My Exclusive Tower Guide chapter 76

My Exclusive Tower Guide

Episode 76

Finally, I made a decision in my mind.

Despite the worry of being in my teens, if I need to clear one district, then it should be the seven people in District 4.

‘Seven people!’

This number was the minimum required to finish the 11th floor.

Perhaps there could be many more kills than that.

I can’t know what the other players in the different districts are thinking.

And Sohn Seo-yeon’s thoughts are definitely different from mine.

She would want to make up for her lack of kills throughout the 11th floor.

There’s a good chance she plans to clear all three districts.

“So Iho-young, what do you think?”

I planned to keep my thoughts to myself for now.

“Divide and conquer.”

“You mean to clean up one district at a time?”

“Yes. We shouldn’t stir up a hornet’s nest everywhere or we might end up getting ganged up on, putting us in danger.”

“I agree. But it’s somewhat unexpected.”

“What is?”

“Up till now, you’ve avoided PK so much that it made me doubt whether you had any bloodlust at all. But now, you seem different somehow.”

It was quite possible for Sohn Seo-yeon to have such doubts.

But doubts turning into suspicions could lead to complications.

Right now, it was important to give her the impression that I was cooperating.

“You’re thinking too deeply about me. Do you like me?”

“What? You crazy bastard!”

Sohn Seo-yeon’s reaction was more intense than I expected.

I hadn’t anticipated such an emotional swing, but it seemed like I had successfully changed the subject.

“Or not.”

“Or not, my ass! That’s impossible! What nonsense!”

I was genuinely surprised.

I thought she was only reading from a textbook.

“Anyway, if we go with divide and conquer, we’ll need to agree on the first target, right?”

I wasn’t sure what Sohn Seo-yeon would say, but the conclusion had to be District 4.

I had already prepared logical rebuttals in my head, in case she chose otherwise.

And I was confident I could persuade her.

“We start with District 4!”

Sohn Seo-yeon responded without delay.

And this was exactly the outcome I wanted.

The prepared persuasion wasn’t needed after all.

“I agree.”

I didn’t know why Sohn Seo-yeon chose District 4, but there was no need to ask for her reasons.

The consensus came easier than expected, and now it was time to each move independently and execute my own strategy.

“You know, Sohn Seo-yeon, attacking District 4 only goes until the last person is left. You do know clearing out all of District 4 will mean the end of the 11th floor, right?”

I made the point deliberately.

To avoid suspicion later.

Such meticulousness was necessary for a perfect crime.

“Do you think I’m an idiot? If one is left in District 4, move to District 2.”

“Okay with District 2.”

“And after we finish with District 2, come find me. From then on, we’ll move together.”

Looks like the players in District 1, the couple, were also a burden on her mind.

I wonder what she saw through the eyes of a killer.

Anyway, before executing the plan, my heart needed chilling.

To not get soft watching those young high school kids.

* * *

“Wow, what’s with this guy?”


“Your level is so low but your bounty is freaking high! Is this some sort of bug?”

Yoon Hyeong-sik.

The high school kid from District 4 I met for the first time showed intense interest in me.

My bounty was 146,000 gold and 38 stat points.

It was unclear how the Tower assessed the value, but the numbers above my head would be hard to ignore.

The kid approached me step by step.

“Aren’t you curious if you’re a bug or not?”

“No, not at all.”

“But what should I do? I’m dying of curiosity.”

The kid’s right hand visibly tensed with power.

His job seemed to be a pugilist like Kim Se-yong.

But, true to his rebellious high school roots, his skill name sounded ridiculous.

Screw Punch.

From the looks of his stats, he was more specialized in speed than power.

“It’d be better for you to stop there. You see, I get scared easily.”

“That’s your problem.”

The kid cocked his neck and stepped even closer.

Oozing delinquency, his menacing demeanor indicated a proficiency in intimidation beyond his young age.

“Man, I’ve got a question – your buddies in District 3 kept you alive till now?”

“What do you mean?”

“At a glance, you seem like shaking you down would yield a ton of gold. Why are you still unscathed?”

“People in our district get along.”

“Really? Then you’ve been lucky. Until you met me, that is.”

In real life, this might have been intimidating.

The fearlessness of high school toughs.

In the Tower, they are even fiercer.

“Man, give me your gold now. I’ll make your death painless.”

This meticulous kid planned to shake me down for every bit of gold and my bounty.

“And if I refuse?”

“You’ll regret it. Soon, the bones inside your body will be splintered and rolling around.”

Both the words and the aura he emitted were far from those of a teenager.

However reckless school bullies get, this just didn’t seem right.

Turmoil in the Tower had stripped him of his humanity.

The damned Tower was the issue.

In any case, that was the end of the conversation.

The high schooler’s fist flew straight at me, aiming to snap a punch at my jaw.


However, the punch sliced through empty air.

Regardless of his agility-focused stats,

It’s a tale that applies only among equals.

His fist was much slower compared to Kim Seyong.


My hand-chop immediately struck the nape of his neck.

“Keuk! Cough! Cough!”

He let out a pained cough, having allowed my attack so feebly.

To think he survived up to the 11th floor with such skills.

Yongwoo, the youngest in our district, could subdue someone like this guy in a fight.

“You should have given your best from the start.”

“Argh! Damn it! Cough! Cough!”

“Why don’t you try your favorite screw punch now?”


“Screw punch. It’s the only skill you’ve got, isn’t it?”

“Ah… What the hell are you!”

He was flustered.

Not only had he been hit, but his skill had been found out as well.

Considering my level, he must have thought I’d be easy to suppress. But this young guy had a lot to learn.

That not everything in this world is as it appears.

Of course, in the next world, that is.


And truly, the screw punch came flying.

I saw the kid’s fist coiling like a snake, aiming right at my face.

I easily snatched the punch out of the air and twisted his wrist.



He screamed violently, clutching his broken wrist.

And then he stared at his own dangling hand with a dazed expression.

This must be his first time experiencing something like this, so the shock must be tremendous.

The guy had always been on the other side, after all.

“How does it feel? To have done to you what you did to your friend?”

But there was no answer.

He wasn’t yet fully conscious.

Since my goal wasn’t to educate or preach, there was no reason to waste time.

I took out an Infi Mask from my inventory and put it on my face, then I raised my Indomitable Sword.

[Please select the person.]

“Yoon Hyungsik.”

The person I’d disguise myself as was the high schooler now plunged into confusion.

I would eliminate the players of District 4 with Yoon Hyungsik’s face.

To make my hunt a little easier.

And to hide my murderous trail from the Bloodthirsty Hands Soyeon.

I was glad I had acquainted myself with the functions of the Infi Mask before the 11th floor, as advised by the Sage’s Status Window.

“Well, Hyungsik. Goodbye.”

“No! Please, save me!”


It wasn’t my first kill, but finishing someone off so dispassionately made me feel like I had crossed a point of no return, though the feeling was more sober than I’d expected.

* * *

[You’ve achieved the first kill on the 11th floor.]

[You’ve acquired the ‘One Who Overlooks the 11th Floor’ skill as a reward.]

‘A temporary skill, perhaps?’

The description indicated it was limited to the 11th floor, but it was a splendid skill nonetheless.

I could observe any part of the 11th floor in detail.

Not only could I see, but I could also hear.

Used in combination with the mini-map, it was practically cheating.

When I zoomed in on where Soyeon was, I could even hear the sound of leaves under her feet.

‘This will be useful on the 11th floor.’

Then I quickly moved again by kangsoo.

Since the first kill, there had been no further PK incidents.

Certainly, my pace of movement was overwhelmingly fast.

A mission on the 11th floor where the combination of mini-map skills and the kangsoo shined.

It didn’t take long before I encountered another player from District 4.


Of course, I wore Yoon Hyungsik’s guise, so their guard was down at zero.

“Hey, Chanhyuk.”

“Did you see just now? One of our district members is dead!”

“Yeah, I saw it.”

Jo Chanhyuk.

In many ways, he was more capable than the deceased Yoon Hyungsik.

With both decent level-up status and good stat abilities, he looked like an average survivor in the 11th floor.

“Hyungsik, we should stick together from now on, right?”

The guy was far too calm even for the death of a friend.

Perhaps he had quickly adapted to the new world due to his youth.

“Yeah. But, Chanhyuk. Something seems odd about me.”

“What is it?”

“The bounty on me.”

I pointed above my head with a finger.

Though I had changed my face and name with the Infi Mask, my bounty was still 146,000 gold and 38 stat points.

He hadn’t noticed, so I pointed it out.

I was curious about his reaction.

“Wow! What the… Did you hit a bug or something?”

Just like Yoon Hyungsik, typical response.

Whether his greed matched, remained to be seen.

“It looks like some bug! I’m totally screwed, right? Everyone will go crazy seeing my bounty.”

“Gold aside, those stat points are outrageously high! How many levels would you need to raise to get like 38?”

In the situation where stats could no longer be raised through gold.

The bounty on the 11th floor would be a strong temptation to commit murder for anyone.

Especially for someone like me with a jackpot of points.

“Anyway, I’m glad I met you, Chanhyuk. I thought I was going to die from fear when I was alone.”

“Yeah. Right. Lucky.”

Jo Chanhyuk.

Suddenly his mood shifted decidedly.

Making a decision so quickly.

“Lucky, I found you before anyone else.”

Of course.

With that, he charged at me.

If my prediction had been off, I would have had a hard time.

It’s too cruel to strike at the throat of a young friend boasting of sticky friendship.


My Indomitable Sword, drawn from the inventory, traced a semicircle through the air.

Farewell, Chanhyuk.

– To be continued in Episode 76 –

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