“Be careful. Don’t underestimate goblins like you did when you were in the tower, or else you might suffer a lot.”

“Yup! I’ll keep that in mind. But Mr. Ho Young, haven’t you found a quest to your liking yet?”

Liking or not wasn’t the issue.

“The truth is, I haven’t received any quests yet. It seems the NPCs don’t find me dependable.”

“That can’t be true! You’re joking, right?”

“I’m afraid the point is that it’s not a joke.”

I had already finished making rounds to all the NPCs in the assembly hall.

Yet, none of them had any work for me.

“Don’t worry about me, Iseul. You go ahead.”

In reality, Chae Iseul didn’t seem to be worried about me at all. It was more like she believed I had some sort of plan.

“Okay, I’ll head out before I possibly become a bother!”

And with that, I was left alone in the gathering hall.

This was the result of choosing the <Heart> attribute.

There’s no way the strategy guide couldn’t have foreseen such a situation.

Without any better alternatives, a second round with the NPCs seemed the only option.

“Hey you!”

As expected, the first NPC to approach me appeared.

His name was Louis Zhang.

Of course, I had already been rejected by him once.

“Yes, elder. Did you call for me?”

“You look like an apprentice magician who hasn’t had an awakening yet. Let me entrust you with a request.”

It was about time.

Given his limited options, it was clear he had no choice but to come to me.

“Speak, please.”

“Would you deliver this message to Lord Cally in the Region of Lugen? You have two days.”

[Would you like to accept the quest?]

[Reward: 1 gold]

[Successful completion will increase your fame by 1.]

A mere 1 fame was the bare minimum.

The fame needed to clear the 12th floor was 100. The quest Kim Seyong was taking on increased his fame by a massive 11 upon success.

“I’ll take it.”

I had no other choice. Even a small increase in my fame would put me in a favorable position for the next quest.

“Then carry out this task carefully. The forest trail to Lugen is swarming with slimes.”

To be cautious about slimes…

For a moment I nearly seized up.

“I will deliver it well.”

[You have accepted the quest.]

Thus began my first journey in the magical continent of Kallia.

* * *

There were no significant obstacles on the way to the Region of Lugen.

The slimes that the NPC warned about did appear in large numbers, but they posed no threat to me.

Although I was no longer a gladiator, I had something unique compared to other players.

I hadn’t relied on the swordsmanship skills that automatically came with being a gladiator.

Shadowless Sorrow Sword was the result of my own training, and I could still wield it here.

Despite my meager stats and wielding nothing more than a wooden stick, I had no issue handling slimes.

[The strategy guide has been sent.]

As I arrived at the Cally Clouds’ estate, the Sage’s status window sent me a message for the first time.

Sending the guide now that I’d reached my destination suggested something big was waiting.

I quickly reviewed the message.

[Strategy Guide: Lord Cally of the Cloud family is famously fond of his youngest son. If you teach the swordsmanship-enthusiast Joseph Cally the basics of swordplay, you may land yourself a significant quest.]

As expected!

If I could connect another quest here, it couldn’t get any better.

Even after completing my current quest, my fame would be at 1. It would still be difficult to receive any requests from people.

Lord Cally Clouds’ mansion stood out from afar.

It was an impressive, medieval Europe-style building that dominated the view, and the flowers that bloomed profusely in the front garden brightened my eyes and nose, dulled by life in the tower.

“Looks like you’re an outsider, do you have business here?”

As I entered the garden, a servant of the Clouds family blocked my way with a wary look.

“I’ve brought a letter to deliver to Lord Cally.”

“Hand it over to me. I will deliver it promptly.”

Of course, it wouldn’t do to just hand over the letter.

I needed to become Joseph Cally’s swordsmanship teacher.

“It is an important letter; I must deliver it personally. That’s part of the request.”

“The Lord is currently busy coaching his youngest son in swordplay… it’s a bit inconvenient.”

“I will wait.”

“If it starts, it might not end until sunset. Can you wait that long?”

“Of course.”

Coaching in swordplay? It couldn’t be better timing.

Now, I just needed to find an appropriate moment to barge in on that scene.

Despite my magician-like countenance, which was slightly problematic.

– To be continued in Chapter 84 –

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