My Exclusive Tower Guide chapter 79

My Exclusive Tower Guide

Chapter 79

Choi Jeonghyuk didn’t bother to pick up the gun that Son Seoyeon had dropped.

“I hadn’t even considered that guns would exist in the tower. But to use a gun, does one need a special skill?”

His insight was impressive as always.

Had Choi Jeonghyuk shown any curiosity and picked up the gun, Son Seoyeon would have undoubtedly taken advantage of that opening.

Instead, Choi Jeonghyuk kicked the fallen gun aside, effectively blocking one of Son Seoyeon’s strategies from the onset.

Of course, just because she was without a gun didn’t mean her combat effectiveness was significantly diminished.

Even without a weapon, she could easily dispatch someone with martial arts skills on par with Kim Seyong with her bare hands.

‘Today is really something.’

She had wanted to see the full extent of Son Seoyeon’s capacity without the gun, and it was only today that she could witness it.

Her barehanded combat skills were unleashed even against Choi Jeonghyuk.

Although Choi Jeonghyuk’s control was impressive, in terms of basic specifications, Son Seoyeon had the upper hand, so the battle wasn’t one-sided.

In particular, the difference in magical power between the two was overwhelming. Son Seoyeon’s strength seemed to overpower Choi Jeonghyuk’s refined control.


Son Seoyeon’s kick struck right above Choi Jeonghyuk’s guard, and its force was considerable.

Choi Jeonghyuk momentarily lost balance as he was pushed back, and in that instant, Son Seoyeon’s punch thrust towards his chest.


A direct hit.

Even within that delicate fist, when mana is applied, it holds destructive power akin to a boulder.

The massive mana, which was supposed to have been loaded into bullets, burst from her fists, striking Choi Jeonghyuk’s chest.

Choi Jeonghyuk was sent flying nearly 20 meters.

“Ah! Damn! That hurts like hell!”

A normal player would have met their demise from that attack.

But Choi Jeonghyuk managed to focus mana on the impacted area instantaneously, minimizing the damage.

Of course, the blow would have still been significant.

He wasn’t spitting up blood, but he struggled to maintain a carefree expression.

‘Still, Choi Jeonghyuk seems to have the advantage.’

As a third party observer, I could see the situation objectively.

It was true that Son Seoyeon seemed more dominant as she poured her magical power into every attack, but no one has an endless supply of mana.

Eventually, when Son Seoyeon and Choi Jeonghyuk’s remaining mana became similar, the tables would turn.

Right now, Choi Jeonghyuk was fighting much more efficiently with his incredible control.

Son Seoyeon dropping her gun was a critical mistake.

* * *

As I had anticipated, the fight progressed.

Over time, Son Seoyeon became increasingly passive as she became more conscious of her depleting mana, while Choi Jeonghyuk’s offenses grew increasingly fierce.

Although the balance had been maintained so far, it was becoming clear that Choi Jeonghyuk was gaining the upper hand.

By now, Son Seoyeon would know just how much a single mistake in the beginning could influence the outcome of a battle.

It had been good to witness the full extent of Son Seoyeon’s power, and it was perfect timing to clear the 11th floor.

“Pay attention here! I’m about to cut this guy’s throat!”

While the two were preoccupied with their fight, I grasped the neck of the unconscious kid from Area 4.

Naturally, both of them resented my action.

Not just Choi Jeonghyuk, but also Son Seoyeon, who was currently being pushed back, showed strong displeasure toward my move.

“Don’t play games, stop! Do you think I’m going to lose?”


But not because I think Son Seoyeon is going to lose did I want to finish the 11th floor.

It was just a very good excuse to end it.

“I don’t know whether you’ll win or lose, but Choi Jeonghyuk’s lady is going to arrive soon. And then there really will be no strategy.”

Son Seoyeon knew better than anyone else that Choi Jeonghyuk’s wife was not to be underestimated.

Her eyes of murder had seen well the other woman’s tracks of killing.

But even so, Son Seoyeon couldn’t suggest joining forces with me against Choi Jeonghyuk.

The proud her would never say such a thing.

“It doesn’t matter! I will have finished Choi Jeonghyuk before then!”

Even in this situation, Son Seoyeon was full of bravado.

Even though she knew she was losing ground.

“No, you won’t have time. His woman will be here soon.”

This was not a lie.

I had been keeping an eye on the entire 11th floor with the minimap.

Son Seoyeon probably had a vague idea of it through her ability of murder’s sight.

“You two are really something. How did you know about my teammate being my wife?”

“That doesn’t matter.”

I pulled out the Sword of Indomitability from my inventory, making my intention clear.

Choi Jeonghyuk resignedly smiled with a sense of defeat.

“So, you’re ending the 11th floor without even getting my autograph?”

“Sorry, but that’ll have to wait for another time.”

“I guess it can’t be helped. Then, instead of an autograph, I’ll give you a piece of information.”


“Yeah. It wouldn’t be polite to send a fan away empty-handed, would it?”

I’m not your fan, really. He’s such an odd one.

However, it seemed like a good time to listen to what he had to say.

There was no reason to decline information that he was willing to share.

Choi Jeonghyuk did not delay and began to speak.

“I know the theme of the 12th floor.”

“You know that now?”

That seemed impossible.

Even with a strategy guide, I didn’t know the future, and how could Choi Jeonghyuk, who was simply a professional gamer, know?

“Yeah, I know. And you’ll regret ending the 11th floor early once you enter the 12th floor.”

“Why is that?”

“Because the performance on the 11th floor influences the start of the 12th.”

Choi Jeonghyuk grinned at me.

Of course, I had no reason to believe him.

It wasn’t there.

Perhaps he was just trying to buy time.

Even now, his wife was closing the distance between us, approaching steadily.

“What exactly is the theme of the 12th floor?”



“I said games. Games!”

I didn’t quite understand Choi Jung-hyuk’s words.

After all, the tower’s system was a game in and of itself.

But the fact that the theme of the 12th floor was “games” didn’t strike me as particularly special.

“Information that’s not very helpful, then.”

“Is that so? Kekeke.”

I pointed my unyielding sword at the neck of the boy from Zone 4, who was still asleep.

Choi Jung-hyuk had given up on restraining me from the start, and Son Seo-yeon no longer tried to stop me.

For her, it was an appropriate compromise that preserved her pride while finishing the 11th floor.

She maintained her silence, simply picking up the dropped gun.


My sword danced briefly in the air, and a short message was transmitted to everyone.

[PK has occurred.]

[All players in Zone 4 have been eliminated.]

[The 11th floor has been cleared.]

At that time, I didn’t understand the meaning of the word “game” that Choi Jung-hyuk had mentioned.

Nor did I know what situation would be waiting for us in the lobby.

[Returning to the lobby.]

After committing a total of five murders with my own hands, the 11th floor came to an end.

* * *

Apart from Son Seo-yeon, my five companions.

How would they react to my proactive intervention on the 11th floor?

That question had troubled me throughout the floor’s progression.

All of them had faithfully followed my telepathic instructions, and as a result, we had cleared this floor without encountering any danger.

However, I couldn’t be sure if this was a helpful action for my companions in the long run.

By restricting their potential for growth on the 11th floor, I might have infringed on their autonomy, manipulating them like puppets.

Of course, they had the free will to reject my suggestions, but in reality, it wouldn’t have been easy for them to act against my thoughts.

Although it was unspoken, I was playing the role of our group’s leader, a fact that everyone accepted without question.

During the brief summoning back to the lobby, numerous thoughts flickered through my mind.

However, once we returned to the lobby, all my worries evaporated like gasoline.


An unexpected event unfolded before us.

“Zone integration?”

The players in the lobby were not the seven we had left behind before.

There were sixteen of them.

All the survivors who were carrying out missions on the 11th floor were summoned to one place.

[A new zone has been created.]

The tower’s message reaffirmed the fact and we all came to understand the situation.

Clink! Clink!

Players from Zone 2 immediately drew their blades, showing strong vigilance.

It made sense.

They had lost four comrades on the 11th floor, unlike the married couple from Zone 1 who had all survived or our own Zone 3.

“Calm down, everyone!”

I finally stepped in.

“The bounty missions are over. We have no reason to fight each other anymore!”

Of course, this statement alone wouldn’t be persuasive.

“Shut up! You’ve been killing our comrades and now you say there’s no reason to fight?”

“So, you want to spill blood here instead?”

I stepped forward, emitting a murderous aura.

Playing the villain wasn’t my preference, but it couldn’t be helped.

Straightening everything out from the start would benefit everyone in the future.

My presence chilled the atmosphere of the lobby.


It was Park Woo-chan from Zone 2, a gladiator like me, who rushed at me. His stats were average, but he seemed to have some loyalty.


Of course, his ability to assess situations and solve problems was zero.

Rushing headlong into revenge for a dead comrade—had I been malevolent, it wouldn’t be him on the floor but his head severed from his body.

“If you want to see blood, come at me again. Next time, I won’t hesitate to cut off your head.”

“You devil!”

“What will it be? Do you want to fight, or talk?”

Park Woo-chan couldn’t say anything in response to my question, only glaring at me.

As a fellow gladiator, he felt the gap in our abilities with just one clash.

It was Choi Jung-hyuk who broke the brief silence.

“Listen, Lee Ho-young. Why are you doing my job right now? It was me and my wife who killed the players from Zone 2. You don’t have to do this, even if you’re a fan!”

Choi Jung-hyuk then walked to the center of the lobby and declared to everyone.

“If you have complaints about the 11th floor, come to me. I’m the one taking them.”

The lobby was in chaos.

At this moment, I was watching one particular player.

Odoo-ho from Zone 2.

Among the mostly normal players of Zone 2, he stood out with unusual stats.

He might have been playing a role similar to mine up until now.

Considering that there were eleven survivors in Zone 2 before the 11th floor, a strong center of gravity was necessary to achieve such a survival rate with such a hodgepodge.

And as I anticipated, Odoo-ho made his move.

He walked between me and Choi Jung-hyuk and said,

“I propose a negotiation.”


“Yes. The bounty that was on our comrades’ lives. If you spit it all out here, we’ll bury the past.”

Odoo-ho’s suggestion made Choi Jung-hyuk snicker.

Seems like I might need to watch from across the river for now.

– To be continued in Chapter 80 –

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