My Exclusive Tower Guide chapter 81

My Exclusive Tower Guide

Chapter 81

With a burst of sound, Kim Young-jun’s head exploded, and a momentary silence swept through the lobby.

Kim Young-jun vanished from the screen like the wind, leaving only the orc warriors screaming and roaming around the forest path.

“…Surely not.”

“He’s not really dead, is he?”

A grim foreboding engulfed the room.

“He’s alive! It’s just a game, isn’t it?”

“Yeah! People’s heads don’t make that kind of explosion sound in reality! It’s just a game, a game!”

They tried to think this way, but everyone probably felt the same.

Everyone knew that nothing in this tower happened by accident.

[Player Kim Young-jun has died.]

The Tower’s message had finally declared confirmation of his death.

“This damned thing!”

“There was no warning before the game started!”

Players from Zone 2 screamed in rage.

Unfortunately, it was a miscalculation for Kim Young-jun, who thought the game was simple.

Strictly speaking, all humanity being dragged to this tower had begun without any warning.

We are simply beings who must struggle to survive.

We cannot protest against the unfairness of the rules, nor can we quit the game at will.

All we can do in this endless game is walk the tightrope as best we can.

We cannot even question why.

Calming the players from Zone 2 was naturally the role of Oh Doo-ho.

Strangely, the players calmed down at a word from Oh Doo-ho.

It must have been the effect of his role as a general.

“Hey, Choi Jung-hyuk. It seems you should naturally offer to go second.”

At Oh Doo-ho’s words, Choi Jung-hyuk nodded.

“My mistake. I should have taken the first round no matter what.”

His serious tone was uncharacteristic of him.

It was evidence of the heavy atmosphere currently in our lobby.

“But what was the problem with Kim Young-jun just before?”

His death was too abrupt for someone who had volunteered for the first round with confidence.

“It was probably a matter of adaptation. The character in the game would have had specs completely different from his actual self.”

I agreed with Choi Jung-hyuk’s assessment.

The movement Kim Young-jun showed on the screen was just awkward.

Like moving in clothes that did not fit.

“Simply because he didn’t adapt to a new body?”

“It’s anything but simple. Our specs in the game are significantly nerfed. If we don’t control them precisely, we can never stand a chance against an orc warrior in the game.”

Such insight was fitting for a professional gamer.

Just by glancing at Kim Young-jun’s game, Choi Jung-hyuk had already come to a near-certain conclusion.

His words were fully convincing to me, too.

[Please select the second player.]

“Let me play and share the review afterward. It will certainly help you all.”

After a moment, Choi Jung-hyuk entered the screen.

* * *

Everyone watched Choi Jung-hyuk’s play in a daze.

The interface showed the same specs as Kim Young-jun’s character.

However, the same character could produce such different outputs, which deeply impressed us.

Choi Jung-hyuk cautiously targeted the orc warriors.

He never rushed and seemed to be testing various things.

He would attack the same body part, once with a fist and once with a foot.

He also explored different areas on the orc to observe the monster’s reactions.

Sometimes he would even allow the orc to hit him in a research-oriented attitude.

The surprising fact was that as time passed, Choi Jung-hyuk’s movements became increasingly sharp.

[You have completed the quest.]

Unlike Kim Young-jun, Choi Jung-hyuk appeared right in front of us after the quest.

“I have one good news and one bad news. Which do you want to hear first?”

Choi Jung-hyuk seemed to have discovered something.

Being a pro gamer in the tower was indeed an overpowered role.

“Bad news first!”

Many shouted unanimously, perhaps preferring to take the hit first.

“The orcs don’t have a special weakness. Wherever I hit, the reaction was similar.”

He seemed to be experimenting with everything, clearly to find a weakness.

Since we couldn’t see the orc warrior’s health gauge on the screen, we had to trust Choi Jung-hyuk’s experience.

His words must be precise.

“What’s the good news, then?”

“The good news is the same: there’s no special weakness. In other words, wherever you hit, they receive the impact similarly. Whether you strike the head or kick the butt, if the power of your attack is the same, the result is the same.”

It wasn’t clear if that was good news, but it was definitely useful information.

There was no need to aim for weak spots; just strike wherever was most vulnerable at any given moment.

Choi Jung-hyuk continued to unfold his post-game analysis.

“Having shared one piece of good news and bad news, it seems I need to tell you the real bad news. Many of us are likely to join Kim Young-jun soon.”


It was a bombshell announcement.

Choi Jung-hyuk coldly concluded.

The characters in the game were at much lower specs than the orc warriors, and ultimately, we had to overcome this with control.

He also added that this would be an extremely challenging ordeal for average players.

“It’ll depend on how much you’ve trained as to whether you live or die.”

It was indeed an ironic conclusion.

A mission in a game that was not game-like at all.

Choi Jung-hyuk then reflected on how we had spent our time until now.

The training I had done was sure to impact my control in the game.

“If someone was born with control like me, it would be different,” he boasted.

Ultimately, the conclusion was self-praise.

Choi Jung-hyuk’s wife, Oh Min-ah, who was next to support him, shared a similar story. Although she explained the information about the orc warrior in more detail, her conclusion was also that control was paramount.

After the two professional gamers finished the game, it was finally time for the next person to take a turn.

No one dared to step forward.

Everyone was unsure about their own level of control.

I planned to take the next turn anyway.

I, a gladiator, had trained my body to the point of distancing myself from my swordsmanship skills, as there was no greater devotee to training than myself.

Although not on par with professional gamers, I was sure I could complete the quest easily enough to contribute to gathering information about this mission.

“Next, I’ll do it.”

As my turn was settled, there was a notification sound.

[A strategy guide has been sent.]

Perfect timing.

I quickly skimmed through the contents of the strategy guide.

“And I’ll make a promise to everyone.”

“What kind of promise, Mr. Lee Ho-young?”

“When I return here, I promise to bring information that will ensure everyone’s survival.”

“Everyone’s survival? That’s impossible!”

Choi Jung-hyuk immediately objected.

“Hey, Lee Ho-young! My wife and I are professional gamers. Our assessments are accurate! What are you trying to gain by deceiving people like that? Popularity?”

“We’ll talk about that when I get back.”

I moved into the screen along with the tower’s message.


The mystery of the tower was astonishing.

I had a new character’s body.

As Choi Jung-hyuk mentioned, I was considerably nerfed from my original stats.

My stamina, agility, strength, and senses were all inadequately low for survival in the game, and I had no skills, jobs, or items at all.

From now on, I had to rely solely on control.

‘Ah! There’s one more thing.’

The strategy guide sent by the sage’s status screen.

The place I was in now was the .

I began to step backward from the starting point of the game.

Step by step.

Of course, I couldn’t go back indefinitely.

The setting of the game was, after all, a constructed world. There was certainly a limit to the space.

And it didn’t take long to reach that limit.


Eventually, I felt a solid presence against my back.

It seemed like an open space, but beyond that was a non-existent area I had reached.

If you looked at it through a hologram screen, the area behind me would probably be displayed as pitch black darkness.

Of course, there was a reason I had come this far.

[Strategy Guide: Reach into the space beyond the veil and acquire an item.]

My hand that reached out eventually passed through the barrier.

As I groped through the air, I felt the familiar handle of something solid.

‘A sword!’

A martial weapon now felt as familiar as part of my own body.

It was not as high-grade as the Unyielding Sword, but it would be enough.

The sword would surely enhance my reach and destructive power by several levels.

When my hand emerged from the barrier, I was holding an old longsword.

It felt like the sensations from tutorial time all over again.

‘Let’s go!’

An orc warrior was going to be an easy opponent.

Now, all I needed to do was take forward steps.


“There’s no need for me to explain since you all saw it on the screen,” I said as I returned to the lobby.

The expressions of the people were stunned.

I expected wild cheers, but none came.

“Items! Is that how you get them?” asked Seo Jun-ho.

“Yes. It reminded me of a game I played in the past, and it worked just as I expected.”

After obtaining the item, there was no hesitation in my strategy.

There was no reason for me to hide my power, so I immediately used Mu-yeong Chuhon-geom to cut down the orc warrior.

“Hey! If you get an item, do skills get automatically registered too?”

This time, Oh Doo-ho asked.

To those unfamiliar with me, Mu-yeong Chuhon-geom might look like a , but I needed to clarify this part.

They’d be confused if they expected a skill to activate and nothing happened.

“What I did wasn’t a skill, so don’t bother. Just fight with control. With just a sword, you’ll find it much easier to face an orc warrior.”

“Not a skill? Does that even make sense? It clearly looked like an advanced technique.”

An advanced technique.

My master would explode in anger if he heard this.

It was all my fault.

The Mu-yeong Chuhon-geom that I could display with my nerfed stats was just at this level.

Of course, even this would be shocking for most people here.

“I told you! Now everyone here will be riding on Ho-young’s bus,” said Ko Yong-woo, clearly elated.

In fact, the expressions of those from our section were mostly similar.

It felt as though I had become a national soccer player who just scored a goal.

“Then, I’ll try the next turn.”

Seo Jun-ho, also a gladiator, stepped up.

Having been positively inspired by my approach, he will likely succeed in his strategy without any trouble.

“Next, it’s my turn!”

Next was Kim Se-yong.

Kim Se-yong had nothing to worry about either.

He had a natural talent and was a player who trained harder than anyone.

The mood in the lobby was quickly reversing.

It was expected that these two players would successfully counter the orc warrior and provide an excellent example for others to follow.

– To be continued in Episode 82 –

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