My Exclusive Tower Guide chapter 74

My Exclusive Tower Guide

Chapter 74

The sparring match between Kim Seyong and Kangsoo progressed as I had anticipated, equally matched.

“Wow! Shit! Kangsoo, what are you?!”

Kim Seyong narrowly dodged a nuclear punch from Kangsoo, his face aging ten years in an instant.

He wasn’t the only one startled.

The other comrades ceased their training too, unable to take their eyes off the fierce spar.

“Mr. Lee Hoyoung, what exactly happened in the martial arts world?”

“Kangsoo got a bit lucky since he’s like his master.”

I chuckled at Seo Junho’s comment and replied.

“Don’t tell me Kangsoo has been digging up wild ginseng in the martial arts world?”

“Something like that.”


In the past, Kangsoo would have been knocked down by Kim Seyong’s punches, but he was still full of energy.

Although he took quite a few punches, his endurance had apparently increased.

The punches carried with spiritual energy were a game-changer.

“Damn! Are you the Kangsoo I knew?”


But truth be told, Kim Seyong had also improved a lot.

His punches became more concise and precise, and his footwork, in particular, had significantly changed.

It seemed that the stepping technique he learned in the martial arts world suited him perfectly.

“Don’t get the wrong idea, Kangsoo. I’ve been going easy on you.”


“What? You’re saying you’ve been taking it easy too, you little scammer!”

Kang! Kang!

Kim Seyong was creating his own monodrama.

After all, only a beast tamer like me could communicate with a pet.

“Come at me, Kangsoo!”


Kangsoo and Kim Seyong both charged at each other, thoughts aligning for once.

This strike would conclude their sparring.


Their massive fists crossed and struck each other’s faces.

* * *

While everyone recovered from fatigue deep in sleep, I was awake, fiddling with the Inpi Mask.

‘It’s quite a curious item.’

This item was a sacred object I received from Vice-Sect Leader Eun Sohee of the Heavenly Demonic Sect.

A disguise-type item that completely alters the wearer’s face.

It’s even a rarity not found in the tower’s shop.

‘Should I see how it changes me?’

According to the Sage’s system update, the Inpi Mask had evolved to fit with the tower’s system.

Given that all player names are disclosed in the tower, just changing faces wouldn’t be enough.

<Inpi Mask>

– Grade: Legend

– Cooldown: 2 hours

– Effects: Allows the wearer to change their face, with the following detailed effects:

1. Face changes are limited to the appearances of other players, which the wearer can freely choose.

2. In addition to changing the wearer’s face, one can choose to copy either the name or level display.

3. The features of the Inpi Mask will decline as soon as other players recognize its existence.

4. Even the eyes of murder intent can’t trace the killings committed while wearing the Inpi Mask.

It was astonishing.

The Inpi Mask was an item from another dimension, but upon entering the tower, it had evolved to fit here.

Moreover, it was shocking that the item was of legendary grade.

It wasn’t for nothing that it was called a sacred item in the martial arts world.

I decided to try the Inpi Mask on my face.

The Sage’s system had already recommended familiarizing myself with its functions.


The Inpi Mask clung to my face as if alive. And then.

[Please select a character.]

This was the newly created function.

I liked that I could choose any face I wanted.


After some thought, I uttered a name.

“Chae Iseol.”

It’s not that I have a hobby of cross-dressing.

I was curious about how the Inpi Mask would work when there was a significant difference in body type and even gender.

There were aspects such as voice, hair length, clothing that simply changing one’s face couldn’t cover.

[We will apply the wearer’s choice.]

A feeling of alienation surged through my body along with a moment of nausea.

Until I saw my own reflection in the Indomitable Sword, I wasn’t sure what had happened.

‘What’s this!’

It wasn’t just my face that changed.

Everything about me had transformed to match Chae Iseol.

A chill ran down my spine.

Given the sensation in my vocal cords, even my voice must have changed.

There was no need to check again.

Sighing at the touch of the female clothes—it was my first time wearing such garments—I was confused by the changes in my body everywhere.

But I wasn’t ready to deactivate it; the next option was waiting.

[You may select to copy either Chae Iseol’s name or level.]

There was a limit.

It would be nice if I could just copy both.


[We will apply the wearer’s choice.]

Although I couldn’t verify it myself, surely above my head was displayed ‘Chae Iseol’ instead of ‘Lee Hoyoung.’

Someone with sharp eyes might feel something off due to the level, but at a glance, I would unmistakably appear as Chae Iseol.

Now that I confirmed the modified performance of the Inpi Mask, I was ready to quickly remove it.

It would be awkward for my sleeping comrades to see me like this.

[Ending the use.]


I looked around guiltily after removing the Inpi Mask, relieved that everyone was still in deep slumber.

Due to the strenuous training, it seemed they all needed a substantial amount of sleep.

I was no different, so I immediately lay down.

The protective barrier unfolded around me, starting my recovery.

So, alone I meditated.

When I lie down, I often find my thoughts multiplying.

Even as I lay down to rest, my mind relentlessly produced a plethora of thoughts.

‘The reason why the Sage’s Status Window advised me to familiarize myself with the usage of the Infinitum Mirror was…’

I arrived at the conclusion that the 11th floor would likely bring about new players to meet. It would be pointless to use the item among my own allies. Since the 10th floor had been relatively mild, it was about time for a spicier challenge to present itself. Amidst these ominous thoughts, my eyes gradually closed.

* * *

[The 11th-floor mission will begin shortly.]

Despite the upcoming mission, my teammates looked more relaxed than before. The confidence we gained from our experiences in the martial world clearly showed. We had all improved exponentially—enough to easily slice through any of the monsters from the previous floors.

“I hope this floor can be as easy as the last one,” I murmured, echoing the sentiment of a teammate.

“But this damned Tower never permits complacency,” said another.

[The theme of the 11th-floor mission is ‘Bounty Hunters’.]

[Each player will now have a bounty on their life.]

[Players who succeed in killing other players will claim their bounty.]

“PK mission?” somebody gasped.

“That damn Tower!”

The atmosphere turned tense instantly, as we looked at each other, dumbfounded. New status windows appeared above each player’s head, listing their name, level, and bounty. The highest bounty I could see was 22,000 gold and 18 stat points, displayed right above Kim Seyong’s head.

There was one noticeable pattern: stronger players had higher bounties. The only exception was Son Seoyeon, who was an average in every way. And if my feeling was correct, the number above my head was significant since everyone was now looking at me with shock.

“Lee Hoyoung!” someone called out.

“Yes. How much is mine?”

“146,000 gold and 38 stat points.”

This was insane. With a bounty like that, I might as well put up a sign calling myself the go-to for bounties.

“Someone could make a fortune just by killing me,” I joked, but no one laughed. Despite how hardened we all had become, a PK mission was still a bitter pill to swallow.

[This 11th-floor mission will be a joint mission with four sectors.]

[To clear the mission, one sector must be completely eliminated.]

[The 11th-floor mission will start in 30 minutes. Good luck.]

Good luck, my foot. As I’d predicted, the 11th floor was going to be intense.

“It’s kind of a relief, isn’t it? I was worried we might have to PK against each other.”

“I felt the same.”

“Me too!”

It was astonishing. We were relieved that we didn’t have to kill each other. And then, the Sage’s Status Window sent a message to me.

[Information 1: Special rewards will be granted to the player who achieves the first and most kills on the 11th floor.]

[Information 2: A special reward will be granted to the sector that contributes the most to clearing the 11th-floor mission.]

It seemed like they were suggesting that I should aim for both, but it only complicated matters further. The future of the 11th floor was unpredictable, especially since we knew nothing of the players in the other three sectors. But what was clear is that a sector must be completely wiped out for the mission to end.

“So I’d like to hear your thoughts, Lee Hoyoung. Should we actively participate in this joint sector mission?”

Seo Junho asked me, but not being omniscient, I couldn’t offer a definitive answer or force my opinion on others. If I were to simplify this situation into two choices:

One would be to embark on a slaughter, gaining gold and stat points from other sector players, which would aid survival in the tower’s future challenges.

The other would be to stay as bystanders—letting the other sectors battle it out between themselves, with the mission ending when one sector is eliminated anyway.

But nothing was certain, and we might fall behind compared to players from other sectors.

“The choice is yours to make. In this 11th floor, don’t depend on my judgment—follow your own will,” I said.

“But with you saying that, it only makes things more confusing,” Seo Junho responded.

I reiterated firmly, “There are no right answers in this situation. Whatever decision you make, I will fully respect it and support you. Each choice will have its own reason.”

Inside, I had my own decision to make, and carrying it out was entirely up to me. I continued.

“This damned Tower is gradually eroding our moral standards. We’ve become desensitized to killing through hunting monsters, and sometimes even engage in murder. I have committed no small number of murders myself. Here, the lines between good and evil are becoming blurred. Now I encourage you to act based on your own moral compass.”

I am not a deity.

Therefore, I can neither know the ultimate answers nor interfere with individuals’ convictions. I can only act according to my own set of beliefs.

– Hey, Son Seoyeon.

I sent a telepathic message to Son Seoyeon.

– To be continued in chapter 74.

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