My Exclusive Tower Guide chapter 77

My Exclusive Tower Guide

Chapter 77

Already on the 11th floor, two have been killed.

Of course, this is not the end.

I still have a plan for murder, which is set to continue until all seven members of the 4th sector are dead.

‘Only five left now.’

I can’t shake off the feeling that I have become a serial killer.

Worried that my mental state might collapse, I was surprised to find myself much calmer than expected.

Perhaps, in this way, even my own humanity is being worn away bit by bit.

Just like the kids in the 4th sector.


Suddenly, Kang-soo lowered his body and rubbed his head against my chest.

Seemingly aware of my vulnerability, the creature began to tease me playfully.

“It’s okay, buddy.”

I stroked Kang-soo’s head, finding comfort in his presence somehow.

The emotional bond shared between a pet and its owner is truly precious at times like these.

He seems to understand my feelings, even without words.

“Kang-soo, shall we get going again?”


“Right, let’s try to finish this as quickly as possible. But you do realize you’re an accomplice, right?”


Kang-soo nodded and cracked a sly smile, all too familiar—it’s my own expression.

This pet of mine is becoming increasingly mischievous.


The moment I leapt onto Kang-soo’s back, a message from the Tower rang out.

[A third PK (Player Kill) has occurred.]


Someone other than me had finally made a move.

The most likely candidate was Son Seo-yeon.

I activated my skill ‘Watch Over the 11th Floor’ to inspect Son Seo-yeon’s situation.

However, my expectations were off.

Son Seo-yeon was only just preparing for a PK.

Moreover, the latest victim wasn’t one of the high school students from the 4th sector.

1st sector: 2 survivors

2nd sector: 10 survivors (-1)

3rd sector: 7 survivors

4th sector: 5 survivors (-2)

This time, a victim had emerged from the 2nd sector.

I decided to find out who was behind it later and kept my focus on Son Seo-yeon for now.

After all, the situation there was explosive.

“Pretty noona! Your level is pretty high, huh?”

Standing in front of Son Seo-yeon was a high school boy from the 4th sector.

Fearlessly, he approached Son Seo-yeon.

Above his head, his confidence was not without reason.

His level was a notable 31.

Not much behind Son Seo-yeon’s level 33.

He must have judged that the slight disadvantage could be offset by initial stats.

It’s true that there’s generally a physical difference between genders.

However, that’s a serious misconception, and in the face of battle, he would feel the enormity of the wall that is reality.

“There’s something you need to do before you die.”

“What? Me, die?”

Heo Tae-seong, the high school boy from the 4th sector, looked at Son Seo-yeon with a derisive expression and continued.

“Look here, noona. Don’t be mistaken. If you’ve made it to the 11th floor, you should know that level isn’t everything, right?”


“Wow! You give such a scary look when you glare like that. Okay, okay. What’s this thing I supposedly need to do before I die?”

Heo Tae-seong asked Son Seo-yeon in a mockingly benevolent tone.

This guy. At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if he met a truly brutal end.

“Beg for forgiveness. To that friend you guys brutally killed.”


Heo Tae-seong’s expression was one of utter astonishment.

And honestly, I was equally stunned.

I never imagined these words would come from Son Seo-yeon’s mouth.

Now, Son Seo-yeon was invoking Heo Tae-seong’s murderous past with a murderous gaze.

“If you ask for forgiveness now, even as you lie sobbing, I might let you die without pain.”

“Look here, pretty noona! I have no idea how you found out about that, but are you in your right mind? You talk weirdly and act recklessly—it’s like you’re nuts.”

Of course, Son Seo-yeon wasn’t crazy.

But this was not the Son Seo-yeon I knew.

By now, Heo Tae-seong should have been buzzing like a beehive—turned into one by her hand.

“……I figured you’d react just like that.”

Eventually Son Seo-yeon pulled out a gun from her inventory.

The barrel was already pointed at Heo Tae-seong’s head.

“Huh! Is that a gun? There’s such a weapon in the Tower?”

“I’ll ask again. Do you intend to beg for forgiveness?”

“……Nope. Kekeke.”

In that instant, the angle of Son Seo-yeon’s gun dipped slightly, and a loud gunshot echoed throughout the 11th floor.


Heo Tae-seong.

Regardless of how he died, death was death, but it was a shame, from my perspective, that he didn’t choose a less painful way to go.


The kids from the 4th sector are so predictably the same.

Only after receiving a thorough lesson do they understand the gravity of their situation.

Heo Tae-seong clutched at his obliterated instep, writhing in pain.

Son Seo-yeon walked steadily towards him.

“It’s obviously not a toy gun, is it?”

Son Seo-yeon tossed the gun she was holding towards Heo Tae-seong.

He clumsily picked up the gun that fell to the ground.

“Oh… don’t come any closer! I’ll shoot!”

I palmed my forehead watching the scene.

“Go ahead, shoot.”

Son Seo-yeon approached him expressionless, a single step closer, and Heo Tae-seong indeed pulled the trigger.


“Sh!t! What the hell is this!”

Heo Tae-seong’s index finger kept moving frantically.

Of course, nothing would happen.

If it were possible to shoot a gun without given skills from the Tower, I would have turned sniper a long time ago.

“Kid, that’s not how you shoot it.”

Son Seo-yeon overlaps her hand over Heo Tae-seong’s, which was holding the gun, and redirects the barrel.

This time, to the other instep.


Another gunshot and another scream from Heo Tae-seong filled the air.

Yes, this is Son Seo-yeon.

Just as this realization struck me, Son Seo-yeon forced Heo Tae-seong’s knee to bend and said.

“So, ready to apologize now? Pretty noona is giving you another chance.”

My toes curled at the sound of “pretty noona.”

Suddenly, I felt it was quite objectionable to be watching others like this.

I also had my doubts.

Why was Son Seo-yeon so obsessed with making him beg for forgiveness?

From that point on, everything unfolded exactly as Son Seo-yeon desired.

After taking two bullets to the instep, Heo Tae-seong completely lost his will to fight and acted like a puppet under Son Seo-yeon’s control.

Despite this, Son Seo-yeon did not exhibit any mercy.

Her promise to kill without pain was relative, and the situation had become too gruesome for me to watch with open eyes.

Eventually, I halted the ‘Overlooking the 11th Floor’ skill and rode on Kang-Soo to move.

Soon, a message would ring in my ears.

[The fourth PK (Player Kill) has occurred.]

Now only four remained in the fourth sector.

Son Seo-yeon had just taken out Huh Tae-sung, the de facto leader of the fourth sector, and I planned to eliminate another myself soon.

* * *

The real hell party had begun.

I cleared out one more runt from the fourth sector, and meanwhile, in the second sector, another player had fallen victim—totaling two deaths there.

First sector: 2 survivors

Second sector: 9 survivors (-2)

Third sector: 7 survivors

Fourth sector: 3 survivors (-4)

The perpetrator targeting the second sector was a player from the first sector, as expected.

According to the murderous eyes of Son Seo-yeon, the two in the first sector were a married couple.

The wife had just successfully carried out a PK.

She was a lance knight in her late twenties, her movements only basic thrusts and slashes, but her class was undeniably felt.

‘At my level, or perhaps Son Seo-yeon’s.’

It was hard to believe what I saw.

I almost couldn’t imagine another player at my level unless they were murderous like me.

The players from the first sector were either exceptions or murderous, but the likelihood of both in a couple seemed suspicious.

‘What sort of fate had they stumbled upon!’

If Son Seo-yeon and I swiftly deal with the players in the fourth sector and clear the 11th floor, there’d be no need to ponder, but planning for the worst seemed necessary.

The hunting couple in the first sector posed a danger signal for our allies.

A direct encounter would leave us without means to compete.

My current task was to monitor the mini-map while telepathically guiding my teammates, urging them to converge quickly if possible.

“Kang-Soo, can you speed it up?”


Kang-Soo cut through the wind, racing across the stage of the 11th floor.

Even as we moved, I kept a constant vigil over the entire situation through the mini-map.

‘Indeed, Son Seo-yeon.’

She was once again rapidly closing in on a player from the fourth sector.

When allying with her, there was no steadier player than Son Seo-yeon.

She would repeat what she did to Huh Tae-sung.

She would offer forgiveness, deal ruthlessly with the refusal, and in the end, ensure their painful demise.

I chose not to activate the ‘Overlooking the 11th Floor’ skill; the morbid sight was unnecessary.

I was also wary of hearing any unnerving jokes that might be akin to those from an attractive older sister.

“Kang-Soo, you dislike that as well, right?”


As I thought, Kang-Soo agreed with me.

We surged through the 11th floor like the wind, and soon, Kang-Soo halted.


“Yes, Kang-Soo, I see him too.”

Ahead was Kim Se-yong.

He had been dragging his feet despite my telepathic orders to rendezvous with the others quickly, oblivious to the gravity of the situation.

After his return from Moorim, the problem was Se-yong’s overconfidence.

He might even be itching for the bounty hunting spree.

With several players already fallen, the hell party was in full swing, and given Kim Se-yong’s nature, he’d undoubtedly want to dive in.

Though someone at Kim Se-yong’s level wouldn’t ordinarily be in danger, the couple from the first sector was in a different league.

A head-on collision would spell immediate doom.

Now that we’d met this way, he needed a wake-up call.

“Kang-Soo. Wait in the lobby for a bit.”


Having sent Kang-Soo back to the lobby, I approached Kim Se-yong.

“What? Who are you?”

Of course, he didn’t recognize me.

I was still under the guise of the Impi Mask, hiding my true appearance as Yoon Hyung-sik.

“A bounty hunter, what else?”

Seemingly satisfied with my answer, a flush of excitement bloomed on Kim Se-yong’s face.

He must be inwardly rejoicing at the prospect of turning the tables.

“But what can I say? I’m a bounty hunter’s hunter. Kekeke. Oh?”

His eyes then bulged as he finally noticed the large number above my head.

Along with my absurdly low level.

By now, he should have been suspicious, but greed had blinded him to the bounty.

“You’re lucky. Kekeke. I wondered why I felt like dragging my feet, but this must be why. But which sector are you from?”

“First sector.”

“That so, from the first sector. Kekeke. Wait, which sector did you say?”

Kim Se-yong’s expression hardened in an instant.

The player from the first sector I had warned him about telepathically, he never imagined such a direct encounter.

“Damn it! Let’s see you fight!”

Classic Kim Se-yong.

He wasn’t the type to flee out of fear.

In this regard, he did have my respect.

Out of a thousand attempts, he might land a lucky punch once or twice.

But of course, he stood no chance against me.


Kim Se-yong’s fist flew towards me.

A surprise attack.

It was a viable move for the underdog, and a punch with such ferocious strength would impact anyone, even me.

Naturally, I had anticipated it and easily deflected Se-yong’s punch.

“Too slow.”

“Too slow? Don’t talk rubbish, kid!”

Again, Se-yong’s stone-like fist surged towards me.

His movements were as rash as before he went to Moorim.


This time, I effortlessly slapped aside his fist with my handblade, then slipped behind him and began to choke him.

Unable to resist, Kim Se-yong grunted as he fell to the mercy of my grip.

He must have felt the disparity between our classes.

“Chk! Chk! Spare me!”

“No, just die.”

I slightly adjusted the grip on his neck as I tightened the hold.

Deliberately easing off a bit.

Now, it was time to savor Kim Se-yong acting out his death throes.

– To be continued in Chapter 77 –

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