My Exclusive Tower Guide chapter 82

My Exclusive Tower Guide

Chapter 82

How much can a single longsword impact a human’s combat power? It’s a challenging question to quantify, but undoubtedly, it makes the impossible possible in many instances. For example, it could give an ordinary adult man the chance to defeat the UFC Heavyweight Champion, and with some luck, he might even be able to hunt down a wild beast. The longsword I’ve discovered has instilled that level of expectation in us.

“Even without any skills, the difference a sword makes is significant.”

“Yes. Once again, Lee Ho-yeong has done a great job.”

Our current game characters lack both jobs and skills, and their stats are significantly nerfed, but the presence of a sword enables us to confidently face orc warriors.

“Hey, Choi Jung-hyuk. Do you think everyone can survive?”

At my question, he nodded.

“Probably, as long as they didn’t slack off while others were training. Well, if they had control like me, it wouldn’t matter if they played around.”

All the training we had undergone was impacting our ability to control in this game mission. The damnable tower had been emphasizing the importance of training, which turned out to be a crucial element in this mission.

“Se-yong is doing better than expected.”

Though Kim Se-yong, a martial artist, seemed somewhat unfamiliar wielding a sword, the traditional job roles were not important in this game mission. His swordsmanship was more adept than even Seo Jun-ho, who had been a gladiator.

Kim Se-yong had both the adaptability to the new character and the control to move it well within the top ranks.

[The quest has been cleared.]

In the end, Kim Se-yong easily hunted two orc warriors before returning to the lobby.

“This is a whole new world! Which game feels this real?”

He sounded remarkably relaxed even after a life-threatening game.

In truth, Se-yong could have cleared this quest with his bare fists. Although he couldn’t use his fist skills, his natural combat instincts were indeed exceptional.

“Se-yong, forget that. Give us a proper after-action report.”

“Uh… when the game started…”

Data was accumulating, providing valuable information for the players waiting for their turn.

* * *

[The simulation game has ended.]

Although it was called a simulation, it seemed the tower planned to weed out a significant number of players before the 12th floor began. The mission of hunting two orc warriors with a baseline game character was incredibly challenging.

Out of 16 in our area, 15 survived, but the atmosphere in the lobby was tense. The importance of training had grown, and there was no time to waste.

According to Choi Jung-hyuk, this game mission would continue from the 12th to the 15th floor. The tension would only increase.

“Lee Ho-yeong, want an autograph?”

Of course, there were exceptions.

Some players just couldn’t focus on their training.

One such player was Choi Jung-hyuk.

He was quite persistent.

This was the fifth request for an autograph.

I was tempted to just agree, but it didn’t feel right, so I refused again.

“It’s okay. I’ll pass.”

“No, take it. But there’s a condition.”

Such an annoying guy.

“What’s the condition?”

“Play a game of Truth with me.”

“You’re insane.”

“No, forget it. Just tell me honestly. What’s your job?”

“I’ve already introduced it before. Gladiator.”

“And how do you explain the pet you keep with you?”

“I also work as a tamer on the side.”


Kang-su beside me nodded in agreement.

“Okay, let’s assume that’s true. Then you’re a tri-job, aren’t you?”

“What do you want to hear from me?”

“Pro Gamer! Honestly, you’re also a pro gamer. Don’t deny it.”

“I’m not.”

“Then it makes no sense. Your level and stats don’t match up, and how did you find that old longsword in the simulation game?”

“I had a feeling it would work. I’ve always been lucky.”

This wasn’t the first misunderstanding. I’ve been previously suspected by Son Seo-yeon of not being the Grand Killer.

Now, being a pro gamer was added to the list.

“You sly bastard. I’ll uncover the truth someday.”

“Do as you please.”

“So you’re not going to accept the autograph today.”

Now, I just didn’t want to receive it out of stubbornness. I wouldn’t accept it until we get out of this tower.

[A strategy guide has been sent.]

At that moment, very important information reached me.

Information far more crucial than training or control in this game mission.

About character creation.

* * *



Kang-su was ecstatic.

He had always sparred with Kim Se-yong, but now he had a new partner.

A partner who was stronger, more refined, and completely different in style.


With precise control, Choi Jung-hyuk struck Kang-su’s face.

Although the way he threw his punch was far sloppier than Kim Se-yong’s, his hit rate was surprisingly higher.

This is why the pro gamer occupation is considered overpowered.

Whether wielding a sword, spear, or bow, they guarantee a high level of proficiency with any weapon. Their control is too overpowering.

Even though it came with a penalty to their stats, the divine control of a pro gamer could more than compensate for it.

And it was proving true even now.


Although Se-yong could not wield his powerful skill, the as powerfully, Choi Jeong-hyeok was still relentlessly landing precise strikes, driving Kang-soo into a corner.



Of course, Kang-soo seemed delighted even as he was being hit.

Encountering such an unusual opponent and sparring with him was exactly what fueled his desire to improve.


Eventually, Kang-soo collapsed on the floor, and the sparring came to an end.

Lately, even when going up against Kim Se-yong, Kang-soo hadn’t been pushed back too much, but he was still no match for Choi Jeong-hyeok.

Wiping the sweat from his forehead, Choi Jeong-hyeok asked Kang-soo,

“Tell me. Is your owner a pro gamer? Honestly, if you tell me, I’ll spar with you every day.”

Kang-soo shook his head from side to side, still sprawled on the floor.

Refusing the temptation of more sparring… indeed, that’s my pet.

Even though he’d been so excited fighting with Choi Jeong-hyeok.

At the sight of them, Kim Se-yong, looking upset, approached, grumbling.

“Kang-soo, forget this guy. In the future, I’ll continue to be your opponent.”


“Kang-soo, what’s that reaction about! Are you saying you enjoyed fighting with him more than with me?”

Kaaaa… Kaaaa…

In the end, Kang-soo avoided answering.

And then, at the perfect moment, a message from the tower was delivered.

[The 12th floor mission is beginning.]

[You will be transported to the magical continent of Kallia.]

Finally, a long journey was starting.

* * *

[Creating your job.]

[Because of the privilege of achieving the most kills on the 11th floor, you are given the chance to choose a magical attribute.]

I had been curious about what kind of game would start from the 12th floor.

After all, the tower itself is one massive game.

Yet, if the 12th floor was named a specifically, I assumed there must be something different about it.

‘It’s magic, after all.’

A world where, with no distinction of occupations, everyone is a magician.

The 12th floor was such a magical continent.

[Please select a magic attribute.]

This was an opportunity given only to me in our group.

The rest of my companions would receive their magical characteristics randomly.

1. Flame

2. Glacier

3. Telekinesis

4. Wind

…There was a considerable list of attributes to choose from.

But I had no reason to hesitate.

The strategy guide had already provided me with the correct choice.


What I selected was the attribute.

This was something completely different in nature from the rest of the choices.

The only non-combat magic attribute and also different because it could not form contracts with any spirits.

In truth, this was a massive handicap.

From the 12th to the 15th floor, the game character we would use had all specs significantly nerfed compared to our original bodies, and offensive magic was essential for survival.

But there was a convincing reason to make this choice without hesitation.

“Did they say it was of legendary value?”

After clearing all the game missions up to the 15th floor, all players would be able to add the magical attribute they chose at this time to their skills.

And this attribute was said to be the most valuable skill among all magic.

A skill that, as the name implies, could read the minds of others.

Thinking only of immediate battles might be challenging, but it was necessary to look further into the future.

[All players’ character creation is complete.]

[Your journey on the magical continent of Kallia now begins.]

[All journeys of the game mission will end on the 15th floor.]

When the blackout ceased and light returned to the world, fifteen of us in our group were all dressed in unfamiliar clothing.

While each donned different robes, they all resembled magicians.

“Let’s share what attributes we’ve been given.”

“Sounds good!”

There was no need for words in revealing the attributes.

For instance, flames the size of a fist appeared in Kim Se-yong’s hand.

And when Chae Yiseol waved a hand through the air, the chill of ice particles could be felt.

They all behaved like excited children, marveling at their own works.

“It’s like leveling up an alt character, huh?”

The power Choi Jeong-hyeok acquired was telekinesis.

He tested his magic by pulling sand off the ground towards his hand.

“But what about you, Lee Ho-young?”

An Se-chang asked.

While everyone was busy demonstrating their newly obtained powers, it surely looked odd that I alone remained still.

Suddenly, everyone’s gaze turned to me.

‘This is awkward.’

The attribute I got was difficult to reveal.

It was about probing into other people’s minds, after all.

“…I’ve received physical magic.”

“Physical magic? Is there such a thing?”

“Yes. I guess you could say my strength feels a bit enhanced.”

“Oh! As expected!”

There was nothing else I could say to cover up.

And then, at that moment, the voices of many hearts began to reach me.

– Ho-young hyung’s physical magic should have been mine!

A typical reaction from Kim Se-yong.

– Is Lee Ho-young always so lucky?

Even Seo Junho seemed to envy me.

Everyone took my words without a hint of doubt.

I didn’t see that they would take my bluff about physical magic like this.

But not everyone’s heart was open to me.

And I wasn’t consciously able to read them.

It was just that they sometimes drifted to me.

Intermittently. From time to time.

And generally, those about me. Not always, though.

– This mission is an opportunity. I need to kill him first.

Suddenly, a voice full of enmity and darkness reached me.

Every sense and nerve was on high alert.

Oh Du-ho.

At that moment, my eyes met his.

– To be continued in Chapter 83 –

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